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    reading, amateur writing, animation (both western and anime), swimming, skiing, comics and obscure bits of European folklore
  1. One of my friends (who is a rabid kalsyl shipper so take what she says in regards to the pairing with heapings of salt) compared certain elements of the relationship though WoR to the myth of Eros and psyche with Syl as Eros and Kaladin as psyche. Her argument was elements such as Syl's temporary 'death' followed by her being held captive by the stormfather is comparable to Eros running back to his mother when psyche betrays him and Eros/Syl returning to save Psyche/Kaladin's life. I'm not certain I buy the theory, but the parallels are interesting.
  2. thanks for warning me about the cookies, and i completely agree that SA is better than mistborn and it is clear how far his writing has come when comparing the two series but mistborn was my gateway into the cosmear so will always have a place in my heart if only for that reason
  3. hi, i was given a copy of the final empire last Christmas and absolutely fell in love, however, I decided to avoid fansites and wikis to prevent myself from being spoiled until I was up to speed with the cosmear, but I've finally finished words of radiance so have no more excuses