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  1. So much amazing stuff happened in RoW, but Eshonai's final flashback was one of the absolute highlights for me. She's always been one of my favorite characters and I remember being absolutely devastated when the last Oathbringer sample chapter was released three years ago and she was just dead at the bottom of a chasm. She's such a tragic character and I always thought she deserved better than she got. Until I was reading that last flashback chapter I had no idea how much I needed closure on Eshonai's death. I think the entire scene was beautifully written and the resolution is so bittersweet. The way she also heard the rhythm of war. The way she fought to be free in her last moments, fighting to die as herself, to be free in the end. The fact that she spoke the first ideal and that the Stormfather told her she was Radiant, even for only a few moments. And how she gets to see the world as the storm and moving on, still excited to discover more. It just made me so happy to know she had a beautiful end to her arc, and I wanted to see if other people had similar feelings.
  2. That's really cool, I especially love the highspren. Hope to see more soon!
  3. I hope we get to see more visions. I know Dalinar has cycled through them multiple times, but I'm pretty sure we haven't seen them all yet. I guess the storyline using them to convince monarchs to join the coalition is over, but they are still useful for instantaneous face-to-face communication, especially with people who can't just walz into Urithiru. Venli is an example. And since Odium won't want to confront Dalinar directly, they don't have to be afraid of him messing with them either. Seems like a good place to talk to some of the Iriali, or maybe even Ishar or one of the other Heralds. Who knows, maybe even someone like Leshwi. I dont know, I really love getting glimpses into what is basically pre history at this point, and I bet once book 5 comes around there will be some kind of grand reveal concerning Unite Them and Nohadon. Maybe we could get a vision in this book about Urithiru and some insights on what its supposed to look like when it's fully functional, but at this point I think we would have heard of a vision like that. Either way, the visions are a little less mysterious now, but they are still important.
  4. It would be really great if my theory about the apothecary from WoK being one of the Lightweavers that have been mentioned ends up correct. I'm not holding out too much hope, but nothing has disproven this theory yet, so maybe. I also want to call Lazian being the first of the fused to be imprisoned in a gem. It would fit with him having been the first to be killed by a human so long ago.
  5. After reading DS I took it to mean that only one of the four was not merged with an individual. At the time of that WoB Rysn's Dawnshard was just hanging out on a wall. I assume the other three are merged with somebody.
  6. These are great! Pailiah looks like she is surrounded by logic spren, and the red things flying around Chana are probably flamespren. The spren on Kalak's portrait could be joyspren or maybe shamespren? But either would be odd imo. Could be a different variety that we havent seen yet. Not much to go on for Nale's either.
  7. This is really well done! I think its a great idea that this could be something people here on the Shard could participate in Off the top of my head, I think the question of how many Heralds were killed by the end of the book would be fun to bet on. Maybe whether or not Urithiru is made fully functional again. Or to name a side character that bonds a spren. Whose food Lift steals. Anyway, great job!
  8. I think this may have been my favorite chapter so far, I love that we get to see exactly what team Odium is planning. Exciting to hear about their plans for the Sibling, and it looks like we have a pretty great team of villians already assembled. Lezian and Raboniel are pretty scary, and I bet Vyre is going to tag along as a way to deal with Kal. Brandon is doing a great job of making the Fused scary, and making them individuals and not just random surgebinders for the Radiants to kill. I love the concept that each Fused has their own history, lore and traditions. Interesting that Raboniel was considered insane but seems to be fine now. Did she fake it? Did she get better? Those Ones of Alteration would probably be either the Transformation of Cohesion Fused, right? And I find myself liking Leshwi more and more with each chapter that features her.
  9. I really hope the next chapter is another Venli chapter. I really want to know what has Leshwi so worried. I like how Venli's arc is looking so far. I wonder how long she's going to stay hidden working for the Fused. Seems to me like asking for the Fused approval for a non-Odium listener group is pretty naive. But then again Brandon has put a lot of effort into showing us that the Fused are not incarnations of pure evil but still people, so who knows. They did specifically say they fight this war for their descendants, and will finally rest when they have won. Maybe some of the Fused could be swayed but big O for sure would not care for it. Venli's ability to check Shadesmar for all the different types of spren and Fused is really cool. That's a fun trick for the leader of a hidden rebellion. I kind of want her to come across Sja-Anat by accident while peeking into the CR and for the Unmade to start working with her. As cool as instant communication through humming rhythms is, I'm a little disappointed that we don't get any direct dialogue from Timbre. The spren personalities are all so different and unique, it just feels like Timbre is getting sold short a bit when Venli has to translate the Rhythms to the reader. I loved the lore about Lezian the Pursuer. I hope he's a recurring villian.
  10. I think youre absolutely right, I didnt even think of that possibility.
  11. Lopen almost died and Kaladin was there to see it happen? Will Kaldin be in Dawnshard? The Honorspren can no longer be trusted? Thats really interesting, I wonder if something happened to them and its not just them being unwilling to bond but somehow Odium or an Unmade did something to them. Sja-Anat? And who would know about that and have the means to contact Navani? For sure either a spren or someone bonded to one. Maybe a worldhopper like Azure. And what consequences could there be to trapping all those spren? And why be so vague about it? I guess the CR ecosystem might get thrown out of whack but we dont really know what roles spren animals have in the CR. Its good that were on track to finally learn more about the Ghostbloods and Thaidakar, as well as Shallan becoming Cosmere aware. I'm more and more excited about Thaidakar, we really need to meet them this book. Formless is scary, but maybe it's the real Shallan that can finally come out when she speaks her last truth. And still no Venli
  12. Wow what Renarin did was so much like what And up until this point I really liked Moash as a character, I thought he was a cool villian. This was the first time I actually despised him. I mean I still think he's a great villian, but even him killing Elhokar didnt make me as angry and anxious as him trying to get Kaladin to kill himself. And wow I just realized Kaladin felt light and warmth coming from Renarin, just like Dalinar keeps feeling in his weird dreams! I have no idea what it could be, but I bet it's the same thing!