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  1. Briar looked suspiciously down at the dwarf. "How do you know I'm cursed?," she replied defensively. The curse was one of the only things she was self-conscious about. It had caused several people not to be her friend and others to look at her with pity or worse, like she was a freak show. Briar has learned quickly to keep the curse a secret. So how did this odd little dwarf know about it?
  2. Briar turned around, the ghost having caught her attention. "Well," she answered, "I would love to, but you see here, this guy wants to kill me and when I die, in not going to be able to play anymore. Do you understand?" Briar wondered if the ghost could do anything to help the situation. Otherwise, she would have to use diplomacy to get out, and she never was all that good at lying.
  3. "Okay, okay," Briar said, starting to worry that the sheild wouldn't hold against this guy. "I get it, you don't like the nickname." She then muttered under her breath, "Don't get your feathers in a twist. "You obviously are a very powerful guy and deserve my respect, so how about we put down our hands and talk." She wanted to get this fight over with. Briar could hold her own in small fights against people her own size, but this guy- plus his magic and his goon- was way out of her league. The silvery light worried her. He had said "if you value your sanity". Not your life, your sanity. She knew she couldn't die yet, so his threat was that much scarier. Then again, Briar was already questioning if her sanity was intact after today. Who knew, maybe it wasn't.
  4. Briar tried to step forward defensively in response to the bird's threat, but she couldn't. Briar ran into an invisible wall. What was with her and running into things today? Might as well use it to it's fullest. Briar raised an eyebrow, regaining her composure. "Is that a threat, little songbird?" Man, she was hoping the shield wouldn't break. She also was hoping that the silvery light wasn't painful. However, hoping had never gotten her anywhere. Bravado, though that had saved her several times... The wolf's threats to Yls temporarily free Briar's attention. He was about to eat the poor thing. Oh well, she wasn't too attached to it anyways. It didn't seem to matter to anyone else though, which was sad. Briar had her own problems, but if she had time, she would save the fox.
  5. "Fly away birdie," Briar said. "Unless you want to get eaten." She didn't trust this new man and his associate; she couldn't read his expression, which was dangerous because it meant she couldn't tell what he was going to do. Any time you can tell what your enemy is going to do, you have an advantage over them. That was an advantage she relied on when she went out of the castle. For all her waving of pointy metal sticks, Briar was actually a really bad fighter. She could hardly disarm a dummy, much less an actual opponent. It was bravado that kept her safe all these years, not excellence. People tended to back off when you point a sword at their throat. Other than his expression, he just looked like trouble. Like those guys who pretend they saved you from a danger they themselves set up just so they could steal even more when you've put your guard down. To say the least, Briar did not trust this guy.
  6. Briar groaned. She hated falling in public. It made her seem much clumsier than the princess persona she put on in the castle. "Hey, Solona," she called, getting up from the ground, still pointing her sword at the wolf. "Let's not make friends with the thing that's trying to eat people, okay." Ghosts, as centuries-dead people, often forgot basic rules of society (like condoning the eating of sentient beings), along with the fact that when most people get stabbed or eaten, they die. Briar loved ghosts for that. They weren't caught up in the superficial things in the world. Most didn't care that she happened to be a princess (other than a few stuffy ones in the attic above the palace). They were just good friends, never fair-weathered. Of course, there were always exceptions, but Briar got a feeling that this wasn't one of them. She had misjudged people before, though, and didn't want to get too comfortable with the ghost. Suddenly, two men appeared in the middle of the group. "Great," Briar said sarcastically. Whoever they were, they couldn't be here for a good reason.
  7. A blinding flash. Though she couldn't see, Briar took the opportunity to run from the wolf. She grabbed the dwarf's hand and ran, pulling him with her and away from the danger. Dwarf in one hand, sword in the other, Briar raced away from the wolf... At least until she, still blinded, collided with something, something that definately wasn't a tree as it hasn't been there before and trees couldn't walk (though, the way he day had been going, she wouldn't have been surprised). Briar stumbled back and fell (luckily having let go of the dwarf moments before he fell with her). "What the Hades?" she cussed, rubbing her head. Briar hissed, in her fall she had city herself with her sword, it was dangerous to run with swords. Still, it wasn't like her to be this clumsy. Sure, she had fallen off a few cliffs, but most of those had been on purpose (she didn't have a death wish, but seeing how the curse managed to get her out of life-threatening situations was entertaining, though still dangerous). She usually was more careful than this- she had to be if she didn't want to get caught by the royal guards. What was wrong with her today, or just today in general.
  8. Briar nearly jumped out of her skin having almost forgotten that the man was there. "Oh, that's a wolf that wants to eat us, over there is a ghost, by that den is a talking fox, and I'm Briar," she rushed without turning her back on the wolf. "Unless you happen to be a swordsman, I would recommend you run."
  9. Briar glared right back at the wolf, holding her sword up higher. "Unless you want to be my new fur coat," she snarled, "I suggest you get out of here."
  10. Briar heard a small thump from the other side of the tree that she had put her back against. She turned around and saw a man slumped sullenly against the other side of the tree. Poor guy, he was about to get caught up in this because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time.
  11. Briar kind of just stood there, useless, but ready to attack of the wolf made a move. This was turning out to be a really odd day for her, and she was too busy trying to wrap her head around what was happening to make a plan.
  12. Briar swiveled around, hearing the quiet greeting. She saw two figures in the warm darkness of sunset. The first and closest was a ghost. She wasn't too frightened by that, several ghosts inhabited the palace and she had even made friends with a few. No, what scared her was the big grey wolf. It was wearing a mobster suit of all things, and the hat could have been laughable if he didn't look like he sees about to eat her. Her eyes grew wide and Briar drew her sword. Sure, he may not be able to kill her until a month from then, but he could still swallow her whole or bite of a few limbs in the process.
  13. Briar stares for a moment, baffled by the talking fox. As she can hardly leave the castle without getting caught, Briar has never left her kingdom where speaking animals are rare. She blushes slightly, embarrassed for staring, and says, "Oh, um, I'm sorry. I'll not bother you again. I guess I'll just grab my stuff and go then." Briar waves at Yls, collects her stuff, and starts to leave. I guess I'll have to get a new hideout then, she thinks to herself. Too bad, this place was beautiful.
  14. My personal theory is that Doomslug is a type of animal from Words of Radiance (where most of the animals are crustacean-like) without a shell. The eating question is important because Doomslug likes to eat krem.