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  1. "Journey before destination, you bastard" Navani's best line
  2. Taravangian betrayed Rayse, not Odium. In a way, you could say he's working more closely with Odium than ever before. Indeed, the Odium seemed pleased that Taravangian was his new vessel.
  3. Odium's Champion is permitted to Urithiru without harm. However, the contract does not permit him doing harm to others, with the exception of Dalinar's Champion. Could Odium's Champion not just walk through Urithiru on his way to the contest, killing everyone he passes, and the coalition can't do anything to stop him, for risk of causing harm, and thus voiding the contract?
  4. I'm thinking her original spren might have something to do with her difficulties soulcasting? She has somehow (mentally or otherwise) linked her soulcasting abilities to her original spren, and thus cannot do it properly with Pattern?
  5. Kal's brother is only a baby at the moment, but we've got this convenient gap between books 5 and 6 which give him an ideal chance to age to the point where he can be a character with significant involvement in the back five. Dare I say it, but Odium's Champion? Kal mentions his mother's age, and how unusual it is for her to have had a child - combine that with the familiar eyes... well Oroden's eyes could be nicely similar to Kaladin's - making them look familiar to Dalinar.
  6. I'm hoping for some serious "Sleepless in Seattle" puns now that we have a name for them.
  7. It may be a crazy idea, but we've seen some pretty big spren. What if each of the gas giants is a spren bonded to each of the heralds? It would make sense for the heralds, stronger than the knights radiant, to have larger or more powerful spren. We've seen flamespren, so a 'gasspren' wouldn't be completely out of the question.
  8. Is it just me that sees a similarity between the vine-like growth of Lift's spren Wyndle and the vines of the Verdant Aether? There are little bits of crystal that grow out of Wyndle, and he decays to dust when his trails disappear - I seem to remember a similar property for Verdant?
  9. Is there a typo in the 4th paragraph? Is it not meant to be "axehounds" not "axehinds"? Or am I missing something?
  10. Confirmation that Khriss is the writer of the Ars Arcanum in each book - at last! Second, confirmation that both Ati and Leras were human originally. Also, a mention of fain-life on Yolen (from the Liar of Partinel sample chapters) - which shows that at least some of Liar is canon.
  11. We can't take everything that Khriss says in her essays as truth - assuming that she IS the writer of the Ars Arcanum (and come on, that's pretty certain by now) then we have WoB that Ars Arcanum aren't always accurate, they are simply written to reflect the best understanding at present. By extension I would say that that is also true of Khriss' essays - they could easily be wrong!
  12. Is Sliverlight necessarily a place? Could we not instead assume that Silverlight is an organisation? The sentence instead reading "... the few expeditions sent from The Ire have not returned" would make equal sense. EDIT: Silverlight IS a place, there is WoB to confirm this. It seems to me entirely plausible that an organisation or group could continue to send expeditions over a long period. If there is something on First of the Sun that they greatly want (which is implied many times in Sixth of the Dusk), then they would be eager to make it to the planet. Having established through several expeditions that travel through the perpendicularity is not possible, it would make sense for them to try again once a different means of travel had been invented - i.e. space travel. Also, the essay states that "the area around the perpendicularity is extremely dangerous", but it does not state if this is danger in the Physical Realm, or the Cognitive Realm. Sure Patji is dangerous in the Physical Realm, but is there even greater danger in the Cognitive Realm for Worldhoppers?
  13. We've got a star chart and a symbol here. From the star chart, it would appear that the symbol is specifically for First of the Sun. With regards to Silverlight, perhaps it could be another name for the Ones Above we see in Sixth of the Dusk? Were there earlier expeditions than the one we see in the book? Source:
  14. I love the UK covers way more than the other covers for all of the Cosmere books - but I'm a fan of consistency, so that's definitely a contribution. But it's meant that I've missed out on the symbol from AU, so there is a downside to the UK covers.