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  1. My guess would be that if you want to make unbiased investiture with no intent, you need to merge all 16 types back together. I do wonder what you could do once you accomplish that. Also it is possible that the investiture that comes with the dawnshard that rysn receives has no intent, since it predates the shattering
  2. When you say separated do you mean can "neutral" investiture be created that is not associated with any shard? Or something else? I am not really following your pencil/pen example. I think the intent is an intrinsic property of the investiture, not something imposed upon it.
  3. I think your biggest block is that to make an allomancer you need preservation's investiture. Forgery goes off the dor which is combined dominion/devotion investiture so no amount of it is going to make you a misting. I guess you could try to make it so that it is an alternative magic that acts like allomancy and is fueled by the dor, but at that point you are trying to rewrite the history of the world which is not what forgery is about. Maybe you could use forgery to make someone who came from scadrial violently snap in their past such that they are now an allomancer?
  4. I think that the shardcast, and then the rest of the community, spent a lot of time discussing a villainous interpretation of Kelsier's character to the point that it has colored peoples memory of how he was portrayed in the books. I recently reread the original trilogy and was surprised at how unambiguously heroic he is portrayed vs what my mental image of him was from spending time here. The way he is discussed you would think he was a grimdark antihero. Kelsier's personality is the kind that could easily go too far and become a villian, but I agree with KnightsOfHonor that it hasn't happened yet, and is not inevitable either.
  5. I was always under the impression that it was a Singer cultural thing, similar to how he was told to wear white to "not blend in with the night".
  6. Cool theory! You lay out a very strong case for scadrial and roshar being the driving force of the competing factions in the space age. Your point about both the odium and honor sides of roshar having seeds of contention with scardrial is really good. I think the weakest part of the theory is probably that odium will be able to become war, just because there is less evidence in that direction. I always thought the point of splintering a shard was to make it nigh impossible to pick up again, and "bondsmith abilities" is a pretty vague handwave for reforging it. I suspect that whatever method you use to put the shard back together after splintering it would require killing a lot of spren and detaching their consciousness from the investiture. I could be wrong about that though. If we need to reforge honor, then I wonder if a dawnshard could maybe do it? There is a pretty strong theory that one of the dawnshards has a command like "bind" associated with it, and apparently the dawnshards can have some pretty spectacular effects. Another path to a similar setup would be if somehow odium is able to unmake the stormfather. The stormfather could end up being a sort of link between honor and odium like the sibling is between honor and cultivation. There would be a lot of fallout from that I am sure, but by the space age I bet that roshar could have worked through it and would be able to put up a unified front against harmony/scadrial
  7. I thought that the radiant spren were already in the the physical the whole time, and that is why they can't think so good without the bond? I don't think their ability to be a blade has to do with their nearness to the physical realm.
  8. Hmm good point. I guess if a radiant breaks bonds before swearing the 2nd oath, becoming a deadeye might make sense. And I guess they would be in the cognitive like other deadeyed spren that are bonded. We don't actually know if a radiant dies in that situation that a blade wouldn't appear. Unless there is something I am unaware of? I am not sure why it would be more probable that one would not.
  9. Yeah I see what you mean, but in the context of the WoB it was mostly asking about the color, so I stand by my reading of it. Of course in the cosmere with perception shenanigans, we can both be right. The perception of them as opposites by a whole world of people may very well have an effect on how the shards are.
  10. Why postpone? Isn't the fun of this kind of question the speculation? Some assorted thoughts from me, One thing to consider is that as an individual becomes more and more invested the type of fight they can have might look less like a superhero showdown, and more how we see the different shards "fight" each other. Fullborn are so tough because they can just pull as much investiture as they want from preservation through the spiritual realm. Most of the other magic systems require some sort of power source to fuel it in the physical or cognitive realm. Really the way compounding can be used to just pull out preservation investiture at such a high rate almost feels like a loophole in the magic system. It could be that part of the reason it works the way it does is because at the time preservation was mostly brain dead, and following Leras's "programming" by rote. I think that the biggest reason fullborn are so strong is because the only plot relevant fullborn we have seen has been an immortal god emperor. I think when Brandon actually sits down to create a plot involving a fullborn or a steel compounder he will end up retconning in a few more limitations. I mean the way compounding can be used makes it hard to maintain the stakes of a story, and at the end of the day that is what Brandon cares the most about.
  11. Look at Tolkien's fandom for a glimpse of the future. Christopher Tolkien published every scrap of paper that J.R.R. every scribbled on, where it concerned lord of the rings. The history of middle earth makes for a deep well.
  12. Both of these WoBs make the opposition out to be more cultural, at least to my reading. The color thing is certainly cultural. Even the "polarization" line seems to say that because they were the only influences around, they became two ends on a spectrum. I think this cultural effect extends to the fandom. They were the first shards we saw on screen, and we saw them through the eyes of a society which view them as the primordial order and chaos in their creation myth. We have since learned that this view of the cosmere is limited. But that original impression of them as irreconcilably opposite sticks in our minds. The idea that it could have happened to other shard pairing seems to confirm that this is not unique to ruin and preservation. As for the perfect opposites thing, I like to think that what happened was that Ati, being concerned about what his shard would eventually turn him into, split off with preservation with the understanding that Leras would minimize the damage he could do. I am very excited to see the vessels before they were all warped by their shards, it is going to be fascinating! That seems patently untrue to me. Scadrial and everything on it is made out of the combined investiture of ruin and preservation. And when vin throws herself at ati, the vessels perish but the shards are unharmed. If this was true there would be a lot more explosions going on. What example do you have of them behaving like investiture and anti investiture? This suggests that she would not be in balance, and either she would become Discord or Ruin would be pushed out with one of the following options Okay good point. Thinking back to books, while Vin did cause a lot of destruction, she was never at peace with the fact that she had to do so. So yeah, after thinking about that I agree that Vin as she was at the end of HoA would not have been able to pick up ruin. At least without a bottle of ruin connection juice. (stormlight spoilers)
  13. I imagine the story was spread that they all died. And those who knew the truth were smart enough to keep their mouths mostly shut. There are probably some hushed rumors about the truth around camp, but nothing that would be politically inconvenient to Amaram. As for the conversation Random Guy: Is your chicken . . . cursing you to damnation? Amaram : Some chickens can talk, haven't you ever been to a menagerie?
  14. More like she was feeling a memory of what happened. Maybe the dawnshards get the intuitive history of their use like (mistborn spoilers) In any case that is just how it came off to me in the text, maybe I should go find the passage so @Benedictify I would say that more than supports your suspicion
  15. I don't think the dawnshards are sapient, they seem more like a tool than a mini shard. Plus in the context of the scene it was the light of the "sun" that was being shattered in the mural that she felt it from.