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  1. Esooa is currently located at the Hastings Tenament. I am currently located at the Elariel Tenament. Devotary of Spontaneity.
  2. Anyone know/have an educated guess whether the coinshot was elim or village?
  3. *Sigh* Matrim's Dice. If Matrim's is evil I'm going to feel very dumb...I'm going to check rollover and be back later.
  4. Anyone know the vote count?
  5. (emphasis added). (emphasis added) Then here. Twice Matrim's soft proposed that he was clear (along with TUO). This raised a lot of red flags. Then Matrim's followed my theory re. Illwei (attempt to pocket?). Placing my vote on Matrim's Dice. @Matrim's Dice I'm flipping on Illwei to strong village for one main reason: Illwei didn't vote for Azime day one. That seems like a natural elim (or village) move, and I would be very surprised if an elim died merely by failing to vote/leaving a 4-4 split to chance. Various open posts defending Dev further persuade me against my previous logic. I lean village on Dev. Just about everyone else I see decent arguments both ways. Side note: I'm notoriously awful at SE strategy and analysis. I've noted that I tend to suspect more active players simply because that is my elim style & the more information out there the easier it is to find something suspect. Anyways, I'm starting 2L year of law school today, so probably will be in and out with much RP . I will do my best to engineer a few more spicy (?) plays and/or die in a blaze of glory. Edit: Added tag b/c I like to give people notice when I vote for them.
  6. [OOC] Vote Count Day 1: Azmine (5): Mat, Archer, Steel, Esooa, Devotary Illwei (4): Chantara, Mint, TJ, Azmine Wow. I got that so confusingly wrong and clearly can't read. Replace Chantara (a/k/a Chandra) with Illwei.
  7. [OOC] I told Dev, Matrim's, and The Unknown Order my location. Please do not reveal this location to anyone else. If I die tonight there is a roughly 90% [1-1/(15-5)] chance that one of them is evil. On night three this information becomes meaningless. I would recommend that a village consider switching my location tonight (occurs post-scan). Dev and Matrim's had very different reactions to the same message, therefore I find it likely that they are not both elims (they would have discussed the location share). TUO did not respond. Dev was the last minute swing vote on day one - I find this suspicious in general (correct me if I am wrong). If he is an elim, it is only worth voting to save another elim (otherwise it is pretty risky to be the swing the vote). Therefore if Dev is an elim, Chandra is likely an elim. The vice versa should also hold. The fact that I am alive is interesting but not dispositive.
  8. A handful of Skaa huddled nervously in small groups, speaking softly and swiftly as they gazed about in furtive glances. Most were disturbed with the days failure, while the few who were pleased were too clever to let it show. As the feeble rays of daylight peeked over the horizon, a small handwritten letter appeared on the village message board. The unsigned note reads as follows in block print: I know these things to be true: 1. If Ven is a Ministry Agent, Tara is almost certainly a Ministry Agent. (Pub.) 2. Ven and Stuart Sampson are not both Ministry Agents. (Priv.)
  9. A loud bang shook the town square were the Skaa were raucously debating. An unassuming windowless house with a tall brick chimney on the north end of the square shook like it was experiencing a localized earthquake. Putrid green smoke shot upwards out of the chimney, like water out of a geyser, before slowly dispersing into the smoky air. The south wall of the house creaked and groaned as it fell outwards in a single slab. A small figure stumbles out, coughing desperately for air. Shocks of patchy white hair sit atop a long nosed pallid face. A single thick eyebrow twitches nervously above his left eye as Avanchel makes his entrance. "Did I" *cough* "miss something," rasped Avanchel, looking around at the tense scene. "I heard some younglings calling my name." Avanchel listened impatiently as someone tried to explain what had happened. Avanchel quickly became uninterested in their accusations and stalked off, pondering the claims about the Ministry. He clambered over the fallen wall, subconsciously estimating the cost of rebuilding and reinforcing it for the fifth time. Experiment #82 had been rather destructive, but at least it could be chalked up as partial success. Avanchel unlocked the door to his study and sat down at the desk. Every inch of space on the desk was filled with loose paper: theorems, notes, and half baked ideas. He sighed and swept them into an empty draw. They would have to wait. Avanchel found the false back he was looking for and removed a small red bound leather notebook. He smiled. This was an opportunity he could not pass up. Avanchel grabbed a clean sheet of paper and started writing.
  10. Count me in! I will play as Avanchel (a/k/a "Van"), a skaa craftsman who thinks allomancy doesn't exist and is out to prove it!
  11. Sigh, I just don't know anymore. I mean, even if rath is evil walin still could be evil. And a lynch is better than nothing. Rath. Walin. Edit: Upon reading the rules I'm going to take that back. Walin. Rath. Let's see what happens.
  12. So, Rath pm'd me saying that he was suspicious of Walin and Xino from day one. At this point, very similar to the pm he'd sent me from the last long game where he was village. Two things struck me as odd though, 1st, he made a comment about the Hand of Sauron being the ones who tied the lynch day two. Or indicating that it was their fault. It felt like the sort of thing intended to plant suspicions into my mind. Furthermore, when I disagreed that I found nothing suspicious about Walin and Xino, he didn't pursue it any further. Entirely different from his pm's to me in the last long game where he completely tunneled on the same people. I suspect he was trying to sow discord and find information. Sure, I know it's not a lot, but it's something. @Elandera, @Alvron, @Bort, @Devotary of Spontaneity . Does anyone else have something stronger to vote on? Just trust me on this, it might not be much but it's better than nothing.
  13. Sigh, I'm irritated. Rath. He sent a suspicious pm to me last night. I have strong suspicions that he's evil. @Devotary of Spontaneity . @Elandera @xinoehp512 @Alvron