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  1. I share reciprocal sentiments And fair. you mean first person to get rid of somebody outside of their faction @Straw last time there was a no lynch vote iirc - do we get one now too?
  2. Hello everyone ~ It's been more than 14 hours since the game started and there hasn't really been any game talk yet (understandable - the docs and PMs are booming with conversation, I'm sure) so I guess I'll be the one to bring up the lynch here Should we have a D1 lynch? Technically it shouldn't matter in a game like this one since we arent trying to find elims or anything. Thoughts?
  3. Count me in if you decide to extend the signups
  4. This was still fun Thanks Kas and Hael! Unfortunately I’ll have to hop out - I’ve suddenly got a little too much on my plate for the coming week and I’m afraid activity might become a problem.
  5. Sure, but because there are (thankfully) no PMs permitted in this game, whatever the elims know, we know. That way, they’ll have to try and figure out who the spy is through the thread only, which makes it significantly harder. Slim chance they’ll win the game through that route I think. As for what I as an elim would keep an eye for in order to pin down a potential spy, 1) Tunneling with confidence and 2) Switching from target to target with little reasoning when the lynch seems unachievable 3) Bringing up the tiniest thing about something someone said and turning that into their basis for a vote (which I guess can be a good way for the spy to go if they can maneuver the argument so that it sounds convincing but not too convincing, yknow?). I guess the optimal situation a spy can find themself in is their vote being the deciding vote between a number of potential lynch targets, each with some amount of votes and stuff - but obviously getting to that point is complicated. The spy reading the thread and trying to figure out how to approach all this: xD Edit: idk how this random quote box below got here but it doesn’t wanna leave for some reason lol
  6. Hello hello Random fact but I just realised the last QF I played was more than A YEAR AGO! xD Anyway I think that if we play carefully this shouldnt be too hard: the Reform Spy + the Handler are huge assets. But it's gonna be tricky ofc. I wouldnt be surprised if an elim tries to drop hints at them being the spy so to get some votes on their side
  7. GG everyone Great write up, Lum. XD I do always play SE with the intention of having fun first and winning second, and I admit it would’ve been very fun to convert, but with the MR having started off I figured it’d be best to end the game here. Plus I’d feel bad for stripping the village of its victory xD. I wasn’t sure how many of us would pick having fun over winning. My plan was to keep going for Rath until it went through xD I think my only concern with the game was that the village had way too many ways of clearing each other, with the whole role madness thing going on. Also how the game could only go one way or the other after D3 - the low number of players is probably to blame for that. But regardless, it was enjoyable. Thank you Lum and Coop for taking the time to run this game!
  8. As much as I love Fura’s very true role claim, I think the game should’ve ended after D3 so my vote’s on concluding the game.
  9. About 10 minutes before rollover the vote tally was such that Fura was getting lynched even after taking Drake’s manip into consideration, which was the closest I could ever hope to get xD Unfortunately CadCom had to come in with an accurate vote tally... Why thank you
  10. If you insist, I’d love to arrange a visit for you Through, um, a friend, obviously.
  11. Yeah no wonder I got no results for those actions...Silly me
  12. Haha turns out I misread my GM PM I’m actually a Thug now how nice
  13. There are in fact 3 votes on me right now, you’re missing Drake’s.
  14. Oh dear, I get back from school and there's a MASS CLAIM HAHAH VERY MUCH NOT WHAT I WANTED xD Well, I am another Tineye: N1 I targeted Aman (which was mostly a random choice) and N2 I targeted Circada, as I thought there was a high chance she might get converted. Both my actions were largely useless. I guess I technically can EXTRA-prove my role next cycle by targeting one of you and then publicly sharing the results. All these claims are interesting, particularly the 2 lurchers. But as I said earlier, I'm not going to read too much into that. Also I don't understand why people keep saying Shane wouldnt have NKd Venture so if someone could explain that'd be awesome. I guess that leaves me with Fura. Despite my village read on you, it's more likely that you're the inquisitor than anybody else considering all the claims (except maybe shane). You proved in LG55 that you are very good in appearing helpful to the village as an elim, so all the number crunching D1 is in fact NAI (as I have also previously said), and because I've only played one game with elim!fura, that is unfortunately all I can reference. Is it though? For an inquisitor, claiming Lurcher is kind of perfect is it not? Another reason to maybe suspect Shane...hM