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  1. I’m guessing Mark Every time you voted on me whenever you saw the chance to
  2. Aw crem I knew something was off about Striker 4 cycles. Good job elims. GG.
  3. Sorry if you’re a villager, Alv.
  4. I just don’t think an elim would make the claim that Alv did without thinking it through. Thinking it through would’ve made it clear to him that making such a claim won’t work since there are no secrets in this game.
  5. Is exploring the Sky Crane and the consequential lack of alibi the only reason behind the Alv lynch? This lynch is so weird
  6. I can still vote for Alv in self defense xD I don’t know if I should actually do that though...
  7. Edit: no, I won’t vote for myself
  8. eeeee what if all the super active players are village? Not gonna lie, the lack of defense for Devotary is worrying. Drake’s the only one very vocally going against the Devotary lynch - something I don’t see an elim doing for a teammate unless they’re desperate. That shouldn’t be the case at this stage. Uff edit: you know, it’s really convenient for the elims to just sabotage stuff every cycle - they get closer to their wincon without narrowing down the pool of suspects as they would’ve if they’d chosen to go with the other method of reaching their wincon which involved revealing roles and hospitalizing more people...
  9. Alright. Devotary, while it’s true that offered a nice little bird name to claim that you received, it’s entirely possible you took that off from a third (first sends in the order for sabotage, second is the engineer and also sends in the order for sabotage) elim teammate’s action results. You’ve posted quite a bit but have rarely said anything alignment indicative. You were the second vote on Elandera (ninjad at this point by Aman), setting the lynch to a 2-way tie. Being the third vote on Aman would’ve been incriminating for you as an elim (assuming that Aman is village) and not voting at all would have also been suspicious to an extent given your active contributions throughout the cycle. (Ninjad by Burnt). You voted for Burnt last cycle with a bunch of questions with the vote hoping to get a response. She did answer those questions yet there was no follow up response from you and your vote stayed. Additionally your vote wasn’t manipulated, conforming that you aren’t a Navigator, which opens the window for the possibility of you being the elim engineer. (2 more ninjas Striker and Lopen). Yeah I’ll stop talking now Devotary.
  10. Does your suspicion for Devotary come from the fact that their alibi isn’t confirmable? Are there other reasons?
  11. Currently reading Burnt and Araris village. While it’s true that Aman can’t really be the saboteur due to being offline but that doesn’t cross him off the list of potential vanilla/non-engineer elims. That’s what I thought too at the time xD Oh well. That’s would’ve been nice for some PoE. It was the whole reason I even revealed the fact that I got one lolol I requested for the Kukupa Twins C1 but ended up with a lil Smew and I luckily received an Aviar last cycle as I’ve already mentioned. I know this in no way clears me of not being the elim saboteur but hey what else can I say. Slight villager vibe from Striker after reading this post. It seems very villagery. It’s mostly just my gut speaking though. Yeah so I have no idea who to vote for. Don’t wanna start tunneling on Drake plus his claims seem genuine, so I don’t know anymore. Alv is always hard to read, and same with Devotary. So I’m wary of those two. Also I’m certain the elim team has at least one of the barely actives/inactives so I’d be willing to dismiss one of those, except problem is I have no way of choosing one over the other - it’ll be a complete shot in the dark, and I don’t think the village is in a position to make a move like that right now.
  12. Not good. The elims are winning fast. Nothing has been repaired, which is super concerning. Hmm I don’t know if I should consider Drake and Burnt to be very very village given the lynch tie and all, or to consider them being in cahoots as elims. I can tell you right off the bat that I luckily received an Aviar upon the holding area being sabotaged, so narrowing the player list down to one player with a certain ability with a certain bird would be doable for me now, if a player shows signs of having used such abilities. @Alvron