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  1. Jurdaan had never heard of skindancers, but he had never heard of a lot of things. He was never quite a normal child, and hadn't grown up surrounded by the fairy tales that plagued many children's imagination. People had stayed away from him due to his mental instability, but Jurdaan always knew he had been more than that. Simply put, he cracked under the stress of his own intelligence. And that was one trait that would surely help in these dangerous days.
  2. Ok, my character's name will be Jurdaan Longfell. There is no certainty in regarding his sanity.
  3. Getting back to the Shard like WHAT
  4. Definitely Allomancy. In today's world there's just so much metal to take advantage of with Steelpushing.
  5. A flash of light, and the pain of rebirth. Fuzzy's eyes snapped open, and he groaned. He felt the bones in his neck reknit, and he carefully pushed himself off the ground. He looked around, and the village of Tyrian Falls was gone. Fuzzy, choked back a sob, but then he heard something. A voice, calling to him. In a daze, he followed. He wandered through the streets, filled with ash. Bodies littered the streets, and blood stained the ground. The voice beckoned him inside a small home. It was somewhat untouched, and Fuzzy didn't fear for his safety. He wandered through the halls, and came to stop before a mirror. He squinted, and his eyes widened in shock. Someone had written something in the ash here. I am dead, it read. The last of my energy was given to you. You are my church now. If you die, Jaism dies with it. Spread the word. Rule with wisdom. Praise the Ja.
  6. Sure! It only costs one copy of Dragonsteel.
  7. Ok, just to clarify, is there one of each type of Bond available each turn, and whoever's invested the most into it gets it? Also, Quiver.
  8. Araon continued through the streets. The daylight was fading and he was glad when he saw the sign for the pub, tucked away in a corner of town. He walked in, and was immediately rewarded with the sounds of drunk men and the smell of lavis beer. He sat down, waving the bartender over. Retrieving a diamond mark, he handed it to him in exchange for the most alcoholic drink he had. The bartender reappeared a few minutes later, with a sudsy drink that made Araon's eyes water. He took a swig, and immediately felt his senses slip a bit. He smiled, determined not to be able to piss straight the next morning. All ready for a barfight Aman
  9. I was a little creeped out when I didn't see the first "the" in that hashtag.
  10. Araon wanted to get drunk. After fighting off Voidbringers and fleeing a flash flood, he deserved some rest. He would keep a lookout for that runaway Initiate, but he needed a break from the chaos that had permeated his everyday life. The Initiates were slowly disappearing, and Araon hoped be wouldn't be next. He'd the Pub Seb was good from somewhere, so he began the relatively short journey. The city was really quite beautiful, and Araon hadn't had the chance to enjoy it properly. He ducked into a sort of bazaar, and was instantly rewarded with eye-popping sights and smells ranging from sewage to exotic fruits. He noticed a stall near the back, with a strange glass ball sitting on a bronze pedestal. A wizened old woman sat behind it, eyes squinting to peer into its depths. Araon smiled, and sauntered over. He had a soft spot for fortune-tellers and apothecaries. His hometown had been infested with them, and he had taken a liking to the profession. He sat down, and slid a sapphire mark across the table. He smiled, humoring her. "So, what can you tell me about my future?" The woman hardly looked up, but pocketed the mark nonetheless. She squinted even more, before her eyes widened, then subsided. "Don't ask questions you don't want to know the answers to," she said in a crackly voice. She waved him off, oblivious to his protests. When he looked back, she was still staring into her ball.
  11. @Ecthelion III, the reason I left my vote on Sheep was because I'm on mobile and couldn't do the cross out thing. I just left it on since I figured she wouldn't be executed, at least not by the lynch.
  12. Araon was worried. He could take down a Voidbringer. He had helped kill a Chasmfiend. He had bested a man wearing plate in an arena. But you couldn't fight a wall of water. No matter how strong you were, how accurate were your thrusts, or how long you could keep fighting. Water killed. And Araon couldn't swim. He ran. He was fast, but the water was hot on his heels. He avoided the Voidbringers, as their lightning could quickly kill via the flood. He didn't pause, didn't hesitate, only ran. He managed to dispense his gauntlets mid-stride, but that wouldn't be enough. He kept running, but he knew it was hopeless. But Fleet ran, and he almost one. Araon didn't have to get across the continent; only to the Oathgate. He could do that. Right? Right?