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  1. To my knowledge the text is exactly the same in the US and UK versions. Only the covers are different.
  2. Brandon finished his drafting on Oathbringer 3 weeks ago. i reckon that probably means he started on TAG around 3 weeks ago. unless he took a break or something.
  3. would someone be able to post the new faqfri answer? i'm blocked from twitter at school.
  4. i saw Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2! I love it. i know some people were dissapointed, but i was the opposite of that. It has flaws, but overall i like it more than the first one. Has anyone else seen it? What are your thoughts?
  5. howdy! No pressure, but it's been about a week now. This is my attempt to try back.
  6. I'm glad you liked it @Tristan
  7. I agree @Calderis. Correlation with the Shard intents and the plot of a story is frequently a natural consequence of that Shard's investiture in the world (including the magic) and the people. I'd like to add that sometimes I find something in one story that reminds me of a Shard from a different planet e.g. Kaladin's struggle with whether you can kill to protect reminds me of Wax's struggle with being Harmony's "Ruin". This sounds like a Preservation and Ruin thing, but it is important to a character on Roshar, where the local Shards have completely different intents to Scadrial's Shards.
  8. Differences I found so far are: Birthdays are shown at the bottom of the homepage Who was online in the past 12 hours is shown at the bottom of the homepage If someone got more upvotes than anyone else on a certain day, there will be a little banner on their profile page that says so Me likey Edit: were these social-media buttons here before?
  9. i don't know how to do it in that case. sorry
  10. howdy! I hope you enjoy your new powers of posting and upvoting. Speaking of upvoting, have an upvote I'm not Kiwi but I'm Aussie, so we're sort of like nextdoor neighbours PS: Please do not accept any cookies offerred to you. Seriously. PPS: which Sanderson books do you like? And do you know about the Cosmere?
  11. Did something go wrong here? I'm a softcore fan of Tsuko G, his music is cool, but I don't think he has any videos on writing... Anyway, I like this video series of Dan Wells on the 7-point story structure. It is interesting... I heard about it on Writing Excuses. PS: For those not in the know, Writing Excuses is a wicked cool writing advice podcast hosted by Brandon Sanderson and a bunch of other writers (including Dan Wells). PPS: Here at the Shard if you copy a youtube link in your post, the video is automatically embedded. You have the option to revert it to link-form while writing your post.
  12. TWOK, Prologue, page 11, paragraph 6, line 3, word 5: (emphasis mine) There is no period/full-stop here TWOK, Part 3, Chapter 47: Stormblessings, page 748, paragraph 8, line 2, word 1: (emphasis mine) There is no space between "off" and "his" My copy of The Way of Kings is the Gollancz 2015 edition, 4th printing.