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    Uh... Brandon Sanderson book, duh.
  1. I thought for sure should she would learn how to use stormlight in this book. I am still kind of thinking that she will learn to use the stormlight.
  2. When reading about Dalinar's past it scared me. He was an awful person. It amazes me he was able to overcome it. Shallan's problems frustrated me and I wanted her to just get over it. After I finished reading I realized it would be hard to get over her personality splitting and I should given her more time and not have gotten so frustrated at her. It made me a better person.
  3. Honestly I like them all pretty equally. They are all needed for the story to progress. BS is heads above any other author so I feel like it is splitting hairs to put one extraordinary book above another extraordinary book.
  4. So, I'm not very good at picking out worldhoppers, but is Azur Vivenna from Warbreaker. I would quote stuff from the book, but I don't have my own copy yet and just barely finished reading it via Overdrive and already returned it.
  5. Renarin has always been a very interesting character to me. If radiants first have a broken past, then what broke him? The death of his mother? Lopin's mother (I don't remember if her name was ever given and can't look it up since my husband is asleep and I'm under the blankets) is a favorite character of mine. I love that she helped Lopin be strong and to laugh at his lost arm. I also love how she treats the king when he is in hiding. Makes me laugh just thinking about it.
  6. I'm as bad at metaphors as a lurcher is good at being anemic.