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  1. Got it. Anything else I should know?
  2. Lemme just find him first...
  3. This man's got the answer So can I start in Salem immediately?
  4. Yes, a few hundred can. In fact, 20v can kill you - if the current is strong enough. That's why we see people getting killed by police tasers. Not exaggerating. His max output is indeed a billion volts, but that would tire him out. Salem?
  5. Still get a shock, but it would be like static electricity. His brain would be jumbled for a bit too.
  6. No idea who that is xd But sure! Can I get a recap for the plot there?
  7. I would love a recap! Also, there's the thing about which one to join, like you said. Which one is most fit for me?
  8. Oh, I see... So it's just a demonstration of power, right? Got it. "You want a demonstration of my powers?" Arclight asked. "Well, that's easy." He summoned a big ball of electricity and hurled it at a tank. The electricity hit, and the tank exploded. "That was because the tank was metal, and had fuel and ammunition in it. But this." He zapped a man in the crowd, who fell twitching, and was still after a moment. "That was pure electricity. 1 billion volts. Well, its the current that kills you, really, but the 1 billion part still sound impressive, huh?" He began firing lightning bolts at cars, buildings, even people. Soon there was carnage everywhere, burning cars and houses, corpses everywhere. Arclight approached the last woman alive, who was crying on the ground. "But look here." He touched her face, and she fell to the ground, unconscious. "Messing with bioelectricity is always fun." He then lifted a burning car up into midair, though he was obviously straining. "Magnetic forces." He explained, and threw the car at another house. "My magnetic field won't affect too high-speeded things like bullets, but a knife and such won't work. The magnetic field also generates electricity, so think twice before punching me." He parkoured over a few cars, up onto the rooftops, and climbed an apartment building. Leaped down from second floor, landed, completely unwinded. "Heightened everything. Stamina, dexterity, speed, reflexes, you name it. Well, that's... Pretty much it. Hold on." He approached the camera. "Who are you anyway? Put that thing down!" The camera fell to the ground, and someone screamed. Arclight left. That was ok? xd
  9. The one I'm supposed to have Arclight do.
  10. Ooooooh. Can I use him as the (obviously) defeated in the fight?
  11. Is there someone's OC or a "NPC" I can use for now? I really don't feel like creating anything right now.
  12. There's some limits, like he can't use magnetic powers to life things heavier than an SUV. The electrical powers won't let him teleport like Sourcefield but he can still fry someone's brain or heart with it, or stun someone. He can also mess with their minds by scrambling their bioelectricity. His physiques are about double the average human's. So, his max sprinting speed would be at 20mph and he can probably stay there for about five minutes. He can jump about a meter straight up, and his reflexes let him aimdodge. He is pretty much a parkour master. So who do I have to fight?
  13. I've been an avid RPer for years. Trust me, I know what I'm doing xd OK. I just checked out the stories... They were pages long. I was used to casual RP with an average of a couple paragraphs... That said, here's the character. (I'm doing this in a debriefing style unless you want me to be more author-y, I can always change it.) Name: Arclight Gender: Male Age: 25~26 Personality: Arclight is very ambitious but extremely reckless and confident. He would charge headfirst into something even if he knew it was a trap, because he think he can shoot his way out. He's also quite annoying at times and really untrusting (and untrusted). If things go bad, he will ditch everyone and everything and save himself. Appearance: Arclight is a Caucasian male with black hair and ice-blue eyes. He has tanned skin and an athletic build, standing at around 5"11. He wears a hoodie with a black-and-white design, with black body and white hood and zippers. The cargo pants are black and blue with blue stripes running horizontal around the ankles. Powers: Arclight has quite the power portfolio, with lots of powers but nowhere close to being a Hight Epic. He can manipulate electricity and magnetic forces, including bioelectricity (which requires direct contact) and a small magnetic field. He also has heightened reflexes, speed, stamina, strength, and dexterity. He does not have any Prime Invincibility. History: Arclight, real name Luke, used to be an ordinary man who was basically average and extremely ordinary in all aspects. He used to work as an electrical engineer, and made quite some money, lead a good life with a fiance. Until Calamity rose and a year later, Arclight became an Epic and killed his fiance out of a murderous rampage. He continued on to conquer a small city which was eventually destroyed by a power struggle between his and another Epic, a fight which he won a pyrrhic victory for, and he now roam the States looking for more people to fight. Weakness: Water. Because what else? Arclight fell from a cruise ship as a child once and almost drowned, if not for the ship haven't left the dock yet. Was that alright?
  14. Is there a profile I need to follow?
  15. OK. He was supposed to be a High Epic, so I guess I'd better work on another character and hopefully get him to be a High Epic when I put him up next. Gimme some time... I for got where I saved the file xd