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  1. hiii I would like to sign up as...Sunny Sunny the Dolphin is a worldhopper (but that's a secret) visiting Scadrial because she'd heard of the ashfalls and they sounded wonderful She likes to bake as an anger management strategy; it's extremely effective. Despite common belief, she is not a mistborn however she has a very particular sense of fashion (yes that's a hastily drawn mistcloak (I decided to go all out :P)). I've obviously come up with my own cosmetic role Each cycle Sunny will bake y'all a cake. SEcret ingredients used maybe probably.
  2. Congratulations to Rae, Striker and Burnt! I'm looking forward to yalls non-sanderson games. lol don't worry about it I'm just glad I didn't die to the lynch...That would've messed up my stats. I had the privilege of witnessing one I was already 95% sure of your identity before that, though. Def. I really enjoyed it as well. And the PM with @Elkanah too @CadCom as if your RP name didn't make your identity fairly obvious... Finally, thanks are due to El and Fifth for the running the game! Your writeups were just great.
  3. @BrightnessRadiant thanks for the running the game, it was really fun! Yeah going off our PM convo and general gut read, I figured it would be safest to just send em back to you. I would’ve been REALLY surprised if an elim had started off with supposedly the only pair of binoculars! :0 And good game, elims! I feel kinda stupid for defending Sart so vehemently D1 xD I still think that vote looks very village...
  4. One unconfirmed action means an almost guaranteed outed elim, while more than one unconfirmed actions means uncertainty and doubt, so it wont be odd for two elims to decide not to reveal their actions.
  5. hm alright fair Okeey I guess I'll put CadCom aside for now as I'm not getting much elimy vibes. I don't think we should be lynching any of the Big Three today because Kidpen's like, almost guaranteed dead anyway. We can decide where to go from there next cycle. Plus I believe Elkanah on how RL things prevented them from submitting an action. @Butt Ad Venture Is there any reason other than gut that makes Tinu the highest on your suspect list? I too wanna focus on DeTess and Tinu. Both seem suspicious to me (DeTess more than Tinu), and that's mostly because they don't have alibis for their actions last cycle. also because I don't like how DeTess is still fixated on the Three. Granted, there was an error in a GM clarification and that does justify them going after the Three earlier this cycle, but now it's just odd. I won't be surprised if Detess and Tinu flip e/e. EDIT: Of course Kidpen shows up at the worst possible time and ninjas me xD Regardless, I maintain my village read on him from last cycle. He seems genuine enough.
  6. @DeTess @Twibanu Why didn't you take any actions last cycle? You could've chosen to guard your items, or steal from somebody you suspected of being an elim if you started with no items. Why did you steal from her then? Was it just a lucky shot in the dark? Why didn't you choose to PM her and maybe confirm whether she even had an item so that you won't be wasting your action? Also, if there's someone else who stole from Lemon and would like to refute CadCom's claim, please send me a PM or just state it in thread. Out of interest, was that info info that isn't public knowledge by now?
  7. I can confirm that this is exactly what I’ve been told by these players, except for Twibanu, who I haven’t talked to in PMs since last cycle.
  8. It’s not really that big though is it. If the latest kill order takes precedence then none of the elims attempted to change the kill order once it was placed on Coda. If we assume that the whole elim team was not online when and after the lynch on Coda got going for real, then we’re left with the team being CadCom, Kidpen, and Elkanah. However I have problems with that team cuz I believe I know (through some trusted sources) that one of them possessed an item last cycle that I wouldn’t really expect an elim to have...I know GMs can sometimes be troll-y with item distribution and that kinda thing but still... I just, still struggle to understand why the elims would decide to NK Coda of all people. I’m beginning to wonder if there’s some kinda secret item that redirects actions. That would explain everything. Would also out an elim right about now. Pretty nifty.
  9. Did you mean to say that the other way around? Also this whole thing going on isn't sitting well with me and I'm not buying it lol. Why would the elim team assign the kill to a player who they knew won't be online near rollover? I'm sure they wouldve discussed timezones and availability and all that. Plus, as DeTess pointed out last cycle, it doesn't matter to the elims whether there's a C1 lynch. This wouldve been a good course of action for the elims to take C1 so as to direct all suspicion on people who weren't online at rollover. Idk but the fact that the elims chose to NK the very player we ended up lynching is too convenient of a coincidence. But assuming that this wasn't intentional on the elim's part, I'd say Elkanah is probably an elim, going off by Tinu's analysis of when all of us were last online.
  10. I would pick coda over sart for the lynch It seems the lynch is untied now? edit: yes, it is. 3 ninjas.
  11. What I mean is that out of all the possible ways to use their votes, I don’t expect the elims to immediately sheep the first vote casted in such a blatant manner, yknow? That (evidently) attracts attention. I’m not clear on what you’re asking here But um I don’t think at the moment that either of them are elims. Assuming elim!sart has a teammate who could be a possible lynch target - From the top of my head, the only other person anybody expressed suspicion of before you voted Venture was Striker, and there were no signs of a lynch forming on him because of his tendency to get lynched early, so I don’t see why elim!sart would feel obligated to place his vote on Venture. im beginning to feel unsure of my vote on Coda, but I guess it was sort of baseless to begin with. (Mostly they just felt off) I might take it off depending on whether there’s anybody else proves to be more worthy of the vote
  12. Not feeling the Sart lynch, DeTess, ngl. Sheeping like that would be suspicious under normal circumstances but I don't really see an elim doing that C1. Cycle 1 is where you can almost always get away with voting on anyone with minimal reasoning - so elims usually tend to just stick a vote anywhere that isnt on one of their own. So why would elim!Sart choose to vote Venture immediately after Tinu when he could literally start any other lynch without attracting attention? Surely waiting for the lynch to form at least a bit would be less incriminating. I actually think Lemon's village too, for PM reasons. I'm beginning to suspect you just a little bit only because your reads are super conflicting to mine Irrelevant thought but Kidpen seems pretty village to me as well, partly because of this post. And partly because of my gut. Elkanah seems pretty okay too. Lol, here I thought I was onto something what with soft clearing so many people only to go to the player list for some PoE and realise I don't nearly have enough info on everybody for that yet. I'm a bit wary of Elandera because she's posted about three times I think (?) but notably has not given much substantial opinions. That isn't very suspicious at C1, but worth noting. I'm more concerned about Coda. I know they're a relatively new player but yet their posts sound very odd to me. This bit in particular: After which they post RP, gaining points. I don't know, there's nothing really wrong with that but it feels off. EDIT: forgot to talk about Venture. I have a tentative village read on them - I would expect an elim to defend themself a bit more than that, especially when there's two votes on them with no alternate lynch.
  13. Fair. IMO all that’s almost always non alignment indicative. Not meaning to discourage anybody from posting, but such analyses are perfect for the elims to blend in by seeming helpful while rarely providing any of their own insight. I doubt anybody stated with more than one, but you can certainly hold up to how many items as you can get.
  14. Heyo I see y'all already workin hard collecting them good ol' contribution points Couple of thoughts in no particular order: Apart from what Kynedath said, there doesn't necessarily need to be a reason I think. It's entirely possible for the GM to have a villager to possess an item such as a smoke bomb if only to mess with our reads. Forgive me if im reading too much into this but these two posts really vibe the wrong way to me. They sound way too overly unsure and something I can see elim!Striker saying. I'd love to honour your request and not lynch you C1, but just making a quick note here. I doubt it. I think the elims would rather go after players with items cuz that's basically killing two birds with one stone - you cut down the village size while also getting permanently rid of some useful assets to the village. If a player uses a gun from the black market they're not really much of a threat to the elims anymore.