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  1. Clearly Brandon helped ghost write all of the Disney movies and never lost his plotline of missing mothers.
  2. Hoid and Taln from WoK epilogue, I'm guessing.
  3. Sorry guys, but I couldn't finish this one. Maybe if I was watching and getting the benefit of the facial expressions, but this was peak PedanticCast and got boring quick.
  4. I think the Heralds going to Honor to create the Oathpact and bind the Fused that Honor laid out what exactly they're up against. That the Fused are constructs of a Divine being that is pure Hatred.
  5. My thoughts were that the spren was probably a pariah amongst its peers. Because these Humans have literally bonded with Honor, and so what spren should think it also has the right to bond with this Human touched by Honor?
  6. Great pod, everyone! My favorite theory I've seen on The Shard here (posted by @hoiditthroughthegrapevine) , has been that the "Storm Striders" were the Stormfather hiding and feeding the Sibling Investiture.
  7. Also applies to the Google Play Books app. Upgraded my used/beaten hardcover WoR to the eBook with the new ending.
  8. Just re-read the scene and it doesn't add any extra insight. In the scene where Raoden used it the Aon was drawn in the air to be a wall. It wasn't tied to anything, and Dilaf was able to touch it and destroy it through his magic (Chapter 62). If we're tying it to a set of armor though I think it could be different. Because if it just absorbs and redirects all kinetic energy the wearer would be pretty much indestructible and only limited by their own strength.
  9. I think this could actually be stronger than dead Shardplate. Few drawbacks though, that it wouldn't give the user super strength. The Aons would probably have to be written all over the inside of the armor so it could be deflected from any angle. I wonder how the Aon works, though. Would the user get pushed back? Newton's Third Law, equal and opposite force, so does the Aon stop the attack or would it still push you back from the force? So if someone threw like a boulder at you, would it doubly push you back? The force of it hitting your forcefield (that's essentially what we're describing, right?), then rebounding it back? Or does the Dor stop it and rebound it without being attached to the user?
  10. At first, I was with you. I was underwhelmed. Upon reread, I saw much more in the book. Things jumped out at me as beautiful and exciting and foreboding. I really think Oathbringer may seem a little bit of a let down now, but after book 4 and 5 we're going to look back and see Oathbringer was setting up things that are massively important. You may not feel the urge to reread them now, but I bet when SA4 is in full ramp up mode, you'll be reading them again with full voracity again. You'll feel the spark again.
  11. OMG the voices, lol! I really agreed with Shannon about Dalinar. I never understood the people that were upset over Dalinar's flashbacks. Everyone said he was a terrifying warrior and would pretty much stop at nothing. Suddenly it's shown and people think, "Woah, not cool!"? I didn't get it. It's a bad comparison, but reminded me of when the NFL didn't suspend Ray Rice over knocking out his fiancee until the video surfaced. Suddenly it's not ok because you saw him punch her? What did you expect?
  12. Great episode guys! Anyone else listen to Freakenomics? Cuz @Argent sounds like the World Trade Organization head, Robert Azevedo. Pretty diverse guy....
  13. Could Cultivation light be the light that Dalinar was seeing at the end of OB? I'm doing my best to avoid a Cultivation's Investiture is only accessible through food, joke. Congratulations to @Overlord Jebus and Overlady Jebus! I thought it was funny how WTCC got wrekt.
  14. Very eloquent argument. I'm sold.
  15. Have an upvote for a pretty great topic, @Toaster Retribution! I really like it. Maybe he's since figured it out that the Oathpact hasn't been broken. He knows there were proto Radiants. Watching so many people dying and him continuing to live may fuel this thought he's a god. As for Dalinar, he doesn't really have a country to guide. He is also trying to inspire and not rule like a tyrant. He needs to build his followers before he can guide.