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  1. So I just finished the audiobook again and unfortunately don’t have a specific chapter to reference. But at one time during the book Spensa hears Dvorak’s new world Symphony playing from M-Bot. Has anyone asked Sanderson or has he revealed what movement Spensa heard? Or in any way narrow down what clip she was able to hear. I realize this question probably won’t have a answer but wanted to put it out there just in case.
  2. Every true Coca Cola fan has to visit the official museum in Atlanta (The World of Coca-Cola ). It goes through the history, how it’s produced, a movie theatre that shows coke commercials and, of course, (the best part) Coke flavors from around the world. Sodas that the Coca Cola company only produces in certain countries and you can sample them! Unlimited refills! I’ve been twice!
  3. Claymore and Code Geass were both fun to watch. To be fair though I am not well versed in anime but if you like Deathnote then I think you will like them!
  4. Kimmalyn probably. Suzy Jackson does a great job with her voice as well. The characters is just so...quirky. Love her optimism a kind nature as well. I can’t get enough of the Saint!
  5. Can you imagine more of a jerk face? I can’t. To be honest physical descriptions of characters are not really important to me and are always very vague in my minds eye as I read; to each their own though...
  6. I’ve found Jerk Face in real life! Exactly how I picture him! edit: Perhaps a few details are off like skin color etc. I’m talking about facial structure and general vibe
  7. Thankful for prophetic direction in my life during these times A hopeful message
  8. Maybe it’s time to join the e-reader cult? I fought against it for a long time but the screen really does look a lot like paper and is very different than a phone or computer.
  9. Nothing Sanderson related, but after reading 3 Nephi 23:1 (Where Christ gives the people a commandment to search diligently the words of Isaiah) I decided to really take it seriously. Two times I’ve gone through the Isaiah chapters in the B.o.M (of course they are mainly in 1st and 2nd Nephi) with different translations and commentary. I think finally understand it. In a way most of it is kind of simple. People make it more complex than it needs to be with interpretations that are dubious at best. Also the King James Translation is just not very good at places. My views on the Book of Mormon translation are best expressed by Brigham Young, “There has not been a perfect revelation given, because we cannot understand it. Yet we receive a little here and a little there. I should not be stumbled if the prophet should translate the Bible 40,000 times over and yet it should be different in some places every time. Because when God speaks it is always according to the capacity of the people.” I think people were used to the King James so we got King James Isaiah chapters with a few changes of course. These chapters are usually confusing for people so feel free send a private message or even on this page. I plan on reading the entire book of Isaiah sometime.
  10. Sorry @Briar King but I’m having a hard time following most of your last post. If you were talking about the “special arrows” the biggest clue was when he throws all of his forge making materials into the ocean afterwards and it mentions something like a “creaking of wheels and a rattling of chains” that strikes terror in the witnesses heart. That description always refers to that sword. Sorry it’s been a little while. There were a few smaller clues I think but this was the biggest one and the only one I could recall.
  11. I really liked the jungle setting and the humor in this book. It’s really unique in a lot of ways. It was shaping up to be one of Esslemonts best but unfortunately he drop the ball on the ending in my opinion Despite this I would still rank it third best of the original six Esslemont book (Behind Stonewielder and Orb, Scepter, Throne). I’m afraid to say more for fear of spoilers though. By the way concerning Orb Sceptre Throne I’m currently halfway through Dragonfly Falling. I think it’s even better than Empire of Black and Gold!
  12. The Bone omnibus by Jeff Smith. It’s a graphic novel, but imagine a cross of LOTR with Calvin and Hobbes. Im currently reading the Shadows of the Apt series by Adrian Tchaikovsky. It’s absolutely epic and the content is probably even with WoT maturity wise. The first is called a Empire of Black and Gold Im also a big Ray Bradbury fan. I actually enjoy his short stories more than his novels though. Check out “The Stories of Ray Bradbury” published by Everyman’s library. It collects 100 of his best stories. Also check out “Bradbury Stories 100 of his most celebrated Tales” for another great collection. There is no overlap between the two so 200 stories with no duplicates
  13. Empire of Black and Gold by Adrian Tchaikovsky. I’m really liking it so far. It kind of reminds me of Malazan with its vast panorama of cultures and empires. But is a much easier read with less puzzles and a more workmanlike prose. I’ve actually tried to read this in the past but the books were large paperbacks with tiny print and it made me kind of dizzy to read. I’m using the e-reader this time and it’s a game changer. Best part is if it continues being this great there’s a lot to look forward to. It’s a completed ten book series. Heading back to read it some more now!
  14. New Esslemont book this year! At least in the seems like the Esslemont books are sometimes delayed 2-3 months for United States readers. Still great news!
  15. Hah yes my humor can come across as very dry