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  1. Jace followed him, hoping to find someone to talk to or interact with.
  2. Jace held on tight, excited to see the others.
  3. Jason was right behind him, getting on and hugging him from behind to make certain he didn't fall off, making sure both he and Ax were wearing their helmets properly. He would not have his marriage ruined because one of them died before they could actually follow through with it... He wondered absently if that was selfish or a bad reason to worry about their mutual safety. @Sherlock Holmes
  4. Jace finished his food, then got dressed like he said he would, smiling at him and gesturing with one hand. "Lead the way, my prince." He grinned, excited to see how their friends would all react. He was also eager to check up on them, to see if everyone was okay. Both things warred for dominant priority in his mind. @Sherlock Holmes
  5. Jason blushed, smiling and glancing at Ax, before going back to eating his food. "Me too. Eat your food so we can get going. And get dressed in day clothes too- I'd rather do the telling in jeans and a hoodie than pajamas..." He smiled. @Sherlock Holmes
  6. Jace went beet-red, smiling and nodding and he bit his lip. "Y-yeah... I'd be okay with that. But, I'd like to tell the others first. Leona, Shana... you know, our friends? I mean, they've known we were dating for years, so... it might be mean to not even tell them that we're engaged, you know?" He smiled, eating his food absently as he stared at his plate, still embarrassed. @Sherlock Holmes
  7. Jace blushed, then went bright red as he followed the thought Ax had given him. "E-er... y-yeah... um... that..." He looked away, too embarrassed to meet Ax's eyes as he answered. "Y-you... you can once it's legally official. So... after the Justice of Peace signs the paper, or whatever religious authority you believe in does the job." He smiled, looking at Ax very shyly. He definitely didn't have a clue how to act right now. @Sherlock Holmes
  8. Jace blushed, groaning and curling up as if in pain- his blush saying otherwise. "I-I... I mean... yes..." He waited, wondering what cringe pet name Ax would use first. Not that he really minded- it just made him feel weirdly warm and happy to think about being called those names. It was oddly embarrassing. @Sherlock Holmes
  9. Jason blushed, smiling and grinning. "Well... we danced for a while, ate some pizza, and went to sleep. Oh, and... you proposed to me..." He blushed, smiling as he finished cooking and groaned, chuckling as he remembered the pizza he could've warmed up instead. Oh well... He walked back with two plates of a rather simple toast and egg breakfast, handing one to plate to Ax as he sat down. "We're going to tell the others, right? And fairly soon...?" @Sherlock Holmes
  10. Jason made got dressed and made breakfast the next morning, still smiling like he'd won the lottery or something- he'd slept in really late because of what Ax had done, and how he'd responded. He wanted to go and tell the others as soon as possible, and he hoped they all responded well when they knew. He especially hoped Leona and Shana were excited, since he knew them better than the others- still not super well, but he'd gone shopping with them, so... he smiled at the memory. That had been fun. @Sherlock Holmes
  11. Jace cleaned up the house and changed, getting back into bed and smiling as he tried to sleep.
  12. flamesinger theory

    Failen shuddered, then heard what they said. Joy... now there were more people attacking them. "Alright... I'll stay with you guys... is that alright?" He planned to follow them when they moved, and he looked at John for permission. Even if the others didn't like him, he knew he hadn't been kidnapped. He'd probably accidentally stepped through a portal... maybe some trickster mage had opened one to play a prank on him or something- whatever the case, he didn't blame John, and he planned to at least be civil until John did something to earn his distrust.
  13. Jace blushed, smiling and cuddling against Ax's chest. "No... I think you are. But if you're so sure, maybe we're both the greatest. Either way, it was an exciting day and we both need to sleep. Go shower and change- I don't wanna sleep in a tux, and I don't think you do either. Besides, I need to clean up." Leaving candles lit all night was a bad idea...