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  1. He was a reduced-strength mistborn, not lerasium.
  2. Yeah, the shardplate of Radiants probably can repair itself much more quickly than the shardplate that much. Still, developing technologies would still neutralize any advantages that shardplate and shardblades have before too long. With regards to long-distance spren weapons, that's probably possible to a degree, but guns would still out-range them in most causes probably.
  3. Long range weapons are always going to dominate. Coinshots in a modern city could probably easily beat a shardbearer since they could remain out of reach and shoot coins which could probably slowly damage the shardplate until it locks up. Guns would probably have a similar effectiveness against shardplate. A shardblade sword is fairly useless until you're in melee range and provide hardly any defense against bullets until then.
  4. Not really, because then they could just remove blood toxins or replace blood. Wouldn't actually help with the issue of them bleeding out and you'd be spending a lot of time soulcasting to replenish. A flesh soulcaster who could repair the body would be a far better medic.
  5. Maybe if you used hemalurgy to splice a bit of them into someone and it managed to hold in their children...
  6. Not really. Stormlight is the power that the metals brought. What's filtering and shaping it within the surgebinder is something else. Past that the rest of the analogy is correct, with the mists being a more direct amount of a shard's power fueling them.
  7. I disagree. That line by the Stormfather seems to be referring to the lot he threw in with Dalinar, that he had to bond with him and work with him, with the alternative being that Odium would win and he would be destroyed. Pattern's line seems to very strongly indicate that the Stormfather survived the event which killed many spren, which would've been the sundering of the bonds they held.
  8. Probably because they were talking about an unbonded Sibling retreating from the world.
  9. The gemstone archive seems to imply that it the Sibling had retreated before the Recreance, as the note saying goodbye to it was made by a Radiant. Furthermore, Pattern implies in WoR that the Stormfather was hurt by the Recreance, making it likely that he was the one bonded at the time.
  10. He's generally right in that the power to tap comes from the nicrosil and that the iron part of the medallion is just convenience for a place to store. You make good points though.
  11. There are likely 10 Voidbinding orders though. This makes more sense if we consider the system to just to be the result of Odium and possibly another Shard's investiture invested into Roshar or the Greater Roshar System and the number is an outgrowth of the planet not the Shard. WoBs spoilered for length.
  12. Do you have a link to the WoB? I wasn't able to find it on Arcanum.
  13. Yeah, and that's what the general Alethi society does at least. All small things are cremlings, all alcoholic drinks are wines, all birds are chickens. As far as they're concerned, all sentient investiture entities, including shards, would be spren. However, I'm pretty sure the scholars have better ways of classifying things that we haven't seen.
  14. Rosharans would call him a spren because he's sentient and isn't nor wasn't biologically alive. For the greater Cosmere scholars, he wouldn't qualify as a spren.
  15. Honestly, I wouldn't count Dahkor Monks as shapeshifters. What they're doing is alteration magic to induce specific changes to their bodies. It's extremely limited as far as we've seen and it requires an active process, to the point of possibly multiple monks working together to induce those changes.