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  1. How have I not seen this? I'd love to join this. Maybe I could figure out a character soon- I'll ask some friends if they're interested. I'll try to help this not-die.
  2. She sighed. "Come in. You might as well watch." She opened the door, walking back to a table in a far corner where rudimentary welding materials and a blacksmith-esque area was set up. It was very small, though, and seemed barely large enough for what she was doing. Which, by the looks of the table, was the repair or maintenance of a fabrial. "This needs an emerald to function, but can turn various materials into grain. It can't hold a large gem, yet, so only handfuls cam be safely made at a time. It, and the other two actual fabrials were have were badly damaged during the massacre, and I'm still trying to fix this one. If you have any help ri offer, I won't say no- but fabrial studies hasn't been very effective without a fabrial for the children to study. I've been losing sleep over it..." She grimaced, pulling on some goggles and moving her braided hair behind her shoulder as she got back to work, handling the device and tools with an intimate level of knowledge as she started back on repairs. For the most part, she ignored her visitors, focused on her task.
  3. @Ookla the Ninja
  4. What do you guys think I would be? I think some if you know me- I'm curious to see what impression I've left on you.
  5. An older woman opened the door, looking them up and down. She head tan skin and solids black hair tied in a tight braid. "Hello... how can I help you? I have a lesson in fifteen minutes, so you'll need to be quick." She had a mildly stern voice, but it was tempered by an obvious attempt to contain whatever annoyance she may have been feeling. The wrinkles on her face proclaimed her asshe and the bags under her eyes- along with the somewhat tired look in her eyes- said she was stressed and not sleeping well. That she still had self-control was a testament to her commitment to her job.
  6. flamesinger theory

    Failen thought for a moment. "I... I think most of us, the non-Gathen, come from worlds where we've never even heard of your kind. Worlds where names don't tell you who a person was, what they loved, what drives them. Knowing that he was is wonderful, but... what were his goals? What motivated him? What was his family like? Why did he die? What were his beliefs? What were his greatest fears and what were his morals? The title 'Flamesinger' doesn't tell us these things... All it tells us are words that hold deep meaning to you, but not to us. What were his greatest, most unlikely goals in life? What was he planning to do before he died? And how did he die?" He tried to explain, he tried his best- he just worried that that still wouldn't be enough to get through to the man... He hadn't recovered enough of his light magic to use telepathy, but he was regaining it far faster than before, so close to Light.
  7. flamesinger theory

    Failen nodded. "And how did he die? Tell us who he was... a person is more than their title, and more than their position. If I say my grandmother is the fairy queen, and that she is solitary in ruling the fae court, you have learned nothing about her. If I tell you she loves daisies, her greatest accomplishments were when she fought back the demons with her husband and trapped them in an eternal prison in order to save not only her people, but every magical race, and that her greatest loss was when her husband was taken captive during that campaign, and that she is a mother of dozens of children whom she loves more dearly than her own life... you now know much more about her. Tell us about who he was... not just his positions." He looked at John, hopeful. He really had an almost unearthly look about him sometimes- right now, this close to Light, his unicorn traits were more obvious than they normally were, making him look inhuman and almost ethereal, and far more innocent than normal.
  8. flamesinger theory

    Failen shook his head. "I'm not sure... but Light told us we'd know what to do after we asked you... she emphasized that we're should know who you are... who was flamesinger?"
  9. flamesinger theory

    Failen also wanted to know, and literally stood behind his friend to support him. "I would also like to know who you are and whom you used to be."
  10. He nodded. "Alright, have a nice day.I hope you enjoy the guild." He smiled, letting them leave and turning to look around for another blueprint or map. Maybe he'd ask the old art students to try making some maps? That would hopefully help them keep up their skills.
  11. He smiled. "Alright... if your friends feel the same way, I'll let you be on your way. We have a religious seminar in the cathedral lasting for an hour or more later on today- though Selish religious groups meet in the school house in the art room and surrounding classrooms, This religious meetings are in the garden, Scadrian ones are on the green, and Rosharan meetings are held... in the science classrooms, I think... We can offer you a room to yourselves if you have other beliefs, but I'm afraid we don't have room to give every religion a place... We will once we get the resources to expand though- we're a very new guild, and we're still establishing ourselves. Hopefully we can start getting some more funding soon... if you have any major questions or concerns, I can always direct you to The high priest, Erlend- he knows almost everything about the guild. I just wanted to let you know in case you stayed that long- we try to avoid interrupting religious meetings whenever possible. It's disrespectful to others and their beliefs." The man smiled, hoping he was being helpful.