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  1. Any news on the Lift reading? I saw there are two WoBs on Arcanum talking about it.
  2. I really like the idea that the Ire came into conflict with the powers of Threnody, and I like the idea that they created the Evil to deal with whatever powers they felt threatened by. But I think the way Shades work on the new continent has been that way even before the Evil drove everyone from the home continent. So the actual Shades are not a result of whatever the Ire may have done. But I could totally see the Deepest Ones being the ritualistic Shades Nazh talked about and that they were somehow changed. My only question would be, how did they get to the new continent then?
  3. @Karger It’s just the Herald endsheets from OB. Don't know how to insert an image on my phone, but I’ll link them. I’m talking about the small blue streaks around Jezrien and the glowing green motes around Vedel. Even Ishar has golden motes floating around him, and those could easily be from the fires, but I like to think that they’re gloryspren.
  4. Also, I’m super curious about the columns behind him. Those twisted bodies are pretty haunting, and the skulls and bones on the left give me Catacombs of Paris vibes. And do we have any ideas as to what the glowing motes are? On the other paintings Jezrien was pretty clearly surrounded by windspren, and Vedel by lifespren, which are both the cousins to their respective orders’ spren. Could those be the Stoneward cousins? And yeah, I’m most excited to see Kalak and Chana, I’m very happy that we’ll be getting all the Heralds eventually.
  5. All I want to see is Wayne and MeLaan travel around the cosmere and get into trouble together.
  6. @Nellac I think this may be my favorite Shardplate theory, makes a lot of sense to me. At least the part that Harkaylain was a Bondsmith, and was involved in creating Plate. What also fits is what you describe as proto-Plate, we see both Jasnah and Dalinar with the geometric glowing outlines around their bodies. Definitely seems like the precursor to Plate, but something else needs to happen to make it full Plate. @Naurock I dont know if we can say for certain that Jasnah has full Plate yet. Does she refer to herself as a full Radiant at any point? I cant remember, but if she does, then I would agree with you. Might be that she doesn’t even consider herself to be a full Radiant. I think we’ve only seen the glowing outlines on her so far. (And I think the flying people Adolin sees were her using Transportation, not her physically throwing them around with Plate, but that’s unrelated).
  7. The ten orders in Kindergarten Windrunner: Is always on the swingset pretending to fly. Took the blame for the missing sandwiches so the Willshaper wouldn’t get in trouble. Dustbringer: Runs with scissors and kicked sand into another kid’s face. Brought matches to show-and-tell once. Edgedancer: Consoles that kid and invites them to play with them. Is the best at tag and has never forgotten to wash their hands before lunch. Skybreaker: Tells on the Dustbringer immediately. Always colors inside the lines. Complains that the Windrunner has been on the swingset for too long and that it’s their turn now. Truthwatcher: Knows about all the little mischief all the other kids get up to but is cool and doesn’t tell on them. Knows how to calm the Dustbringer down. Willshaper: Has to be told not to eat dirt but has a collection of the coolest sticks and acorns. Found a birds nest in one of the trees. Always tracks mud inside. Lightweaver: All of their drawings make it on to the fridge. Has an imaginary friend. Always wins at hide and seek. Elsecaller: Can count the farthest and they can already sort of spell their name. Good friends with the Truthwatcher. Stoneward: Very well behaved, plays with their favorite toy truck every single day. Bondsmith: Is the kindergarten teacher who has to make sure everyone gets along.
  8. Yeah, the worldhoppers we see in Ishikk’s interlude brought the common cold with them. Since people on Roshar have a higher resistance to diseases because of the crazy amounts of ambient investiture, they hardly ever get sick and didn’t develop natural defenses against the common cold.
  9. @Elsecaller_17.5 @The traveller Right here. It’s s a very cool thread
  10. I worry a little that we wont get another big code or riddle to crack, like the series of numbers from the Diagram. I love those riddles that we can spend weeks trying to crack together, and I kind of missed that in Oathbringer.
  11. So we will be getting pictures of all the radiant spren with the next book, with the exception of the three super-spren. We’ve seen most radiant spren in the PR, but I was wondering what everybody expects/hopes the stoneward spren to look like. We know they look like people with glowing cracks through their skin in the CR. Personally I think in the PR they could be cracks that form on a surface as they move, with the same magma-glow shining through. Could be similar to how cultivationspren grow as a vine that disintegrates after them, they could be cracks that open and close as they move. Same thing for the Sibling, we might not get to see them next book, but I’m sure everyone has some vague mental image in their head. Both the Stormfather and Nightwatcher seem to have regular human elements, I think it would be cool if the Sibling was somehow part singer. Or maybe something more abstract, I really liked the way Ashertmarn looked. A lot of people theorize that the Sibling is connected to stones or mountains, so maybe they embody that as well somehow. I made a similar thread about the Nightwatcher before OB came out and it was really fun to read, I’m really curious how everyone pictures the Sibling.
  12. Probably Herdaz for the food. But I forget if they are actually Vorin or just influenced the the Alethi. But I think I might like Azir or even Iri from what little we’ve seen. Purelake or Reshi Isles maybe for a couple years, but probably not forever.
  13. I think there’s another WoB out there but I cant find it right now. Basically its not magical or anything, it just helps him cope with his anxiety.
  14. @Pathfinder Just curious what makes you think that she was at the third oath in that prelude? IIRC she had her encounter with Ivory where she was partially drawn into the CR just before her meeting with Liss. To me it felt like Jasnah was very unfamiliar with what was going on with her and her powers, she seemed really freaked out about it all. Or are you referring to a different time where she was considering having Aesudan assassinated that I’m not remembering?
  15. In one of Venli’s interludes, where the Fused take over Demid’s body, the Fused are amazed by the creation of the Everstorm and comment that Odium himself rides the Storm. I think Dalinar can literally feel Odium, here. In fact a few lines down from your quote, after Dalinar has impressions of anger and destruction from the storm, he asks the Stormfather if what he saw was real. The Stormfather answers,