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  1. Thanks for the feedback, guys. Kingsdaughter, you make valid points. I agree that it depends on the person. Also, great point about the support he got from Alrianne. I'm still not convinced that Breeze would not have changed. It need not have been a disorder, but some change of character could be expected. Almost done with book 3. All I can think now is that the author needed Breeze to have his life together so that he could support Sazed. It still feels thin... Ham (side character) is quieter, Spook feels regret for leaving his uncle; basically everyone has changed except Breeze who is one of the most sensitive characters. Awesome book.
  2. Hi guys. I'm new here. Made an account just so I could hear your thoughts on this. Contains spoilers for Mistborn 2 and 3. I'm rereading the first 3 Mistborn books. At Hero of Ages now. What really bothered me the first time and bothers me again this time, is that Breeze seems fine in HoA. After his comatose state in WoA I expected a lasting effect. He saw his friend being ripped apart in front of him - and worse, the friend died saving him. He's a sensitive character. Why does he not suffer from some sort of PTSD? I see he overcompensates a bit in HoA, he laughs a little too hard and so on. But I expected more. Maybe trembling, or overeating, or jumping at loud noises, or becoming sullen when Koloss are around. Maybe he could be quiter than usual, but return to his old self when his girlfriend is around. Something like that. I loved Sazed's crisis and related to it on a very personal level. I wish Breeze had a similar change, not as bad, but a bit clearer. Anyone else feel this way? Do you suppose Mr. Sanderson had enough to focus on with everything else going on, that another character couldn't go through a crisis? Thanks PS. As I'm working through the series again I'm just amazed by the level of detail, all the little hints and foreshadowing. Sanderson's a genius.