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  1. An extremely beautiful movie. The visuals were extremely striking and I found that the fight choreography was well-designed and put together. You can see how the character and art designers put a lot of work into creating such a visually striking world with characters all having fairly subtle nuances to their design. The robotics were very impressive too with regards to the CGI. Other than that though I found it to be a bit of a late-down. The romance was pretty ham-fisted and the story moved so quickly and in such leaps and bounds that most character progression wasn't viewed during the progression, just the outcomes at certain specific milestones. Also I found the ending to be kind of anti-climatic since it was just her beating down a bunch of disparate barriers which presented themselves to her, not actual barriers the story organically built up for him to run down. I did go and read the original manga and compared to the movie, I'd say the story was a lot better there with some small changes actually changing how certain key scenes presented themselves.
  2. I never proposed a theory, I just said that I think it's basically fact that there are nine Unmade and posted WoBs on that. With regards to your question though, I don't think that Unmade really correspond to Heralds and that any correspondence to Knight Radiant orders is pretty minimal, as Brandon points out.
  3. All WoBs on the matter indicate that there are only nine Unmade. Unless Brandon is deliberately lying to us to mislead us, which would be incredibly out of character for him as far as I can tell, I can't see how there could be a tenth Unmade. I'm not entirely disinclined to believed the "Unmade were dawnshards" theories, but I think it's fairly strongly stated that at this point in time there are still only nine Unmade.
  4. As long as there are enough bindpoints for a power I see no reason why taking multiple spikes for the same power wouldn't cause an amplification.
  5. He could have also doubled-up on some powers to amplify them. Extra steel allomancy could be useful.
  6. My point is that I didn't think there was a problem since I thought that the Hybrid category had been made canon.
  7. Hybrid feruchemical powers has been the canon name since the release of the Feruchemy table no? It's officially on Brandon's site.
  8. I mean, hemalurgy in general is probably pretty dangerous to Hoid, but no. Nightblood is probably still more dangerous since it's irreversible annihilation while in theory you can survive and recover from a spiking.
  9. Not even powers, lerasium can probably steal all attributes a person possesses at the same time and pass it on to a new recipient.
  10. I feel like ability might refer to all variants of hemalurgy, powers and non-powers. So basically lerasium would steal the entirety of a person to add to another person, which sounds both very interesting and very dangerous and could potentially lead to interesting situations. What if you spiked yourself into lerasium then placed it in someone else? How much of that person would now be you? Or if you dumped it into a body without a mind, would it effectively be binding your mind into a new body? Lots of fun there. Nicrosil is interesting and I think is an important clue. Up to now I've held the thought that the "Investiture" of nicrosil feruchemy has always referred to ability to use manifestations of investiture (powers across all magic systems), in other words, limited to only that part of the innate investiture (soul). However, one main counter thought has been that it refers to the entirety of the soul, ergo anything that hemalurgy could steal. However, given now that nicrosil hemalurgy "steal Investiture," if Investiture is referring to the entirety of the soul and everything that hemalurgy can steal, then that means that nicrosil hemalurgy can steal anything that any other spike can steal, which seems a bit much and to me makes this idea feel less likely. At the same time, I think it does cast some shadow on my idea since my idea of what "Investiture" means that it includes the abilities of steel, pewter, brass, bronze, cadmium, bendalloy, gold, and electrum plus others, plus "powers" seems to be more directly referring to what I was defining "Investiture" as. Hopefully Brandon has some answers for us soon.
  11. Forgery fails off-world or even outside of the active Domain it seems.
  12. He was a reduced-strength mistborn, not lerasium.
  13. Yeah, the shardplate of Radiants probably can repair itself much more quickly than the shardplate that much. Still, developing technologies would still neutralize any advantages that shardplate and shardblades have before too long. With regards to long-distance spren weapons, that's probably possible to a degree, but guns would still out-range them in most causes probably.
  14. Long range weapons are always going to dominate. Coinshots in a modern city could probably easily beat a shardbearer since they could remain out of reach and shoot coins which could probably slowly damage the shardplate until it locks up. Guns would probably have a similar effectiveness against shardplate. A shardblade sword is fairly useless until you're in melee range and provide hardly any defense against bullets until then.
  15. Not really, because then they could just remove blood toxins or replace blood. Wouldn't actually help with the issue of them bleeding out and you'd be spending a lot of time soulcasting to replenish. A flesh soulcaster who could repair the body would be a far better medic.