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  1. I can't stand Shysn and Shasnah, only Shalladin!
  2. When you call your friends sule and nobody knows what you do mean.
  3. Could Splinters be other metals? Not the godly ones but I once saw a thread with other 16 metals. That would be pretty awsome to have 32 metals instead of regular 16.
  4. Maybe mix some Surgebinding with Allomacy or make something like Great Scadrial with other planets made by diffrent Shards. On every planet there could be 2 Shards, one trapped with the power of second like Ruin and Preservation.
  5. How do you call game company that hires only zinc Mistings? Riot Games
  6. Thanks a lot guys You really helped me out with... Almost everything.
  7. That is probably stupid question but, Is it possible? If you have a bond with five sprens can you be a Super-Radiant? With all surges?
  8. I have seen couple of the Twinborns topic. So why not start new one about Radiants? I'll start. I really want Surges of abrasion and gravitation. Ofc that ones don't appear in any of Orders so I that will be hard to achieve. Imagine, sliding not only on the ground but also on the walls and roofs. Plus an ability to fly... Or rather an ability to fall in a certian direction.
  9. But doesn't Wax has the ability to create a steel bubble that normal Coinshots don't have?
  10. Hello! I recently tought about bendalloy savants. Savants gain some super ability that normal Mistings don't have. This ability is maybe moving speed bubble or shaping it in more ways. If so, they can gain something like steel feruchemy. What about Compounders? It is probably way more boosted ability to slow or speed time up. Imagine cadmium Misting that can pass days in seconds. They probably can make bubble bigger, how much bigger? Big like house? Maybe even more bigger? Any toughts?
  11. Hello! Do you remember this game? Will it be made? Date of realese everywhere is fall of 2016, but if I remember right it was moved. Were there any concept arts or gameplay? It is made by Little Orbit, I looked on the games that they have made and I am confident that it will be very bad or even worse, but I will buy it anyway cause it is Mistborn! If you know something, please tell me.
  12. Pokemon GO mayhem is real so...
  13. Heal Ruin and give him some Atium, hurt Bleeder. 5. Ruin- 7 9. Bleeder- 26 15. Taravangian- 16 19. Mraize- 51
  14. I first got my hands in the Way of Kings. Story is pretty simple, my cousin started to telling about it and I am like ''You are not normal''. But than I have bought it and I finished it in about one week. Than I read Mistborn, WoR, The Reckoners, WoA, HoA, Wax and Wayne and I am about to read White Sand.
  15. I have found Hoid at all this pictures. Coincidence? I don't think.