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  1. I'll vote for Quiver. Sorry for not replying earlier, I was busy.
  2. Silver Wolf sighed, running a hoof through his mane. Straw was a good friend of his. This reminded him of when he lost everypony he had known and loved to that nuclear accident. He looked up at the dark grey clouds, and a gentle rain had started to fall, making his knives slippery in his hooves. The water felt like his emotions, gradually getting colder and harder to ignore. _________________________ Of course, Silver Wolf had exaggerated just slightly. The "nuclear accident" was one of his friend's tripping and breaking his collarbone at a nuclear facility.
  3. Silver Wolf chuckled softly too himself as he watched Prism blush at her own party as she handed the young pony the slip of paper. The party seemed strange just by itself. Everyone was smiling and laughing, almost as if they were ignoring the changeling issue for the time being. He took another drink of his soda, licking his lips.
  4. Silver Wolf grabbed his satchel from his shoulder, pulling out his pair of black knives. Black as the heart of the pony who had stolen his cookies. He'd never forget that day. He fiddled with the two knives as he watched the crowd of people. He'd been assigned a security guard for Prism's Party. Somepony's always throwing a party, he thought. It was the most common thing he'd been assigned too guard. He sighed, pulling a bottle of Dr. Salt out of his satchel and taking a long gulp. It was going to be a long night.
  5. The only problem is that Inquisitors can sense kandra.
  6. A little while ago, I was thinking about kandra and how powerful they were, and I thought of this. What would happen if a kandra was born with feruchemy or allomancy? Or even became a hemalurgist. They would be so overpowered! Just imagine if a kandra had Lord Ruler-level abilities. A creature like this would likely be able to topple the Final Empire on its own.
  7. For some annoying reason, I can't stop picturing Nightwielder as Beast from X-men. It bothers me so much.
  8. Name: Silver Wolf Pony Type: Pegasus Cutie Mark: A pair of daggers crossing in an X-shape over a silver wolf. Cosmetic Role: Silver Wolf is an overly dramatic contract bodyguard, and every post he will either talk about his "dark and tragic past", or play with his daggers.
  9. Prof - Liam Neeson Megan - Scarlett Johansson Cody - Manu Bennett David - Shia Labeouf or Tom Holland David's Father - Viggo Mortensen Tia - Famke Janssen Abraham - Mike Colter Steelheart - Hugh Jackman Nightwielder - Byron Mann Conflux - Ian McKellen Deathpoint - Tom Hiddleston
  10. I love the reckoners series, and it completely became one of those ideas I so wished I had come up with. Because of this, I started making lots of fan epics, and some of them are pretty cool in my opinion.
  11. I chose the picture because I thought it was cool.
  12. So The Lord Ruler was super powerful because he had both feruchemy and allomancy, right? Well, what if a koloss had both of those? The answer is that Chuck Norris was born.
  13. Conatus is Latin for "effort". The reason I chose it is because I believe a work ethic is one of the most valuable traits in a human, koloss, or inquisitor.
  14. I forgot to put it in the introduction, but I think I've read the first two or three Alcatraz.