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  1. Welcome! The god of the universe, where many of his books take place, (Stormlight Archives, Mistborn, Elantris, etc) was shattered into 16 different shards (or pieces of himself that contain great power). Odium in Stormlight Archives is a person who has one of them. Honor was another The 17th Shard is a organization Feel free to be as critical as you wish with Brandon as long as you are polite and list the reasons why you have a problem with it. You will find people that will politely counter your arguments and people that will agree with you. I’m not afraid to be critical of Brandon when I feel it’s warranted. We are for the most part reasonable around here if you look at the forum part of the website you can find a section called Stormlight Archives. You can post all questions related to that series there
  2. Empire of Grass by Tad Williams. As I keep saying to people one doesn’t read a Tad book expecting plot advancement or much to happen. One reads it for character development, world building, and the prose. Glad to be back in Osten Ard!
  3. Weeks has come a long way since his Night Angel Trilogy. I thought those books were just ok, but I love Lightbringer
  4. I don’t know if that will be the case, but I believe many people assume Adonalsium is a kind God and Brandon hasn’t confirmed that. Here’s a WoB about it: Eric In Secret Historywe learn the 16 Shards that Shattered Adonalsium. Was that done [on behalf of the anti-Adonalsium force]? Brandon Sanderson You’re focusing too much on this idea of an anti-Adonalsium. It—the original question I believe that was asked me was “is there a force that is opposed to Adonalsium” and it left me a lot of wiggle room. In other words, the people who killed Adonalsium, you could say were a force, any person who opposed Adonalsium... What they were trying to get was a “devil” but to do that you must assume Adonalsium was a more Christian-style God, and I haven’t confirmed any of that. Calamity Chicago signing (Feb. 22, 2016)
  5. I didn’t really know where to put this, but we all know about the Interlude chapters in Stormlight Archives right? Well ever since Stormlight books started coming out I have seen many other authors include them in there stories. Those include O’Keefe’s Velocity Weapon, David Mealing’s series, A Memory called Empire, plus a few others that I can’t think of right now. Did Brandon invent this format of telling a story? Rotating a small number of p.o.v’s with these interludes that tell what’s going in with the rest of the world? Has Brandon ever talked about any inspiration behind the format he’s chosen?
  6. It’s release day for Velocity Weapon by O’Keefe. I started it this morning and think it’s a lot of fun so far! It’s the first in a new science fiction (trilogy I think) and I’m excited to see where it goes.
  7. I heard The Sound and the Fury was supposed to be his most difficult book. Faulkner always intimidated me though in the sense that I don’t feel that the payoff would be worth the effort. It’s always seems to be one of those “perhaps one day” type things in regards to the author. In regards to the original question though: Crime and Punishment by Dostoevsky. I put it down and never picked it up after this mother forced her daughter to sell her virginity for money and she came back in tears (with coin) and they both wept together.
  8. Yeah it’s a shame these authors give the genre a bad name and people assume all fantasy authors take years to complete books. Some people say they will not read incomplete series, which it a terrible attitude, because if it doesn’t sell well publishers will drop a series. I’ve seen it happen with Kearney’s Sea Beggars, Glen Cook’s Instrumentalities of the Night, The Facefakers Game (was supposed to start a series), plus many more. These are high quality books/series that were cut short and left incomplete due to poor sales.
  9. I had a long post going about how I had some issues with the previous two responses, but @Calderis had a thoughtful post that makes more sense to me. Thank you.
  10. Apologies if this has been discussed before but I never understood why, the people of Roshar, were so devastated by the idea of humans being the invaders. It didn't seem to bother the majority of the Spanish conquistadors as they took the land away from the original inhabitants of the Americas. Nor the United States as they pursued Manifest Destiny. Or the Jews as they claimed the Holy Land after the Exodus in Egypt. I could go on and on. All of the above examples were pursued for Gold, God, or Glory. The salvation of the human race would provide a far more powerful motivator I imagine.I'm sure there were some individuals they disagreed with their civilization, as they conquered, but by and large the majority didn't. The humans of Roshars reaction to their history doesn't seem to jive with what I believe of human psychology and history on Earth. Is there something I'm not understanding? Why would the people of Roshar react so negatively to the news of events that happened so long ago? I'm not even sure why the information was covered up to begin with. Have out in the open with the rulers and church leaders putting their own spin on it, to show their cause was righteous and from God.
  11. Is that a Words of Brandon regarding Luck spren and greatshells?
  12. Perhaps I am reading to much into this but I think it was deliberate and that we can infer (that if it was a greatshell bonded spren) one thing. The bonded spren are not from Odium. Dalinar was being groomed to be his champion. Perhaps the spren had a inkling of Dalinar's future? Perhaps he does become Odium' s champion in the end. Ha perhaps I'm wrong about everything, it was just a stray gust of wind and this scene means nothing. Anyways thanks for the help.
  13. Where else do they appear? Any threads devoted to this or do they come up in discord and side conversations on other threads? So this would just be a coincidence that it accidentally pushed a boulder to Dalinar? Greatshells bonding spren?! Never thought of this being possible. Does anyone feel like he is planting a seed for something big later?
  14. Page 209 u.s hardcover Dalinar is leaving the meal to find his knife and is caught outside by this near death experience. Afterwards he returns and stops the assassination attempt
  15. So in Oathbringer Dalinar is almost smashed by a large boulder and he noticed a figure in the distance described as "Gargantuan" and "that moved on spindly glowing legs". What is it? Does it factor into any scenes later in the book? I don't remember this scene from a previous listen.