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  1. Someone posts a song and the next person to comment describes a scene of the cosmere it best goes along with and then posts their own song. Here is the first one to get the ball rolling:
  2. Yes. Just to be clear though I was talking about graphic content such as sex, violence, cursing etc. The story itself is more of a combination of the prose and world building of Tad Williams along with the grit and attitude of Glen Cook (with the pacing falling somewhere between the two author).
  3. @Ookla the Waiting If you are looking for a good German title to recommend to your mom than I recommend The Forgetting Moon by Durfee. It originally came out in English, but it has a German translation and has been very well received over there. It is a darker tale than Sanderson....probably the content is a cross between Stormlight and Abercrombie's First Law trilogy if that helps at all. Edit: Here is a photo
  4. Do you plan to place Through Fiery Trials (Safehold 10) on your book carousel along with Stonewielder, Broken Earth, Outlander and possibly a few others or just wait a few months before diving into safehold again?
  5. @officiumdefunctorum Broken Earth may be one of thos series that require a few tries for me. Only given it one try so far, but plan on giving the audiobooks a try when it is my turn (I think I am hold 8 on two copies). One thing I did think was cool is that one of the rotating character viewpoint chapters features the ultra rare second person point of view! I can probably count one one hand the number of times I have encountered that.
  6. My library finally got the downloadable audiobooks so I gave this series another try and it is going much better! I am about halfway through the first one. I like a lot of the central ideas behind the series and questions it raises. It's a little slow paced though. I thought the beginning was hard to get through and could be better relayed to the reader through flasbacks, but once they they get to the current timeline it is much more interesting. Supposedly the latter installments are slower paced, but I will keep listening until it stops being fun. All in all a few nagging things I don't like about it, but a there is quite a bit I do like about it! By the way @Briar King are you all caught up on this series? The latest is At the Sign of Triumph, but there is a tenth coming out in January. Judging from the cover they are just getting Blimp technology. I have no idea how he will ever finish the series and get the People of Safehold ready to defend/avenge the inhabitants of Old Earth against the attacking Alien species.
  7. You see this title on audible and your first thoughts are, "Not cool man. It looks like you are hoping that readers hear about how awesome Mistborn is and hope that they end up buying your series by mistake."
  8. Reading The Book of Magic short story anthology edited by Dozois. A lot of hit and miss, but I thought Scott Lynch's contribution "The Rise and Fall of the House of the Wizard Malkuril" was absolutely outstanding! It's pretty much getting to be par for the course with Lynch's short stories in anthologies (always seems to be the best or one of the best on the collection). A lot of people are probably frustrated he isn't working on his next book, but he is one of those authors that if he ever publishes another novel it will just be a pleasant surprise. I, personally, wouldn't be upset if he decided to only now write short stories. He is getting that good writing them!
  9. I never thought of myself as "old" but I had a experience the other day that caused me to reevaluate that assertion. Talking to someone (around 18 yrs old) about The Oregon Trail and describing it as being on a floppy disc. He looks at me with a puzzled expression and asks, "What's a floppy disk?"
  10. Very much like Dalinar; which I hadn't previously made that connection. She always struck me as a kind character but remains aloof because society has so often attacked her for various reasons. I think she very much believes in the "golden rule" in that she treats others with respect, but demands the same in return. Of course once disrespect is shown to her it is a struggle to remain keep her poise. Yes she does things like lecture her mother for different things (it at times things like scolding!) , but in her mind I think she honestly believes she is helping.
  11. Evidently Black Friday shopping has turned the inhabitants of our friendly, peaceful, southern town into vengeful Ringwraiths!
  12. Yes I love the audiobooks! It's my favorite way to consume this series. Maybe print out a world map, to consult occasionally, as well!
  13. Thomas Pynchon and Gene Wolfe. I found both to be utterly pretentious and nonsensical. They both have legions of fans, but that is just my humble opinion.
  14. Just finished The Winter Road by Selby. As with its predecessor, Snakewood, there are a few flaws with it but there is just something about the stories that he weave that causes me to keep thinking about the narrative and the characters. Now I am reading The Hour of the Dragon by Howard. It is the last of the Conan stories that I have read thats in the public domain (I bought a collection of the tales on amazon for $0.99). I think Red Nails was the best Conan story of all of them...they are all very much the creation of a young man (the author committed suicide at the age of 29 or 30) but they are a guilty pleasure of mine. I imagine they were groundbreaking when they were first published in the 1930's.
  15. It looks like they resolved whatever issue was going on. Anyone can now purchase Elantris, on the Kindle, if they want to. Told you it would be back