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  1. ahhhhhhh,ok,i didnt understand what they meant,thanks for the clarification
  2. Unknown at the time,unknown to who? because timeline wise,Mistborn 2 takes places after SA5 so,Mercy,Valor and Whimsy cannot be unknown to Sazed right?
  3. I've always thought it was Threnody because the fight between Ambition and Odium did a lot of collateral damage and that might be seen from Shadesmar as a broken expanse
  4. Is it that Rayse wasnt as smart as Taravangian or that Rayse had just been too warped by Intent of the Shard
  5. Yea i kinda understand but it is what it is. Although I do think Intent also comes into play,for example,I think Unity can be another name for the Honor Odium combo cause it could be another way of perceiving the combo.
  6. Oh,because you said Ruin was able to make Marsh do stuff. He was controlling Marsh to try to get out of his prison,but even he controls Dalinar,it wouldnt be willing. Basically what I was trying to say
  7. That's different I'm pretty sure,Ruin's was a prison,Odium's an oath or contract basically.
  8. I'm not sure if he made Connections to everyone he killed but I think the common thing between Szeth and Dalinar was the guilt they felt,but yea,I agree he has to forgive himself much like Dalinar did
  9. theory

    Maybe the voice in his head was (one of?) the Unmade that has permanently settled in Shinovar now.
  10. OH!!!!!! Well then hahaha
  11. I think (i hope),we finally get to see Gavilar's viewpoint for that night where he died. I think book 5 will wrap that up and we FINALLY know who Gavilar really is. His viewpoint should wrap that up nicely
  12. Ohhhh? I've never seen those posts,should be interesting to read 62 pages???? Nvm
  13. Phew,this has branched off unh? Ok,it seems that there are 2 main arguments against Navani 1. She isnt a scholar 2.She wasn't worthy. So one at a time. 1. I feel like we already resolved she is a scholar. If not, def : A scholar is a person who pursues academic and intellectual activities, particularly those that develop expertise in an area of study. A scholar may also be an academic, who works as a professor, teacher or researcher at a university or other higher education institution. An academic usually holds an advanced degree or terminal degree such as a PhD. Some independent scholars, such as philosophers and public intellectuals work outside of academia. They may still contribute to academic journals and participate in scholarly conferences even though they are unaffiliated with a university. 2. Ok,I think it's time we don't use ourselves as references and instead,use the one that actually matter,The Sibling. If i recall,the Sibling knew about the anti-Light,and at least at the end,commented on it with Navani. Before they bonded,she said Navani wasnt worthy,but what reasons did she give? Only one. That she captures spren. No one seems to be bringing this point up so I'm gonna guess they don't see it as an issue? For the anti-Light arguments,I cant really remember the chain of events that led to it,but we have to remember the situation in Urithiru. They were effectively isolated from the outside world,so no oathgates,no communications. All the Radiants sans Kaladin and Lift were in a coma. Kaladin was severely depressed,had access to one surge he wasnt too familiar with,couldnt fly without the help of the fabrial and that couldnt last forever,and the potential of the Sibling been turned into an Unmade which would cripple the coalition,because that was no oathgates,no fast travel,and moving of forces which would take months. This one is one of the worst because the other side gaining another Unmade while the coalition losing one bondsmith would have been severe. Who else in this situation would have succeeded?
  14. This is good,I'll admit I've been snarky but I dont think I've been very good at describing what I would like to fully describe hahaha
  15. Jasnah can barely 1v1,the same Jasnah who destroyed in oathbringer? There is no way that Kaladin would have had enough to fight off an entire army. The man needs Dalinar for a perpendicularity when he was fighting in heartsone. You have to realize that all the gems wouldnt just be conviniently placed where Kaladin is gonna fight either. Yes it is!!! That is literally what this book showed! For Kaladin the 4th oath was a massive step,thats why he failed to do it at the end of oathbringer even at the odds that he would fail Dalinar,thats why Dalinar had to interfere,Kaladin almost never even said it in ROW. Oh my lord You know how,in movies you see people make some bad decisions and while youre on your couch,you say "I'd never do that"? Thats what this sounds like. You werent in that situation,she did the absolute best she could and honestly,if she hadnt 1. The Sibling would have been an Unmade 2. The Tower would have been lost,therefore there would be no home base for the Radiants,the coalition 3.Odium would have been in a wayyyy better spot for negotaiting 4..The morale for the entire team would have sunk