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  1. It isn't 100% sure but shards have everything too planned that it is highly unlikely to be coincidence. And shardic vision only becomes flawed once other shards are involved in contesting the future. Alone ? It is 100% gonna work but when other shards are involved tangentially it will become uncertain. It basically works the same way with Atium combat. When atium user faces a none-atium user they can predict 100% but against another atium user it becomes weird and uncertain (this has a wob but i can't find it .. i'll try to edit tomorrow as it is 10pm here and i have work really early)
  2. Coincidence is very rare when shards are involved especially something like Nightblood which basically has Endownments involvement personally. Hell they can sometimes plan for a person to be born like centuries ahead(if simple things like keeping Rashek's nostalgia for a millenia is planned by a Shard then stuff like having a splinter outside the system is more likely a planned action). Having 2 splinters offworld in a very precarious place does not sound as coincidence to me
  3. Edgli could be putting a front of being tough in the letter. Inside she could be worried that Hoid is right about Odium. I wouldn't count shards or anybody really to be really truthful all the times. Even Sazed's letter to Hoid was abit PR-ish way of communicating. He said he wants to talk to Hoid right but he could've been tricking hoid into talking but he's really gonna capture and torture information out of him(ok this is not true for sazed but you get what i mean) Besides Nightblood and Vasher on Roshar ? Both are giant splinters of endownment. Those are definitely not a coincidence despite her claiming to stay away from other shards.
  4. You know that sounds like a really good introduction of Kelsier's character back again. Sounds like Dissociative identity disorder (DID) to me for Sazed lol If Sazed wants Kel out of the picture i don't think that'll be how it works. He isn't the invasive Ruin anymore and his main motto is give people as much choice as possible. So he'll probably just arrange to have somebody or marsh in a scenario where they would fight each other. Or plan an entire sequence of events where it would lead to Kelsier's end without even directly being involved
  5. You can't really be somebody too powerful on Cosmere or you draw attention from the shards(or organizations on cosmere). Which is never a good idea
  6. I suppose Vin and Elend's struggles are incomparable but i do find Elend's Tyrant vs Good King vs Idealist struggles so much more interesting than Vin's identity struggle as a person with much power/responsibilities that doesn't know where she belongs
  7. Yeah sometimes she remember's Reen. Sometimes it's just Ruin whispering in her head. Ruin influence is actually so effective. She can't actually tell whether it is your thoughts or just his voice. He can even make you do things or encourage you to do things without even realizing as if you were doing it on your own will(that's with Vin knowing about Ruin's existence)
  8. Well max-speed steelrunner as we've seen is basically Lessie steelrunning While Steelrunners have enchanced their mind to adapt to their speed. I only think it is up to some extent as it will seem redundant with Atium Allomancy (which even Fortune works differently to Atium even tho they have similar aspects)
  9. Yeah i believe that to be true as well but i do think seers can steelrunners on maxspeed so long as the steelrunner isn't gunning for the seer. And they're on open-space to get a chance to hit the steelrunner (you can still see a blur and a bullet is still fast enough to hit a blur moving)
  10. It didn't slow the seer down because it was a Kandra. Basically invincible but he definitely got gunshot wounds from just a distance of Wax firing. Atium automatically turns you into a god when it comes to hitting and dodging people (remember how many more times faster and stronger a Koloss can be vs just a atium burner but who is winning is pretty clear). Or how Yomen who has absolutely zero combat training made Vin look like a fool. Atium doesn't only give you future sight but actually enchances the mind to adapt to it A seer can definitely hit a steelrunner assuming that steelrunner isn't gunning at him/her probably. Assuming we aren't talking about Fullborns or anything just steelrunners
  11. Hmm well it is true he was modeled after a bookworm/nerdy type of person but i don't think it is a self-insert. He has waay too many flaws that Sanderson likes to expose alot in the story (being dumb enough to make himself impeachable before stability of the new government, or how he doesn't have the charisma of great leader which affects his governing and the morale of people, or how realistically he doesn't even skill as a mistborn despite being exceedingly broken) to be self-insert and he even evolved into a person that takes charge from getting uhm taken charge of. Personally i think Elend is fine. He became an interesting character to read about by the time of book 3 but in book 1 not so much. I did like Vin's point of conflict with Kelsier/Crew/Rebellion/Mission with her interest with Elend. I found his personal struggle as King/who-he-is and a King/Tyrant much more interesting than Vin's conflict generally tbh.
  12. Yeah intent is pretty important to Hemalurgy (i'd say just as important as the bindpoint and what you are stabbing him/her with)
  13. Yeah i had the same thoughts. Unless the seer activated Atium before the steelrunner even went straight for him (just hit the predictive path as Atium users even dodge before anybody even does the actions ). Or if the steelrunner isn't gunning for the seer and somebody else (if Wax could get hits on Lessie steelrunning into the governor.. i think an Atium burner can do 100% better job).
  14. I think only one but whether a atium burner can react to a steelrunner is another question.
  15. Eh Rashek only drew from the mist once. After becoming a fullborn like Kelsier or Marsh he never did make use of it. So he definitely counts cause if we are going by rough definition nobody ever is allowed to participate lol Vin as Mistborn without the mists can count. Heralds count. Still gets killed by giant rock monsters(yes the unlimited investitures still gets killed by thunderclasps or even odium's fused). Meanwhile Lord Ruler literally is unstoppable until he has metals within him or from the metalmind And you make it sound like Heralds have shard levels manipulation. Which they don't. (even surge of transformation is limited to how much resistance through investiture and will a certain thing/person has which if it meant Rashek means you are talking about the guy who have Ruin inside his head for 1000 years and as invested as a person can get) They may have access to Honor's investiture but they can only apply it view Honorblade(they basically can't make use of that investiture without honorblade .. aka they are powerless ) which makes them no different from the Radiants when Dalinar decided to make a honor's perpendicularity (basically they only have excess investiture .. if that means that rock monsters still manages to kill them would mean unlimited investiture doesn't really matter much for surgebinding) lol Rashek or any fullborn kills any radiant or just about anything in cosmere for that matter that isn't a shard. You just can't do much against something who moves faster and thinks faster before you could even respond or think. Not to mention they don't suffer the "flash problem" as they have atium which predicts the enemy movements + zinc hemalurgy.