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  1. Sigh, I just don't know anymore. I mean, even if rath is evil walin still could be evil. And a lynch is better than nothing. Rath. Walin. Edit: Upon reading the rules I'm going to take that back. Walin. Rath. Let's see what happens.
  2. So, Rath pm'd me saying that he was suspicious of Walin and Xino from day one. At this point, very similar to the pm he'd sent me from the last long game where he was village. Two things struck me as odd though, 1st, he made a comment about the Hand of Sauron being the ones who tied the lynch day two. Or indicating that it was their fault. It felt like the sort of thing intended to plant suspicions into my mind. Furthermore, when I disagreed that I found nothing suspicious about Walin and Xino, he didn't pursue it any further. Entirely different from his pm's to me in the last long game where he completely tunneled on the same people. I suspect he was trying to sow discord and find information. Sure, I know it's not a lot, but it's something. @Elandera, @Alvron, @Bort, @Devotary of Spontaneity . Does anyone else have something stronger to vote on? Just trust me on this, it might not be much but it's better than nothing.
  3. Sigh, I'm irritated. Rath. He sent a suspicious pm to me last night. I have strong suspicions that he's evil. @Devotary of Spontaneity . @Elandera @xinoehp512 @Alvron
  4. Okay, we need to stop this from happening. Every failed lynch puts the village further behind, even lynching a villager gives us information. I'm guilty too, I should have been on at rollover to put a final vote so at least we lynch somebody. From now on I solemnly swear to do my best to make sure someone gets lynched.
  5. You're response is fair Elandera, but considering you've thrown votes on multiple people, and the probability of catching an elim/gondor spy is pretty random, I'm fine chancing that you're one of the two and determining that anyone who've you've thrown a vote on is not on your team. Got to start somewhere. Read over the thread, but there really isn't to much there right now. We could really use some more activity (yes yes, I'm guilty too). I'll be interested to see who the elims target tonight, I suspect they might have targeted Fifth for his activity, which makes me suspect Mordor could be hiding among the inactives.
  6. .Kadgar strolled up to the crowd discussing the murder, leaning heavily on his oak staff. Truly a terrible loss for the companions. "Oy," a voice shouted from the crowd, "you're late Kadgar, where the in the blazes were you yesterday. There's murderers about! We would have had a chance to find one of 'em if you hadn't been lying on your bum!" Kadgar turned, eyes and nostrils flaring. "A wizard is never late, he arrives precisely when he means too" A different voice murmured from the crowd "who's that, that Gandalf?" Another voice scoffed, "yeah, if Gandalf was two heads shorter and had less magic than an orc's bottom. And what do you mean he? Would it make a difference if the wizard was a female?" Kadgar was taken aback, "well I suppose I hadn't really considered..." he began. "Well maybe you should," the voice responded righteously, "gender discrimination plain and simple. Here you are completely forgetting about half the conscious beings livin' on this planet!" "Fine fine," Kadgar grumbled, "witches can be included." "Not just witches," the voice continued, "sorcerers, sorceresses, magi, druids, enchanters, enchantresses, summoners, shamans, necromances, warlocks, warlockresses." "Oh bollocks," Kadgar cried, "now you're just making things up. Why in the blazes would you have that many different names for magic users anyways? Not to mention Gandalf's not really a wizard anyways, he's a Mair. "He's my wot?" Now you're the one making stuff up!" "Am not! I read loads of ancient texts on the stuff, spent me whole life tracking down every scrap of knowledge you can find in the human realms. He's like a lesser God sent to protect us from," Kadgar paused to gesticulate vaguely, "you know, bad guys." "Sounds like a load of moralistic rubbish to me," the voice responded skeptically. "Anyways, looks like a duck, walks like a duck, probably the duck." "You dare compare Gandlaf the Grey," Kadgar boomed, the wood of his staff cracking underneath his grip, "to a duck!" "It's a metaphor you moron," the voice responded amiably. "Regardless, if Gandalf's genderless why'd you say he?" Kadgar paused, taking a deep moment to collect his thoughts. "Dunno," he started, "just sounds sweet. Anything wrong with that?" "Well sure," the voice retorted sarcastically, "why don't I just go around saying I AM ERADOR OF BURNING LEGIONS, PRAETOR OF THE HEAVENS, THE VERY ELEMENTS BEND BEFORE MY POWER, WHO ARE YOU TO OPPOSE MY WILL." Lightning crashed against a nearby tree, startling the gathered crowd. "You know," the voice continued, "that was pretty satisfying." Kadgar rolled his eyes. "Let's get down to business." _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This feels a little off to me. Not "An unfortunate start" or "An unfortunate start for us." I disagree with Snipexe, but I think his suspicion is honest for the moment. Not sure about Araris's claims on Devotary. Throwing a vote on Elandera.
  7. Kadgar has arrived! Kadgar is a human with an unhealthy obsession with wizards. RP and analysis will come later.
  8. Sign me up as Kadgar. I'll think about RP for when the game starts.
  9. My gut says Rath was good, sort of makes me annoyed I wasn't on last day cylce (sorry, busy with irl things) but we'll see how he flips. Soft Clears: Fifth, Sart, Myself. Anyone else soft cleared in your mind? I really don't know what to make of Walin, he isn't being helpful, maybe we should just lynch him? It could be a weird strategy, I'm not sure. Have people played games with him before? Is his current playstyle reasonable for him as a villager? Edit 1: Add Snipexe to the soft clear list as the giant. Burnt I'm suspicious of for suggesting we lynch the giant, it seems like a way to make the village waste time. Elandera I'm neutral right now. Straw and Walin are my top lynch targets. I suspect one of them is an elim.
  10. Hey, sorry I've been rather inactive. Personal situation left me without internet over the weekend. I'm back at the moment, and I'm going to review the past couple of cycles and see what I can dig up. I'll post sometime tommorow.
  11. @Fifth Scholar How is Val confirmed good? I'd say Sart is in the soft cleared category, the probability of two elim-elim lynch choices are pretty low. I agree with the giant claim, it's tme to get all the information out there. Also, are there miracle pills out there??
  12. Okay, right now we know there are two elims left. (the prince and the six fingered man), possibly three (but I'm sceptical about that). So, before we go lynching all the confirmed good people, let's try and find at least one more elim. As much paranoia might have a point, we should focus first on those who have not been soft cleared in some way. Of course, if Doc12 flips elim, I'll give you conspiracy theories a lot more thought.
  13. Doc12, Rath's analysis of Doc12's vote record seals the deal for me.