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  1. Also I'll put Sunny's entire cake collection here I suppose: New and naïve to Fallion's Tears (and to the whole of Scadrial, in fact), all Sunny wanted was to see ash fall from the sky. Alas, the ash falls were a mere disappointment once Sunny discovered the ash's shrouded hostility towards her food. The one thing that Sunny had been looking forward to had betrayed her, had utterly ruined her cake. Things only got worse form there; all around Sunny, fellow townsfolk were dropping dead like flies. To lighten up the mood, Sunny baked a rather innovate cake. Surely this would purge the raging homicide these Spiked fellas were causing. But no, things weren't looking good at all. No, one of Sunny's close confidants was soon driven out of Fallion's Tears and someone unlawfully ate Sunny's latest cake. But new day, new beginnings, right? Sunny was genuinely quite over all this killing and backstabbing and confusion. When she saw two new faces wander into town, she prioritised making the right first impression. Time to throw hope out the window - nothing mattered anymore. Too many people had died, too many people had gone away. All in all, it feelsbadman. However, Sunny was determined to finally get hold of one of these Spiked now - someone had to answer for the mysteriously eaten cake. What Sunny did not know was that this could never happen. No, for a hammer was about to fall and smash her pepe cake to bits. Sunny simply could not bake a cake during her last day at Fallion's Tears. It appeared that someone had stolen her oven while she was busy scraping up the smashed bits of her latest cake. It didn't matter though - Sunny was certain the oven would be of no use to the thief. They wished they could reproduce her cakes. Little did they know...
  2. Yeah I mean that logic is always great to fall back on if nothing else comes to light it’s very solid and will give great results unless this claimed seeker is a jester role, or an elim bus tactic or something. xD
  3. Yeah...like the village PM group’s name, it was all 2 little 2 late I did try that seeker Thing with Fifth as well but Fifth was too adamant on PM safety >:[ Also I had guessed his role wrong so there’s that too xD Cuz realistically, if a supposed seeker does come to me with a claim of having scanned someone as evil, before taking it to the thread I would for sure PM the player in question first, because 1) who’s the say the seeker is telling me the truth in the first place? And 2) it would be a very fun conversation Eventually I would tell the thread in the same turn but not immediately.
  4. Yeah...the claiming did get out of hand, huh? xD PMs can be helpful to the village though - people are generally very open in PMs as opposed to the thread, so it's relatively easy for villagers to discover any elim slips or other contradictions they might make in an environment where their guard is down. In fact, PMs could have potentially saved the village this game! xD If only Dannex had got onto the Shard and responded to the PMs during the night turn, we would've been able to successfully smoke one of us - and if that someone had been Elandera...well. The rioting wouldn't have been effective. But I agree, truthful claiming is generally not advised. Especially not in the early cycles... Yeah, too bad we didn't use PMs earlier It was very short lived but I definitely enjoyed it.
  5. Yeah I suppose not being familiar with half the players wasn't the greatest thing for me xD Didn't really know what to expect. It's great to have played with all of you though! I'm really glad
  6. I don't know xD I guess it was too early in the cycle and I was like hm I'm either underestimating her PM abilities or this happened in a doc
  7. Well, good game everyone! Safe to say that PMs were the village's downfall and that I have never been so pocketed in all the five years I've played SE - but it's good! Now I'm forever scarred going to be a lot more cautious when it comes to PMs but I love PMs so I'm not going to stop using them. To be fair, I was kinda aiming to get killed for my roleless claim to Maill because of just how suspicious it is to claim roleless C1 but I guess I didn't consider the idea that the elims had two Seekers >> I won't deny that it was fun But man was my paranoia about you off the charts like I'm pretty sure I asked each and every one of my PM contacts about what they think of you, because the ease with which you revealed other people's roles to me was really odd. Sadly though, I repressed the paranoia to focus on others Devotary but I guess it was too late by then @Fifth Scholar I have to ask...did the text editor really eat up as many posts of yours as you expressed? xD Also was this some kinda revenge for LG56?? Very well played! Also why is Devotary always evil?? Tell me I'm not the only one noticing this? Also yall had insanely good distancing I would've probably never accepted an Illwei/Maill e/e but here we are This was a mad game to come back to SE through, but it was chaotic and enjoyable for sure. I really enjoyed having fun with my cosmetic role caking baking too xD That said, I probably won't be playing another game for a few months because life's getting busy unfortunately. Good luck! It was awesome to play with you! @Kasimir thanks for being such a great and dedicated GM and blessing us with these amazing write-ups! This must've been hella time-consuming for you so thanks for putting up with us edit: @Illwei remember that time you brought up the fact that stink's rp name was an anagram and said that you weren't the one to find that out?? That was perhaps the closest I got to suspecting you and stink as e/e cuz I was like no way this conversation didnt happen in a doc xD Alas...
  8. Ah there we go! Been waiting Wait is it? Skyward's really good too so I'm excited for that :0
  9. While we jam to the elevator music and wait for the game turn to end, have this:
  10. I mean you kind of had to hammer - both exe candidates were elim If we'd exe'd either one of Araris or Devo it wouldn't have been hard to pin down the rest of you