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  1. I heard about the Goodkind news. I read the first 15 or so that ended the the story until he decided he needed more money. I thought they were amazing when I was 14. I recently tried reading the first one and couldn’t get past the fourth chapter. I thought it was bad...My tastes have changed/evolved. Hope his family is doing well regardless. Currently reading Saints Blood by De Castell. Probably the very definition of a 3 out of 5 star book. This series is ok for me and I’m mildly curious to see what happens. Last I checked the kindle books are all about $2.99 each so I snatched them up.
  2. So for those that enjoy audiobooks Elantris is now available on audible for their Graphic Audio editions. These editions have A full cast, music, noises and are much more in depth listening experience than a standard audiobook. I noticed that it’s divided into three parts and missing the first one though. Here is a example of what they look like below. Does anyone with connections with the Sanderson estate reach out and see if they resolve the audible issue and have part one available? They do have a Hope of Elantris also but that’s just the short story included in Arcanum. Oh and it’s standard for these graphic audio productions to be devided our into 3-5 parts and while audible has has some money grabbing schemes in the past this is not one of them and they are following graphic audios lead on this
  3. Well Empire Strikes Back is what most fans consider to be the best Star Wars movie so is that necessarily a bad thing? Also I don’t think think it’s going to be a downer ending where things look hopeless for the team. I think the author knows that there is about a four year delay for these books to come out and knows it probably will not go over well with fans. He is one of the most aware authors out there with public relations. Also he knows he doesn’t need to resort to such cheap tactics of cliff hanger endings when this he Tor’s flagships series and he will not kicked to the curb and have the series dropped like Tor has been doing to other very talented authors. We are in safe hands. Trust the plan!
  4. Nothing too weird but a couple of fun stories: 1.My companion and I were walking across the street of a Golf Course and he got completely blindsided when a golf ball drove into his face. He described it as “It felt like Satan punched me in the mouth.” It was hilarious observing the entire thing (after I found out it wasn’t a serious injury). 2. We were teaching a family that had a daughter that had these fits where she had to be taken to the hospital occasionally. She started having one and a blessing was given; it stopped immediately. The family had never seen anything like it. In case you were curious I don’t think they ever got baptized to my knowledge. I can not tell you the number of families (of our faith and not of our faith) I’ve met who have had miraculous things happen to them and they just blow it off and don’t want to live the life of discipleship.
  5. I actually really enjoyed Iron Gold. I think some people just don’t like multiple p.ov.s and cant get past this new way of telling the story. I love the Minotaur of Mars and need more of him in the story. I actually enjoy Iron Gold more than Red Rising and Dark age more than Golden Sun. So far, for me at least, the new trilogy is better in my opinion.
  6. @HentientLove the Red Rising series! I wasn’t the biggest fan of Dark Age on my first read because it is very dark and doesn’t seem to have the lighter moments the rest of them have. But the more I thought about it the more I loved it and I read it again and now it might be my favorite one. Can’t wait to see what happens next!
  7. You definitely missed it. It’s in chapter 14 Of Beleriad and its Realms. It’s a common mistake though. Most Tolkien fans end up skipping that chapter because it’s very, very boring.
  8. Sorry for further derailing this thread, but just wanted to add my two cents on Lightbringer. I’m actually a big fan of the series and think the third one is my favorite and actually think The Burning White to be the second best one. I believe the “Deus ex Machina” was set up in the third one and really enjoyed the authors thoughts on God and faith. My personal beliefs and experiences factor into this because what the author talks a lot about reflects my own convictions. It is how to see God despite the ugliness of the world and I found it powerful and moving. Even though I really enjoyed it I understand why others do not. As long as the ending makes sense I am happy with it and I believe the author left plenty of breadcrumbs to get to the ending. Sorry I don’t want to argue with those who believed differently upthread but wanted to give a alternate opinion.
  9. Yes, it’s perhaps more wishful thinking on my part than for the authors own welfare. I also think his books (while all very good) have gotten a little weaker with each one that follows.
  10. An anthology Fearsome Journeys edited by Strahan. Pretty good so far. Scott Lynch has a contribution and it is outstanding. He needs to give up on writing books (evidently can’t figure out how to finish them and gets stuck writing) and stick to short stories. All of them have been fantastic. In this one it’s The Effigy Engine but has also published, in other anthologies, In the Stacks, A Year and a Day in Old Theradane, The Smoke of Gold is Glory, and The Fall and Rise of the House of the Wizard Malkuril. I believe he always has the best short story in each anthology he appears in.
  11. My favorite is a toss up between 2,4 or 14. My least favorite (and can anyone argue against it?) is, of course, Crossroads of Twilight.
  12. Only the ones that are roadkill and not of my doing.
  13. You keep telling dead squirrels “Fallen Rope” but are disappointed when nothing happens.
  14. Nothing is untouched by Melkor. Fixed it!
  15. Almost 60 dollars per book! Wow!