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  1. Your probably right about worst dad...that’s one messed up family. By the way which was your favorite Dresden book? Favorite quote? My favorite book is probably Dead Beat with Changes being a close second. My favorite quote comes from Cold Days. Something like, “Cat sithe isn’t evil..he’s just easily bored and hyper violent”
  2. In many ways DoD is the toughest of all the Malazan novels but that ending makes up for it! It’s almost more sci-fi than fantasy. Evil dinosaurs driving a fleet of Death Stars into battle. It’s hard to get more epic than that! @hoiditthroughthegrapevine I personally found my reread to be more enjoyable than my initial read of the series. Now you are well grounded you see so many connections and can really appreciate the story without feeling lost most of the time
  3. Dark Age by Pierce Brown (fifth book in the Red Rising series). Hail Reaper.
  4. Starsight is up for US audible preorder. It is showing a 11-26 release. That might change...
  5. Release day for Dark Age (the latest Red Rising book by Pierce Brown! It’s been delayed twice now I think but it’s finally here! For some reason the audiobook comes out a day later and I will be going that route. Also Ken Liu just announced he is done with the first draft, of the concluding book, for his Dandelion Dynasty book series!
  6. The only thing I have to add is the mysterious women’s language seemed very unnatural. Perhaps that is because she comes from the upper class and you were trying to show this? Or perhaps she is not human and merely pretending? If she is really a refined lady the word “Hell” comes off as jarring and not fitting her persona. Otherwise I was into it. I’d be interested to see where it goes...
  7. Just finished Crowfall by Ed McDonald which completes the trilogy. It’s a good trilogy with a fitting ending. Crowfall was probably my least favorite of the three because it was the most grim and lacked the occasional humor of the previous books. It makes sense though... there are a lot of troubling things in the world at this point of the plot.
  8. Yes, it means Words of Brandon. Not sure if you know what that means, or not, but basically fans ask him deep and obscure questions about the finer details of the cosmere and sometimes he gives answers to them at signings, events etc. You can search by key word or event here:
  9. Welcome! The god of the universe, where many of his books take place, (Stormlight Archives, Mistborn, Elantris, etc) was shattered into 16 different shards (or pieces of himself that contain great power). Odium in Stormlight Archives is a person who has one of them. Honor was another The 17th Shard is a organization Feel free to be as critical as you wish with Brandon as long as you are polite and list the reasons why you have a problem with it. You will find people that will politely counter your arguments and people that will agree with you. I’m not afraid to be critical of Brandon when I feel it’s warranted. We are for the most part reasonable around here if you look at the forum part of the website you can find a section called Stormlight Archives. You can post all questions related to that series there
  10. Empire of Grass by Tad Williams. As I keep saying to people one doesn’t read a Tad book expecting plot advancement or much to happen. One reads it for character development, world building, and the prose. Glad to be back in Osten Ard!
  11. Weeks has come a long way since his Night Angel Trilogy. I thought those books were just ok, but I love Lightbringer
  12. I don’t know if that will be the case, but I believe many people assume Adonalsium is a kind God and Brandon hasn’t confirmed that. Here’s a WoB about it: Eric In Secret Historywe learn the 16 Shards that Shattered Adonalsium. Was that done [on behalf of the anti-Adonalsium force]? Brandon Sanderson You’re focusing too much on this idea of an anti-Adonalsium. It—the original question I believe that was asked me was “is there a force that is opposed to Adonalsium” and it left me a lot of wiggle room. In other words, the people who killed Adonalsium, you could say were a force, any person who opposed Adonalsium... What they were trying to get was a “devil” but to do that you must assume Adonalsium was a more Christian-style God, and I haven’t confirmed any of that. Calamity Chicago signing (Feb. 22, 2016)
  13. I didn’t really know where to put this, but we all know about the Interlude chapters in Stormlight Archives right? Well ever since Stormlight books started coming out I have seen many other authors include them in there stories. Those include O’Keefe’s Velocity Weapon, David Mealing’s series, A Memory called Empire, plus a few others that I can’t think of right now. Did Brandon invent this format of telling a story? Rotating a small number of p.o.v’s with these interludes that tell what’s going in with the rest of the world? Has Brandon ever talked about any inspiration behind the format he’s chosen?
  14. It’s release day for Velocity Weapon by O’Keefe. I started it this morning and think it’s a lot of fun so far! It’s the first in a new science fiction (trilogy I think) and I’m excited to see where it goes.
  15. I heard The Sound and the Fury was supposed to be his most difficult book. Faulkner always intimidated me though in the sense that I don’t feel that the payoff would be worth the effort. It’s always seems to be one of those “perhaps one day” type things in regards to the author. In regards to the original question though: Crime and Punishment by Dostoevsky. I put it down and never picked it up after this mother forced her daughter to sell her virginity for money and she came back in tears (with coin) and they both wept together.