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  1. Color me shocked. That's the best look at the Thrill we've had with Dalinar fighting for his life and nearly dying.
  2. Ah, man! My responses to the other Taln Facts thread got lost.
  3. Thanks @RShara, I had forgotten about that WoB.
  4. We don't know because it's been RAFO'd. Jasnah keeps secrets very well and it was written with the soldiers being thrown entirely off screen and the shapes disappearing as Adolin sees her. As to what she was saying to Shallan was Jasnah attempting to prove to Shallan that she has more to learn. Jasnah still knows more than most. It may have been transportation as you theorize. But how do you explain the surge of transportation causing geometric shapes around her? We've seen her use transportation from Shadesmar to the Physical Realm I don't have the Oathbringer eBook, or else I'd quote that for comparison. The geometric shapes sounds more like Shardplate, but to be fair the three different lashes don't all look the same.
  5. One problem for your theory is it's been hinted that Jasnah already has her plate. At the Battle of Thaylen Field Adolin sees something around Jasnah for a second, after Amaram's soldiers mysteriously were sent flying. Also, earlier in Oathbringer, while Shallan tells Jasnah she's a Radiant now Jasnah asks her where her plate is. Shardplate forms to the wearer. Kaladin took a helm and used it as a glove during Adolin's duel.
  6. Through Cohesion like @Honorless stated, a Stoneward could be part of it by changing the rock to sand. But the Cymatic pattern would require a large blast of sound from the surge Illumination.
  7. Shallan says as much in WoR. Either Heralds Taln and Shalash, Dawnshard(s) or Yelig-Nar with an immense amount of Investiture.
  8. I like your theory and I expected you to expound on this statement a little with a similar idea to my own. Adolin is especially adept with a blade, similar to how Kaladin is especially adept with a spear. When Kaladin was without Syl in WoR he struggled with basic concepts and everything felt off. How much of Adolin's dueling and fighting abilities come from his bond?
  9. Probably because they aren't Spren, but souls of parshmen, powered with Odium's investiture. They do suffer though, as some are going insane.
  10. Incredible episode, gang! I'm definitely gonna listen again because this one had my brain popping! So many thoughts, theories, silly things flying through my head.
  11. I loved this episode. I was pretty much waiting for the discussion to turn to the memory altering awakening command. It kinda reminds me of Dalinar's memory alteration. I'm happy to hear I'm not the only one wanting Nightblood so badly. I really think awakening is about to expand in new ways.
  12. Great episode! I was thoroughly impressed with @thegatorgirl00's debating skills. So, my thoughts: Shai is Odium. Overwrote the spirit web of Emperor Ashraven, bonded a soul stamp and corrupted him. Theory confirmed. ---- Kenton, "Take me away, Stormdaddy." Stormfather, "THE WORDS ARE ACCEPTED. BUT BRING THE BOOMBOX." ----- How I briefly imagined Nightblood and Yelig-Nar. But considering Nightblood starts consuming more the longer he's bonded, I think he wins.
  13. Haven't listened yet, but I want to get ahead of this with a subservient religious class like Ardent and Idrian Monks.