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  1. Thanks Matrim. The game looks super cool, but I don't think I'll have the energy to play something this complex over the next few weeks. I'll pass on this one. Appreciate the reminder though.
  2. Good game everyone! That was a lot of fun. And thank you, Sart and Devotary for running it.
  3. My thoughts exactly.
  4. Well, good luck everyone. May the best man win.
  5. I can't believe I'm still alive
  6. Not sure yet. If I do join, I'll let you know before sign ups close. I haven't been in school for some time, it's just a question of managing SE and job hunting.
  7. Can you guys stop coming up with fun stuff instead of posting standard elim games, I'm trying to be productive irl
  8. Jes is using the Taylor Defense and last I checked, it wasn't damaged, so I suggest directing attacks to them instead.
  9. Good game everyone! And very good sneaking by @Illwei
  10. Oh man. Only seven players left
  11. I meant that either a lot of people used Lines of Forbiddance or a lot of people used Lines of Vigor. I wonder which way it skewed.
  12. Oh wow. Either lots of players were playing it safe last cycle or we have a lot of roleblocks this round.
  13. Oof if I remember correctly this game goes quickly. This will be fun. Great idea. Hello! Looking for friends. Will kill you later rather than sooner.
  14. I'll join as Mint.
  15. Your green text says "Mist" instead of "Mint." I don't think we can rely much on the past playstyles of new players to clear them. If they've never been an elim, we don't know what they would do. If they have, then they're likely to evolve their deception tactics. Actually, looking back it this post, I'm surprised that so many people suspect me. Why would I out the rest of my team? Vapor, you could argue, they were a top lynch candidate, but why Experience? Especially when no one else had an elim read. Even if you suppose there's a four person elim team, which I find unlikely, it doesn't make sense. I can understand why people find me suspicious from D1, but I feel if there is any evidence after D1, it outweighs D1 evidence. D1 should mainly be used as primary evidence if there's nothing else since D1 is usually kind of a mess. @Ashbringer Could you elaborate more on why you find me suspicious? I feel like you've pointed out a couple of things through out the game but you're also not responding to my replies to your reasonings. If it comes down to it, I don't think I'll switch my vote for self preservation. I'm feeling that Ash and Kynedath are village right now, and I don't want to kill a villager and then drag on discussion of my lynch into the next cycle which would keep the spotlight off an elim.