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  1. Yes.
  2. Granted. The atmosphere vanishes except for a minuscule layer around you, and everyone else dies. I wish to be able to make others wishes come true.
  3. Well, if mastermind is the smartest in the world, than Puppet master might be above that, and potentially other such titles like ventriloquist or Sherlockian or Machiavellian. Really, you just need to think of things that imply best intelligence and you could appropriate the title.
  4. Hey! So, I was talking with a friend of mine, and we came up with this idea for an rp. So, the basic idea is that you wake up in a clearing one day, no longer human and confused about how you got where you are. You've been combined with an animal in some way* and you need to figure out how you got there, where you are and what you're going to do to get home. If you're interested, I'll add you to the rp PM. It started off as an idea for a furry dnd style thing, but I know not everyone is comfortable with that, so I'll try to make it as normal an rp as I can, that way anyone can join in. Freeform, and just getting into the works. If you'd like to roleplay, help me build it into something worth playing, or just one of the two, please let me know! *(this combining with an animal could be something as subtle as enhanced senses, sharper teeth, and animal eyes; as interesting as gaining animal limbs like becoming a satyr or centaur or something; or as obvious as becoming an anthropomorphic version of an animal.)
  5. A-bronze. Depending on my skills, and my team, I could easily set up a situation where I can outdo his Allomancy as a Hazekiller and he has to use up all of his Ferruchemy, making the fight far more even and allowing me to sense when he's using his powers or about to use them. I just need skill, some time to prepare, and a bit of luck. Or a friend.
  6. I don't know. I've been offline, so I haven't done anything, but I'm back now. Ink? What about you?
  7. Storm nodded. "Alright... I'll help you guys, and I'll teach you about swords. A few weeks is enough to learn at least the basics on how to use one- though I'd suggest that we experiment after that, since a style takes longer to make. So, what's first? Anvil? Exploring? I'm basically just a guide for now." He smiled.
  8. Storm nodded, smiling. "Yeah, I can do that. I have the fletching skill. I'll make you what you need- which is level grinding for me. What about you, Kirito?" He smiled. Was that a normal name? It seemed normal to him, and he had been here for months... so he probably was wrong. He could barely remember his own name anymore...
  9. Yeah, I hope so. This was fun then and it's turning out fun again. Also, it's someone else's turn.
  10. Ooh... that sounds awesome! Thank you, that'll make it so much easier last on...
  11. I've heard, but haven't played. What are downtime days? I've been curious for a while now.
  12. suggestion