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  1. Maybe someone else can confirm this, but I think I remember that when Edgedancer was released, someone pointed out that in their translated version the word ‘keen’ was translated to mean wail. I only have the english version so unfortunately I cant make sure myself, but I’ve also been very curious about this. We know there are other sapient spren that do not belong the the spren of the ten orders, like the mistspren. I think it’s very possible there are more. I like the idea that keenspren are connected somehow to Threnody. If the word ‘keen’ actually means ‘wail in grief for a dead person’, that would fit thematically with the naming scheme for that entire system.
  2. Youre right, it probably would. I guess you would have to carry spheres, and take in only enough stormlight to refuel each time.
  3. If you can soulcast quickly enough, you could steel jump wherever you wanted, without having to bring coins for anchors. Jump, soulcast a bit of metal close to the ground, push, repeat. Bonus if you can refuel your steel and duralumin with soulcasting quickly enough, every one of your steelpushed jumps would be a duralumin powered superjump.
  4. Very nice quiz, got over 90% Willshaper which I’m very happy with. I’m not sure how difficult it would be to do this, but is there a way to see to what degree you match the other orders?
  5. It could be pretty fun if Lift got a hold of Nightblood for a little while at some point during the book.
  6. She might not be as archetypical as Eshonai was, but I think she is still driven by a lot of curiosity. In the beginning it’s mostly wrapped up in her ambitions, but there’s still the fascination with the unknown, the new, the lost and forgotten. I think with Venli it’s hard to say what part of that is her ambition and lust for power and what is her natural curiosity. Her choice to work with Ulim, for example, could be seen as a careless risk she takes, putting her entire people and way of life in danger to advance her own position. On the other hand, at the time, she may have been convinced by Ulim to see it as breaking from pointless tradition and being brave enough to think outside the box and try something new. But at that point in her character arc I think ambition and curiosity are hard to separate. She is a risktaker though, secretly working with Ulim, and later harboring Timbre among the fused.
  7. So if we assume Navani is the main character, do we think she will also be a Willshaper? It is supposed to be their book and since the Willshapers were the most varied of the orders I think it could be cool if we see two very different Willshapers climbing the oaths in distinct ways. There could be some interesting takes on the theme of exploration and discovery, how both of them want to discover new things but go about it in different ways.
  8. I agree. I remember when Oathbringer came out a lot of people were disappointed because characters they really liked did not end up developing in ways that they expected. While I love getting excited about every little detail we get before the release as much as anyone else, I think it’s best to not get stuck on your expectations and go into it with an open mind. But I do still hope we get lot’s of singer stuff Also, have we considered Rock as a possible main character? I dont think it’s as likely as Rlain or Navani, but Brandon did say he wanted to write a Rock novella, and last I heard he’s focusing on Wandersail and Rysn instead. Could be that his planned plot for the novella grew and ended up working better as a larger part of the actual book.
  9. Wow that’s really...interesting. Not gonna lie, I was really looking forward to Eshonai as a main character with her own book way back when, and then I got excited for Venli. Don’t know how I feel about this three way split. I’m sure it’ll be great any way we get it, but I’ve said before that I worry that Venli wouldn't get to shine in what we assumed would be her book. Now I’m really hoping the third character is Rlain, I really hope this is a singer focused book. I like Navani and Adolin a lot as well, and I could easily see either as the main character as well, but right now I would not be as excited about them as I would be about a singer character.
  10. Quick WoB on Riino the lighthousekeeper: So I guess he’s at least associated with the Ire.
  11. Any news on the Lift reading? I saw there are two WoBs on Arcanum talking about it.
  12. I really like the idea that the Ire came into conflict with the powers of Threnody, and I like the idea that they created the Evil to deal with whatever powers they felt threatened by. But I think the way Shades work on the new continent has been that way even before the Evil drove everyone from the home continent. So the actual Shades are not a result of whatever the Ire may have done. But I could totally see the Deepest Ones being the ritualistic Shades Nazh talked about and that they were somehow changed. My only question would be, how did they get to the new continent then?
  13. horror

    @Karger It’s just the Herald endsheets from OB. Don't know how to insert an image on my phone, but I’ll link them. I’m talking about the small blue streaks around Jezrien and the glowing green motes around Vedel. Even Ishar has golden motes floating around him, and those could easily be from the fires, but I like to think that they’re gloryspren.
  14. horror

    Also, I’m super curious about the columns behind him. Those twisted bodies are pretty haunting, and the skulls and bones on the left give me Catacombs of Paris vibes. And do we have any ideas as to what the glowing motes are? On the other paintings Jezrien was pretty clearly surrounded by windspren, and Vedel by lifespren, which are both the cousins to their respective orders’ spren. Could those be the Stoneward cousins? And yeah, I’m most excited to see Kalak and Chana, I’m very happy that we’ll be getting all the Heralds eventually.
  15. All I want to see is Wayne and MeLaan travel around the cosmere and get into trouble together.