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  1. When I want to see evil win I read a author like Joe Abercrombie. When I want to read about soft magic I read Riftwar. I love many authors and when I’m in the mood for a particular style I read them. I enjoy what Brandon brings to the table. Every author has something to nitpick about though. To answer the original post: for me I would like to see him tighten up the Stormlight Archives. I really started to notice this in Oathbringer but it’s starting to feel a bit bloated.
  2. That’s the only thing I can think of but perhaps Bill (from Tor has some thoughts) if you want to look up the specific chapter. I’m excited for the Karsa trilogy as well! Thanks for all your thoughts.
  3. In no particular order: 1. Crowfall by Ed McDonald. Less humor than the previous books but a fitting conclusion 2. A memory Called Empire-Martine. Not a lot of action but really focused on politics, and the semantics of language in a fun scifi setting 3. The Ravens Tower- Leckie. Really unique. Told half in second point of view. Didn’t see the ending coming 4. Witchwood Crown and Empire of Grass by Williams. The author writes beautifully. Love the world he writes about 5. Seven blades in black by Sykes. What a wild ride! A mashup of weird west, a Clinton Eastwood film, final fantasy and a revenge thriller. 6. The burning white by Weeks. Very impressive conclusion to the series 7. Dark Age by Brown. Thes best Red Rising book yet 8. Iron Codex by Mack. This series is turning out to be a lot of fun! 9. The Hod King by Bancroft. Can’t wait to see what happens next! 10. Embers of War by Powell. I preferred the first book but still really enjoyed this middle book which sets up what looks to be a really interesting conclusion
  4. We finally got a firm release date next year. I think it’s June 20th. I think they could of released it earlier but they wanted the 20th anniversary of Storm Front to coincide. From what I understand is life is now in order and he can churn out books more frequently now. To everyone else. A great series...It really caught my attention in book 4. I thought books 1 and three were ok; book two I thought was pretty subpar.
  5. I’m about a third of a way through Fall of Light which is one of the longest audiobooks in my library clocking in a about 44 hours. I’m going to finish it. At one point of this prequel trilogy I just embraced the endless monologues and thought streams and I find them almost relaxing now. I used to rail against them, but my thoughts and feelings now echo Hood in Fall of Light where he says, “I am now scoured of vengeance and made hollow like a bronze urn.” I still don’t think I would be able to read them but there’s almost something relaxing to the audiobook. If he wants to spend 20 minutes giving a parable about the slow death of a fishing village by starvation (and how the fish relatives return to the lake magically gains legs and goes on a revenge trip on other humans) I am now down with it. A Dragons thoughts (also in Fall of Light) summarize the two books so far, “These words...these endless words” Hopefully he will one day return to this trilogy after the Karsa books. I still believe they are the least enjoyable of all of the malazan books and a towering monument of author hubris, but I see the mad genius of it and recognize it’s deserved place in malazan canon.
  6. I just got done watching the newest King Arthur movie and while I know it didn’t do well at the box office I just love the directors (Guy Ritchie’s) style! I think it would be so much fun for him to direct the Stormlight movies! How he integrates flashbacks and potential future scenarios into the present with unique film scores is absolutely marvelous. His actions scenes with Excalibur would also translate well to potential Stormlight powers too.
  7. So I’ve mentioned before how much it kills me that I don’t like the Kharkanus books; to the point of which I have only read parts of Fall of Light. So I decided to try it again on a different format (audiobook). I’m over halfway through Forge and have a few random thoughts: I really like the narrator; he remind me a lot of Peter Kenny. I am more interested in it but don’t know how much more I can take. Every time he starts one of his ponderous reflections my eyes might start to glaze but I’m what else am I going to do (focus on) except in putting one foot in front of the other? One thing the Esslemont books and the original 10 books do is balance tragedy with comedy or the serious with the absurd. These books are all dark all the time. There is a Nietzsche quote about warning about staring into the dark pit in case you feel yourself staring out... These books are so dark, gloomy, dense, and ponderous I feel I am starting to descend into my own pit of madness and despair. Ok that’s a pit of a hyperbole but the point remains. Hopefully I can stick it out and at least finish Fall of Light. Whether I give up or actually finish my next read will have to be Starsight or a Skyward relisten. I will need something light and cheerful to cleanse the pallet.
  8. I thought the prequels were ok. I’m not a huge big Star Wars fan though. I’ve watched all the movies at least twice but I feel like there is much better Science Fiction out there. The original trilogy is a lot of fun. With the newer movies I couldn’t get over how in The Force Awakens they just recycled the entire “we need to blow up the Death Star” storyline. I thought The Last Jedi was the best one; it was bold and took risks. Rogue One and Hans Solo were also really strong. Prequels are really difficult to pull off anyways. Steven Erikson has just learned this with the Kharkanus books not selling well. They have to add a new unexpected element in a entertaining and surprising way. The prequels are alright their are just elements that seem a little ham fisted (the love stories) and they seem to play things a little to safe. I believe you have to take risks to make a entertaining/clever film, but of course that upsets the fans that can’t see anything past the original trilogy.
  9. They have a really talented, and fitting, lady who narrates these books. I’m probably enjoying this series more than I would by reading it just by the element the narrator brings. I really shouldn’t even be in this thread though. I preordered the audiobook (to support Brandon) but I am currently on another series right now. As soon as I finish it I’ll probably relisten the Skyward before diving into Starsight. I’m looking forward to it though!
  10. Make sure you read the “secret epilogue”. Hopefully you don’t consider it a spoiler to say there is a additional section after the acknowledgements etc part of the book. The only other book (that I can think of) where I have seen a author include such a thing was Matter by Iain M Banks
  11. Pretty sure that one is Dead Beat (my personal favorite of the series). Currently I’m on Sins of Empire by Brian McClellan. It’s taken my a while to get to this sequel trilogy because I thought the first trilogy was just ok. I must say I am enjoying this book far more and am having a lot of fun with it! Also rereading some Ray Bradbury short stories. Most people know him only for Fahrenheit 451 but I think his best work is his short stories. I have two volumes that have collected about two hundred of them.
  12. There is a different time table for “big” authors instead of the “smaller”. With a Brandon Sanderson I know that Tor will move mountains to get it ready to be published quickly so everyone can line their pockets. The quickest turn around that I’ve ever heard of a author completing a final draft and publication was about four months. That was Martin’s Dance with Dragons. That situation was unique because he was turning in sections as he went and it was being edited as they came in. Brandon will want to do multiple drafts and this is now Tor’s flagship series. They will probably want extra time to get publicity out for the release. I’ve noticed recently the publishers want more time to”build up” anticipation and get the word out (for their big money makers).Tiamat’s Wrath by Corey was delayed by about three months just for that reason.
  13. I’m curious how much a difference a tour really makes on book sales (especially for a established author). You would think that the sales division on the publisher would have many ways, in this digital age, to get the word out and people interested without the author traveling. He is absolutely correct and it is much better for him to be working on another Stormlight rather than touring. I appreciate him telling the publisher that the book will sell well without me and not giving in the pressure they must of put on him. I’ve never met Brandon and probably never will. I now live and Tulsa and it takes a lot to even get me to drive two hours to Oklahoma City. I don’t really see Brandon visiting My town anytime soon. I don’t need to meet a author to really enjoy their books.
  14. Approaching the end of The Burning White by Weeks and will finish tomorrow. An absolute tour de force and the best thing the author has written. Unless things change dramatically my current ranking of the Lightbringer series is 5,3,2,4,1.
  15. Oh yes I have! I just mentioned the recaps in case people feel daunted by the last book because they can’t remember what happened. The whole Dezin/Gavin/Prison/Black Luxin plot twists is one of my favorites of all of fantasy. Never saw any of that coming in the previous books