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  1. I think if Rysn were to become a Radiant of any order, Stormlight wouldn't heal her legs. Renarin already tried to heal them in OB. I like the idea of her becoming a radiant though, but I think she might fit the Willshapers or maybe Dustbringers better than Bondsmiths from what we've seen. And there's Chiri-Chiri who's a baby lanceryn. She doesn't need to be able to walk to become a badass Radiant crab-dragon-rider.
  2. I would love if this theory turned out to be true. I don't know how the Iriali would steal an Oathgate but I totally buy that they would if they could. I'll also buy that Cusicesh is looking at Kurth instead of the Origin, but maybe there are other reasons for it. Maybe instead of stealing the Oathgate they stole the spren in an attempt to build a new Oathgate. Odium says that as long as the spren aren't compromised you can rebuild an Oathgate. I think that the inky spren allows the Oathgate to transport into the Cognitive Realm while the pearly spren allows it to transport into the Spiritual Realm for instantaneous teleportation. Maybe the Iriali thought they only needed one spren to build their own Oathgate and decided to steal one. Then when they tried to engage it, (maybe at the time it always shows up at?) it got messed up or drawn I to the physical too far which made it go dumb. There is the issue of people feeling drained after it shows up. I always felt like the faces were the faces in the crowd and by imitating them he somehow took something from the people. But yeah very fun theory even if it's not true.
  3. I think the primary four will be Kaladin or Jasnah with Dalinar, Shallan and Adolin, in and around Urithiru. Im not sure about Kaladin here, he could also be among the secondary cast. He's off seemingly alone in the excerpt so maybe he'll end up getting captured and brought to Marat or something, who knows. I could see Dalinar going on more diplomatic missions while Jasnah does queen stuff in Urithiru. The second three could Be Venli, Vyre and Rlain, each doing their own thing but close to one another. If Kaladin joins then I think Vyre will get the interlude chapters. My pick for the last two are Szeth and Lift. I think Dalinar won't allow Szeth to cleanse the Shamanate yet, he needs their Oathgate and support. Destroying their government won't help with that. I think instead Dalinar is going to send Szeth and Lift across Roshar to find Radiants and to bring them back to Urithiru. They need to find as many budding Radiants as they can. Alternatively, I could see them already having done that in the year gap and Szeth and Lift begin to train the new Radiants in Urithiru.
  4. To clarify, I wasn't trying to say that they would also have truths instead of oaths, but rather that their oaths could be more individualistic than those of other orders. We see a bit of variation in how people in the same order say their oaths with the Windrunners, maybe the Willshaper oaths are even more different from one another than that. But like I said, I don't really think this is true, it's only and idea I had that I thought might be interesting. @SwordNimiForPresident "I will have the wisdom to question my choices, even when I believe they are right" sounds really good too, and I think it would fit the Stonewards really well.
  5. I want to put the idea forward that maybe the Willshaper oaths are very personalized like the Lightweavers'. The Willshapers were said to be the most varied of orders, so maybe they didn't have a very strict set of ideals either. Personally I don't think that's what their oaths look like, and I don't think it would be personal truths like for the Lightweavers, but I just wanted to put the idea out there that the oaths could be a little less straight forward than we think.
  6. I really like your ideas! Especially the first one. I have a feeling one of the oaths will be about accepting responsibility, and putting the needs of others before your own. This is just based on how Eshonai gives up her personal freedom and dreams of exploring the world to serve her people as one of their leaders. It would also work really well with Venli transformation from power-hungry egotist to someone who cares about her people.
  7. Ooh this is interesting. Would the Edgedancer's own stormlight be able to fuel the Windrunner's lashing? Or would the lashing run out once the Stormlight the Windrunner used to lash runs out? I guess the question is do the surges latch on to any available source of investiture automatically like Nightblood or Shardplate or is that just not how they work? Because your idea is really awesome, it would mean that in the reverse an Edgedancer could also slick a Windrunner and they would fall without wind resistance for as long as they had Stormlight.
  8. Interesting that Lirin is a pov character. I wonder if this is going to be something like bridge four in part two of Oathbringer with like a chapter each or if Lirin will have a bigger role.
  9. The ten orders on a flight: The Windrunner listens attentively to the flight crew's safety instructions and spends the flight studying the safety card. In the case of unexpected loss of cabin pressure they would help others first. The Skybreaker tells other people to take out their headphones and listen to the crew's instructions. Gets annoyed at the Willshaper for running up and down the aisle. The Dustbringer is the kid behind you kicking your seat. The Edgedancer switches seats with the Truthwatcher because they asked nicely. They also give the Dustbringer a toy to make them calm down. The Willshaper ignores the seat belt sign and sneaks back to where the crew keeps the snacks and drinks. They spend the rest of the flight looking out the window happily munching on pretzels and drinking dangerous amounts of ginger ale. The Truthwatcher foresaw they would sit in front of the Dustbringer, so they asked the Edgedancer to change seats with them. But they can't get any shuteye because now they're in the seat next to the Willshaper and wake up every time they have to get up to pee from drinking too much ginger ale. The Lightweaver gets up to shenanigans impersonating the pilot and copilot, walking around during the flight casually asking who's flying the plane right now. The Skybreaker is not amused. The Elsecaller is only on the flight to conduct research on human behaviour in confined spaces over longer periods of time. When they get bored they think of ways of improving the plane's design. The Stoneward puts on Avatar, immediately falls asleep, and doesn't wake up until the plane has landed. The Bondsmith is scared of flying and can't wait for the pilot to unite the plane with the ground again. Bonus round for what some of the spren are up to: The Honorspren turns into a tiny plane and zips around the cabin sticking people's plastic cups to their tray tables. The Cultivationspren thinks about the beautiful garden they could grow out of all the luggage on board. The Cryptic humms happily when they realize the airline lied about extra leg room. They then hide in the bathroom and observe human behaviour. They yell "No Mating!" when a couple tries to join the mile high club. The Stormfather grumbles about it not being right that everyone is flying these days.
  10. While reading the op I had to think about Shallan and her personas. At one point she adopts the role of a Brightlady in Kholinar and starts thinking the way the woman would, chastising servants, checking for cleanliness, rethinking her plan to steal the food etc. When she snaps out of it she is terrified. I can't help but feel that it's the same phenomenon that MeLaan experiences impersonating the Governor. I wouldn't get to hung up on whether or not it's identity, but I think it's safe to assume that it has a magical component. Nobody is good enough at impersonating someone that their behaviour and thought patterns change that dramatically in a matter of moments, and Shallan does it accidentally. So even if it's not a matter of identity, I think we're observing the same phenomenon in different characters interacting with different magics. Maybe they are tapping into the Conections the people they are impersonating have? I don't have an answer but I think it's a great observation.
  11. You're right, actually thinking about it, those three things are exactly what differentiates a singer from a parshman. We know the parshmen had their Identity and Connection taken. I think Identity in this context and be called what Eshonai calls soul, and Connection are the songs, i.e. their Connection to Roshar. Pretty amazing that this is from WoR. But yeah, it would be weird if the listeners didn't have songs about what happened to the other singers. And I absolutely agree that we need to find out about all these things in the next book. I find the singers to be one of the most interesting parts of stormlight, both from an ethical and moral angle, and a scientific/realmatic and cultural one.
  12. Eshonai thinks: To me this says that the listeners know that these singers have no spren and that that's the reason they are the way they are. The Last Legion gave up their forms just before Aharietiam if I'm not mistaken. They have an oral history that dates all the way back to when they left behind forms and their gods. The Last Legion was vastly more knowledgeable about forms than current listeners. Why would they assume Dullform, crippling their minds to escape their gods, when they could cast out the spren alltogether, still be rid of their gods' influence, and retain their mental capabilities. I do agree with everything you say about singer children, and the day of first transformation (I like the name birth form by the way). Now, what if, after the day of first transformation, you couldn't be sprenless? What if the only way to expell a spren is by adopting another? In that case the restored singers could be in birthform as you say, without the problems with Dullform that I mentioned above being an issue.
  13. I love singer threads! I'm going to assume that the post-Everstorm restored singers are identical to the listeners in regards to Identity, and Connection, since the Last Legion never got those aspects removed. If that is the case, then the restored singers Kaladin meets in the beginning of OB have to have a spren bond. If they didn't, that would mean that the listeners were wrong thinking that the absence of a spren bond resulted in slaveform. Surely after adopting dullform to escape their gods the Last Legion would have discovered if expelling the spren that gives dullform also got rid of that inhibited form. There's no way they would all stay in Dullform if just getting rid of the spren turned you into a person with the mental capacities of those singers Kaladin befriends. So I think the singers Kaladin meets are either wearing workform or nimbleform or some other new form. About transformation, spren and mindsets, I think the problem the singers have is attracting the right spren in the first place. By WoR they have figured out how to trap spren in gems, but before that, they would probably have to attract the right spren during a storm. I imagine getting the mindset right was a lot more difficult and important back then. Imagine you wanted to turn into artform, you would have to attract a creationspren in the middle of a highstorm.
  14. It would be amazing if we got to translate them ourselves. Maybe not all of them, but maybe one or two like the number code from the diagram in WoR. I love theose interactive parts and riddles in Stormlight.
  15. Hmm I may have been thinking of Demoux then, but good to have confirmation that Felt does have a wife. It's still possible that she is from off-world. The earliest we see him in SA is at the valley, right? No telling how long he's been on Roshar then, might also be someone local. @Invocation I had completely forgotten about the Faceless Immortals, that's definitely another possibility. It's does seem to me like they mostly appear as the people who's body they have snatched, for the woman to have thought of them as monstrous and otherworldly I don't think they could have been possessing someone yet, but she may have seen their "true form" or something. Personally my favorite option is that it was a singer, just because it seems like the most interesting option. Southerners and Faceless we know are on Scadrial, but a singer would be something new.