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  1. right?? and you dont forget characters that you've met
  2. def not long enough
  3. If i remember correctly,he didnt have a way to check all these things before agreeing
  4. Taravangian and Gavilar were also friends(acquaintances?) so that might even sweeten the deal
  5. ohhh,we know the Ghostbloods have reached Yolen? Khriss and others couldnt survive on Patji? Ghostbloods poach members from the 17th Shard? So many questions! Tune in next time on the next episode of DragonBall Z
  6. ooooo,never knew that tbh
  7. My thoughts exactly,we don't know how long he's been at this because I'm pretty sure we didn't get a chance to see how many more bodies he could have had. SF was pretty set on them gtfo of there so who knows
  8. For all we know it's new,IIRC,The stormfather was adamant they gtfo. Maybe Dalinar left some radiants to do more snooping but we probably won't know till the next book the extent of Ishar's experiment.
  9. wait what? was this a thing?
  10. Yea I know about him saying no and some of the WOBs,thats why I was confused when Peter actually came out and said that he was and how Brandon could have forgotten multiple times that he was there
  11. Hey all So i was browsing and I came upon this reddit where Peter says Hoid was in Shadows For Silence. Has that been retconned somewhere and if not,did someone find out where Hoid was?
  12. Moash is a person and those are his personality traits. He was always blindly seeking revenge,and given the chance to,he gave away his pain for "peace". I,tbh,dont hate Moash. He is basically a path that Kaladin up till then end of ROW could have been. He isnt necessarily a villian and i doubt Brandon is doing anything to sate his fandom's opinion of Moash but to play out the story he's written for him.
  13. arent complementary often opposites? especially yin and yang where its essentially light and dark which are opposites
  14. ahhhhhhh,ok,i didnt understand what they meant,thanks for the clarification
  15. Unknown at the time,unknown to who? because timeline wise,Mistborn 2 takes places after SA5 so,Mercy,Valor and Whimsy cannot be unknown to Sazed right?