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  1. *coughs* my answer wasn't serious *coughs* On a more serious note. It will be a permanent solution with Odium and the fused but we won't have a clue as of now considering oathpact isn't a thing that stops the fused anymore (just Odium it seems).
  2. You get a deadeye ! That follows you around creepily and stares at you while you sleep but on the bright side you will never be lonely again xD *inserts Ruin*
  3. Lightweaver and Truthwatcher for entertainment and presentations. Elsecaller and Lightweaver with soulcasting doing practically any job. Skybreakers as law-enforcement(obviously it wont be as bad without crazy Nale leading them) Skybreakers and Windrunners for transportation and peace-keeping. Dustbringers. Demolition ? Quarry jobs ?
  4. Throw Nightblood at them till they run out.
  5. I am convinced the Shin or Shinjas only had honorblades. Seems like making Szeth a truthless was an attempt to surpass any Knight Radiant rising on their midst (possibly influenced by a herald, or Odium)
  6. Ok this just made the murder party faaar more fascinating. Love how each book the murder party gains more light and hidden depths cannot be seen in one perspective. Now it sounds like the murder of Gavilar isn't just a simple one-sided murder intention from the Parshendi.
  7. Abit late to the party but i wanna chime in regarding OP's post. @Parallax The whole point of Stormlight Archives if not only Dalinar's Story alone is about redemption not justice which is about individuals who made mistakes, those who are broken and those are wrapped by a dark past. It is about the story of making right of the wrongs while still alive that has been done by being a better person and moving past such things anymore to help create a better world. Dalinar did countless atrocities but everything about his story is about trying to make right by doing the right things and no longer do the horrifying things he did before. The entire thing about him committing atrocities is completely intentional and something that can't be glossed over for the very reason of making a more convincing case of the theme. Stormlight Archives is all about becoming a better person no matter who you are. At the same time why Dalinar didn't just surrender to the embrace of death that is justice was due to the bigger looming fact that there's a God of Hate who is about to kill everything and nobody is doing steps towards stopping Rayse except him. If you expected the series to be all about justice(or revenge as those two are entirely interchangeable) then you came for the wrong series. I suggest reading Best Served Cold by Joe Abercrombie or perhaps any rendition of Count of Monte Cristo or something.
  8. Granted, you didn't have the wish but somebody did have a wish which had a backlash on you regardless. I wish my lust was satiated
  9. I don't think it was all of them aren't native but i could be wrong i guess in that aspect that some of them are worldhoppers at least who didn't initially start at roshar system.
  10. Marsh is a worldhopper too but he is already on the list. Heralds hasn't left Rosharian System since being Heralds. Unless ofc some of them originally came from Yolen or somewhere else then they'd probably count as worldhoppers
  11. Just reading about some of his perspective when he was still alive (like not cognitive shadow alive but alive alive). He is soooo consumned with rage and blame. He is extremely competent too. He is perfect as Odium's tool
  12. He wouldn't be a Radiant. He would be more of Odium's goons ! but i guess to answer the question Dustbringer does fit like Calderis said
  13. It isn't 100% sure but shards have everything too planned that it is highly unlikely to be coincidence. And shardic vision only becomes flawed once other shards are involved in contesting the future. Alone ? It is 100% gonna work but when other shards are involved tangentially it will become uncertain. It basically works the same way with Atium combat. When atium user faces a none-atium user they can predict 100% but against another atium user it becomes weird and uncertain (this has a wob but i can't find it .. i'll try to edit tomorrow as it is 10pm here and i have work really early)
  14. Coincidence is very rare when shards are involved especially something like Nightblood which basically has Endownments involvement personally. Hell they can sometimes plan for a person to be born like centuries ahead(if simple things like keeping Rashek's nostalgia for a millenia is planned by a Shard then stuff like having a splinter outside the system is more likely a planned action). Having 2 splinters offworld in a very precarious place does not sound as coincidence to me
  15. Edgli could be putting a front of being tough in the letter. Inside she could be worried that Hoid is right about Odium. I wouldn't count shards or anybody really to be really truthful all the times. Even Sazed's letter to Hoid was abit PR-ish way of communicating. He said he wants to talk to Hoid right but he could've been tricking hoid into talking but he's really gonna capture and torture information out of him(ok this is not true for sazed but you get what i mean) Besides Nightblood and Vasher on Roshar ? Both are giant splinters of endownment. Those are definitely not a coincidence despite her claiming to stay away from other shards.