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  1. I don't think that's how Identity works. Identity has to do with individuals, not with types of investiture. What you are thinking of is Connection, which would then be stored in duralumin. Besides that, I don't think it'll work because when storing Connection, you are storing your own Connection to things - and the light is not a part of you. A radiant uses light to fuel their abilities, but they are separate from it. On the other hand, this could potentially create interesting effects regarding the radiant's spren. What would happen if, after the fifth ideal, when the radiant and the spren are one, the radiant tried to store Connection? I'm not sure if it would leave them with their abilities and only get rid of the spren's connection with Honor and Cultivation, or if it would get rid of their abilities too.
  2. That's an interesting idea, but then the line about lights does not really work. We have consistently seen the word "rasping" being used to describe the singing of singers in forms of power. I don't think it would be used to describe humans.
  3. This is true, but foreshadowing like this is generally going to be correct for narrative reasons. Because I am on mobile I can't quote you a second time, but this is going to be a reply to "Honor's possible defeat" I think that we have enough death rattles stating horrible scenarios to know that Odium is going to win in book five. This victory will not be absolute, but Honor is going to lose. "So the night will reign, for the choice of honor is life..." "Light grows so distant. The storm never stops. I am broken, and all around me have died. I weep for the end of all things. He has won. Oh, he has beaten us. "
  4. But notice the structure of the sentence: "They come, rasping, and the lights fail.". This sounds to me like it could be either cause and effect or two statements of fact. In the case of cause and effect, my theory is probably correct. If it's two statements of fact then I'm wrong, but then why put the two unrelated facts in a single line? It's a bit odd, which is unlike Brandon. I could be wrong though.
  5. I agree that there might be more to the first part than I noticed, but that isn't really the focus of the post. The new observation that I'm making here is about the line "They come rasping and the lights fail.". If you want to speculate about the first part, I'd like to draw your attention to the odd phrasing of "Stormfather! You cannot have it. The day is ours.". This almost sounds like someone is telling the Stormfather that he cannot have it. Could this be possible foreshadowing for the Stormfather being corrupted, or switching sides along with Dalinar in the case that Dalinar loses?
  6. I am going to be talking about this death rattle: “The day was ours, but they took it. Stormfather! You cannot have it. The day is ours. They come, rasping, and the lights fail. Oh, Stormfather!” —Subject was a young boy. There are many death rattles that seem to refer to Honor's eventual defeat in book five. I want to talk about this one specifically because I think we can learn something new from it. The first part of this death rattle is relativity obvious, as well as in line with other rattles. Honor lost the day, after thinking they had won. This fits very nicely with what we know from RoW - in either scenario, the humand thought they would win, because they won't be completely destroyed. Taravangian found the loophole and won. The interesting part is the following line: "They come, rasping, and the lights fail." When I read "the lights fail", I immediately thought of stormlight, because that's the only light that we have seen that can really fail. Regular light would not fail because the Fused have come, but stormlight can. Also note the word "lights" is plural. Odium's forces are going to discover anti-lights for cultivationlight and towerlight (the two other lights that are in use by Honor's forces). Another interesting thing about this sentence is it's mention of voice. This seems to almost guarantee that Odium's forces will sing the anti rhythms in order to stop Honor's forces somehow. This will be a major advantage to them, seeing as the average singer is going to be much better at this than the average human.
  7. And I argued against you lol. Nice one!
  8. So far we have not seen any repellers/attractors that have been able to apply as much force as is required in your schematic. The best they seem to be able to do is push or pull on liquids to attract them. I seriously doubt they'd be able to apply enough force to counteract gravity in this design.
  9. I'm pretty sure that's simply because he acts like Tanavast did. There have been threads about this in the past.
  10. I seriously don't think that would count as willing. He has to be willing to fight for Odium against Dalinar.
  11. This can't happen though. The champion has to be willing, and Gavinor would not be willing. Besides that, the contract that binds Odium to Roshar is completley different than the one they just made. Having this contract not take effect would not affect the old contact Odium had with Honor.
  12. I understood that differently. I think that he meant that it would be the breaking of his word that would allow others to attack him, not that the deal he had with Honor protects him. Edit: this is the text from the book: "But that is not going to happen, and I am not going to break my word. Because if I did, it would create a hole in my soul—which would let Cultivation kill me." This seems to imply that my interpretation is true.
  13. I think that the key here is making Dalinar break his word. Odium outright said that if Dalinar did so, the agreement binding him to Roshar would be void. If both champions are killed at once, or if they cannot kill one another, the status quo simply continues. Dalinar did not break his word, and therefore there is no reason to think that the deal holding Odium to Roshar will go away. The most obvious clause to be exploited is about both champions arriving unhindered and unharmed. If Odium can get Dalinar's goaded enough, they might kill Odium's champion, and thus make Odium free. It honestly sounds very easy to do so.
  14. Time is a thing in the spiritual realm. Place isn't a thing there.