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  1. drawings

    Oh, ok thanks
  2. drawings

    Has anyone figured out who the man in blue and the lady in the crystal dress at the front of the book are? I figured it would be clear by the end, as with Honor and Cultivation who I recognized immediately, but I still have no clue. Anyone have any ideas? Did I miss something?
  3. @Darkness wrath and cruelty aren't really the same thing, they're similar, but I wouldn't say they are so similar they would necessarily be the same shard @Spoolofwhool If the shard were manipulative and subtle he probably wouldn't have been high on Odium's list as he's not actually powerful, or he could be manipulated to think that leaving cruelty was for the best
  4. First, I want to preface that this theory is not really based off facts. I was reading a post about Threnody and the "evil" when I came across I guy who said that he thought that the "evil" wasn't anything to do with Odium. He stated that he thought it was something more then a shard. This was a post from 2015 so they probably didn't know about the shard splintered in the Threnodite system. This however got me thinking, why do we assume Odium is the worst shard in the cosmere? Could there not be something more? If you think about Odium the emotion (hatred) it is incredibly powerful, but power isn't everything, subtlety and manipulation could be a far more powerful combination. Might there be a shard in the Cosmere that may not only be more powerful than Odium, but also wiser? I looked up a list of traits, and there was one that could be worse than Odium if it were to become its own shard: Evil. There are various words that could describe this attribute: evil, wicked, cruel. This shard would be more dangerous to the cosmere than Odium because Odium is often not well thought out, it exist with blurred vision and little fact, always pointing out what it wants to see in the world. On the other hand Cruelty is not hindered by the same tunnel vision, it is often very keen and logical, making precise and well thought out decisions, manipulating people and lacking compassion. Could this not be a shard? and would it not be worse than Odium. It could be behind the scenes at all times, pushing here and pulling there, getting Odium to do its work at the moment, but still being the puppet master. Thinking about it, it does seem reasonable that Odium wouldn't be the most harmful shard, the plot needs to twist a little and a more destructive force that has been waiting in the shadows would make sense. What do you guys think? Might Cruelty be another more harmful shard? If humans developed a cruel side, so must have Adonalsium, and Cruelty isn't really the same as hatred
  5. that's my problem, my dad loves reading, but he reads non-stop and almost never rereads a book unless its about finance, that's why I want to do some shardic backstory and worldhopper info for him so that maybe he can catch stuff the first time around as well as order the books to get the most out of them, things I missed (I read WoR before Warbreaker and so didn't get that big cross over at the end the first time through), though thanks for the help, i'll consider using it if for some reason I notice something in oversleep's won't work @Oversleep thanks, I think i'll use your order, I read a bit more of the link but I think yours will probably pick up on the most. thanks
  6. @Pagerunner thanks for all the suggestions, as I said it was a quick little intro and the fact that I wrote it just before bed might not have helped. I am grateful for the help and will take your suggestions into consideration if I decide to do a revised copy, many of your suggestions were ideas I also had, I was just planning on putting them in follow up texts if I got around to it (worldhoppers, different realms) as for the assumptions I added I am thoroughly abashed, though I feel most of them are not of huge importance, some of them ,I realise now, could lead to confusion in the future when new books with new information are released. thanks for the help, and i'll see about writing a better version also, side note, what order would you guys suggest a newcomer read the books in to get as much off the cross referencing as possible? thanks
  7. Quick preface, I wrote this quickly one night as a way of introducing my dad to the cosmere, a way of explaining what to look for while reading with out giving any real spoilers. It pretty much sums up what happened to create all the shards we see running around the cosmere. let me know what you guys think, and if you have suggestions be sure to let me know. Its in spoilers because of length. Please let me know any suggestions you guys have.
  8. At the moment i have just finished my second reread of WoK and one line started me thinking, i do not have the exact quote but it is a quote by dalinar in the first chapter after interlude two. To paraphrase it says that if there were a war between alethkar and vedenar, it would be so big and destructive, it would probably out shine the higherachy war where the ardentia tried to take control. To me this seems like overshadowing as it would cause lots of drama, and would serve odium. I have to go so i cant add more, but what do you guys think
  9. ok then, @Nashan'Elin ignore my post
  10. first of all, just to preface, I have never been in a relationship so maybe you shouldn't listen to what I say next, but based on what you said, it sounds like he may still like you too my reasoning: you said he has been asking about, trying to figure out if you like him, that's not really the actions of someone who doesn't like you back. Most of the time I've found that if someone doesn't like you back, but thinks you like them they will avoid talking about crushes with you and will never guess allowed that you like them in case you confirm it and they are stuck knowing it. the fact that he was actively seeking to know if you like him implies to me that he likes you, but is worried you don't like him back, so he mentioned having liked you (in the past) to see how you would react to him having a crush on you, but not going to far by saying that he does like you incase that scared you off. so my take on the situation is that you guys both like each other, you are just both worried to admit it, though probably for different reasons then again, as I stated, I have little first hand experience with dating, and i'm a hopeless romantic, so maybe i'm not the best interpreter I wish you the best of luck and hope you can figure it out good luck
  11. that would make sense, as they would probably have inherited some of the intent of the original shards, that would work for both seons, who are devoted to their masters, and it would match what I have heard of skaze, as they could be splinters of dominion, influencing the the fordjel (however you spell it) to take of the world and dominate everyone, though I don't know a whole lot about skaze, so that could be wrong
  12. you see him in TFE when kel goes to see an scar informant named Hoid (the name "wit" goes by) to make sure that nobody suspects that house renoux is a fake near chapter 16 also, i'm not sure how far you are in HoA so i'll put this in a spoiler, its not a huge spoiler, but still there may also be another time in the first era, but I don't know of one
  13. WARNING: MINOR THE HOPE OF ELANTRIS SPOILERS I do not believe this to be true , as in The Hope of Elantris IMO this implies heavily that the Seons are a result of something the Elantrians do/did and that it can be replicated in the modern time, not just the once. While ashe seems uncertain he does mention in the past nearly every Elantrian had a seon, and given that the # of elantrians would have been increasing all the time, the only way for a constant supply of seons would be to be creating them some how, either as a by product or on purpose.
  14. @asterion137 I don't think so, his brain doesn't seem to need to be intact/working in order to heal himself as shown by his fight with steelheart at the end of the first book when he crushes his skull in. If his brain doesn't need to be working, then his head doesn't need to be attached to heal. There are probably other examples of this though I haven't read the books since calamity. Also, prof would probably have a body fitting force field up 24/7 in a fight with other epics, kinda like the reckoners coats. finally I think he could still manage one in time to block whatever TLR pushed (Unless possibly if it was duralumin boosted) as he has blocked bullets and other things that move at incredible speeds before.