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  1. The Gutter Prayer by Hanrahan. I have actually really been wanting to read this since it came out in January, but for some reason I kept on getting distracted. It's also the first book I've encountered that a Ghoul is one of the protagonists. It's still early in the book but its good so far.
  2. Just finished Seven Blades in Black by Sykes (the first in a new world and series). It was dark, funny, violent and profane. A love letter to grimdark, Final Fantasy, and westerns. I think all malazan fans would love it. I can't comment on the narrator because I read this one. It was probably more "adult" for the average 17th shard demographic so I wanted to share it in this sub forum where most of us seem to be a little older.
  3. I forgot about the Shake prayer in RG. I guess it is technically three books. T'riss also mentions it in a conversation with Anomander in ch. 9 of Forge of Darkness.
  4. Gene Wolf is one of those authors that I don't know if I'm smart enough to "get". I've tried Shadow and Claw, and The Wizard/Knight duology. Do you have any recommendations of a better starting point or any tips to approaching his works? In Malazan news I keep hearing in TV shows that "the universe is telling us..." I am waiting to hear that expression in real life so I can say, "The sea does not dream of you." Upvote to whoever can list both Malazan books where that phrase makes a appearance.
  5. @Jaywalk I personally would go with War and Peace by Tolstoy (Briggs translation) but Les Miserables has its moments. I had my problems with it, but perhaps you will like it more; I love the musical though! I'm also a big fan of The Decameron by Boccaccio.
  6. Listening to the audiobook A Memory Called Empire by Arkady Martine and just started Seven Blades in Black by Sykes; two very different books. The first is focused on slow moving politics set in a Galactic Empire. It also has the greatest emphasis on the semantics of language, of any fictional book, that I have ever read. The second book has one of the strangest cover art I have ever seen and is basically a combination of Abercrombie's Best Served Cold and Sergio Leone's Man with No Name trilogy (a Western). Both are good so far.
  7. The only thing I have to contribute is that there is currently a big push amongst members to stop referring to ourselves as "Mormons" or 'LDS" and use the official name which is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints". It's a little confusing to people that think we worship mormon and other things. They have even changed several official websites and the main choir to reflect this emphasis. Not really interested in debating religion or anything; just wanted to do my part to respect the wishes of everyone who is belongs to that church (which seems to be a significant percentage on this site).
  8. Finished! To better organize my thoughts how organize them in three categories. I'll try to remain somewhat vague. What I liked: What I didn't like: Miscellaneous:
  9. I thought that the Tukar God priest was a Dakhor monk. Still rather fond of the idea in theory, but it was most definitely disproven in Oathbringer.
  10. @officiumdefunctorum I'm a big Dresden files fan and think Marsters does a amazing job with the audiobooks. Which one are you on? I think my favorite is either Dead Beat or Changes. Also started listening to Kellanveds Reach today and about 2.5 hours into. A lot of fun so far! I had completely forgotten who Calot and Orjin Samarr were and had to look them up.
  11. Probably his best story. If you want something truly bonkers check out his book Breakfast of Champions. Sirens of Titan is also pretty good.
  12. Every time its happened the dog owners are completely shocked and say nothing like this has ever happened before and is completely out of character for the dog...and yet its happened to me before, my wife, and my son; all different dogs in different states. What all of the situations have in common is that it happened when we were minding our own business and a dog was off a leash. I have owned dogs before (not recently) and have always kept them in a yard with a good fence or on a leash. However thank you for your other kind words.
  13. Got bitten by a neighborhood dog on my walk today. People never keep their dogs on leashes and say they wouldn't hurt anyone, but they do and it's happened to me before and other family members. It's so frustrating. I didnt approach it or anything...just walking on the sidewalk. It barely broke skin, and its up to date on all shots so I told the owner I wouldn't press charges but will call animal control if I see it roaming free again. Please all dog owners keep your beasts under control and stop letting them roam free in public places!
  14. I am very much heartened and optimistic based upon the prologue. It was probably the most straightforward and easiest (for the reader) that he has ever written. The writing reminds me a lot of House of Chains and it was nice to see more of the Teblor. I can tell he is making a effort to reign himself in (which is a good thing).
  15. Always wanted to play these games, but gaming is a expensive hobby and I already spend all off the "fun money" (in the budget I made for myself) on books. If I ever make it rich I will buy a ps4 and add this game to near the top of the list! I also saw a trailer for Ghost of Tsushima. If you are gamer you might want to look into it. Thanks for sharing!