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  1. I'm on the train that Unmade are Dawnshards. I believe they were created by Adonalsium and Odium "Unmade"/Twisted them by forcing out all Investiture not coded to him. Odium realized humans because of Shallan's encounter with Re-Shephir.
  2. Was it from Dalinar and Sadeas talking about the Codes? Ch. 26, Stillness, WoK.
  3. One minor nit to pick, Sadeas was already was at the Shattered Plains. He was the fake Gavilar fleeing. Doesn't ruin the theory at all, I really enjoyed reading it! With Brandon, you can never leave these lines to be unturned. I do believe that line has some meaning to be expounded on later.
  4. Plot twist: it throws your growing vegetables at vermin to keep them away because it misunderstood what it was protecting.
  5. What @Quantus said. We saw other Soulcasters in WoR.
  6. "Interesting theory, but how does the metal lake fit in?" Classic! I lurked here for awhile. I didn't even create an account until I read a terrible post and was about to come in hot (same as David, I think?). But I think there was like a full day wait time to post after creating and decided better when the time came. Really liked @Comatose's guide, my favorite part is: Wow, theory busted. This clearly, proves everything wrong! Sorry, I had to in the spirit of the pod. Thanks for sharing the old school fun of TWG.
  7. I think that's because he didn't expect them to become permanent. It was all an afterthought after becoming rich from gemhearts. To be fair, why maintain a nice uniform? Nobody else in your camp does, so it would open you up to mockery. Also, you're just going to go into battle again at the first sign of a chrysalis. The bridge crews had a rotation, but did his army? Was every scenario viewed as a "all hands on deck" situation? He always carried an excess of bridge crews to ensure easy passage for his army. If you're fighting constantly against a seemingly endless enemy, to only enrich your Brightlord why not drink or firemoss it up whenever you get the chance? They lived through this battle after all. So to sum all that up: conformity to the group, battle fatigue and simplicity of life.
  8. This is a definite possibility, but I feel like Dalinar's arc in Oathbringer would lead him to reject Nightblood. He's realized that he's old and not the strongest anymore. Can we just see what happens when Szeth fights Nale in Book 4? Although, I suspect it won't be a satisfying conclusion. I think the fight would extend into book 5. Like either Nale's Honor Blade gets eaten or his spren blade and he successfully flees and regroups for another fight on a different day.
  9. Fun episode! Thanks for putting something together, it helped pass the time at work today! @Greywatch is like a cheat code, I'm surprised she lost those arguments.
  10. @Argent be like: "Rails? Where we're going, we don't need rails..."
  11. That's not what I'm suggesting. Also, your WoB says the spren are mostly Cultivation's Investiture. So how would Dalinar absorb that? I'm only talking about absorbing the Stormfather because he is a fragment of Honor.
  12. Except it isn't, because most spren came directly from Adonalsium and predate Honor and Cultivation arriving to Roshar.
  13. That may be true. But didn't Nale's Skybreakers in Oathbringer kind of insinuate that Highspren follow their group to bond new potential recruits? I may be misremembering or just misunderstood.
  14. Yes, to find a potential Bondsmith and show them the visions. Have them refound the Knights Radiant. Honor was shattered like the other shards that Odium got to first. But we don't know what rebuilding a shard looks like. Where are the pieces? Would would searching for them entail? Dalinar's "Ascension" looks very different than Vin's. If Dalinar became a shard, he may reshape it as he said, "I am Unity." We don't know he would refound "Honor". The Stormfather would probably no longer be if Dalinar became a Shard, because it would just be part of his Investiture. So if Dalinar was so suited to be a Shard, found all the pieces and forged a new Shard be it Honor or Unity, why would he hand it over to Kaladin?
  15. That's right! You got it now! But the shard of Honor was shattered by Odium too, either after he killed Tanavast or at the same time. So we have established that Honor is, in fact, not giving orders to the Stormfather, correct?