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  1. Happy birthday!

  2. Yeah... I realize that now, @ElephantEarwax I am relatively new here, and didn't realize I could edit my posts. But hey! I'm learning!
  3. And actually I don't know if they would get smarter over time. I could be like... Way off here, though. Makes sense to me, though.
  4. I have actually thought about this,
  5. Yes, if I remember correctly.
  6. I had signed up for the news letter back in August, just to read the prose, and I guess I did something wrong, because I haven't received any newsletters yet. I did it again today, so hopefully one comes out soon, because I really want to read it!
  7. I just found out who the voidbringers are. Who they really are. Just fishing for everyone else's thoughts on this.
  8. The way Hemalurgy works, as far as I understand, is the spike sorta latches on to the victims spirit web-- what makes them, them-- and rips off the corresponding chunk of whatever that latched on to. The possibilities here are endless. The spirit web is everything about somebody, including magic and stuff like that. So, stealing a Spren, or stealing BioChromatic Breath, is possible. I would imagine that, since the spirit web makes up everything that a person is, though not physically, creativity could be taken.
  9. I don't know if this has already been brought up, but I realized something. I was re-reading the Lift chapter in WoR, when I realized that Wyndle is referring to Cultivation as Mother. I thought that Spren were children, rather splinters, of Honor, so is it possible that Spren could be literal children of Honor and Cultivation? Or at least some Spren. Because we know that they were romantically involved, coming to Roshar. Or, like Feurochemy is a mix of Ruin and Preservation, maybe some orders of the Knights Radiant are a mix of Honor and Cultivation. Although, I am also pretty sure that the Old Magic is of Cultivation. Sorry... Not so much a theory, rather a bunch of thought provoking questions!