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  1. I think that's basically the knight Radiant chart, the double iris would be the Truthwatchers and Bondsmiths on the chart.
  2. I don't know. It's possible, but the way Willshapers are described I feel like they'd be fine with a bit of chaos. But then again taking chaos and rolling with it and making the best out of it does sound Willshaper-y to me. And I do like Navani as a Willshaper too.
  3. I think I remember a WoB about spren being attracted to what people aspire to be, and less to what they are like. Maybe in relation to Lift but I may be misremembering. Does anybody remember the one I'm thinking of?
  4. Top right By the way, has anybody found out what that treelike thing in the bottom right corner is?
  5. Captain Ico can be seen on one of Shallan drawings, as done by Veil, along with the Ghostblood symbol. Mandras are the same thing as luckspren seen around greatshells and skyeels. These are the first things that popped into my head, I'll see if I can come up with some more later.
  6. I see a dragon too, but with horns, eyes and nostrils like this
  7. This makes sense, but I don't see why he would have to change them. They were meant to connect to Honors investiture, and you're right that that connection was somehow broken. It's in their nature to connect to Honor, and I think it shouldn't be outside the realm of possibility to fix them. I agree with all of this, and Ill concede that we don't know enough about the exact circumstances of why the Honorblades don't work anymore. But I think in many ways Dalinar has shown to act as a representative of Honor, and I don't think that restoring the Honorblades is a matter of quantity of investiture, but of Connection. @Quantus This was the WoB I was basing that statement on, but it's more open to interpretation than I remembered: I interpret "power" not as just stormlight. The question asks about advantages over Radiants, and just having more stormlight but doing the same thing isn't that great of an advantage. I interpreted that as being able to use the surges on a larger scale, but I realise it could be interpreted differently.
  8. Hmm ok, I think I see where you guys are coming from. To run with your analogy Argent, I think that both Dalinar and the Honorblades are the wire to the reservoir of investiture. If I understood you correctly we agree on that. But I don't think that Dalinar charge the Honorblades like he does Kaladin. That would mean he would channel investiture into the Honorblades who would channel it into its wielder, which is a bit redundant. What I'm saying, though, is that if Dalinar and the Honorblades are both a conduit for the investiture to travel through, someone has to hook up the wires to the reservoir of investiture. After that happens Dalinar isn't part of the equation anymore, it's only the investiture, the Honorblade and its weilder. I should have thought about the title more, I realize it's not really saying what I'm trying to say.
  9. I thought about that too, but I think the difference is that the Honorblades were created as a means of channeling Honor directly. When Dalianar charges Kaladin, he's doing what the Honorblades are meant to do. They are meant to be a conduit for Honor's investiture in the spiritual realm to someone who can utilize that Investiture. The Honorblades were specifically built for that task, Dalinar wasn't. I'm assuming that it wouldn't take a constant effort on his part to make the Honorblades be able to draw upon investiture. I'm thinking he has to reconnect them to whatever source of investiture he tapped into when he charged Kaladin and they will resume doing what they were built to do.
  10. The idea is pretty simple. Honorblades used to be directly fueled by Honor, making it irrelevant that they Stormlight consumption was inefficient and allowing the Heralds to use the surges in a far more powerful manner. Could Dalinar directly fuel the Honorblades again? I don't think this is outside of reason, they were especially designed to function this way after all, and we've seen Dalinar being able to act as, or on behalf of Honor several times. Right now they are inferior to what Radiants are capable of, they don't grant instinctual familiarity with the surges and are inefficient in their stormlight consumption. But if Dalinar managed to hook them up with unlimited investiture, they'd be good for a lot more than turning someone into a weak radiant. The biggest problem I see is that Dalinar has to figure out how to do it, and he has to somehow get his hands on an Honorblade again.
  11. I think the spren on Scadrial are the more animalistic spren, not full sapient ones. We actually kind of get to see one, when
  12. So far it's been a book that one of the characters discovered in that very same book, with the exception of Stones Unhallowed, which I think Szeth uses as a curse (correct me if I'm wrong). I really like both Song of Secrets and Rythm of the Lost, but I think it might be a new song or rythm that we learn of in the flashbacks.
  13. I think Taldains isolationist period was before Autonomy directed her attention to other worlds. I think at the time she was focused on granting her own people autonomy, but when she started creating her first avatars on other planets she realized she would have "free" people on those planets as well. In that sense I agree with @Calderis that the avatars are what allow her to meddle without breaking the pact. If Bavadin swore to not interfere with other Shards that's fine. I think it's clear that the avatars are separate from Bavadin. Patji is not Bavadin. They are the same power, but not the same mind. I don't think the pact Bavadin made can apply to a being that came into existence far later. What kind of confuses me is how powerful avatars are. If Trell is an avatar, is he bringing the pocked of investiture he was created from to the fight on Scadrial, or does he have the full power of Autonomy behind him?
  14. Eggplant for Threnody We know they don't eat pork, but if I remember correctly they hunt game, so maybe rabbit, turkey, and Silence definitely serves venison in her inn. They also have potatoes, mushrooms, and know how to make beer. I can't find the WoB but I think Brandon has said that Threnody was inspired by the first Europeans settling in America, so that's a good time and place to look at for comparison. Also, I think this is a great idea, I would love too see the finished version if you ever make it!
  15. The interludes are one of my favourite things about Stormlight. I love Brandon's worldbuilding, and so the interludes are always a treat. I don't love all of them, and I was actually a little disappointed that in OB they weren't as great as in the first two books. But it's great when the main characters talk about Reshi or Aimia, and a few chapters later we get to see what those places are like. Plus, a good chunk of the interludes contain the novella, and I really liked the Szeth, Eshonai, and Venli chapters. The interludes make Roshar feel huge, and Brandon has done such a good job of combining incredibly character driven stories with a diverse, interesting and completely strange setting.