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  1. I started thinking it could be Alcatraz, or Rithmatist...
  2. While him being a main character would be cool, that really wouldn't be necessary, interludes would still be really cool, if just a hint of what is going on on the other side. However I can see how it might be too Cosmere heavy. If he makes the afterlife a bigger point in future books then maybe. I just keep thinking of the prelude to the series and what all that was about where the Heralds went. It seems like there will be Herald viewpoints, so that should be made clearer. And Mistborn was pretty 'Cosmere heavy', wasn't it? We at least saw shards, even if we didn't get complete explanations in the main series. So we could totally see war against Odium without having to know all about him and thus dragging the books through the Cosmere. Lots of really cool ways the viewpoints could go though...Renarin will be fantastic, as will Jasnah...although I hope if we get Taln we get his actual personality for part of the time at least. He must have such a cool story, being abandoned and everything.
  3. So there has been a lot of discussion about future Stormlight books, and the possibility that characters will die before we get their flashback story. I think this might have been the case for Dalinar, before his flashbacks were moved to book 3. This idea also prompted thoughts about how even if a character dies, they might still have a story, fighting with the Heralds to get back the Tranquiline Halls, aka fixing the Rosharian afterlife (this is only speculation and theories). I just came to the interesting conclusions: Gavilar is dead, thus in this <broken> afterlife We could get a flashback story for him, probably in the latter half of the series Also in the latter half, he could be the viewpoint character for the afterlife If Dalinar dies, there could be a very sweet reunion scene (whether canon or fanfiction)
  4. Interesting, thank you for the info, @maxal! It does still seem a possibility that Shshsh is slightly cosmere aware, Adolin and Adonalsium are just too similar.
  5. The hair is interesting. On Roshar, it is a clear sign of heritage, so it helps identify and descriube characters quickly. There is an interesting connection between its importance and the Royal Locks... I had been opposed to the idea that Shshsh could have royal locks because it seems like it would be obvious if that were passed on. But if the person themself needed to acknowledge or be aware of their inheritance, maybe it would work. Another connection that may or may not be relevant: becoming a Knight Radiant or possesing Shardplate lightens your eyes, a physical change just like the Royal Locks.
  6. That would make even more sense! And since the Ghostbloods especially have worldhoppers among their ranks, she could have still heard of Adonalsium.
  7. Oh yes, I definitely don't think that it's Sarene, that would cause so many problems.
  8. Upvoted because well I loved this part in case you couldn't tell
  9. So, after wandering through the forums, I have formulated my first theory post. This theory: Which uses the excerpt from Stormlight 3 to suppose that Sarene is Dalinar's wife, which I'm not sure about, but it does look like Dalinar's wife and her brother could be Worldhoppers, possibly 17th Shard members, and this post, Which, in the midst of another discussion, points out something I saw before I knew what Adonalsium was, which is that the letters in Adolin are in Adonalsium as well. And it's just really strange that the names are so similar. In the same post, Devo also theorizes that when Wit name drops Adonalsium in WoK to Dalinar, Now, it would make sense that Dalinar knows nothing about the coincidence, but what about his wife? Again, going off of the assumption that she is not from Roshar, which is based on the Dalinar flashback reading we get where she is very clumsy, trying to use her left hand for everything, implying she isn't used to it, etc., she would know about Adonalsium. Now the question is why.... Thoughts and advice appreciated!