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  1. Thank you both, I've fixed it. Her opponent now tells her mid match to throw the fight. The judges are no longer involved and it's all coming together yay! Thanks again for your help
  2. Hi I'm glad I piqued your interest with my vague title but it was a trap and I hope I can get ideas from you I have a character and I'm super happy with her story arc In summary: Shes a depressed and over trained boxer in her late 20s who turns vigilante and gets herself into a headfirst fight against a gang. I want to start with her losing an important fight to set the mood of action with a dash of self disappointment. I'm leaning towards making the match a set up/rigged fight with the judges connected to the gang she ends up taking on I'm trying to come up with a natural way she would approach this situation and how it could lead to her first time as a vigilante Any ideas would be super helpful (please)
  3. It sounds like a really interesting setting. Do both resurrective current and necromantic current exist in your magic system? Or are you trying to decide which one to use?
  4. Thanks so much!
  5. Wow! I knew Brandon was a lecturer but I didn't realise he's actually a really good teacher. I've just watched up to #8 and I'm not even slightly bored. Just super excited to start writing (even if it sucks) My goal now is: Write stuff down!! Draw out a plotline/framework thing and go from there My next big question for you though... So I have 4 groups of characters (about 10 detailed characters in total) Any of which could be a viewpoint character. For one of those groups, they are pretty much doing a type of martial arts training for the majority of the story and I sort of have an idea where to start with this and where I'm going with this... I just have no idea how I'm going to make the middle bit (the actual training) interesting or flow. If you know what I mean? In a movie this would be a montage, right? Does anyone have experience with this sort of thing?
  6. Ok so I need some help getting started.. I have this huge fantasy world in my head and I want to put it on paper but the holdback is that I suck. I've never written anything bigger than a birthday card. What are some things I should be doing for plotting out an actual story? Tips on writing characters? What do you do when you start fresh?
  7. 1000 broams for a unique item. Was this also a nod towards video games? Any in-game marketplace/trader usually has really rare and expensive items for sale and the pricing is always huuuuugely unrealistic
  8. Just got to add this one from mistborn era 1
  9. Oooooh that's a good [email protected] Domon I can see David Tennant playing hoid too. I think having someone so instantly noticable would be great for a world hopper, especially when seeing hoid in any disguises doing cameos across movies. However I also would be super happy if they went the way of star wars and cast unknown actors for a lot of the major roles too. If I was a little bit taller I'd 100% audition for the kaladin role lol
  10. Wayne teaches Shallan more accents and ends up pocketing a nice drawing of a man wearing a very small hat
  11. If DMG are going for the marvel-esque cinematic universe sort of thing, would it make more sense to appeal to the majority of moviegoers who are only going because the movie trailer shows some cool superpower stuff? IMO mistborn would be the better one to introduce the world to. You've got a full fleshed out magic system in use from the get go, a dark mysterious world with a dark mysterious bad guy, a rag tag team of con artists/thieves, plus you've got screen time for some shard backstory. I am soo looking forward to all the sweet sweet cosmere merch when the movies come out
  12. Does anybody know why they've chosen stormlight 1 to start off? If they're already planning on doing mistborn 1 wouldn't it make sense to do them chronologically?
  13. You know you're a sanderfan when you pick up a shovel at work... that familiar feeling of the wooden handle, that subtle weight... it just feels so right! Storms it feels good! You tighten your grip and without thinking you're already going through the familar stances and movements You break out into a run. Strike! Block! Strike! You end with a leaping thrust into an unknown imagined enemy. Sweat is dripping down your face and you swear you can see little puffs of storm light as you breathe in and out. You look up You see all your work mates Woops I did it again didn't I? (I'm a landscaper)
  14. Woop woop good to see more kiwis hopefully Brandon Sanderson will do a signing all the way down here one day!
  15. Can you give me a rough run down on the sanderson elimination? Lol I'm very new to RP but the forum version is confusing. I'm still trying to make sense of it lol GM makes a setting and some characters Players select their characters and a rule? Everyone votes once per day to kill someone off? Half of it seems to be in character or is there supposed to be another thread where it's all 100% in character? And PM is that between the GM and the player only or is that how all the players communicate Lol 100 questions Also what is the deal with cookies?