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  1. From the album Thunderclast Art

  2. From the album Thunderclast Art

  3. From the album Way of Kings Short Film

    A promo I made for the upcoming Cosmere charity live-stream! It's being promoted here on the 17th shard, and you can find the details here:
  4. From the album Way of Kings Short Film

    I met Brandon recently and decided to give him this remastered poster as a gift on canvas. This is now ultra HD, with the 'Linil' glyph stylised properly (Thanks to 17th Shard member BlackYeti for pointing that out), with a less distracting sky and several other small improvements. Enjoy!
  5. From the album Shardblades

    Here's the vector I made for the Sunraiser glyphs
  6. Me and my team just finished out Stormlight fan-made movie! Let me know what you think! Also there's a link in the description on a 'making-of' documentary on how I made this movie happen if you're interested http:// @BrandSanderson Also a behind-the-scenes documentary of how we made the movie if you're interested! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PIdr664qpMQ
  7. The movie will be 2 minutes! Just a short film
  8. Hi all! I'm about to release my unofficial Stormlight short film! Have a look at the trailer and tell me what you think
  9. I used Adobe Illustrator to design this glyph. Thanks for pointing out the missing lines, though I purposely left them out. Hard to know if everything on the stylised Linil glyph on the left was relevant, so I left out the lines that would make it harder to look like a sword
  10. From the album Way of Kings Short Film

    As member BlackYeti helpfully pointed out, Elhokar's version of 'Linil' is stylised to look like a sword. Not being able to find an official depiction, I just drew up my own. On the left is the original Linil glyph that is stylised to look like a tower, and the right is my design. I tried to include the main strokes for the sword style, though I had no idea what the simple version of Linil actually looks like! Anyways, if any other fans can help me out with the small details, please feel free to get in touch!
  11. Yeah I decided to go with a bit of suspension of disbelief with the arrows. It just looks so much better with them in the ground hahaha. It's hard to notice, but there are more arrows on the right of screen than the left. So there's definitely a direction. I did have them all on the same angle sticking into the ground, but it looked a little... uniform? They needed a little more chaos. Just a bit.
  12. Nitpicks are exactly what I'm after! Thanks for letting me know. I've done my best to get the small details right, but I was afraid there were some things that I missed. I'll change that today. I'll do my best with the Chasmfiend too. Our team is 7 people in total, though as some members are also a part of other teams, we usually have about 5 working on this at the one time. We're all students, and we are making this as a final class assignment. We're using Maya, with the Renderman render engine. In addition, we are also using 3D coat, Substance Painter, Nuke, Photoshop, Illustrator and Premiere pro