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  1. I doubt it. It will probably be like reading a cosmere book. You can read it on it's own but you will have a more complete understanding if you know the lore
  2. I'm almost positive that Tanavast was going crazy because of his shard
  3. To be honest, I'm not sure I want you anywhere near that sword.
  4. Honor started going crazy towards the end though. I would choose Harmony, because eventually we will have trouble interacting with the planet and that fine by me.
  5. I just want to point out I there are conflicting WoBs. Oathbringer was very cosmere related and Brandon said the back half will be even more cosmere heavy. About the actual thread, I don't think any Avatar is going to want to go near Roshar why Odium is alive.
  6. I personally feel that Ruins extra investiture is going into the creation of Atium, which we'll see in the lost metal. That probably still leaves room for nightblood, but Harmony is still mostly Sazed at this point, and I can't see Sazed having anything to do with the creation of nightblood.
  7. https://brandonsanderson.com/cosmere/
  8. I'm hoping for Kelsier and Hoid to come to blows in era 4. You can't get much bigger then a shard in terms of threat level, so I'm thinking he'll go a more personal story(even if it still has huge stakes).
  9. Well the thing about having to many powers is they would lose their resonance. We see Nale has both is honor blade and radiant blade, so we know their is some benefit to having both, but we don't know how much that has to do with being a herald. Besides all that, I don't think it would be beneficial to have that many surges in one person when you could give 10 blades to 10 different people.
  10. I love Adolin. I can relate to him more than any other Brandon character. Plus he has a character arc in both books. That's more than Dalinar got.
  11. combat

    I enter Vasher. During the end of warbreaker so he doesn't have op amount of breaths and so he can't use nightblood to win all his fights
  12. Heal Aviar, Hurt Dakhor guys stop hurting the aviar, your gonna make them go extinct AonDor - 9 HP Allomancy - 17 HP Dakhor - 7 HP Feruchemy - 16 HP Hemalurgy - 15 HP Surgebinding - 13 HP Forging - 13 HP Sand Mastery - 15 HP Awakening - 16 HP Aviar - 14 HP
  13. Hurt Dakhor, Heal Aviar. AonDor - 11 HP Allomancy - 15 HP Dakhor - 9 HP Feruchemy - 14 HP Hemalurgy - 15 HP Surgebinding - 13 HP Forging - 15 HP Sand Mastery - 15 HP Awakening - 16 HP Aviar - 18 HP
  14. First of all, Snapshot takes place on one of the alternate reckoner worlds. Apocalypse Guard will also take place on several of these worlds. Brandon has said that alcatraz and rithmist currently dont but Peter has argued that they should be included in the multiverse. I have no idea regarding his other stories, but I think Legion would also fit well into this multiverse