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  1. Is Kelsier on Roshar? When Hoid was talking to Kaladin the first time, he mentioned that he came looking for an old friend, but that he ended up having to hide from him instead. We know that there is a group of people searching for Hoid and that at least one of them is attached to Kelsier... Could the group from the pure lake actually be working for Kelsier?
  2. Ok. Thanks.
  3. Ok. We know quite a few of the shards now. Ruin, and Preservation, or as they are now called, Harmony. We have Honor, and Odium, and quite a few others. But I was reading Shadows of self, and a word popped out at me for some reason, and I was wandering if you guys thought it could potentially be the name of another shard. Resolve. I don't know what it was that caught my attention about it, but it stuck out. Resolve wouldn't necessarily be good or bad, just a determination to see things through to the end. I don't know... What do you guys think.
  4. Ok. The way I always saw this was that she convinced the ship to change. It didn't want to change, it wanted to serve. When Shallan convinced it that the best way for it to serve at that point was to change, it finally gave in. The stick was another story. She just kept saying she had storm light and that the stick wanted to change... Well no... It didn't want to change. Had she convinced the stick that changing would save her life, then maybe. I'd say the reason Jasnah is so much better at it was already explained while talking to Shallan on the boat. It's about perspective. When Jasnah says she wants something done, she expects it to be done. She speaks with authority. So I would assume that she soul casts with authority to. She leaves the item in question feeling as if it has no choice but to change. Shallan is just starting to develop that kind of authority, so it's not so easy for her. Then, another thing that keeps grabbing my thoughts is the soul stamps in the emperors soul story. It seems to me the soul casting may be very similar, though not exactly the same. The thing that sticks out to me is that for the soul stamps, it only took if the past you choose for it was believable. For Shallan I could see this concept coming into play. It's like the people she drew as who they were, only more... Perhaps when she soulcasts it's easier to do if it's into something that it could have been under different circumstances. Thats just a thought though. No real proof. Actually, if anything, the goblet to blood kinda counters this theory, because I can't even begin to conceive of a past where the goblet may have become blood instead of a cup...
  5. Yes... the cookies are quite good. High in iron. Though I guess they may be high in steel or copper or really about any of the 16 metals...
  6. In Elantris, I love it when the Elantrians come walking out of the flames, healed and perfect. In The Way of Kings, it's not my favorite scene, but a powerful one none the less. There's the part where they use the side carry and cause the approach to fall apart. When Kaladin finally realizes that they aren't supposed to live. That staying alive is actually failing his mission and that he and his men are destined to die no matter what he does. Just the weight of that understanding settling on him for the first time. To me it's a very profound and powerful moment...
  7. Of course!
  8. Well if your limited on your word count then you need one of his shorter works. Steelheart is a lot of fun, along with a lot to digest. It wouldn't take much to come up with something better than a brick made of porridge. Then there's The Rythmatists. Poor guy. (Can't think of his name right now.) Hes got the Pokémon theme song playing in his head. "I'm gonna be, the very best! Like no one ever was!" Alas. No mater how good he gets... He's worthless... Of course, if you want something a little deeper, you could look to Legion. It's a very interesting concept and there's a lot of personality in them. All of which are short and could be summarized in 1500 words or so.
  9. I was just curious about whether anyone on here has read this yet. The first book, The Shadow of What Was Lost is the only one out, and apparently book two is coming out in June. I've gotta say, it's actually pretty good. I know people ask for book recommendations from time to time, so I'm going to recommend this one. Writing quality is about on par with Brandon. Actually a lot of sites say if you liked the wheel of time, you'll like this one. Never read the wheel of time series myself, but I can say this is pretty entertaining. Give it a read if your looking for something new to read while waiting on Oathbringer.
  10. I don't have the actual line, but I loved it when the woman was accusing Patern of being a Voidbringer, and pattern described a Voidbringer and told her if she wanted to see one, try looking in a mirror.
  11. Ok. In Warbreaker, when they use Breath to invest in something it drains colors. In the Stormlight Archives, when they use soulcasters, the color of the gem affects how the soul casting works. I could be wrong, but I think I saw once where there were WoB that said it was the color of the gem that affected the soul casting anyway... Soooo... We have people running around on Roshar holding Breath. I don't remember ever reading about the color being drained from a gem in Warbreaker, (keep in mind, it's been a while, so I might be wrong about that.) only stuff like cloth and such. I guess my question is this. If the color of the gem affects soul casting, would the color drained from a gem affect the way Breath worked when investing it. Also, let me go one step farther and say hypothetically said gem was infused with Stormlight. Should that affect it in a different way, or perhaps to a greater extent?
  12. Good choices! I would have to say Kaladin is my favorite character, but given the opportunity to spend the day with a character, I'd have to choose Wayne. He's just so much fun.
  13. So what your saying is that you married a widow that also had a daughter. Then your dad fell in love with said daughter, and decided to marry her, thus downgrading him to your son-in-law. Then again, you could say your step daughter upgraded to your mother. As if that wasn't confusing enough, you went on to have a baby, who became your father's brother-in-law. Of course that means that your son was also your uncle. Not one to be out done though, I assume your father and his wife also had a child, which you would then be the grandfather of. That aside, there is also the fact that you have married your own grandmother, since her daughter, is now your mother. All that being said... If your married to your own Grandma, then you would also be your own Grandpa... So yeah... I can see where this is definitely a problem... Hmmmm... Folks. I don't really know that Brandon is the solution to this problem... Perhaps you should check with George R. R. Martin... This seems like it's more up his alley. Anywho.... Problem: The neighborhood has been over run by can eating pigmy goats...
  14. I'd have to say squirrel. Unless, of course, you include the wonderful sport of Lazer, Cat, Splat!!! In that case, I'd have to say bacon. Definitely bacon...
  15. Ok. So I actually just noticed that this was here... So yeah. Ask away. (And no I can't tell you the secret ingredient in the cookies...)