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  1. Sebarial is a secondary character that makes up of the huge cast of characters in SA that makes the series huge in scale. Also he represents the Breeze role which Sanderson has in his books
  2. Granted but you are a skybreaker who swore an oath to follow Nale under the final desolation. I wish i had a spren-based on Harmony and gives me unique radiant powers
  3. Eh Odium is definitely able to kill him. Even Nightblood can kill him and it is alooooooooooooot less significantly dangerous than a shard(as shards can literally fling an entire planet to the nearest star in one thought if nobody opposes them) He wouldn't be hiding if a shard couldn't kill him. And if anybody knows more about killing or completely decimating something it is the guy who killed the shards which shouldn't even be killable
  4. Shards aren't killable by basically everything that isn't shards holders as well. So they still stay as the powerpeak of cosmere (and Sanderson likes to explore the magic system rather than just amp the strength as he says .. which is a positive to me that there won't be any manga/anime-esque low-quality power-escalation)
  5. Marsh has the last batch of Atium in Scadrial ( and afaik the only current holder of Atium in Scadrial)
  6. Wax with the bands of mourning is basically using a medallion while being hemalurgically spiked. So i guess no
  7. Granted but unknowingly you are hemalurgically spiked and there is a shard with malicious intent in the vicinity messing with what you believe is right and wrong. And you yourself don't even notice it. I wish to go practical and theoretical advanced knowledge of physics.
  8. Warbreaker has a shard. Elantris used to have shards.
  9. I'll probably read his stuff just to see what is going on. Besides i don't mind the terrible stuff if it was ever terrible. Well it was the original idea but i would say that after reading Hunger Games i actually found it a acceptable post-apocalyptic novel. It actually shouldn't have the teenage love triangle none-sense cause apparently the author herself didn't really have it in the original draft. The editor wanted it there so with that it should've been purely a post-apocalypic civilization stuff with the battle royale content.
  10. I haven't read it but i think it has to do with the weird sexual stuff that people describe that the series contains. Tho i can't tell how different that is to the sexual stuff(sometimes sexual violence) you would find in popular stuff like Malazan or ASOIAF
  11. Granted you don't actually get to control where you teleport. It's completely random you could end up in a closer location to where you desired. Or you could also end up in the vault with no way out. I wish I could google better for my job and sanity
  12. Granted ! Humanity lived in prosperity and ease. Almost all problems got solved by the AI but everybody who doesn't fit the ever increasing standard of artworks(yes AI's eventually made artworks standard) are mysteriously disappearing. Soon enough AI started experimenting with making other races do artworks and changing humanities "living conditions" on whether they could make art even better as they made no promises for our safety or comfort but only started that way. How long till they find out that they no longer need humanity ? Only the Nightwatcher knows. I wish for the tastiest blueberry pies.
  13. This is why i loved the conclusion of Elhokar's character arc. It simply the theme of his life.
  14. Totally Agree. In another situation he could've been like Denth. That situation still could happen in the future.
  15. Extremely Relevant. Answer to what Ruin plans to do after Scadrial is to obliterate everthing In our perspective. Sazed might even be a mirror image of the "I am the Alpha and Omega" stuff. So he might think the same as Ruin that things will inevitably end or change. Not in a homicidal way tho as we see it