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  1. Question for the malazan audiobook fans: What's your opinion on the Kharkanus narrators? I've heard mixed things for the Forge of Darkness one and bad things about the Fall of Light. It's hard for me to find for myself based on the small sample you can listen to. I ask because, as some of you may know, I have my problems with the Kharkanus books. Sometimes switching to the audiobooks can really help...but sometimes not. It might be worth it if some of you can vouch for the narrators.
  2. On number 3 of one copy. Checkouts are for three weeks at a time, but some people are considerate and return it early if they finish before its due. I also might get lucky if a person doesn't download it (when it's their turn) in two days it goes to the next person in line. Taking forever right! I keep hearing the siren song of Weber with both Honor Harington and Safehold that keep calling me to its shore! Edit: Great news @Briar King I'm still number three in line through the Overdrive App, but the library got another copy through the Cloudlibrary app and I was the first one to request it. I now have it downloaded and will start it tomorrow. I want to get to a good stopping point on the book I am currently listening to and that should be today. I'm excited to jump back in.
  3. Do you have any favorite authors that have dissappeared from social media and you have no idea about the status of the series or writing career? Discuss and console each other here. For me the one that comes right away to my mind is Marc Turner. He is three books into a planned six book series and his last update on his website and on twitter were from February and March of 2017. I emailed him about a year ago and he very politely said if there was anything to report than he would do so. Even when Sanderson does something to frustrate me (like writing Magic novellas) I just appreciate the open communication and transparency. I imagine I will probably get some Rothfuss mentions if anyone decides to weigh in on this...
  4. Just noticed the U.S publication date for Kellanved's Reach has gotten pushed back to April. It is still supposed to come out in February in the United Kingdom. A tough pill to swallow for the U.S. fans, but its not too much of a difference.
  5. I saw that audible allows you to purchase the Honor Harrington books for only $1.99 if you already have the digital copy, so I took a flyer on it and spent the two bucks to listen to On Basilisk Station. Here's my thoughts (starting with the complaints). The most I could feel for the main character was only minor interest. She is a nice, strong capable woman, but she felt almost rebotic. She kept saying, doing, and thinking all time that she will "fulfill my duty". She reminds me a bit of that really smart girl in class that is always raising their hand and doing exactly what the teacher wants. You don't have anything against her, but you dont really want to read a book about her. Also the society she is fighting for is just so...weak. I feel like I dont even really want them to succeed. The writing is really raw. The first safehold book were written after almost a decade more experience after this book. The narrator was just ok. I've been spoiled with some really great ones. Despite my complaints I felt something stir within me when the good guys started kicking butt and taking names. It's also a series, where I look at some of the pieces in it, and feel very confident it will continue to improve. It will be too much of a financial investment to purchase these books to get the audio copy (for something I dont see myself relistening). So that leaves the library route. They are audible originals so the library will only get the physical copies (which is a much heavier time investment for me). I suppose I would continue to read the series, but it is very far down my reading list and priorities. I think someday though. Also I saw that I am number four on the list now for Safehold 10. I'm moving on up!
  6. I think there is also a mention of the key words when the forge (if I remember correctly) is thrown into the bay. @hoiditthroughthegrapevine Found what I was looking for! At the very top of the page
  7. @hoiditthroughthegrapevine Your first two questions have the same answer. Yeah the Esslemont books sometimes end a little...anticlimacticly. I think with Erikson only House of Chains ever even flirts with that description.
  8. @hoiditthroughthegrapevine Still working on Orb, Sceptre, Throne? I am probably going to jump back into malazan world this Sunday with a reread of Dancers Lament and Deadhouse Landing to help prepare for the new release on the 19th of this month.
  9. You strike me as someone with the soul of a old man. I keep telling you if you like Ray Brandbury you would love Clark Ashton Smith! They are both authors that are appreciated with a certain amount of life experience. Also Tad Williams to a certain extent (not as much as the previous two).
  10. Just finished! I probably should of waited until Thurday, but I had to know how it ended and made more time in my day for it. I really liked how the people of Zion decided the throw off their own chains and revolt against the Inquisitors. Loved the broadsheets that were printed and ended with the words, "Death to to Inquisitors" and seeing the aftermath. Still feels like this novel dragged in quite a few places, but it had its moments (as do all of them up to this point). Despite the author's faults I am willing to overlook a lot for all of the fist pumps and as you call it "popcorn" that his writing gives me.
  11. I almost hope that Brandon decides to write a free novella for both the Pokemon and Yu-gi-oh card games just to see the reaction around here. Some people just want to see the world burn...
  12. Great. Looking forward to your thoughts! It will be awhile though. I'm still five on the list, of one copy, and can't tell if they have the downloadable audiobook available for patrons at the moment or its expecting to get it soon and just starting the queue. I could probably get a hold of a print copy earlier. But with the amount of bloat I'm expecting in this book I would rather just wait for the audiobook. With a title like Through Fiery Trials and a picture of Merlin with a fleet of war blimps behind him you would think it would be action packed? Wouldn't be the first time a catchy title and cover art has fooled me though.
  13. Sorry to hear that I should finish At the Sign of Triumph in a couple of days. I already believe I know how its going to end. Admiral Thirst and the treasurer for the Group of Four have been painted in a good and sympathetic light from the beginning and I'm guessing they will survive and be instrumental in reform. It's had its moments, in this book,but there have been quite a few sections where it has dragged. I know you've said books 6-8 is the worst in the series, but I really like book 8 (Hell's Foundations Quiver). I do agree with book 6th being the worst in the series (although that will probably change with book 10). Book 7 was middle of the road for me. I'm surprised, since the tactics and weaponry since book 8, are almost identical with thise in WW 1, that Charis hasn't deployed poisen gas. It seems like it would give them a huge advantage and it was already used in the Inquisitor stronghold earlier in book 9. So far my favorites three are in this order: By Heresies Distressed, Off Armageddon Reef, and Hell's Foundations Quiver.
  14. Not personally, but there has been too many stories by too many reliable sources for me to deny intelligent life outside of our little blue marble (that we call earth).
  15. Are there some things that you have ranted and raved that you hate and would never try? Have you eventually tried them and ended up falling in love with it? Discuss. For me it was e-readers. I eventually tried using one and ended up loving it. I fought against it for so long too. There are so many things I love about it, but my favorite part it controlling the text size. Some publishers, when producing the books (especially with mass market paperbacks), have the text so small one needs a magnifying glass and it still ends up giving you a headache. That is no longer something I need to worry about. Not to turn into a walking advertisement, but its the Kindle paperwhite in case anyone is curious.