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  1. We have seen Nalan infused with Stormlight several times. But I understand your point that without a Pov of a herald we can't be sure that they feel what a surgebinder feels. Personally though, I find it far more unlikely that a Herald would feel something else, or nothing, than that they would feel just like any other surgebinder infused with Stormlight. Out of curiosity, do you think that they feel something else or are you just saying that we don't know for certain?
  2. @Oltux72 I'm afraid I don't understand your question... The Fused are the only ones we've seen use Voidlight, so observing how they use it is the only way we can theorize how it's usage is different from stormlight. The fact that the Fused and Heralds are cognitive shadows didn't really factor into my attempt at a comparison and I'm hesitant to say that it should. We have a lot of descriptions of how stormlight behaves when inside a human body, and only a few instances where we can observe how Voidlight behaves, and with no pov to show us directly. This is a good WoB to illustrate what I'm trying to say:
  3. I think the difference would express itself in the way the user feels when holding the investiture. Stormlight leaks from your body and makes you want to move, makes you eager to act and use all that energy. When the Fused use Voidlight it looks like its sucking other light into them, in a weird penumbra. When they use gravitation they can't add a lot of lashings on top of each other, or change them as quickly, but they can hold one lashing for much longer than a surgebinder using stormlight could. So I think that Voidlight wants to stick, and tries to stay inside your body. Szeth even says he thinks voidbringers could hold the light perfectly. That's probably not true, but they can most likely hold it for extended periods of time. So maybe Cultivationlight is something in between, it doesn't try to force its way out and it doesn't try to cling.
  4. So I think starspren will either turn out to be the cousin spren to highspren or lightspren. Highspren obviously have a star theme going already, with the stars that can be seen through their rip in reality. Skybreaker are assosciated with the sky too, and starspren are mostly seen in the night sky, so there you go. As for the Reachers, I've always wondered why they are called lightspren. In Shadesmar they are made out of metal, and it's odd that they would have a form in the Physical realm that's not even loosely assosciated with their CR essence. Instead for whatever reason they have an astral motiv, looking like a comet, tiny sun, or planet with rings. Plus, Venli at first thinks that Timbre is a starspren, much like Kaladin thought Syl was a windspren. And stars as a means of navigation fit perfectly with the themes of Reachers (and Willshapers). Personally I like the reasoning for the lightspren better, but I could see it being either of the two. I'm blanking on other ideas for cousin spren for either of the orders, but I feel pretty confident that starspren are one of them. Let me know what you think!
  5. From The Rythm of the Lost: Humans did at one point know, and they did harvest singers. This is where the incredible anger and outrage comes from, that the listeners show when Kaladin wears listener corpse armor. They usually don't even touch their own dead. What's really crazy though is that regular parshmen also show aggression when their dead are touched. It's one of the few things that make the Slaveform singers angry, and they are allowed to take care of their own dead. Isn't that odd? The listeners have their oral histories and thousands of years of tradition, but even the parshmen know not to let anyone else touch their dead.
  6. Yes, in one of the visions (I think it's the weird one with Nohadon) Dalinar notes that the Windblades are far less weathered than they are in present times.
  7. Dalinar and the Stormfather know about Venli resisting Rayse, I think they'll try to contact her rather sooner than later. I think RoW will be the book where it finally clicks for Dalinar that he has to unite not only humans but all sapient races on Roshar. Kaladin has figured it out, sort of, and I'm sure Venli will see it too and interact with the main cast eventually. I don't think anyone has to worry that we won't see enough of team Honor. I would enjoy an infiltration/subterfuge/silent rebellion plot line for Venli a lot, but I don't see how she could do that right under the noses of the Fused in Marat if she's also practicing Surgebinding. So she has to go somewhere else, maybe with her Thaylen singer crew. Also is Timbre going to speak only in rhythms? It's pretty cool, and Venli seems to understand her just fine but I'd rather have actual dialogue.
  8. Well Navani is already designing flying ships, so you're thinking along the right lines. There was a really great thread where these ships and how they would work were discussed at length, I'll see if I can find it later.
  9. I really like this. At first I thought that it could be a book Venli wrote in the year gap, recounting the history of the listeners. She invented her own script and was telling the Thaylen singers about the listeners at the end of OB, so I figured. But I like your idea much better, I wouldn't want the book to be named after another text written by a main character in the present. I would be pretty frustrated if it were something contemporary. But I would love to see Venli working together with Navani translating old listener texts or songs (if they even have any that are in the dawn chant). As for the title itself, I love the sound of it, although I think I would have preferred Song of Secrets just because it sounds like we would learn more juicy stuff.
  10. The ten orders at a Pizza-party: The Windrunner is going around checking if anybody is allergic to anything, and warning people that the pizza is very hot. When they get around to eating their own pizza, it's cold. They stare off into the distance, thinking about the many, many dangers of baked dough with tomato sauce and toppings. The Skybreaker demands a discount when the pizza takes more than 30 minutes to arrive and checks twice if everyone's pizza slices are the same size. The Dustbringer wants their pizza extra, super spicy so they don't have to share with anyone. The Edgedancer shares their pizza with everyone, and reminds them that a lot of other people aren't as fortunate as they are. The Truthwatcher foresees that they'll have indigestion if they eat too much pizza, but they offer to share half of theirs with the Dustbringer. The Lightweaver's first truth is that they prefer calzones to pizza. They also freak out the pizza delivery guy by lightweaving themself to look exactly like him. The Elsecaller decides that the logical thing to do is to Soulcast their pizza into something healthy with the maximum amount of nutritional value. It doesn't taste good, but they tell everyone it's brainfood. The Willshaper orders a pizza with literally everything on it, then walks around asking if they can try a slice of everyone else's pizza too. The Stoneward orders the same pizza they always do, Margherita. They are extremely satisfied. And of course the Bondsmith is the one who invited everybody to the pizza party. They order a huge family size pizza for everyone to share. And garlic bread. And mozzarella sticks. Food brings people together.
  11. Not sure what it means for the end of the series but this is what my money is on. That said, I like the theory. Could be something Dalinar has to do before reforming Honor. I don't know if it's super likely, but I do think the Honorblades in Shinovar need to be used in the plot somewhere, right now they're just sitting there...
  12. Well I mean Larkin are just the larval form of the lanceryn. They're basically baby crab dragons. I don't know if as adults they still have wings, but either way, dragon riding Rysn is going to be amazing.
  13. I really hope we get a pov of someone getting one of Moelachs visions as they die. As an interlude maybe.
  14. I'd have to go back and check, but I think what Rock mentions is that he met a God coming out of one of the lakes on the peaks, which was actually Hoid coming out of the Perpendicularity. Or do you mean a different scene? Iirc he does mention spren of the ocean in the origin story of the horneaters, but they refuse to help them because humans would just catch them with hooks. But I don't think he ever saw them, they're just part of the story.
  15. I think Honor probably could have directly interfered in the creation of the Everstorm. The creation of a new storm is something like (Mistborn) The Stormfather says the Everstorm was old in design, and there really ist a reason who Odium wouldn't use it if he could. I don't think the Heralds had anything to do with it, their part was just keeping the Fused locked away, I don't see why they could prevent Stormform from summoning the storm. We know that Stormform used to be one of the forms of power singers had access to in the past, because Adolin's Plate reacts to their lightning. So even if there had been enough Stormform regals, I think Honor was what kept them from calling it. After Honor died, all Odium had to do was wait for Taln to break. The Everstorm wouldn't have been of much use to him before, and humans fighting each other in the meanwhile just played I to his hands. (Again, Mistborn spoilers)