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  1. well crem,nvm that theory
  2. Man this book...terrified me,in a good way Navani Raboniel dynamic was my fave this book,I was kinda hoping Raboniel stayed alive,those two would have made an amazing combo,especially with Navani been the new Bondsmith. RIP Lady of Wishes,thanks for giving us the cool name of Voice of Lights Am i the only one that thought they'd need Lift and another radiant to restart they crystal pillar,especially with the reveal she can make Lifelight. I had thought they would need both lights to start it.(I thought this was what Cultivation planned anyway) Does anyone think El is short for Elia,as in the Elia steele,since we know a listener wrote it. I am so glad Gavilar's sphere did not contain an Unmade. Taravangian terrifies me. The next book has to happen in the not so distant future which means he hasnt been fully corrupted by the Intent of the shard. His interaction with Hoid honestly frightened me
  3. The last fine reinforced,for me,that Odium won that exchange and actually altered Wit's memory. That epilogue scared me,Wit had always been somewhat deific for me and outside of the story but still in it,and this book shatered that and well,the
  4. I guess it depends on the time gap between book 4 and 5 because I'm pretty sure Wax and wayne takes place after book 5 but Brandon isnt sure if it happens after or before book 6
  5. I think Chiri-chiri would be a good bet,it would maybe not realize what the dawnshard is,maybe just feel a strong connection to it and therefore to rysn. It hasnt been developed as a character and might feel like an interlude within an interlude
  6. I was just wondering if Ishar could be a dawnshard. Part of their definition is "known to bind any creature voidish or mortal" and Ishar basically created the Oathpact(if i remember correctly),had powers before been a herald unlike the other heralds,and basically forced the knights radiant to follow the Immortal Words ( if i remember correctly). Also,his powerset seems tied more to connection than anything and,I dunno,he seems like a very likely candidate to be a dawnshard.
  7. I was hoping it would come out at midnight,alas
  8. Love you
  9. I have this crackpot theory that Odium mixed slightly with Ambition and became Passion
  10. i forget can you fill a metalmind while asleep?
  11. Lol,i like how the formula reads to "I tap" I think it could be more like T1A1 = I = T2A2 where T1 = time used to store A1= amount stored T2 = time used to release A2=amount released and the Investiture is the constant With the investiture as the constant,varying the amount will decrease the time and vice versa (sorry to ruin the "I Tap" )
  12. If she survives,I think Lift might make a good worldhopper later on
  13. I know,I check this website everyday for that big "Come Get It" so i can skip work and finish it in one day
  14. Bugsy6912 Does Investiture warp spacetime like objects with mass/energy do in our world? Brandon Sanderson Yes--but the warping is not on the Physical Realm. General Signed Books 2017 (Oct. 22, 2017) ok,referring to this,how much investiture is required to cause such a warping though. Cause Nightblood is continously referred to as the most heavily invested object in the cosmere and thre have been records of time dilation near it. The only things more invested are Shards,although i guess "object" could refer to non living things?
  15. Was it the Revel that was affecting the guards though?