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  1. It would certainly be a rocky start to your torture regiment.
  2. Brandon answers your first question if Oathbringer. He saw the Fused but he did not connect them to the parshendi because he was distracted by the newness of the visions. It was obvious to Dalinar who they where in retrospect
  3. OK I mostly fixed the original post to be more in line with the rest of the server(I couldn't get that middle paragraph to unbold, however. ) Definitely. Oathbringer has a lot of crossovers, and that is a series that Brandon wants to be mostly self contained. So I think Scadrial would be a perfect place for deep crossovers, especially considering era 4 and Secret History; a book that has more characters native to planets that aren't Scadrial than it has Scadrians.
  4. It’s not in bold. It’s just in the font my word doc was in. I apologize for the wob thing.
  5. I hate the Lord Ruler. I hate when people try to defend or justify his actions. There is no excuse for the things that he did.
  6. So I think I may have discovered the end of era 3. I think that at the end of era 3, Scadrians as a whole are exposed the idea that there are other inhabited words. This probably takes some Justifying, so Que first wob Now that’s interesting right? Of course era 3 is the era that deals with Trell, but Autonomy and his servants really enough to justify “big cosmere stuff” however vague that type of wording is. I don’t think so. I think Scadrial has to be significantly changed in the end of era 3. But in a way that is different then era 1(Not making physical changes to the planet.) It’s interesting that Brandon is looking forward to Mistborn book 10 over era 4. Brandon is a fan of twists, and if you’ve read alactraz 4, Firefight, or Well of Ascension, you know that Brandon is a fan of putting a HUGE twist in the penultimate story. And in a large way, era 3 is the penultimate story of an entire era, and will probably have a twist to mach. This part is interesting, and perhaps the section I’m least confident about. In trying to come up with ways that the other worlds could be revealed to the Scadrians, my mind immediately jumped to kelsier. Kelsier is obviously aware of other worlds. As the god of at least two religions, it would be cool if Kelsier-after our heroes defeat Trell- revealed himself self to the world and told the Scadrian’s that Trell, who almost destroyed their planet, was one of many other shards. And that they needed to be ready, in case another one turned it’s eyes to Scadrial. Again, I’m a lot less confident in this section, but I definitely thought It was worth mentioning. I’m curious to hear what you guys think, because I think this would be a very interesting direction for the story to take.
  7. I would be very upset if Ishar went out like that after all the setup for his character.
  8. I doubt it. It will probably be like reading a cosmere book. You can read it on it's own but you will have a more complete understanding if you know the lore
  9. I'm almost positive that Tanavast was going crazy because of his shard
  10. To be honest, I'm not sure I want you anywhere near that sword.
  11. Honor started going crazy towards the end though. I would choose Harmony, because eventually we will have trouble interacting with the planet and that fine by me.
  12. I just want to point out I there are conflicting WoBs. Oathbringer was very cosmere related and Brandon said the back half will be even more cosmere heavy. About the actual thread, I don't think any Avatar is going to want to go near Roshar why Odium is alive.
  13. I personally feel that Ruins extra investiture is going into the creation of Atium, which we'll see in the lost metal. That probably still leaves room for nightblood, but Harmony is still mostly Sazed at this point, and I can't see Sazed having anything to do with the creation of nightblood.
  14. https://brandonsanderson.com/cosmere/
  15. I'm hoping for Kelsier and Hoid to come to blows in era 4. You can't get much bigger then a shard in terms of threat level, so I'm thinking he'll go a more personal story(even if it still has huge stakes).