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  1. Rereading Use of Weapons by Iain M Banks. There are two alternating storylines. One that goes forwards and marked with normal Arabic numerals (1,2,3 etc) in ascending order. The other in marked in Roman numerals and goes in descending order and thus goes back in time. This time I am reading the Roman numeral section in the chronological order so I am beginning in the back of the book. It’s a fun way to experience the story and make new connections. Although my favorite Culture book will always be The Player of Games.
  2. @Wander89I saw the movie A Silent Voice. It’s a movie that I can appreciate that it was well done, and moving, but didn’t quite work for me. The following is just my feelings and I realize that many people feel differently about such things. If a film or book is going to deal with heavy and dark topics (like suicide and bullying) it needs to have something to balance it out. Something like comic relief or another lighter (or adventurous) plot line. Here are two examples of what I mean. In Kurasawa’s the Seven Samurai there is a lot of death and sadness but there is also that drunk oafish Samurai that offers some crude humor, but also a sense of adventure about defending yourself and your loved ones from harm. In the Korean blockbuster hit Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds there is a major element of the story which is very sad but the protagonist is also progressing through the Buddhist afterlife. Anyways I appreciate the recommendation though. I will admit it’s a powerful film.
  3. I’ll definitely check out A Silent Voice. Never heard of it, thanks for the recommendation!
  4. Even though I’m not a expert on anime films my favorite one is called Your Name. I just found out that the director has another film out in Japan and is coming to US theaters in January! They even have a subtitled trailer up:
  5. No but I’m curious; do they bleed through normal notebook paper like a sharpie? What are the benefits over a normal ball point? How long does a normal cartridge last? A fountain pen is kind like a yeti cup or Hydro Flask water bottle (both around $50). Extremely cool but hard for me to justify the price with cheaper options available.
  6. The Maxwell Institute Study Edition of The Book of Mormon. This book is the only way I will be reading the Book of Mormon in the future. It has quotation marks, proper paragraph breaks, it separates when the text is in poetry, it shows the differences between various texts (the original manuscript, printers manuscript etc in the footnotes), it has a really cool map, it includes the original chapter numbers that came with the plates (along with what we currently use). Much else as well. It makes the text just so much more easier to read and much more engaging. It’s like reading it for the first time. I can not recommend it enough for those wanting to study this text.
  7. You’ve read his three Stand alones right? There is some important stuff going on that you may be lost on if you haven’t. I currently listening to the book now.
  8. I kind of am hoping for John Banks to read the Witness books. I love what he’s done with the Esslemont books and his Books of Babel series. I think my personal favorite delayed explanation was of the Jade Statues. First introduced in book two and finally explained in book 10!
  9. I’ve heard mixed things about it but you’ve inspired me. I’m now number 8 on the hold list at my library. I will try it!
  10. It’s easy to sit in my recliner and criticize others in my air conditioned house. I have never been in war and hope I never will. I cannot imagine how much it changes and destroys individuals and societies. We all hope to rise above the horrors of war and “do the right thing”; who can say what we will do until we have to walk the path? Just my two cents. Lots of good points and comments. Especially Calderis who is insightful as usual.
  11. It’s my understanding that we can talk about everything Dragonsteel except for the redacted parts (the redacted sections are only known by those who checked out the copy at the BYU library).
  12. Thanks! I keep meaning to read these books again but something keeps on distracting me. It looks like I’ll have to at least reread House of Chains to prepare for the new Kara’s books when it hopefully comes out next year. Right now I’m currently alternating between rereading The Songs of a Dying Earth Anthology and The Devils Rosary by Quinn. The first is probably my favorite anthology ever and it’s been so long I might as well be reading them for the first time (you get more out of it if your familiar with the original Vance Dying Earth tales). The second is a collection of short stories that came out in the 1920’s and 30’s. Imagine a French Sherlock Holmes and Watson like character that solves mysteries with paranormal twist in a small town. There kind of fun if predictable at times...not in the same league as his contemporary Clark Ashton Smith. I’m also listening to The Broken Eye by Weeks to prepare for the conclusion of the Lightbringer series which I am very excited about!
  13. My wife complains about me being a “visionary man”. My two sons also murmur against me for the same reason. Seriously though it was probably when someone said I sounded exactly like Bill Parcells. I was around 17 and he (Bill) was probably around 65 at the time.
  14. Currently rereading The Blinding Knife to prepare for the last one. The Burning White is supposed to be massive. I think it will be almost a thousand pages. Also we will be getting a new Abercrombie this month so that’s another one to look forward to