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  1. Sounds great! Nope. Nothing much, except racial bonus is different. I assume the original basic four... @Voidus? No problem!
  2. Yee. Whatcha gonna be?
  3. Nice! There's a simple template to get started: -race -five skills from the skill list. After that, you can basically make a full-blown character sheet if you want too. But that's the basics to get us all started. Does that help, @Sherlock Holmes?
  4. Cool! Me and Voidus can help if you get stuck- just give us an @ summons. @Sherlock Holmes I'm sorry to keep prodding you like this, but what do you think?
  5. Ah, nice. I love it too! This is gonna be awesome!
  6. What's a Lithilatti? And it was easy! I just slowly strengthen and widen my base of friends/aquiantances, then I mention them which alerts them to something cool. They came, checked it out, saw you and me both thought it was fun, and decided to try it out. All it takes is ruthlessly high levels in social interaction. I'm past level 89 now. So much socializing... 0w0 I get practice.
  7. If you two don't mind/ would like, I could be the human or the wraith in that situation. It depends on what you'd prefer and enjoy more. I would still focus mainly on Storm, but I wouldn't mind helping another friend out.
  8. Nice! Hey @Sherlock Holmes, have you read the OP yet? What do you think?
  9. You are both playing this, and I believe you can now clearly state exactly what you mean with that assumed understanding out of the way.
  10. Huh... I wonder... maybe. Hey, @Voidus, ^ is that possible?
  11. Read the OP, it's so awesome!!! !!! @The Young Pyromancer Good question... do you like the wraith build? You haven't explored it much. Whatever you think will be most interesting to play, play that.
  12. @Sherlock Holmes This sound interesting?
  13. I'll keep Storm. I'll bet that that requires magic and an item. Storm's profile:
  14. This is getting awesome again! Just like it does every single time- I almost squealed just by reading this thing! Ah, I can't wait! !!!