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  1. I would def choose the coinshot anyway. It’s an IKYK at this point I wonder how many traitors have PM’d/plan to PM you
  2. I think I'll wait and see what @Rathmaskal has to say
  3. ...this game's crazy Emphasis Mine Your wincon is still as stated in the rules: to be the last player standing, so we'll have to lynch you at some point. And because the coinshot apparently claimed to you (seriously guys y'all have to chill with these claims :P), you'll just choose them as your new host and then go on a killing spree...That's one horrifying thought. I don't know if there's a way we can prevent it? Thoughts, everyone? wait why is Rath a Soother if Aman's telling the truth?
  4. Aman for obvious reasons. I will note the lack of coinshot/kandra/Mistborn/whatever-killed-xino kill PMs are thankfully still open, so there’s another tineye around.
  5. Current elim list: Aman + two players from Fifth/Devotary/Lum (I’m also less sure about Rath and Ventyl now - these two previously were probably my strongest village reads.) Bc xino flipped vanilla I think it’s safe to assume there’s 3 elims left, or perhaps 2 if they have a Mistborn.
  6. Sart 100% confident, huh? I guess we’ll see. If Sart does flip village, one mislynch isn’t going to hand the elims the win will it I’m headed to bed and I won’t be on again before rollover. Bye
  7. Did you role claim to him too
  8. @StrikerEZ will the Kandra’s role show up as ‘Kandra’ for a Seeker’s action results or just whatever allomantic role they have (if any)?
  9. @Sart what are your reasons for protecting Drake though? Was it just because of the way the D1 lynch turned out?
  10. *Call of the Witch starts to play in the background*
  11. Did y’all really have to throw all this at me at 1 AM
  12. Sorry - I warned everyone of my upcoming bad activity levels you haven’t voted yet either - if not Devotary or drake, who’d you like lynched? Ninjad by sart ninjad again. By Aman Oh. o.O Wow This is an extremely risky move for elim!Sart to make just to prevent an elim!drake lynch ninjad again... Fifth claimed to have protected Aman? What? Would’ve made everything a whole lot clearer had you said this D2 honestly. Why should we trust this claim? Edit: And Ninjad twice again
  13. Is it too late to request for the spec doc
  14. Quotes from last turn: I didn't in thread, 'twas all in the PMs. Fura made some interesting claims, and after my vote was cast on them. Probably shouldn't expand on this more in-thread. Well, yeah, it's kinda my job to look for suspicious things But in all honesty people may or may not have been gossiping about you discussing your alignment in PMs and that's what prompted me to not soft-clear you right away and consider other possibilities. I don't think thugs lose their extra life if they end up not getting lynched/killed. But...moving on to this turn, you did just get targeted by what has to be the elim kill. So maybe you're soft-cleared after all...? Are people again going to bring up the possibility of a WGG? Devotary seems to be hinting at it here, but of course, she's assuming her alignment village and we don't know that. Also good job coinshot or kandra or mistborn or whoever you are that killed Xino. However if I were to guess I'd say it's a coinshot. If the kandra had a kill they would've used it last turn too. Unless the kandra's a mistborn and used their action N1 for something else...But honestly given the kandra's wincon I wouldn't be taking any actions other than kills. Unless I had false-claimed to someone in PMs and wanted to prove it to them.
  15. Below are my thoughts on some players. (disclaimer: I’ve done no real analysis for this post, so everything I’m saying is just off the top of my head) Aman - I do find it odd that despite analyzing Fura and coming to an elim!fura conclusion, he chose to vote for Devotary at the end of the day. I see he’s already responded to that and, well, I guess I can kind of see what he’s saying. And the village!fura flip makes me lean village on Aman a bit, due to the reasons I explained in the last turn. But if I may refer to something Fura said to me in PMs “most people would be inclined to follow the huge wall of texts from people like Aman and Fifth incriminating Fura.” (That’s paraphrased, of course). It would be a smart move for elim!aman to do that so that people feel inclined to sheep, and then vote for Devotary in order to look innocent after the Fura flip. All in all, I’d say neutral leaning elim. Lum - I know conformed good isn’t confirmed right, but Fura seemed more than a little suspicious of her in our PM. I’ll have to look more into her cuz I don’t really know what im currently reading her as. Fifth - I know I said a village!Fura flip would make me wary of Fifth, but he’s sounding very village in our PMs plus his reaction to the lynch seems genuine. All things considered, I’ll give him a slight village read Ventyl - village. Reason? look at that post (especially the edit). Just look at it. I don’t know how to explain it but there’s no way an elim wrote that. It’s possible he’s the Kandra though. But he sounded genuinely upset at the ark lynch in our PM. Rath - neutral leaning village. Mostly due to tone in PMs, but he’s also provided good analysis. Devotary - tentatively elim I think. Main opposing lynch candidate to Fura, which automatically makes me wary of her. Plus that soothe is suspicious. I’ll speak more on this once I’ve reread yesterday’s thread. Drake - slight Elim. I had him down as a soft cleared villager after the D1 lynch, but I hadn’t considered the possibility of a thug!drake. At that ^ point I had ever so slightly started to feel off about the Fura lynch because of what Drake had said. But shortly afterwards, Devotary accumulated a lot of votes and it seemed like a lot more people were trying to prevent a Fura lynch now so I was back to being suspicious of Fura, more so now because of how close the votes got. But anyway back to Drake: the post I’ve quoted above would be an ideal thing for an elim to say. Fura said in PMs that they had a village read on Drake, which may be Drake pocketing Fura. As a side note, I think it’s pretty obvious now that drake-Devotary =/= e-e. Thoughts on the remaining players to come soon. I’m sorry if all that sounds rushed (because it is). Thought I’d get something on to the thread before the turn ends, in case I get NK’d. That never happens though so I think we’re good. XD Also finals start tomorrow so my activity levels may drastically drop, and I wont be able to analyse a lot. Apologies in advance. edit: I thought Fura’s vote was soothed off Devotary, but I’ve just realised it was the other way around. I’m guessing the soother is probably village.