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  1. I don't know, I kind of love the build up to getting a new Stormlight book. Oathbringer was the first time I was following the whole process, and with readings at signings, the Reddit updates, cover and art reveals and the entirety of part one being released as sample chapters week by week the wait is almost as fun as getting the actual book. Especially the discussions and speculation after each weeks sample chapters. I’m really, really looking forward to all of this for RoW.
  2. It says “Who’s excited to see the cover of stormlight 4??” under the same post on instagram, does anybody know how close we are to the cover reveal? I cant remember how far ahead we got the cover for OB, but I think most books reveal the cover around a year before release, right?
  3. I also think that if he were able to heal with stormlight the scars would remain, it seems like that part of his past is pretty important to what kind of a person he is today. Its possible he’s not a Radiant and just bonded a normal Shardblade. Does the dead blade make you a lighteyes of the color corresponding with the dead sprens order or does it just make your eyes the light version of the color you had before? I would prefer if this was a continuity error and he was actually darkeyed but a Dustbringer. And I also love the nickname Mink
  4. If I were a sleepless I’d leave my memory cremlings somewhere underground where nobody could find or get to them and only use other types to make up a fake body, or spy on people, or gather food for the memory cremlings. Makes me think of an ant colony with the queen at its heart and specialized workers and soldiers taking care of everything.
  5. I dont think you could permanently age someone up with Growth. Your age is written as a spiritual aspect in your spiritweb, and I think it’s similar to how healing doesnt work when perception blocks it (like with Rysn’s legs and Kal’s brands). I feel like age is probably more immutable that even that, because your spiritweb always knows your age. Even when using magic to alter it like we see with as soon as the influence of that investiture wears off, you revert to your actual age. It might be possible that you could temporarily age someone (or even yourself?) up, if Growth is powerful enough to temporarily overwrite that spiritual aspect. I think that would be a very cool and creative way of using the power. But I think an easier way of using Growth on a person is to grow out their hair or fingernails, which I think is basically what the Fused are doing when they grow out their carapace, only that the carapace is a lot more versatile and has more mass to work with than hair or fingernails. But I definitely agree that what those Fused are using is Progression. I’m not an expert in this but as far as I know the reason we age is that out cells get worse and worse over time at replicating DNA. I know a lot of plants can effectively “clone” themselves and some have lived as genetically identical versions of themselves for thousands of years. Others as far as I understand dont experience cellular senescence and are functionally immortal. I think this coupled with the spiritual knowledge of your age is what makes all the difference between using Growth on plants vs humanoids or animals. If anybody knows more about how plants age and if the weird moving plants on Roshar can even be compared to how plants on earth age, I would be super interested.
  6. My favorite order and the one I would most likely join are easily the Willshapers. The Edgedancers are a close second though, I really like the divine attributes and their powers too.
  7. I like the idea that it has something to do with Ambitions death. We know Ambition died in another system, and we know Edgli did not think highly of Uli Da and knew she would have to be dealt with sooner or later. She even says good riddance about her passing. I could see a scenario where a wounded Ambition fled to Nalthis in hope of getting help from Endowment, but Edgli sees it as a violation of the pact and finishes her off. Another idea I had is that it is an avatar of Autonomy beginning to manifest. A large enough pocket of investiture slowly gaining sapience could be seen as a cognitive anomaly I suppose. I’m not sure how long it takes for Autonomy to create an Avatar, but if Trell is an avatar it seems like it can be done within 300 years. Long enough to be considered a part of the system and not just an event that happens. I’m not super convinced myself, it’s just an idea. I am curious about the timeline for these maps. Do we know when they were created? I think I remember it was said that they were created sometime after MB era 2 and before Sixth of the Dusk but I can’t back that up. Would be interesting to know if the cognitive anomaly is something that already existed during Warbreaker and it just didnt come up during the story, or if it is due to something caused by an event that happens further in the future, maybe during the events of Nightblood. Also, does anybody know if we can expect to get an essay to go along with this at some point? That would be so amazing.
  8. I kind of think that the Oathgates need to be able travel into the CR and the SR for instantaneous travel. So one of the spren could be responsible for going into the CR and the other into the SR. The inky black one seems to fit with the aesthetic of the CR and as far as we know the white pearly one could correspond with the SR. IIRC the white Oathgate spren in Kholinar was corrupted and only the black one was left unchanged, which would explain why the characters were only able to travel to the CR.
  9. Theres a quote from one of the visions, the one in the purelake, that the spren in question is not able to travel far without an ‘carrier’. We haven’t found out what that means yet, have we? Thats the only reference I can think of regarding spren mobility. But I imagine a riverspren probably wouldnt be able to go the the shattered plains for example. Or is it that they could be there on the CR side but they wouldnt manifest on the PR in that area? I dont think we have any idea of how fast the individual radiant spren can move, but we have a lot of descriptions of Syl zipping off to somewhere, which to me implies a pretty decent speed, and we know Wyndle can keep up with Lift when she slides, which is probably faster than running, right?
  10. Ah that’s a shame. Good catch, thanks.
  11. It just hit me that Jezrien probably named Ash after Ashyn. Ash would have been born just around the time humans destroyed Ashyn and had to flee to Roshar. Seems like a thing people might do after having to leave their home planet. Everyone close to her calls her Ash, and I’m inclined to believe that that is her real name and Shalash is just Vorinism making her name symmetrical. Just thought it was an interesting possibility, and it fits with Shin(ovar) deriving its name from Ashyn as well, which I always thought was really cool.
  12. Why did the parshmen know to get angry at people touching their corpses? The listeners had oral histories about humans hacking apart singer corpses to get at the gemhearts, so it makes sense they would hate seeing that. But pre-Everstorm parshmen wouldnt have that. Not even having your wife and child taken from you could cause a reaction like that from the parshmen, Sah says as much. So is it instinctual? Why would it be?
  13. I feel like this is the best solution, I’m happy we’re getting both. He says its 30k, thats about as long as Edgedancer, right? Does anybody know how long the other flashback sequences were?
  14. I think the reason why Dalinar and Szeth hear voices but Vin doesn’t has to do with the amount of investiture they have access to. Szeth exposed himself to prolonged use of a very inefficient Honorblade that channelled dangerous amounts of Stormlight and Dalinar was literally standing inside a perpendicularity when he heard Evis voice. I think both of them were closer and perhaps more Connected to the spiritual corpses too. And we suspect that the borders between Realms are thinner on Roshar because of the highstorms, so that may have been a factor as well. I think Roshar’s purpose was to experiment with life. A big sandbox for Adonalsium to play around in. Yolen stuff spoilers: There is still the question of why the afterlife is weird on Roshar, but I think the answer is just that it’s more likely to become a cognitive shadow because of the sheer amount of available investiture in the system.
  15. In the latest reddit update on Book 4, Brandon talks about potentially replacing Eshonai with Venli as the flashback character. I'm really curious how everybody feels about this, should Brandon decide to actually change it. I know after Oathbringer came out, a lot of people were confused about the choice to keep Eshonai as the flashback character. I personally love Eshonai, and I was excited to see how her flashbacks would contribute to Venlis character arc. But honestly i feel like Venli might really be the right choice in this case, especially with Brandon saying that she is in a far better position to explore cosmere secrets. So how does everybody feel about this?