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  1. He did say to the spren that he knew that he was not the one that the Cryptic wanted but considering the situation, it was not the time for the Cryptic to be picky. He couldn't even physically see the spren until it came out into view, so it accepted Hoid to a certain degree. Nothing super obvious in the other books himself (I have not read most of the novellas or Mistborn Era 2 so I can't speak for those), mostly in Stormlight do we see him perform multiple magic systems such as emotional Allomancy, Awakening, mentioning of at least his Third Heightening due to his perfect pitch.
  2. Hoid is going around the Cosmere collecting Investiture. He already has multiple magic system from various planets and Shards' Investitures, so why would Roshar's magic be any different. He even used Awakening in the epilogue and that is DEFINITELY not a Rosharan magic system.
  3. That's fair. I can acknowledge that one about Hoid. He still seemed to show some interest in the Lightweavers at least. Everything may not have been necessarily planned on his part, maybe he was setting up the possible opportunity.
  4. "I know you'd rather someone else," Wit said, "but it isn't time to be picky. I'm certain now that the reason I'm in the city is to find you." "It's either go with me now," Wit said to the wall, "or wait it out and get captured. I honestly don't even know if you've the mind to listen. But if you do, know this: I will give you truths. And I know some juicy ones." "Life before Death, little one." - taken from the last page of Oathbringer. He may not have known when he got to Kholinar that he needed to get the Cryptic, but he said he would give it truths which is all that the Order of Lightweavers need for their bond. That way he doesn't have to be bound by specific mantras and Oaths like the other Orders do, all he has to do is say true things to the Cryptic. It is, in fact, the perfect Order for Hoid. Hoid also didn't know about the mission to Kholinar from the Knights Radiant so he didn't know Elhokar was there so I think my theory is still safe.
  5. Exactly, I know the Alethi treat things such as that like sport but now that I think about it, it was kinda weird for the King's Wit to be there insulting people who are trying to hunt a humongous beast that almost killed them all.
  6. Like I said, I could be wrong. But we also don't really know a whole lot about Hoid in general to make the assumption of what he would and wouldn't do.
  7. See: "I will watch this world burn if that's what it takes to get what I need" (paraphrased of course). I think that Wit has taken quite the liking to Shallan but I don't think he would have hesitated to take Pattern if Shallan had died in Kholinar, and she almost did a few times. I actually COMPLETELY forgot about the gemstones and Wit WAS there on the chasmfiend hunt in TWoK because that is where he was introduced. That actually adds a decent bit to the theory that I didn't even consider. I'm ready to see what role he decides to play in the reformed Knights Radiant.
  8. I thought Elhokar did that himself. I know he cut the straps, but maybe he didn't do that part with the Plate. Maybe Wit did it and WE are on to SOMETHING.
  9. Now I can understand this logic, which might be why he would have difficulty attracting a spren on his own. Thus why he would need to wait for a Lightweaver to die to get a Cryptic.
  10. Well Syl also doesn't like Cryptics (except for Pattern during the Shadesmar arc). I don't think all spren necessarily have the same opinions about everything, honorspren and Cryptics seem to disagree on a decent bit.
  11. Okay, thanks for the heads up. I already changed it but I will make sure to keep that in mind (it has been a minute since I posted something, sorry).
  12. It's on the Oathbringer spoiler thread, is it not? Figured it would be okay.
  13. Okay so I presented this idea to our facebook group and actually got a decent bit of pushback on it so I wanted to see what the Shard thought of it. Also, this thread will likely get pretty Cosmere spoiler-y so if you haven't read much other than Stormlight, you may get spoiled so tread at your own pace (Ironic as I haven't read Mistborn Era 2 yet) So, Wit totally bonded that Cryptic that Elhokar left, right? Okay, so now that we cleared that up: we know Hoid has the ability to just happen to be in the right place at the right time, but I had the inkling suspicion that Hoid was very interested in the abilities of Lightweavers (considering he already has a Yolish form of the magic) and that he might have been helping sort of "groom" proto-Lightweavers for a while now on Roshar so that he could get his hands on the magic system (something he has been doing throughout the Cosmere). So hear me out, Hoid was aware of Shallan's speaking of the Immortal Words/First Ideal when he confronted her during her flashback sequence and even used emotional Allomancy on her during the confrontation. He also served as King's Wit for Elhokar, whom was also a proto-Lightweaver. While Hoid has had a hand in the lives of the other MC Radiants, it seems as though he was more focused on the ones that were on the brink of becoming Lightweavers. I'm thinking that Hoid might have been grooming these Lightweavers so that when one of them eventually got killed (like a super young girl and a son of an assassinated king), he would pick up the spren. The Order is perfect for Hoid, he even says that he has many truths that he can tell the Cryptic. He has made it very clear when he spoke to Dalinar in WoR (I think) that he will watch Roshar burn if that's what it takes to get what he wants. He may not necessarily want that to happen because seems pretty apparent from his letters in each books' Part Two epigraphs that he wants to stop Odium and is begging for help from outside forces. But I also could see Hoid lurking for a Lightweaver to get killed and to try and salvage the spren considering that obtaining Surgebinding is a MUCH more complex task than eating a bead or obtaining someone's Breath. I could very well be wrong with this theory but I think it is neat regardless, but what do all of you think?
  14. I was very fond of when Renarin and Jasnah had their confrontation in the chapel. Renarin's breakdown falling into Jasnah's arms just saying how he wanted to do the right thing and just wanted to help and that hit me really hard personally. I am very similar to Renarin in a lot of ways (probably more so than any other fantasy character) and for him to have that breakdown, I could very much bond with that. I am even MORE interested in Renarin now because of all that, same with Jasnah.
  15. !. There might be something to the idea of Shallan using her two identities to juggle both of them. I think that would lead to some interesting drama and character moments. 2. Kaladin's reaction to finding out that Shallan is Veil, should such a romance occur, would entirely depend on how Kaladin continues to feel about Shallan. I personally think he has a deep admiration for her now that he understands more about her and that could maybe lead to feelings. 3. Adolin is not getting a perspective book. He is an important character but we will not be getting a flashback book for him.