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  1. Here's Len, dropping in with my standard C1 (or C0 in this case) role analysis: Note: for this analysis I'll be assuming that nobody will defend a target other than themselves. Though there is a potential for this is alliances form, each alliance will have to defend all of its members, and so they'll likely stick to only a single protection per target. Ballantain defense: The only way to survive a double-strength line of vigor is to have drawn the Taylor defense C1 and have drawn a Line of Forbiddance, and even so you would lose your double life. Most people who draw the Taylor defense likely will do so because they don't want to have to use many Lines of Forbiddance to defend themselves during the game, making the Ballantain Line of Vigor an effective unblockable kill. However, since the Ballantain user cannot use Lines of Forbiddance and have no bonus from their defense, they are guaranteed to die from any kill aimed their way. The value of this defense is high in the early rounds of the game, where a player is less likely to get hit by a random kill, but in the later rounds the Ballantain defense will likely fall victim to the eventual fate of any glass cannon. Matson defense: I don't think the ability of this defense to gather information is too useful, unless you're tunneling on a specific player or trading information. However, this is the only defense that enables the user to make a Line of Forbiddance C1. It's useful as a vanilla choice of defense, with the added gain of a bit of information, and has a use in teams to avoid wasting actions (ex: using a Line of Making to prevent a Ballantain defense from defending). Taylor defense: This defense sacrifices your first turn's action for an extra life if you survive. There are obvious benefits to this: there are more targets in the game C1 than any other cycle, and so you're less likely to die to a wandering kill. After C1, the Taylor user has the equivalent of a Line of Forbiddance every turn until it's used up. The Taylor defense user in the mid-game will likely be making a Line of Vigor every turn (unless they're alternating Making/Vigor, see below) Line of Making notes: this prevents the target from taking an action the next turn. This is not used like a roleblock to nullify protection at the same time as a kill action. Therefore, having a teammate use the Line of Making for you really doesn't help: you'd get the same number of kills if you and the teammate both just alternated Making and Vigor on different targets, and this second approach requires much less coordination using secret codes in-thread. TL;DR: Ballantain: has what's basically an insta-kill, but low late-game survivability Matson: decent for team use, info-trading, or if you want to be able to use Forbiddance C1 Taylor: has the best survivability and frees you from performing unnecessary Lines of Forbiddance in the early- and mid-game, but you're vulnerable to random kills C1 and your ability is nullified by a single attack.
  2. Beings more obstinate than Stick: 1. My GF when she's sure that she's right 2. Belly fat 3. The "Moash did nothing wrong" club
  3. I'd like to sign up as Vao Temer, a university TA who loves the smell of chalk dust. Maybe too much so.
  4. The Highstorm collision on the Shattered Plains?
  5. And remember when that pickpocket stole that S from sally, a few posts up? It was only a matter of time until the Dark Alley contacted her, offering to hemalurgically spike her a new S. Out of story here, I remember when this thread was just getting started. As do probably a good number of others, but that's beside the point. I first posted on page 3. Now, we're on page 214, and if I'm right that makes this the 3rd-longest thread of all time, unless there's another I haven't found. This makes me so happy on so many levels. 214: This thread 219: Bad day thread 249: Random Stuff IX
  6. Yup, Reckoners RP will do that sort of thing to you.
  7. IIRC the number displayed caps off at 99, because I've heard of Sanderson Elimination GMs (who have to be added to all game-related PMs) logging on and seeing it. It's been a while, though, and so maybe one of the site developers could give you something a little more concrete.
  8. Because apart from Butt and Tresting, Dilaf decided that he needed an upgraded set of abilities, and that of course would require sacrifices.
  9. @Archer Your sig just caught me, dang it!
  10. What if you just did it with a thread, public ledger? It would make payoffs harder to hide, but it would be easy to do. Have a person add interest every week or so, and every transfer of money requires a public OK from the recipient and the donor.
  11. Right now the best info lynch would probably be Fifth, because then we could get reads on CadCom and Rathmaskal, plus any other players that Fifth interacted with. However, Fifth is a good analyst, and I don't think I'm willing to kill them for the sake of info alone. Maybe for the points against them, but not solely as an info lynch. Right now I'm going to hold my ground on HH being suspicious, but if I don't get any support in the next 11 or so hours I'll switch my vote to someone else with an analysis-based vote on them (right now Fifth or Eternum), because I have to work from then until turnover.
  12. My read on Araris was initially based on him seeming "loose". It just didn't strike me as elim-y how he voted on Bugsy, took it off, and then dropped a retaliatory vote on him. It was far too high-profile for a player whose team would be absolutely dependent on their survival. (Yes, it does turn out that we were dependent on his survival, but I had no clue that he was Buttercup. My reasoning was bad but it led to a correct read. XD) He didn't make any big posts defending himself, so my read on him intensified that he was just a vanilla or low-power villager. I defended him from Bugsy not knowing what he was, thinking he was a random villager getting accused by a possible-elim.
  13. @Elbereth You said in your post that you'd be willing to lynch Eternum for his suspicions last Day, but I find HH more suspicious based on his position in the bandwagon and the reasoning he gave for it. Why do you find Eternum more suspicious than HH? (I'd ping Randuir with a similar question but he's probably going to cover HH in his analysis soon.)