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  1. @Ark's Boyfriend
  2. Jace hopped onto the motorcycle, latching onto Ax and holding on so he'd be fine during the ride. He hoped Ax had either a helmet or a pair of goggles he could wear during the ride.
  3. He grinned. "Really? I love that thing... let's hurry." He grabbed his wallet and a pocket knife before hurrying outside and down to the ground level, waiting by Ax's bike.
  4. Jace nodded. "Alright, if you think I can help." He had pulled off his suit and was pulling on a t-shirt as well, though his had semi-long sleeves. "How should we get there? Car, or running?"
  5. Jace read it out loud to Ax, reading the explanation that was in the group chat about what had happened and where they were. "I don't know what to do... should I come with you? Would I even be able to help...?" He was still barely able to summon any stormlight, and he needed time to fully create his illusions when he made them. @Ark's Boyfriend
  6. Jace blushed, then held his phone out to him. "Um.... something about voidbringers? I think the group is in danger..." He bit his lip. "We may have to skip prom this year..." He felt disappointed, but hey- that wasn't as important as their friends. "I'll have to wait to see you in that suit."
  7. Jace was ready, he was just waiting for Ax. They were late already, but that was fine- besides, it was about the memories they made, not how long were there. He smiled. Prom- he was taking Ax to prom. The idea itself was exciting- until he saw Ax's phone light up with a text. Something from a group-chat... Something about void bringers and them all being in trouble... Jace bit his lip worriedly and knocked on the door he'd let Ax use to change behind. "You might wanna see this... I don't know if we'll make it to prom..." He hated that idea, but... still... These were their friends. He hadn't been in long- so he didn't understand what a void bringer was quite yet- but he knew that he wanted to help them Maybe Ax hadn't put on the yellow-orange tux yet at all. That would be nice... Jace immediately started changing back into his normal clothes, not wanting to ruin his violet suit. @Ark's Boyfriend
  8. Wait! Is the gif on your banner from the gif I sent or do you actually watch Ouran High school host club?!?

    1. Blessing of Potency

      Blessing of Potency

      For anyone wondering the character is saying, “May this awkward couple be forever blessed.”

  9. @Sorana