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  1. I haven't noticed it before, but it seems to me like each order's surges manifest in multiple ways, not just in the typical using stormlight to power the surge, but also in another more symbolic way. This might be the manifestation of the resonance of the surges used by the orders. The most obvious time this has happened is with Shallan and the deserters in WoR. There, Shallan changed the deserters without actually Soulcasting. To me, it seems like lightweavers' abilities are geared towards changing other people. The surge of Transformation is obvious here, but Illumination also comes into play in that they use it to make others see a different world (for example, Shallan's effect on Kaladin). This might very well be the resonance of the Lightweavers. We can also see a similar effect with Windrunners. According to WoB, their resonance is drawing other people to them (like Kaladin does with bridge four). This is a symbolic representation of Gravitation -drawing others to them - and Adhesion -sticking people together to form groups and communities. I don't think we know the resonances of the other orders, but I do have some theories. Elsecallers seem to be able to control themselves very well. This fits, because their surges are Transformation and Transportation. Both are geared towards change, and so the Elsecaller is able to cause change in themselves. This also fits with their ideals of growing as a person (according to the official quiz). Truthwatchers are able to see into people, and know their motives/things they should not be able to know. They also might be able to help others to grow into what they could be. This makes sense because their surges are Illumination, which they use to see things and truths, and progression, the healing of someone to their ideal self, to the way they are in the spiritual realm, and the way they could also be in the physical realm. Note the that the last part of what I said seems to be similar to the Lightweavers' abilities, but is actually not. The distinction I want to make is that Lightweavers change other people, while Truthwatchers help them grow. Truthwatchers are simply guiding others on a path they have already taken, while Lightweavers actually change said path. I can't think of any other orders' resonances, mostly because we haven't seen them enough/we don't know enough about their surges.
  2. We already have had a few threads about this. If you look them up you can find them.
  3. I think that your structure is confusing. After reading this, I still don't really understand what your theory is. Maybe try to rewrite this in a more understandable way?
  4. He is a dysian aimian. We don't know much about them, but we do know there are others like him.
  5. Oh, yeah that's kinda surprising me as well. I wonder how he will do this, since the title seems like a major spoiler to the novella. I'm guessing we'll see the dawnshard early on, but maybe learn more about it in the climax.
  6. There have been theories for a while now that dawnshard/s are hidden in Aimia. The novella will probably still be about Aimia.
  7. The major spoiler in this book was, of course, that Ishar is a traitor to the other heralds. What I don't understand is why they didn't just remove that part. It was in the last two pages, you could have shown the heralds talking about Taln and ended it on that, why not just remove it? I don't get it. Anyone have any idea?
  8. I liked the cannon version much more, although this was still good. I feel like the character in prime are much worse than in the published version, especially Kaladin/Merin. In Merin's first chapter I was cringing because the word 'lord' just kept popping up. The addition of lighteyes/darkeyes improves everything a lot imo. I also didn't like his handling of multiple viewpoints - especially in the middle of the book, I was eager to read Jasnah/Taln but at the end of every chapter we jumped to a different group. I think writing WoT really improved that part of Brandon's writing. The last major complaint I had with this book was honor. Merin and Dalenar really annoyed me by being honorable to a stupid degree. Merin deciding not to use his powers in the battle against the five shardbearers was beyond dumb. In the published works, I feel like he managed to make the characters honorable but still logical and realistic. The Prime version was too much. I did like a lot of the Taln plotline, especially after they left Kholinar. Taln was very competent which was fun to see. I also didn't think I'd be convinced that Taln might be a madman, but before the last few pages I was pretty convinced. In general, this book was good, but the addition of spren and lighteyes to SA really helped the world feel more alive and breathing. Karger, I think you might be feeling this way simply because we have already analyzed the published works so much. We know the world and a lot about it, while this is something new. Maybe wait and see how you compare Rythm of War to Prime after RoW comes out.
  9. Aneazer, the lord of Riemar, reminded me of Cett. I'm only up to part two so far, but their mannerisms seem very alike.
  10. I think I'm already signed for his newsletter, but I haven't gotten it yet. Is it already released?
  11. Maybe it's "sometimes a hypocrite is just a man changing"?
  12. I was joking. I liked that scene too though
  13. Is it when I loved that scene too.
  14. Wow this is super impressive. I never thought about the possibility that Helaran was meant to kill Kaladin - if that is true, that answers a whole lot of questions about why the Kaladin was not killed already.
  15. I think you misunderstand the skybreakers. They don't have to swear to follow the law of the land they are in - that is just what Nale and the modern skybreakers are doing. What they need to do is swear to follow a set of laws. It can be the laws of the land they are in, or that they can write down their own set of laws to follow, or that it can be the pirate code. Its all good so long as it's external to them.