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  1. Archer is probably at the top of my suspicions list rn 91 then xD Because Kas said something about how E!Ash’s hypothetical teammates did not do much to prevent his exe from what we can tell.
  2. I would like to bring to attention that one LG were E!me just let myself get exe’d (was it LG89?) because I was so out of it and a large chunk of the elim team was not very active and I had cautioned them against emerging out of inactivity simply to vote in my favour out of the blue.
  3. I think elims these days don’t like saving their teammates xD what I’ve noticed is that elim teams would rather rely on the village to notice how there’s little pushback against the exe and move to a different target than actively suggest CWs themselves/defend the teammate in question. There’s definitely something very wrong about that 2-2-2-2-2-1-1-1 vote distribution.
  4. Are you suggesting a 5 player elim team o.O I was wondering if a three player elim team with a role scan, PM role and vanilla is balanced against a v!coinshot, lurcher and RBer. Since the CS tends to help the elim team out too. Though I think a 4 player elim team might make more sense in this case now. TKN’s engagement level drops every time he’s not being pressured into it, I agree that that’s definitely an Elim tell. Edit: I forget why I started village reading Xino. :thonk:
  5. I agree that Alpha's playstyle is similar to Thaid's, except I don't really remember what Thaid was like as an elim. Chaotic villager for sure. They can. tbh yeah that plan works better for e!you but after the village flip you'd have to say the elims framed you or else you get exe'd. Distro if v!Ash: Maybe v!Lopen+v!Huio+v!Cord = e!Rysn+e!Rushu+e!Vanilla?
  6. If I were evil I would just not put a kill in today just so that whoever you claim to roleblock gets exe'd the next turn - this would also incriminate you if you are village. That's two mixes easy. The reason I am saying this is so that the elims don't do it >:) You're implying that: 1. e!Alpha first says something vague and suspicious like 'I have secret reasons for this vote that I decided 4 pages ago' when they don't actually have a reason but just really want to vote there - maybe they didn't consult the doc before doing this and that's fair enough cuz they're new to this 2. e!Alpha's teammates see that post and go 'yeah just say you'll explain it later' instead of helping him come up with plausible justifications 3. Later when someone asks for the explanation, e!Alpha just goes 'ask me after the game' and their teammates say well done I have trouble seeing an elim team that doesn't try to coach e!Alpha through this. Maybe they were all consistently absent from the doc. Who would you have voted for if you were on at EoD?
  7. Oh. I actually just looked at the player list and wrote down my intuitive read on each player. But this makes me look a lot smarter yes.
  8. Here’s where I stand atm: Edit: despite how disorganised our D1 was, everybody but JNV voted so that’s nice
  9. clearly we are too powerful when there’s no threat of vote manipulation
  10. I have managed to appear for rollover but idk it feels like people are trying to half heartedly start new wagons it’s not doing anything at this point Edit: it would be so awesome and so cool if we tied the votes