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  1. I actually thought everyone forgot about this post, I have to thank you for the encouragement, since I feel the same about it as you do, even if I would write only to myself, that's enough for me. and i have seen a lot of improvement in my writing, and I think that I could get to a native's level in a few years, and that's my plan (together with building my daily career to support my writing). And again, thank you for the encouragement.
  2. my country also has a lot of moderately successful writers, that they, as you said, only famous in the country and outside are unknown. but, I think that a sort of "new age" of publishing is coming. thru self-publishing in E-books platforms such as kindle. what I liked about Kindle, that it promotes everyone without exception. which will help beginner authors. my strategy would be, to raise some money from my day job, get a good freelance editor, a good freelance translator and pay someone to design an ebook cover, and promote my books by offering short stories for- either free or at 1 buck. and slowly, as I believe, I could achieve at least a decent fan base, and if I'm any good at it, the sales will rise even higher.
  3. Is there anyone here who is a college or university student and also is writing? Because I have just started as a student, and I would like to know any suggestions on how should I plan my day. for example, are you writing in the morning (just before the class starts?) or at evening (after classes and after you finished the assigned homework?) I would be happy to get a few suggestion from experienced students.
  4. before I start, this is my new account since my old one is bugged and it doesn't let me log in. I see what you suggest here, and I had a similar thought about it, but what I want is a single language to write in, I don't want to get confused and or put any more pressure and to make the whole experience of writing more frustrating. so in the last few weeks, I had a conversation with some family members about this dilemma, and after a few hours of thinking I decided to try this plan: the first decision is to start to write in my native language, (the funny thing that I found is that I was so used to writing in English that my native language felt un-natural for the first few days. but it gets easier fast). - the idea about this decision is to finish a book and compare it to the story I wrote in English and see if I'm evenly good in both of these or the opposite. the other idea is that if I'm actually good at what i do, I would be recognized. the second decision is to hire a freelance editor, and after that, i would get it translated into English and then publish it on kindle. the idea behind this decision is the fact that writing is supposed to be enjoyable, a thing that I do after returning home from my day job. it's not supposed to feel as another job. in summary, I want to let some time to pass as I write in my native language, and that's how I would really see what is more comfortable for me, whether it would be English or my native one. I will update this message when I'll finish a story in my native language, and I guess that we would see what happens next. thanks for the help guys.