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  1. Give a few thousand breaths to Kelsior. Teach him how they work. Watch him somehow possess an incredibly absurd set of creatures that grant him increasingly wacky abilities and presence in the physical realm...
  2. Yes, she can only heal and move objects that are under twenty five or so pounds. She doesn't know any other weaves and isn't looking for a teacher, so she's unlikely to learn more, even accidentally.
  3. So, the 37 was on the scale rating. The women's section has a power listing that goes from 1 to 72, and she was a 37 on that scale. With her channeling, she can move things around with her powers, but nothing larger than a bucket, but healing is her only real talent with it. Dreamer is thirty points. It's the ability to Dreamwalk (Enter the world of dreams and other people's dreams if she tries- though she mostly just ends up inside of her wife's dreams every night.) and sometimes get those weird prophetic dream things that are almost impossible to interpret correctly. Healer is just to imply that she has a talent wit healing, which was listed as being ten points. And yes, the leg thing is a weakness. I'll update her profile in a minute. :3
  4. Ax asked me to make a character for him, and I decided to go wild with it. It's a rough draft, and I'm free to changing a lot of things if I need too. I'm more curious about what her actual cost would end up being as I have her now. Would someone take a look at her? :3
  5. Realized the was the wrong place. Sorry.
  6. At one point, it describes what what was happening in the age of legends. It shows cars (or something similar? I believe they were power-made, power-fueled flying machines used in the same way cars are used) and other similar things, and people experimenting with what the power could do, through trial and error, similar to how scientists work with traditional science in the modern day. Rand also starts colleges that quickly discover many scientific things including- if I'm not mis-remembering things- something approximating an engine and electricity... I think. Though that's a short, minor part of the story mentioned fairly off-handedly. We also see Nyneav (Nineave? I listen to the audiobooks) find a way to heal certain things in a way no-one had ever managed before. We then see some yellows who witness it immediately make hypotheses on how the technique could be improved and changed or adapted in a way that could improve it's effectiveness. So there is some, but I don't think that it gets to the point, or in the way you mean.
  7. Nope. Not much it's wrong about your wishes specifically. They could be better wishes, used better, but they were all good.
  8. ... Wow... Would I want to though? I could just run through the scenarios presented...
  9. 1. I would wish for the ability to grant any wish- reality altering or not- whenever I chose to do so. 2. Then I would wish to know generally whether the wishes would have a positive or negative effect based on my personal moral compass. 3. Third, I'd wish that once I'd granted their wish, no one, including the reciever of the wish granting, would know who had granted their wish- only that their wish had been granted, with the exception of myself. (I'd like to be aware of my ow wish-granting adventures.) I would then grant the joking wishes of my friends that I was immortal, and systematically get them all dates and fantastic lives while also ending world hunger and world peace with the ease of a few sarcastic quips and racist jokes. I'd continue to do so until I'd become a functional god, granting the wishes of all those that prayed to me with desires that fit my own moral compass's version of good (Which would hopefully improve and grow as I gained power and knowledge) and- in effect- become a living god very similar to the one that most Christians believe in. Unless he doesn't do this sort of thing for a reason, in which case I'd probably stop granting wishes at that point and just watch the world while granting wishes where it'll do the least harm and most good, and where no one would actually believe something miraculous had happened so that whatever reason that god who- may or may not, depending on your beliefs- exists has for their perceived 'silence' will be maintained. :3
  10. flamesinger theory

  11. flamesinger theory

    @John Flamesinger
  12. Gallen nodded, looking around. "Horses... Never enough horses..." He sighed, looking at the elf. "Will you let her ride with you? I think she'll have it easier with you than me. Your kind have a way with animals." He spoke tiredly, as if mentally suffering from fatigue. Or like he generally didn't care. He was more worried about her safety, honestly, than he was about her comfort; but he also was kind enough to balance pragmatism with benevolence. He looked at his horse and the farm-girl's, wondering which he'd rather ride, and then which he'd rather she ride. He was willing to trade horses... besides, then he wouldn't have a man riding with him chest-to-back. It was an uncomfortably unfamiliar feeling, and one he didn't quite care for. He'd endure, if she preferred, though.
  13. @Ookla the very snazzy @Kingsdaughter613 @Merlin
  14. Gallen hated that he'd been so silent, but... she'd just been in her first life and death situation... how does one exactly deal with a girl in that situation? Not only that, the elf said she'd wanted to cry... he was bad at comforting girls. He was a soldier, and he'd never had to comfort anyone but his own girl, and she'd died before he could marry her... In a battle where she'd killed thrice over again the number of men he himself had. It was embarrassing, honestly, but... still painful. He shifted, uncomfortable but trying not to show it. "I don't know why there was an army here... the bigger question is first who gathered an army here, and then why. After all, knowing why they were here won't tell us who did it, but knowing who is responsible might tell us why they were here." He got down off of his horse, pausing and considering. "You know, farm girl... if I am to be honest, you fared better than I did the first time I fought someone. I ended up with a black eye and a broken arm. You kept enough of your head to escape even after being thrown from your horse. You have more potential than I, so if you let us train you then you'll be better at defending yourself an others than I am. If you wish to learn." That was the best comfort he knew how to give. It had worked on his girl, so... he hoped it worked on this farm girl.
  15. She nodded. "Well then, that's more understandable. As for your boss... tell her that, as a pantheon might imply, we are still learning the history of our gods. It isn't that we don't recognize your god as a god, it's simply that wer haven't learned enough of our gods histories to learn how your god fits in with their lives. I'm certain we'll probably find the connection someday, maybe even recieve a vision of their history and how your god influenced them, but... until that day, wer are not blasphemers, merely children seeking the truth who have not yet found the whole truth. Wer will in tone, but her aid can only help to ease and lighten that path. Her holding back will leave us in the dark." She paused, considering that. "I have no idea how true that is, but the fact remains that it's what you can tell her to get her to hopefully come and get working. If not, I'll just have you take me up to get personally so I can hear from her lips what 'penance' I'll need to pay..." She shook her head, crossing her arms and sighing, then pinching the bridge of her nose and grimacing. "I need more sleep... I don't get paid enough for this. I'm not some diplomat, I'm a schoolteacher. What's more, I teach the science behind impossible, magical works of insanely complicated natural laws that don't work together and shouldn't exist with each other around, but somehow manage because an almighty, all powerful being decided he'd make us all and see what happened... she can even help me teach science to the children if she wants! Let's see her stay up for hours every night trying to figure out enough to stay ahead of the kids and answer their questions..." She continued muttering, her free hand twitching as she mentally relived the hours and days and weeks of work she'd put into the repairs of that one small fabrial on top of her already painful schedule.
  16. The female professor stepped up to the babbling man and glared at him. "Shut up and listen, kid. If you're going to act like a child, then expect the treatment due one- you can only control your own actions, so calm down, calmly explain to your superior what is happening, and do your best not to make your sniveling, stuttering, and fear make him angrier. Now, you 'claim' I blasphemed. Explain how already so I can apologize, we can all move on, and I don't screw up again- and if you don't take my advice I won't attempt to stop the big one if he chooses to punish you- I doubt he can hurt civilians, but I won't even try to get in his way if you don't grow up and get a backbone. Honestly, you're supposed to be in a military force, and you can't even keep your spine straight in front of one man? I'm weaker than you and I could stab him if I had too- I'd be killed instantly but hey- death is literally everywhere all the time. There's always a bigger fish, so stop worrying about what might kill you and just try to live life. Honestly... how am I- an old, civilian woman who's never been in combat except as collateral damage less of a coward than a man who fights his enemies for a living? You're potentially in combat every few days, the way you seem prepared for it." She crossed her arms, looking at him fiercely like a teacher staring down a disobedient student when she knew she had the power and authority to back her punishment up- even though in this case she utterly lacked the ability to do anything except keep her word and stay out of the big man's way.
  17. She sighed, nodding and following him. "Fine... very well..." She huffed, grimacing and following him, honestly more annoyed than frightened. Not much frightened her honestly. Especially not people. She could understand people. Even if they made no sense, were infuriating, made choices that basked her, and were impossible to predict sometimes. She'd seen enough in her life to simply not care. Especially that last war... after that, what was there to honestly be worried alot from someone as unimpressive as an interstellar army that traveled through the universe through sheer force of knowledge, wil, and the application of knowledge to bend reality to their will? It eased no different from everyone else she'd seen. She was weak, and she knew it. So, since almost everyone was stronger than her, she'd become desensitized to things like fear when in the presence of those that could kill her easily. After all, they usually head more reasons not to hurt her than they did otherwise. Add looping as it remained that easy, why bother writing over something completely out of her control? Instead she focused on what she could do. Mainly, her own actions and her own class. The children especially. (@Grey Knight)
  18. The woman sighed, standing up out of the chair she'd sat in and glowering at him. "If whatever I did blasphemes against some other persons religion I'm sorry, but why does it matter to them if a 'Heathen' did something blasphemous? Isn't that to be expected?" She shook her head, annoyed but too tired to get really angry. "Just take me there so I can fix this mess and get on with my life. But know that I won't avoid such actions in the future unless it's convenient to do so. So tell your 'priests' to grow thicker skins. You'd have thought that full-body armor strong enough to stop sisters knows what would be better at ignoring unintended insults..." She started walking towards the door, gesturing for him to lead the way. (@Grey Knight)
  19. Gallen shook his head. "You'd be afraid of the ways men find to break the wills of others. we succumb more easily to evil, but we are also capable of greater good as a balance. Your people are stagnant, and we bring change. If there's a way to break an elf's will, it'll be discovered before the century is out. And every nation will know before the end of the decade after. If she has pursuers, We ride. Onto my horse, elven-kin. He can still ride faster overburdened than any elf on bare foot." He looked to the path, following the trial as easily as the others, if with a little less experience.
  20. Gallen huffed. "We get it. You made a terrible mistake and can't undo it. We've all been there to some degree. Cheer up- believe it or not, life still has value even if you've ruined the best parts of it. So do what we're humans do- try your best to make up for it, then move on and do better. Maybe one day you'll earn whatever it is you're trying to get. Until then, oh wise immortal one, listen to the wisdom of those younger and lesser than yourself. Life is short for most, and precious to them. If it's long to you, it will still be too short. So make the best of it, live life to the fullest, enjoy every moment like it might be your last, and make peace with yourself. Grow a tree or something if you need to. Instead of chasing what your father made, make something of your own. Make him proud by creating something worthy of his legacy. Look to the future and let go of the past." He went silent, sto watching for the farm girl.
  21. Gallen noticed the excess speed, and used it, keeping an eye out for the girl. He really was worried about her. @Merlin
  22. His real target was the farm girl Lisse. He hoped she was okay. @Ookla the very snazzy @Merlin
  23. He nodded. "Good. Lynn, on your horse or stay behind. Either way, we'll meet you in Bree. Let's go." He flicked the reins and called out in elvish as he kicked into his horses sides. It was pronounced awkwardly, but still clearly meant 'with haste'. He needed a lot of practice before he'd speak elvish fluently.