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  1. But the SF doesnt act differently to everyone else. He's the same regardless in the books. He speaks to Syl,the same,Kaladin etc. The SF seems...way too grand to talk to someone differently just because of how they view him.
  2. It wouldn't really be tricking him. Gavilar wants to be immortal and "replacing" a Herald been a second part that isn't important to him,Odious SF could pull it off without trickery. Again,long stretch here
  3. This scene reminded me of when Dalinar almost released Odium from his bonds. Just the part where Odium turns his head around and explains what Dalinar is about to do. Hmmm,one thought,could this be Odium? And him ascending to Herald status would just be him becoming his Champion? And Gavilar almost saying the words were like,Gavilar giving in to Odium? Meh,long stretch. was fun while it lasted
  4. I know exactly what you meant,this was the scene i was imagining as well. To me,when that shift happens,it seemed more like the SF we knew before Dalinar bonded him so i found it strange too
  5. But we don't really know what's going on with Gavilar.The one example that we fully know is Dalinar and from that experience,we know you have to have a bond.
  6. As far as we know,they have to be bonded for the visions outside of the Highstorms
  7. I noticed this but I think when the SF bonds you,he speaks in italics but to the ones that are unbonded,he uses the small caps
  8. ok,maye not elhokar,but kaladin right? And even if he wasn't a good match,apparently he close enough to be able to soon bond him,so breathing stormlight isnt too farfetched
  9. Even before Oaths are spoken,haven't we seen cases where they still absorb stormlight? Elhokar with the gemstones in his shardplate,kaladin with spheres Teft gave him...I can't recall any others but I could be wrong nonetheless
  10. I have a question If Gavilar was so far into his oaths that the SF(whoever he was) thought he was one oath short of been a Herald,how was Gavilar able to hold a shardblade in his fight with Szeth when he was in full armor and plate? Why wasnt he able to able to breathe in some of the stormlight in the room where he and Szeth fought?
  11. I don't recall Taravangian mentioning an unmade,only referring to the honorblades. And again,this doesn't really narrow the timeline. The Unmade could have been simmering there for a while. There's more evidence of Ishar claiming his blade at around the same time as Gavilar's death than much later
  12. The Unmade could have been not totally in control but manifesting by when Vstim was still contact with the Shin(1173) .And we know Taravangian was straight up lying when he was referring to the other honorblades.
  13. This still doesn't confirm a timeline. All we prolly know is that Ishar got his blade after Szeth was made Truthless
  14. could this not also be because of the distance involved? True we don't know where Hoid is at the time but distance may play a factor
  15. It could be why the SF is so begrudging to Dalinar but yea,This was a weird chapter