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  1. Ah, ok. Well, that's why these are speculation... they don't always pan out. Thanks guys for the info.
  2. That's a good point if that's the case. I'll have to read and see. If you happen to find the excerpt or know the reference, let me know. Thanks.
  3. That is exactly what I’m saying, she used Tin to hear the stream. I wasn’t implying she was using Vin’s luck. I was saying that I felt Sanderson purposefully used the word ‘luck’ here as a subtle connection for the reader to understand allomancy was being used.
  4. Ah, ok.. Thanks for the insight. I didn't realize Sanderson addressed it. As for the 'luck' reference.. I'm not stating it as proof by any means... just as the basis for my own speculation. And I did think about it being a allomantic device like we see in MB Era 2, but I couldn't fathom as to how you would utilize Tin (that enhances a persons senses) in a machine. But sure it's possible.
  5. I searched for others discussing this, but didn't come across anything. If you know of a thread that already brought this up and I missed it, just let me know the source and I'll gladly remove my post. I've read every story in the Cosmere and am now going back and re-reading in hopes of discovering knew things I missed or couldn't have known the first time through. This is a minor discovery IF it's true, but interesting none the less. First, I believe that Vathi from Sixth of the Dusk is Khriss (just found out this has been confirmed as false)... BUT I also believe that she may be an allomancer. Keep in mind that SotD is the farthest story into the future according to the known Cosmere timeline... so who knows what has happened to Khriss between now and then. Here's an excerpt from Sixth of the Dusk: So the part that struck me as a dead giveaway was the very last line, "...or was she just lucky?" If you remember in The Final Empire, Vin would always refer to her allomantic ability as her 'luck'. When I read this, I felt as if Sanderson purposefully wrote that line in order to hint at the fact that Vathi/Khriss was using her 'luck'... in this specific case, tin. I don't know if she's just a Misting or if she becomes a Mistborn as some point, but regardless, I believe she's burning tin in SotD. What do you think? Am I a far out fanboy looking for connections where there are none, or do you think I picked up on a clever nod from Sanderson?
  6. No worries, everyone's entitled to their own opinion. I love obscure references... for those who catch it, it just makes it that much more rewarding. And I seriously doubt this would ever see the light of day.. I just wanted to share.
  7. Like many of you, I am a huge Mistborn fan. By the time I started reading Hero of Ages, Secret History had just released. I was told that I should finish Bands of Mourning before reading it, so it was such a tease at the time. Just to wet my appetite on the book, a friend of mine read to me the opening sentence... "Kelsier burned the Eleventh Metal." That line was the most enticing, hooking, exciting, and thrilling line. I was so stoked to read Secret History and I couldn't think of any other opening sentence that would have meant more to me as I was nearing the end of the first era. I was talking to a friend of mine and we thought it would be cool and ultra-nerdy if we had a t-shirt with just that sentence on it in book type. It got me thinking there's probably many fans that would enjoy that shirt, so I inquired to Sanderson's legal contact to find out if was something I could acquire rights to make and put on a crowd funding site like Cotton Bureau. However, they informed me that due to certain conflicts with their own merchandising that it wasn't something I could do. I thought if I started a poll and showed interested from the community that maybe they would have the t-shirt made officially through the proper channels. Anyway, if you're interested and would buy one of these shirts if we could convince them to make them, show your support by answering the poll and help spread this thread around to get as many voices as possible. Thanks peeps! (attached image is not official, but rather a mock-up example of what could be)
  8. @CaptainRyan indeed! I'm very cautious of spoilers. I do my best to avoid even the tiniest of them. Thank you for the advice.
  9. Hey Ammanas. Indeed, there is plenty! I have ordered Elantris and Warbreaker. I've also preordered Arcanum Unbounded. That's going to be a fun book with all it's added maps and details Sanderson is including.
  10. Just saying hi. I'm new around here. Really I'm new to Sanderson (and truth be told, even new to reading regularly. Didn't do much of it before discovering his works). But I've prevailed over my lazy, procrastinating, uninterested side and managed to read all things Mistborn (and White Sand Vol. 1) during the past few months. I have now decided to commit myself to the Cosmere to unravel its mysteries one word at a time. Looking forward to the vast theories and truths alike that will be shared here.