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  1. We know that Hoid was around pre-shattering of Adonalsium. Couldn't this mean that Hoid was friends with whoever or whatever Adonalsium was since Odium was a part of it before the shattering? Brandon likes to play with words to give us honest (yet sometimes deceiving) answers. Hoid doesn't like Rayse, but that doesn't mean he wasn't friends with Adonalsium. *scurries back into Lurker-Zone where the cookies crumbs are almost as tasty as real ones.*
  2. **Goes back to hide in a corner in shame**
  3. I have lurked for years and do not normally post. Dalinar is a Stoneward Bondsmith and not a Skybreaker. His oath is to unite and not divide. Therefore, I believe that he will see that punishing Adolin harshly will not only cause his family ruin, but cause a fracture among the Radiants. All Radiants or Surgebinders known to him at this time either care for Adolin greatly or despise Sadeas, so I believe that it is safe to hypothesize that this will be a major internal conflict for Dalinar. While Dalinar will be pushed by the High Princes to seek justice for Sadeas’s murder, Dalinar will choose to unite the Knights Radiant instead. Everything that Dalinar has done to this point was to unite Alethkar, but the scope of his vision has changed by the end of WoR. All of Roshar is in danger, plus eventually Dalinar must find out why Gavilar was assassinated in the first place. I also do not believe that Adolin is the traitor to which the quote is referencing. One we have no clue who the others are in this case. As someone stated earlier it could very well be one of the Unmade. I believe it could also be referencing one of the orders in its entirety. But my hunch is that it is one of the orders of Voidbringing. I believe that the Stormfather said Odium might be able to be defeated if he were to promote a Champion. I think that the traitor will be Eshonai. No proof just fancy.
  4. I believe that the purpose of the star maps were to give us small pieces of information. I think that there are a few things to consider. Odium is trapped in the Roshar system. Honor set the trap. The Heralds are of Honor. So I believe that the ten gas giants very well could be the trap. We now know that at least one battle between shards was fought in the different realms (Either the Spiritual, Cognitive, or both). It is safe to guess that the gas giants could act as a barrier in different realms. Since in the Cognitive Realm water is land, and land is glass beads, I think that it is safe to guess gas also presents differently.
  5. Is there such a thing as a former major shardworld? As far as my understanding goes, A major shardworld is a planet with an active shard or a splintered shard or two. While a minor is one like Threnody where there is no shardic influence just the planets "natural" magic. Could a planet have had a shard on it at some point in time, but then it left to go and cause destruction (or create life) elsewhere?
  6. Not sure why I didn't think to start there. Thanks much.
  7. Has a list of religions in the known Cosmere has been made? If so where might behold its majesty?
  8. Hello all, I am Jingpoo. I have been wandering around this forum observing for quite a while and have finally decided to say hello and possibly put my in my "two chips" here and there. I have read all of the published Cosmere books and novellas. Eagerly awaiting my copy of White Sands to arrive. Sanderson is by far my favorite, and I can't wait until Arcanum Unbound! Always obey the Simple Rules, Jingpoo