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  1. Thank you so much! This is such an old post I was surprised to see a notification for it! Haha glad you enjoyed it. @Zellyia - thank you! I'm so glad you like it. And the harp is midi using a piano keyboard, as are the strings. But, yes, I wrote/performed and produced this entirely. I have a few other fan songs on my channel if you wanna check them out!
  2. Another promo is out!! Kate and I had a lot of fun with this one! Watch, comment and SHARE! The video description contains a lot of pertinent details regarding WHO is going to be participating in this event - so take a look and see what awesome Cosmere fans are going to be spending their day supporting this charity drive! Did you say Legendarium (your favorite Cosmere podcast)? David Fonti (creator of the awesome animated Stormlight short)? TheBlueShifting (creator of the amazing series Letters from the Cosmere)? And I bet you'd love to see the amazing work of Matthew Walther, prop artist, who is currently 3D printing full SHARDPLATE models!!! And that's just a few examples! Seriously, this is going to be an amazing event! Don't miss out!
  3. Hey Fabulous Cosmere Fans!! Did you know that some of us (ridiculously dedicated/peoplewhohavenolifebutSanderson) fans are helping to put on an online fundraiser? Everyone in the Cosmere fan community is invited to donate, participate and watch! On SEPTEMBER 16TH we will be streaming awesome activities via YouTube while accepting donations to Open Books charity in Chicago. You can learn more about the event by watching this short VIDEO I made with my amazing friend Kate below! Show your love for Brandon's works by giving back AND get your nerdy on with your fellow Sanderson fans at the same time! If you need more reason to join us, there will also be some amazing giveaways for high-paying donors :-D :-D :-D ...but more on that in future promo videos!
  4. Hi everyone! Just wanted to share my most recent fan-composition: "Eshonai's Lament." I have been wanting to write this for a long time and I'm so glad to have it on my channel! She's such a great character, I hope I did her justice. DISCLAIMER - In case you miss the video description, I would like to make a note that the lyrics are NOT real words. I just made up what sounded cool and fit the style I was going for. SO, if it sounds similar to any REAL language, that is completely happenstance; I mean no offense. Please check it out and let me know what you think - either here (upvote or comment) or on YouTube. Thanks! Hope you enjoy it!!!
  5. Thank you for your encouragement!! It's certainly a journey! I only really started doing it on a regular basis last September, so I'm still in the early stages of figuring out everything, relatively speaking. I chose the title The Darkeyed Musician because if you know Cosmere/Stormlight you'll get the reference, but if not, it's still an easy name to remember (I hope)! I hope that I can get to make a lot more music in the next few years.
  6. @1stBondsmith - Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it! I'm not sure I understand the question, but I think you're asking if my "The Darkeyed Musician" YouTube account is only used for Cosmere creations or if I have another channel? Currently, it's my only active YouTube channel. At the moment, I'm really enjoying creating and producing Cosmere inspired music. I still have a lot of ideas for new pieces! However, I also have several cover songs and am not going to limit myself to producing exclusively Cosmere pieces in the future. I'm open to new ideas and excited to see where the channel takes me.
  7. :-( I'm sorry it didn't work out. I had a lot going on at the time when we started out with that, and then you changed to Warbreaker, which I hadn't read at the time, and then I wanted to pursue my YouTube channel, which has seems to be maybe more up my alley at this point. I'm sorry things didn't go over well, though! I was looking forward to seeing what you guys came up with!
  8. Thank you!! Like I said, I hope it didn't get to weepy. Sarene is a fairly complex character, so vivacious, fearless and cunning on the outside but then experiencing very common feelings of self-doubt, loneliness on the inside. If I highlighted her outward characteristics we'd have a very different song! Hmm - good question! I absolutely LOVE Warbreaker, it is such a great story, one of my favorite of Brandon's. However, I haven't gotten inspired musically for it...YET. I've tossed around ideas of songs with lyrics, but I am wary of making it too like a musical (i.e. a duet for Siri and Vivenna...a little too Broadway). Also, what is the flavor of the culture? In my opinion, the atmosphere and colors of the book remind me most of Ancient Greek/Roman myths, but in a semi-tropical or Arabian-esque setting. So that's a lot to consider when deciding how to compose for it. Definitely open to the possibility, but nothing on the table at the moment. Thanks for the suggestion though!!
  9. Hi guys! Just wanted to put a shameless shout-out for my newest original song inspired by the Cosmere! After a long time of working out melody and lyrics (lyrics took an especially long time) I've hammered out a Elantris song! Elantris tends to get a little overshadowed by Brandon's later books, so we don't seen as much fan art, stories or music (is there any??) inspired by this book. But, I love it!!! And if there's anywhere it will get a good reception I figured it would be this particular forum, because you're all AWESOME! Ever since reading "Elantris" last year I've wanted to create some kind of music to emulate the love story between Raoden and Sarene. There are so many ways to take an interpretation! I decided to create a song that reflects the quieter, inner longing and loneliness that Sarene experiences in the beginning of the story. I was careful not to explicitly state that she was "in love", and I also tried to avoid sounding too forlorn and weak - since Sarene is neither of these things. Instead, I looked to those moments in the book where Sarene finds herself thinking of what could have been and I did my best to embody that in song. Beautiful artwork by @esamitch as always!! :-D I hope you enjoy it!!
  10. Aww - I feel so loved! hahaha Yes, life happened. I need to spend more time here. Didn't @esamitch do a fabulous job on this picture? I love it!!! And I'm so glad Ashe had his debut as well ;-)
  11. Hey guys, It's me again! Just finished and published my version of Silence's Lullaby from Arcanum Unbounded. I DID add some additional lyrics - for no other reason than that without them the song would have been 30 seconds long or highly repetitive. It's my first time writing/publishing lyrics to anything...I tried very hard to match the style and the topic to Brandon's original words. Hopefully it doesn't take away from the overall result. Anyway - hope you enjoy my take on the song! I'm sure other fans will be doing their's as well! :-)
  12. I think they both would be wonderful. They both have great voices too, and i think that's huge for Hoid's character. Bettany has the advantage of age; depending on how Brandon/the casting director envision Hoid. I think I've liked Paul Bettany in everything I've ever seen him in, Avengers and AKT definitely! Although the movie was not the best adaptation, "Inkheart" (based on the Cornelia Funke books) had him as Dustfinger. The movie wasn't great - but he: was PERFECT.
  13. Tom Hiddleston has been Hoid in my mind almost from the beginning, with Paul Bettany being a close runner up!! AUGH! If anything comes true I hope it's that!!! I understand the Asian casting, but I always pictured the Alethi much more Middle Eastern. It is in their ethnicity that you get the dark skin and hair but a variety of eye colors. Think of the famous NG girl from all those years ago: To me, that's the lighteyes/dark features look that the books suggested. Just my few cents...
  14. Thanks, guys! :-) Glad you enjoyed it.
  15. Hey guys! I wanted to share with you my latest Cosmere composition and I'm super excited that I finally have a Mistborn piece to my collection! I just finished reading The Hero of Ages a couple weeks ago (I'm happy to say I'm fully recovered, finally.) Anyway, this piece came about from me noodling on my piano. I came up with the minor melodic motif and was like: "Ooo, that sounds kind of disconcerting"....hmm... Mistborn?? While I feel like the soundtrack to the Mistborn trilogy is much more driving and synthetic in my mind, all stories have to have some emotional/mood music. Anyway, i hope you enjoy it!! Esamitch did the art and animation!!!! Lots of thumbs up to her!!! She did a great job!!! :-D