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  1. Ostrich, Taldain doc: "Yeah. I even talked to lion and joked about having the shard of forgetfulness. Kind of frightful in hindsight. " hey! I thought we had a rather delightful conversation about bribes and poison and mass murders!
  2. Reading Khriss-and-Nazh conversations is very amusing, considering that it's really just Aman talking to himself xD "I’m[REDACTED]... As for me, I’m [REDACTED]" Ha xD And I'm pleased you appreciate the cuteness of opal lion
  3. Yeah, we hoped to ally with as many factions as we safely could. One of the reasons we chose this wincon over the others was because the other two would have made us the 'evil' faction and obviously not many factions would agree to ally with the evil faction. I guess luck just wasn't on our side xD Also, just skimmed through the all hail the joe cloud faction. I didn't realise c/p'ing from one doc to another was a thing. AMBITION went all out quoting me in my throwing-a-tantrum phase...
  4. I mean, yeah, we had pretty much no chance of finishing the wincon we chose after a while, but would it have been any different had we chosen those other wincons? The odium one relied too much on, well, odium, and the kill and kills one required a certain amount of kills from our side too so...eh I guessed this one. I've never played with Maill but I knew they were playing as they'd signed up publicly and at some point they went like 'SE has changed'. Dead giveaway Oh and I guessed your identity correctly too, Mage.:D I'm proud of myself.
  5. Great write-up, Seonid! Congrats to the Stewards, GlaDOS and Survival for pulling off the wins! :] I'm not going to rant about my tragic demise here again (please see dead doc for all rants) @Furamirionind, @Steeldancer, @Magestar, @Dalinar Kholin, y'all did really well! We didn't win but I sure had a lot of fun playing and watching the game from the cognitive realm:P And finally, THaNK yOU sEoNID and jOe FOR RUNNING THE LAST SHARD GAME! I held Odium in my first shard game (and gave it away to Joe huehuehue) so it was fitting that I got to use it in my last too... @Seonid YOU'LL BE MISSED ;_; But I understand that one can't keep involved in SE forever :/ Good luck. Heh not to brag or anything but I guessed a number of your identities correctly, looking at the player list now. xD
  6. I can't seem to access the rules doc at the moment, but I don't recall the generic protection being allowed to be used as a self-protect
  7. Woohoo village Nice play from the elims too. It was sorta surprising how little people were interested in making PMs this game. Speaking of actions it was very sad that only one of mine actually went through and turned out it was kinda useless because it did absolutely nothing. XD But I had loads of fun playing even though I couldn't devote nearly as much time to it as I would have liked. Nevertheless... Thanks to @Fifth Scholar and @Devotary of Spontaneity for making it happen! And not to mention the FANTASTIC write-ups. I may not be around for more SE games though I do plan to take revenge on the Synod for burning down the Tathingdwen Tautological Sciety of Tautology Ō_Ō However I will admit that your doc looks very pretty :>
  8. Bah truth is, I didn't really analyse any of Bort's posts so you might be right >> I got too lazy to analyse by the time I reached the last name on my player list ... I should probably read up now though
  9. I mean, if we're wrong about this, we can probably use the next cycle to lynch phattemer if everybody wants to
  10. Well it's certainly quiet today. Below are my thoughts regarding those of us that remain, in no particular order. Jondesu: He hasn't posted much, but Rand did try to start a lynch on him here. Plus, the fact that he supposedly chose to vote for Jond from either Kidpen or Jond speaks for itself. I don't think he'd list two of his teammates as his top suspects, especially when Jond didn't have any other votes on him already. CadCom: I was unsure about CadCom until like two minutes ago, but then I found this post. He pointed out something really useful here, something I'd never have brought up were I an elim. So I'm willing to put him under my village reads. Ark: I don't know why, but they're behaviour just doesn't seem elimy to me. Of course, they're new, so this might just be their general playstyle. Phatt: What he's been doing would be extremely bold play for an elim. Elim!Phatt would have absolutely no reason to reveal his place in the Synod doc, right? You could be going in the right direction with this, but from my experience, while it's not always good for elims to fly completely under the radar, they also try not to stand out too much. Straight up mayor-ing the Synod doc without staying anonymous doesn't sound like the best plan for an elim to me. /shrug Xino: The thing that stands out the most here is Xino's voting patterns. They always seem to cast their vote on bandwagons that have already formed. D1 Worldhopper from Yolen (0): Sart, Coop772Steeldancer (0): Araris ValerianKidpen (0): AlvronRathmaskal (0): Coop772Stick (0): Worldhopper from Yolenxineoph512 (0): ElanderaAraris Valerian (0): phattemerCoop772 (6): randuir, Snipexe, Worldhopper from Yolen, I think I am here, Kidpen, SteeldancerI think I am here (7): Sart, Araris Valerian, Elandera, Stick, xineoph512, Alvron, phattemer D2 Xineoph (1): Sart Worldhopper from Yolen (1): Ark1002 Kidpen (1): Stick Phattemer (2): Steeldancer, Alvron Snipexe (6): Araris, Rathmaskal, Worldhopper from Yolen, Xineoph, Kidpen, phattemer D3 Phattemer (1): SteeldancerRanduir (2): Cadmium Compounder, SartKidpen (6): Rathmaskal, Stick, Phattemer, Randuir, Xinoeph, BortCadmium Compounder (1): JondesuWorldhopper from Yolen (1): Ark/PrettySart (1): Kidpen D4 Jondesu(2): Sart, Steel Steel(4): Phattemer, Randuir, Bort, Xino He's kind of suspicious. He only seems to log in to come cast his vote, and it's always a vote for someone on whom Araris or Rand have cast their votes on. It's actually really suspicious now that I think about it. Bort: I think you're village. Xinoeph
  11. Wait really. I thought it was an every-night thing. My bad
  12. Fantastic. I knew the Araris/Rand interaction had to be important lol. Rand turns out to be a Full Feruchemist, so I highly doubt we have yet to kill two more elims. It seems that only one is left. Good job, whoever is was that killed Rand! It's a pity they killed Sart tho. He might've been the one that killed him. No Synod kill today, I see. Probably for the best, tho.