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  1. worldbuilding

    Make a kitty!
  2. worldbuilding

  3. worldbuilding

  4. worldbuilding

    True. Still a great place, though, and it's being believed in by countless people all over the continent that trade through the city.
  5. worldbuilding

    Maybe that it will keep them safe no matter what happens? Or that as long as it stands, trade will be good and successful for everyone?
  6. worldbuilding

    HA! Did it!
  7. worldbuilding

    I'm gonna make an NPC that will be a rare example of city natural magic. Watch me!!!
  8. guild

    Shae led Dam back into the art room.
  9. guild

    Shae shook his head. "It either is forcibly deactivated by the high priest, or it turns back once it wears off. One of the two just happened." He gestured around then at the familiar church. "Come on, I have a painting to make for you." He took Dan's hand, turning to the marine. "Thank you, soldier, for your help. I hope I see you again some day- stop here if you ever need a place to rest. I'll find room for you." He nodded smiling before leading Dan off. He didn't want to think about the dead.
  10. era 3

    He shookhis head, smiling and just leaving it.
  11. era 3

    He rolled his eyes. "Fine... if you like it so much..." He smiled, sighing and waiting for the 'angels' to be done.
  12. era 3

    He blushed, looking at him in forced annoyance- it was totally fake, but he wanted to tease Dan. "What was that for?"
  13. era 3

    He blushed deeper at that comment, not really having a response, so he just smiled and looked away, somewhat hiding his face.
  14. era 3

    Shae chuckled, smiling. "You are the most adorable thing..." He kissed his cheek, blushing because it was in front of strangers.
  15. era 3

    Shae rolled his eyes, fighting not to smile. He felt a bit nervous and anxious, but he was mostly just chuckling at how humorously adorable Dan was.