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  1. Probably because they aren't Spren, but souls of parshmen, powered with Odium's investiture. They do suffer though, as some are going insane.
  2. Incredible episode, gang! I'm definitely gonna listen again because this one had my brain popping! So many thoughts, theories, silly things flying through my head.
  3. I loved this episode. I was pretty much waiting for the discussion to turn to the memory altering awakening command. It kinda reminds me of Dalinar's memory alteration. I'm happy to hear I'm not the only one wanting Nightblood so badly. I really think awakening is about to expand in new ways.
  4. Great episode! I was thoroughly impressed with @thegatorgirl00's debating skills. So, my thoughts: Shai is Odium. Overwrote the spirit web of Emperor Ashraven, bonded a soul stamp and corrupted him. Theory confirmed. ---- Kenton, "Take me away, Stormdaddy." Stormfather, "THE WORDS ARE ACCEPTED. BUT BRING THE BOOMBOX." ----- How I briefly imagined Nightblood and Yelig-Nar. But considering Nightblood starts consuming more the longer he's bonded, I think he wins.
  5. Haven't listened yet, but I want to get ahead of this with a subservient religious class like Ardent and Idrian Monks.
  6. "Hi, I'm @Chaos!" - @Argent slyly looks thinking, "Oh that's cute, you think you're chaos." Love these WoB episodes! Great job, guys.
  7. They're also mentioned in Words of Radiance. Chapter 74, Striding the Storm:
  8. @Chaos @WeiryWriter is it possible that TLR's Spirit Web cracked from momentarily holding the sliver of a Shard's power? Rapidly inflating and deflating causing a crack that allowed Ruin to antagonize him? Or he's going insane from just being alive so long, lol.
  9. Stoneward and an Elsecaller, maybe? Convince them that logically your city needs it more and that without it your city will die. Other than that, I got nothing. This is also what I thought when I read this. Interesting theory but Cusicesh would have to be severely broken and changed. Oathgate spren are also very obedient, they were not swayed by Shallan's pleas.
  10. "Look on my Works, ye Mighty, and despair! Nothing beside remains. Round the decay Of that colossal Wreck, boundless and bare The lone and level sands stretch far away." Collected by the Silent Gatherers on Jesachaln 9 seconds before death. Subject was a sailor from Jah Keved. Excerpt from the poem Ozymandias. I chose it and the time of collection as a metaphor for Odium deciding to destroy civilization through time.
  11. Fantastic episode. Listened twice cuz it was so enjoyable. The Deathrattles really make for great theory crafting. I wonder how Moelach's visions work. Are they crafted through future sight by Odium? Are they a similar mechanic to the visions that Dalinar received? Could Dalinar somehow invade one of these similarly to how Odium can crash his visions?
  12. Pretty much did the same thing. Read all 3 books in like 3ish weeks (work really put a cramp in my reading style). It was a fun series. I think everyone was just so used to more "missions" towards the final goal. With Prof not fully on board and creating a mission towards beating Calamity, essentially no plan at all might have turned some people off. I'm an epic fantasy reader mostly, and I think most people reading Sanderson are. So people wanted a more fleshed out ending.
  13. Really liked it. It almost felt weird enjoying it so much when it's a YA series and I'm 31. I've seen the complaints about the rushed ending, and felt it a bit too. But it didn't ruin the series for me. Prof was such a great character. I really liked that his weakness was fear of failure when he's putting everything on the line. So many people fear failure and will self sabotage so they have the fall back answer. That was cool to me. I expected David's transformation to take place sooner. I thought once he survived the tower with Megan it would be a rapid descent into figuring out how to use Steelheart's power set leading to a battle to bring back Prof.
  14. This was my thought as well. The painrials that Navani created are from painspren, are they not? With a switch to inflict pain vs default drawing away pain.