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  1. I highly doubt it. The Recreance as we've seen it are Radiants renouncing their oaths and leaving their spren behind. I don't see why breaking due to torture would equate to renouncing his oaths. Stealing the Honorblade points towards a group like the Ghostbloods or Stone Shamans with a better understanding of what it is. I think it was just as simple as he was seen with a Shardblade, so it had to be replaced by a Shardblade.
  2. The garbled @thegatorgirl00 was hilarious. No more "technically". The WoB where someone asked Brandon about if the Honorblades were modeled after anything makes me think they were angling for an answer about the Dawnshards. Also, either the move to Dischord to record the show or the system update to my phone has allowed my podcast app to pause, fast forward and rewind without having weird playback issues. Great episode guys!
  3. Sorry, really late back. This was a recollection of a couple threads a ways back before Oathbringer. There was a few people that disagreed which Order Adolin was suited for (be it Skybreaker, Edgedancer, or team not a Radiant).
  4. Oooh, I missed this thread when it was first created. There's been quite a few discussions over what Order that Adolin would fit. Some feel he's a perfect fit for Edgedancer, others have argued that he's a better fit for Skybreakers. Crazy tinfoil hat theory coming through! Maybe since Adolin is the one that won Maya and has forged some sort of connection over the years maybe through this rebirth she instead becomes a spren to fit Adolin's personality instead of him being fit for any specific Order. Like a mix of Edgedancer and Skybreaker, receiving the surges of Division and Abrasion or Progression and Gravitation (I prefer the first pair). Probably insanely impossible since she's a Cultivationspren and this would probably change her into a new type of spren, but it was a fun thought. Just throwing it out there that this new Desolation is entirely different, insane Heralds, a Singer Surgebinder, a Bondsmith ascended, the enemy using the Everstorm. Why not a new mashup order of 1 with a Stockholm Syndrome spren and an Honorable man? A Radiant that doesn't forget the little guy, but that sees justice dealt.
  5. I want to agree with you, but it's not quoted. It's italicized just like when it occurs when Dalinar hears/thinks it. I looked through some WoBs about it and didn't see him comment on how it's supposed to be read or interpreted. I don't think Taravangian is on any path to be a Bondsmith considering the lying, assassinating, and subterfuge he's been planning. There's no way a spren derived from Honor would find it right.
  6. When the words "Unite Them" appear on the page, is that someone speaking to Dalinar? Is that him remembering Honor speaking to him in the vision, like an echo? Is that Dalinar reminding himself of his mantra or something? This really piqued my interest, because I'm rereading Words of Radiance. I've read WoK a bunch, and Oathbringer about three times. Only read WoR once, so I've been rereading it and searching for clues. The interlude chapter called Taravangian, where he sails into Vedenar to see the King die, he thinks about how Gavilar had the visions and explained it to him. Then the text, "Unite them" appears. Did he hear it too? Is he remembering Gavilar speak it? Is there a disembodied voice speaking to more than one person? What happened here? I really hope this isn't a Bondsmith thing, because I really don't want to see him become a Bondsmith as well, while actively trying to undermine Dalinar so much. Btw, that chapter is fantastic for theory crafting. They talk a lot about the diagram, his boon and curse, 2 Unmade, they talk about Dova and how she discovered their operation and even have a Deathrattle. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?!? lol
  7. Alright, I laughed. I'm mostly just referring people living in a city that's under siege or skirmishes battles. Seeing the forces outside and they keep attacking and leaving. While tending to their wounded friends they shout about the end of the world, speaking in tongues or slashing babe's throats. This couldn't help the situation.
  8. I've always just thought it was partly a way for Odium to spread despair. Like Maps shouting about death and the world shattering.
  9. Yes, which is why I said 'betrayed' and not broken. It's still not working correctly, though. It used to keep the Fused from instantly resurrecting. We haven't seen all of the Unmade, either. There's speculation that Ba-Ado-Mishram as the "General of Odium's forces" used to give Voidlight and forms of power. He may never really have needed it before.
  10. Welcome to the Shard! Hope you're enjoying the series! Before, Odium did not need the Everstorm. He figured he would win through attrition. His forces would whittle down the humans until they no longer stood against him. The Heralds held his Fused back at the end of every Desolation by being on Braize. Them betraying the Oathpact has allowed the Fused to resurrect after every death through the Everstorm. He never needed the Everstorm before as he was O.K. with just giving up time.
  11. I've also wonered what "The Broken One" meant. But I'm also not sure it was specifically stated it was Odium, just implied. Which with Brandon always makes me second guess who it could be. I'll have to check my book, but I think when the Stormfather told Dalinar, Jasnah and Navani about the battle of champions that when it was said he's been injured. I have WoK and WoR on eBook but not Oathbringer. @Void89 don't forget he killed Ambition too. Which caused the Shades on Threnody.
  12. I doubt we'll see that. It would require an Awakener skilled enough to visualize it and the ability to Awaken with Stormlight. I'm actually kinda shocked this WoB hasn't been linked here yet. Maybe? We've only seen Shallan's attempt at soulcasting. But the item has to agree to the change and how the item sees itself has yet to be seen for a body.
  13. If I remember correctly he had the first vision right before going to see the Nightwatcher.
  14. Same. It's a very loaded topic, which is why I think he may avoid it. If that's the path he chooses, it may turn off a portion of his fans. I'm not here to tell an artist how to do their work and I enjoy his work too much to put it down. But it's not a storyline I'm eager to jump into.
  15. We don't know how Logicspren investigate their potential Radiants, but Cryptics seem very intrusive. Their heads, I suspect, make them a little easier to spot. Whereas an all black, oily spren may hide much better. Good observation with the "Who hurt you?" line. Personally, I think Brandon may steer clear of this very dark and difficult topic. The "Not again" thought @RShara shows above actually makes me think something down a different path. Maybe at a young age, she or someone else she knew or saw was being investigated by a spren. She notices the shadow is pointing the wrong way, freaks out and associates it with Voidbringers. Through being locked up she learns the importance of composure, illusion of control and also sets her down the path of dedicating her entire life's work to researching Voidbringer myths and more.