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  1. I think that the fifth ideal is not going to be an oath so much as a realization. The realization that living your oaths have changed you as a person to the point where you embody the spirit of those oaths. I think that this realization means that you are not longer beholden to the letter of the oaths you swore before. Essentially that your spren trusts you fully, and that you will be able to act against some of the virtues of your order without breaking your bond. I think a big part of this ideal depends on your spren as much as you. I think that to be able to achieve it your spren has to have become "human" enough that they are able to perceive that the ideals their order strives for do not always apply to the messy situations that arise in life. They need to go through situations like Ivory's realization that Jasnah should not kill Renarin even when he could think of no logical reason to spare him. They need accept that sometimes rigid principles need to give way, and they need to be at a point where they trust their bondmate to know when that is. I think that reaching this ideal is rare because it is in a sense the destination, and therefore explicitly not the point of being a radiant. Radiants who reach this point essentially are realizing that they have learned all they needed to from their oaths and order. They will continue to live their order's oaths and virtues. But this will be a function of who they have become, rather than the oaths they have sworn. So if I had to put a specific phrase to Kaladin's 5th ideal it would probably be "I am a protector". The important point being that it is a statement of identity, not an occupation. Not my oaths make me a protector, or even that my actions make me a proctector. But fundamentally the person who I am is one who protects. I could see this not being sworn by Kaladin until much later in the series, after he has transition from soldier to mental heath pioneer, and he fully comes to the realization that he is not defined by his mistakes, or by his depression, but rather by his life's work of protecting others. (Assuming he survives that long)
  2. What does that imply about the different forms of anti investiture? Like for nightblood to actually kill a fused does it need to feed off of voidlight to make the anti-voidlight? Or does it create some sort of universal anti investiture?
  3. hmmm, I still feel that if Sazed had been given ruin and cultivation as shards, or preservation and cultivation, or even cultivation and honor together, he still would have tried to interpret them as harmony. Maybe that would mean he would not have had the right mindset to take them up, but at least in the first two combos I bet it would take. So I guess what I am proposing is more along the lines that inability to act is more because of how he interprets his shards rather than the shards themselves. Like if a hunter-gather type manage to pick up these to shards they would probably interpret their intent as hunting, and would be able to pursue that intent with gusto as they are destroying to protect and protecting via destruction. Likewise my hypothetical with Kelsier taking them with the interpretation of survival would let him move with the intent to survive and aide survival without becoming paralyzed. That his intent is harmony means Sazed must treat each half of the power as distinct and therefore it pulls him in a way another interpretation would not.
  4. I find the way the shards of different intents can be combined into new intents to be a very intriguing idea, and so when warlight was introduced it piqued my interest. That honor and odium would combine into the the shard of war is a very satisfying conclusion. It also made me realize that I do not find that preservation + ruin = harmony to be satisfying at all. In the past I have accepted the explanation that preservation and ruin are somehow diametrically opposed and so would not merge as seamlessly as some other shards could, partially because they are presented as diametrically opposed in mistborn. But now that we know more about the other shards I no longer buy it. Preservation and cultivation would be just as opposed. Ruin and cultivations are also opposites along a different axis. Following the themes of mistborn I think that ruin and preservation together would more naturally fall into a shard of survival. The idea that you need to break down and consume resources to preserve yourself feels much more satisfying as a blend of their intents than harmony does. Indeed I think if somehow Kelsier had managed to get both shards, it would have become the shard of survival, and in this hypothetical scenario I don't think Kelsier would have the same problems that Sazed currently has. I think the two intents would been blended and Kelsier would not be being pulled in two directions the way Sazed is. So I think that Sazed actually had a lot of influence in how the new intent was formed. Harmony is less a result of blending ruin and preservation and more a result of what Sazed thinks a good deity should be. The idea of Harmony is how distinct, sometimes opposing, parts can work together in a way that the result is better than any component on its own. Sazed personal convictions here shine through, in how he maintained opposing religions in the belief that they all had worth to contribute. Indeed a lot of his counseling to his friends was along these lines as well. If I understand the intent of harmony along these lines then I think it sheds some light on Sazed's condition. He is unable to act directly not because his two shards are opposed but because harmony is not about unified motion. Rather he needs to select servants to enact bits of them separately in a way that fits together to make something better. This is what we see him learning in era 2 of mistborn. The logical leap I want to make here is that because Sazed was able to choose an intent that allow preservation and ruin to remain distinct forces under him, he would be able to pick up any other shard and not actually have to change his intent. He would be able to remain Harmony even with odium or honor or cultivation's shard being added with his. He would just be able to harmonize across more notes so to speak. If somehow he was able to take up all 16 shards, he would still be harmony. I don't think this would be him becoming adonalsium, I think it would be something distinct from that, all 16 shards still being their own forces with their own agents in the world pushing with their intents, but in a way that results in harmonious outcomes. Now I want to be clear that this is a hypothetical situation, I don't think this is the directions things will head. Harmony does not have the disposition to go around consuming shards, and so unless some external force is working to make this happen then I think it remains hypothetical. But this way of thinking makes the idea of how harmony works as an intent much more satisfying to me. It also implies that a vessel's interpretation of an intent can have a lot effect, that while a vessel will slowly become single minded to a purpose that purpose is less the shard bending the vessel to its will and more a compromise between the shard and the vessel on what their purpose is.
  5. There was some discussion concerning this Here
  6. I like it! This seems plausible, That stanza almost feels like the nightform is giving parting words, like they were leaving some hope as they left. I always assumed that the gods that were leaving were odium and the unmade, but I guess it could be a reference to honor/cultivation and their spren's decision to abandon the parshendi for humans, leaving them to odium. That would have many implications . . . Shallan mainly uses Lightweaving it for disguise and stealth, so it would not be a stretch for Renarin to use it the same way. Renarin does not seem as artistic, he almost feels more scientific. Maybe truthwatchers use their lightweaving surge for more physicy effects, like bending light around himself to become invisible. That would be sweet
  7. Also as of the events of WoA he can probably compound. So he would not really have to be storing very much at all after that.
  8. By this do you mean First of Sun or Threnody? Though you are right, I highly doubt any of the expanses on the SA map refer to either
  9. mistborn spoiler

    @Sam Script good catch! I had noticed that scene before and thought it was strange. I had never suspected allomancy though. Still I think it is unlikely. I would say Sigzil's stoic and reserved nature makes it easy to tell him your secrets, like what Radiant Returned said But there could be other reasons too. Maybe the Azish have some sort of sub magic system like the purelake's magic fish. Or maybe being a worldsinger is more than just a fancy title. It would make sense that a group dedicated to telling stories would have "methods" of gathering info. And allomancy is hardly the only trick Hoid has up his sleeve.
  10. Well Brandon Sanderson has stated that in his mind Warbreaker was a prequel to SA to explain vasher/zahel and nightblood's back story, so maybe he will let the two mix more freely than he has in the past. That being said, while I could see there being some interaction, like nightblood name dropping Shashara or calling Zahel Talaxin, I doubt any plot elements will revolve around world hopping, or magic system mixing. (However I would love to be wrong, I really want to see vasher awaken something on roshar)
  11. Also by the time Vin has the power, Ruin already has everything in place. He did not really have to tell Vin to let it go, she was going to do it no matter what. Really some pretty impressive manipulation Though now that I think about it, I think it mentions somewhere that Ruin does manipulate the Lord Ruler while he was holding the wells power, so yeah being that near the well probably does allow him some extra liberties
  12. Wait, star charts are being released? Ooh this is going to be fun. Almost makes me feel better that we still have a year until stormlight 3
  13. Yeah the metaphorical view makes a lot of sense. Also I got to thinking and realize that if ruin was connected to threnody and was about to be released, then threnody was probably next on his list. Nazh would probably have pushed to help Kelsier more than he did . . . though who knows, maybe he hates threnody. Anyway for this theory to work there would have to be other evidence, which I have not found and in the meantime @Pathfinder explanation satisfies me so have an upvote!
  14. Vin has to remove her earring before she can take the well's power. She drops it to the bottom of the well along with her vials of metal. It is implied Ruin's taint has something to do with it, as all the times she is able to "draw on the mists" (which is essentially the same thing as taking the well's power, but on a smaller scale) it is when her earring has been removed.
  15. This entire post is pretty much one big Secret History spoiler, so you have been warned So there is one little passage in Secret History that could have some interesting implications, here is the passage in question: Now that knife Kelsier is waving around came from Nazh, and while it does not really explain its composition or anything from what I could find, Nazh does mention that he is fond of it. That leads me to think that perhaps it is from Threnody, in which case it is weird that Ruin identifies Nazh's knife as specifically containing pieces of him. I see a few possible ways to interpret this scene 1) The knife is actually from Scadrial. Possible. Nazh had probably managed be in the physical realm in Scadrial before, and could have obtained a knife while there 2) Ruin just assumes Kelsier's knife is part of him, I mean how is Kelsier going to get a worldhopping knife? Seems unlikely though, I would think a shard could sense if something was made from its investiture or not. 3) Ruin is part of Adonalsium so technically anyting made by Adonalsium could be construed as containing part of Ruin. A bit of a stretch 4) It is a typo, or continuity error. Boring but still should be considered 5) Threnody is connected to Ruin in some way. This is the most interesting possibility. The Ire mention that they have made precautions specifically against threnodite shades, so it is already fairly plausible to believe that Threnody is in the same solar system as Scadrial, that was already debated here. In all the WoB I can find since, he sidesteps the question. Anyway if a knife taken from Threnody really is created out of Ruin's investiture then there has to be at least some connection. Maybe Threnody was an first attempt at creating a world by Preservation and Ruin. Or maybe they created the whole solar system and then only got trapped to Scadrial once they invested even more heavily in it by creating humans. Perhaps the "evil" on threnody was nothing more than the Deepness that Alendi and Rashek were fighting, and the current inhabitants of Threnody are refugees from that event (though I am not sold on that idea just yet). In any case there are probably other interesting implications I did not consider here, and besides this is a lot to extrapolate from a single passage. Thoughts?