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  1. Definitley don't read part five epigraphs, they would spoil something big. Part three epigraphs might spoil something, if you can figure it out. Part four epigraphs spoil a small twist, but not something that I would consider to be major.
  2. for fun

    I predicted that soulcasters are made by sapient spren who consented to become a fabrial. All my other predictions are way off though.
  3. I took notes after reading each chapter, I'll try to compress everything that I've noticed into here: -In chapter 31, Venli called Nomon "Honor's Moon". -In chapter 34, Nomon rode a horse, whom he said was not imagined by humans. My guess is Ryshadium. - In chapter 40, the Sibling called Adhesion the truest surge of Honor. It was also confirmed that Fused don't have access to it. -The aviar that Lift ended up having was originally owned by someone with rings, who was killed by Mraize. -In chapter 67, Venli says that to summon new voidlight she could sing the Song of Prayer, but they she was scared of doubt so as it might draw Odium's attentions. -In chapter 87, it is mentioned that the Ire sold a device that keeps stormlight to the Honorspren. -In Hesina's interlude, it is confirmed she is from a town in Alethkar. So the Kaladin born in Kharbranth theories are incorrect.
  4. That might be what Jasnah is saying, but I don't believe it for a moment. I think she is lying to everyone in order to make Kaladin have to marry her and become king of Alethkar. Now that everyone knows that he is the son of Tanavast, it'd add a lot of stability to her rule, which she desperately needs with Elhokar coming back and all.
  5. I mostly agree with your first two groupings, but I think Odium fits with the third group, not the fourth. Odium represents not just hate and anger, but also love and passion. I also think the name of the group should be changed from Will to Motivation. Each of the shards in it represent a reason of motivation. Strong feeling, ambition, and autonomy is something to fight for.
  6. Odium wouldn't take the deal. The entire point of the battle by champions is that Odium could afford to lose time, while time is the most important thing a human can have. By leaving, Odium lets a new vessel take up Honor eventually, and he leaves Cultivation alone. If he knows that by not agreeing to the deal he will get another chance a couple hundred years ahead, why would he take the deal? He can try as many times as he wants with practically no consequences.
  7. I think that Raboniel's disease might come from another planet. Raboniel has definitely lived long enough to be Cosmere aware. I think that it's not much of an assumption to think that she knows there are other planets. In the Purelake, we have seen what off world diseases can do on Roshar, and the was only the common cold. I think that Raboniel saw something like this, and thought that a stronger disease might be able to kill all humans. Because of that, she went to another planet and brought back something worse than the common cold. She assumed that it would wipe the humans out because they would be susceptible to it since they would not have it on the planet. She assumed it would not hurt the singers because of their different biology, but she forgot to factor in the fact that they have been living with the humans for thousands of years up to that point. The two species have probably intermixed quite a bit up to this point. The Horneaters and Herdazians are proof of this. I suggest that that is why some singers were killed. At the same time, this intermixing would have made humans less susceptible to the disease, and so not all of them would have died. This also makes narrative sense - we have seen other planets becoming a more important part of the books. This is exactly the right fit in that other books aren't necessary to understand this, but it does lead to questions about them, and therefore leads new readers to read them. The only other way the disease could have been made seems to be with fabrials, but I have no idea how that would be a possible feat with fabrials. My idea seems like the simpler solution.
  8. I think that her plan is purely related to fabrials mechanics. I have posted a theory in the past that claims that chromium was used in the Radiant dampener. I think that the same method is used in the Urithiru fabrial, except for the fact that there is a different target there. In the Radiant dampener, the target is Connection with Honor. In the Urithiru fabrial, the target is Connection with Odium. I think that Raboniel simply means to change the target of the Connection in Urithiru to Honor instead of Odium, and then she'll make Urithiru wake up. That scene sounds so amazing. Radiants looking around them as Urithiru lights up, cheering and excited, until they notice that they cannot use stormlight.
  9. What? Since when have we assumed that workform happens with gravitationspren? That seems like a completely random choice to me. Maybe you could say workform is down to earth? lol, I don't see why it would be gravitationspren. I wonder what the dangerous thing that happened here is. It could be the person contacting Navani, but the distances don't seem to match. Navani received the message when arriving at the Shattered Plains. Hearthstone is much closer to Kholinar than to the Shattered Plains. Unless Fused fly much slower than Radiants, I don't see how the times would match. I think that this is the beginning of the dangerous operation that was hinted at in the book descriptions. In general, I really enjoyed this chapter. Venli was a very refreshing viewpoint after the long weeks of Kaladin and depression and gloom. Its interesting how much she thinks about autonomy and letting people make their choices. Timbre seems to have influenced her much in the past year. Also, only now do I realize how much sense it makes that the Willshaper would be a parsh/singer/whatever we're calling them. Because the willshapers focus so much on autonomy and free choice, its obvious that they might take issue with the forms, or at least that there will be an interesting point there. Also, I wonder what Venli means by what she says at the end to Shumin. Could it be that all Willshaper spren are going to be bonding singers instead of humans? If so, why have we not heard about there being no Willshapers from the humans so far? I wonder if Venli might meet the Shadesmar envoy to the Honorspren. That could be the opening to discussions between her and our MCs.
  10. This thread will have full book spoilers. I'm not sure what happened at the end. Which one survived, which died? I think that the replica survived, but I'm not sure. I really liked the way the world was built in this one. It felt very vivid and real, despite the alien setting. The plot felt much more complex than I'm used to from Brandon's books, and I like that as well. There was no real correct Holly. They were both broken, and both wrong. In the end, it was implied that the choice to kill the other was a selfish one instead of a moralistic, and so no matter who lived, she was guilty. The government was definitley in the wrong here. Skyler implied that there was something about the Commons that he wasn't telling her - I'm pretty sure it is that they have the secret code that the government needs to change people's memories. If that is true, he is definitley implicated. The people who checked out seem like the most likely heroes here, but then again if they had fulfilled their goals, they could very well have turned into a replica of the government using the ability to change people's memories. In the end, both groups were not really working for the common people. Thoughts?
  11. You know, I was actually just thinking about if Moash still has his tatoo the other day as well. I don't think the new people will be getting the tattoo - they aren't joining bridge four, they're joining the Windrunners.
  12. I really doubt Kaladin will die in this book. That leaves two options -either he goes to the "underworld" or becomes a villain. We have some foreshadowing that he might become a villain, namely his reaction to Moash. Then again, he might very well be going to get better. When you say underworld here, you're not taking about the literal underworld. You're talking about a bad, scary place that is different from the usual. This can very well mean Lasting Integrity. This might be more hints that Kaladin is gonna join Shallan and Adolin on the journey to lasting integrity.
  13. I don't think it's an addiction, more of an overreliance on it. I would imagine that Kaladin uses stormlight to keep going and ignore his problems, but it doesn't seem like he is actually addicted to it. It's just that without the stormlight, he doesn't have that urge to always move and be active, and that is causing his depression to become more apparent.
  14. Reading Kal's part was painful. Seeing him in such a bad place after him seeming better in Oathbringer was hard. I really hope he gets better soon. Navani was interesting, as expected. I like reading her thoughts, she's very different from everyone else in the book in a refreshing way. So we have confirmation that soulcasters are made with higher spren. This seems at odds with the fact that they were made during the time of the radiants. I'm guessing they were made in a humane way somehow, perhaps with the consent of the spren. Also, the fact that the spren have their eyes closed seems important. Could this be how the Sibling is slumbering? If so, what fabrial is he powering now? I also wonder who it was that Navani was writing to. Could it be one of the secret societies? They seem to have had contact with honorspren before to disdain them so. Perhaps a spren? But then, Navani said the spren are alright with fabrials. I really don't know. I've seen someone else suggest Aimians, that is an interesting possibility. Shallan was also hard to read, although it was better than Kaladin. She seems worse but also better than she was at the end of Oathbringer. I'm surprised she hadn't told Adolin about the Ghostbloods and her involvement with them yet. The cosmere tidbits were a nice touch, could our characters become cosmere aware in this book? We are supposed to learn more about the Sons of Honor and the Ghostbloods this time... I wonder what it is that Shallan has been doing for the Ghostbloods. Also, how far has she gotten in her mission to capture Sja Anat? That seems relativley large, I don't think that will be off screen. She also seems to be set on breaking relations with the Ghostbloods, but I don't think she'll succeed, not yet anyways. She feels so fragile in this PoV. Constantly jumping between personas, unsure about herself. What could it be that she's done to make her so worried that people will hate her? She says that Shallan is really the fakest of the personas, probably because that is the face she shows the world, the face Adolin thinks is the "real" her. Who is she really?
  15. I actually really disagree. I think that he offers a very refreshing viewpoint, one which I mostly agree with. War is evil, and the world would be better off if no one engaged in it. Of course, that's idealistic. We need war to defend ourselves and our rights, but that does not mean that we should just accept war as a necessity of life. It is important to always remember that war is bad, to remember that we should be working against it. With Jasnah's extremist opinions about the war, that the only solution is to defeat the singers before they can destroy human society, the humans are in dire need of a voice encouraging peace. I think Lirin can be that voice.