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  1. I agree that Wax is a baby-mistborn. When he was falling after not-Wax leached him, he was reaching for a vial in the air that then snapped into his hand. That sounded like iron to me. I can't remember, does leeching drain everything, or only metals you're actively burning at the time? If it drains everything, I guess it would have just been a lucky catch. At some point he punches someone and is surprised how little it hurts his hand, that sounds like pewter. And you guys already mentioned him being able to see through the mists with tin There are probably other examples, could be fun to see if we can find him using emotional allomancy somewhere. Maybe when he's trying to cheer up Wayne at one point? About Wax using duralumin, didn't Wayne pickpocket the flask off of not-Wax? They knew there was duralumin in there.
  2. Could be the Nicki Savage book anouncement from Isaac, that would be fun. Does anybody know how far along he was last time they talked about it? But I do hope it's Secret History 2. The timing would be great, Era 2 could wrap up nicely with some new hinted at Kelsier stuff and then a while later we get more behind the scenes. I don't know how I would feel about a TV or movie anouncement, I feel like it's too soon. Unless the Kickstarter hype gave him some leverage for pushing for an animated adaptation, that would be something.
  3. It's really interesting that Sigzil apparently gets the Dawnshard in SA5, after we learned in Dawnshard that Rysn isnt allowed to bond a spren because she would become something really dangerous. It's also interesting that Sigzil's reaction to trying to be violent is different from Hoid's, iirc Hoid gets nauseous instead of locking up. I'm really curious who Hoid's other two apprentices are now. And what is up with Aux being the knight and Sigzil being the squire? That's pretty odd.
  4. I really like this aproach, you mostly see people trying to put four shards into a quadrant instead of this column arrangement with two defining characteristics. I'd say it looks really good the way you have it, though Mercy as decay of power is definitely an interesting way of interpreting it Well done and welcome to the Shard!
  5. That's a great WoB @Nameless Yeah, like the Lopen, you can bond a spren as long as you are open enough for the bond. He just really, really wanted it. Looking at Lightweavers specifically though, it makes sense why Cryptics might be interested in bonding children or young adults more often than spren of other orders. Lightweaver oaths are all about finding personal truths, about growing as a person, becoming aware of ones own flaws and working to become a better person as a result. I imagine the Cryptics realize that it's very natural for younger people, who are still developing and growing, to come to such realizations, whereas people at a later stage in their life may already be more set in their ways.
  6. My money is on Rock or a singer, but there aren't many great candidates there. I love Navani as Bondsmith but it would have been great to have Dalinar a human, Rlain a singer and Rock who is a mix between both as Bondsmiths. I also really like the Idea of Gawx as a Bondsmith for the back half. He had that very interesting throwaway line with Dalinar about how maybe he is the leader Roshar really needs while Dalinar is just the emissary. If Dalinar ascends he could bond the Stormfather. I could also see BAM bonding a Radiant in the back half. Maybe even Sja-anat, but I think that is less likely than BAM finding a Bondsmith.
  7. I agree, if you look at the painting of Kalak, the little spren near the bottom of of the image fit the joyspren description really well, and so far we've seen other Herald paintings include platespren that are pretty much confirmed for those orders, like Jezrien and the windspren and Ishar and the gloryspren. So yeah, I also think joyspren are the Willshaper platespren
  8. I also have to agree that the Heralds have something more than skill and practice going for them. Remember that all of the Fused have had just as much time to hone their skills, and not one of them has been described as being on a level with one of the Heralds. And we know it isnt just Ishar either, Nalan catches an arrow shot by Cord from mere feet away, something that is described as an inhuman feat in the text. And back in WoR Taln, who was a mumbling mess snatched Iyatil's dart from the air. That cannot be skill. That has to be supernatural somehow.
  9. Finished El. There aren't a lot of physical descriptions to work of off, but I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.
  10. I'm pretty sure that's how it works, at least we see a Stoneward in one of the visions shape a large section of a cliff into handholds and steps iirc. Pretty sure touch is required, not sure if they could do it at a distance. But Willshapers do have Transportation, so between Stonewards and Willshapers I'd say it's more likely that Willshapers could use it ranged. (Even though I'm pretty sure Brandon has said that distance Soulcasting is not due to Elscallers also having access to Transportation.) Also, I'd be really interested in whether or not Radiants could, with enough practice, faze into the stone like we see the Deepest ones do, without displacing any of it. And welcome to the Shard!
  11. @More Cynical Than Funny Thank you! El is a fantastic suggestion, I think I'll draw him next. I use the full version of Infinite Painter on my phone, but iirc even the free version is pretty good. (The full version isn't that expensive though). Also, I added Lezian to the op
  12. Thanks! Yeah, I think I'll eventually get around to her, but since I've seen a lot of art of her already I think I might give Lezian a shot first
  13. Another quick one of Venli and Ulim:
  14. I think there's a couple of champion pairings that would make thematic sense. I actually don't think that Dalinar is going to be his own champion, I think it makes more sense for Dalinar to remain a foil to Taravangian (or, you know, vice versa). Dalinar's battles are a lot more spiritual in nature, I think. But if I'm wrong, the best pairing against Dalinar would be Ishar. But I think the most likely scenario is Szeth vs. Nale. I feel like something will happen that will force Dalinar to delegate his role as champion to someone else (maybe he fully ascends), and Szeth is probably their best fighter other than Kaladin. It's Szeth's book, and his contrasts in convictions with Nale make them a good match. I also think that Taravangian isn't done manipulating Szeth. Imagine if Todium forced Dalinar in to a situation where he would need to appoint someone else, and he choses Szeth. Then, just before the fight Odium reveals himself to be Taravangian, the man who manipulated and tormented Szeth. That would probably throw him off a lot. Kaladin and Moash obviouly need to have their showdown, but I don't think it will be in the roles of champions. I have no idea where Moash's story goes in book five but he needs a resultion with Kaladin. But I think these two as champions is pretty unlikely. Adolin is also probably out as either champion, he'll presumably be off with Shallan involved with BAM. Renarin might be interesting though. I feel like the final battle has to be more than just stabby-stabby until someone is dead, so having Renarin as either champion might be cool. But I doubt he would be Odiums champion, a lot of stuff would have ro happen to make that work. El is really interesting, and I hope he gets a lot more development, but that last battle should pack an emotional punch, and I dont think we know him well enough for that to really be the case.
  15. Here's some art of Eshonai, Venli and Timbre. I wasn't sure what to do with the background so I just left it blank for now. Any ideas for who to draw next? I was thinking maybe Ulim and Demid, since I haven't seen any art of either of them, but some of the fused like Lezian could be fun as well. Edit, Lezian: