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  1. Yes, I agree its part of the foreshadowing of his becoming Harmony (who is such a totally cool god). I would point out that Sazed never wanted to become Harmony, or even the Hero if Ages, as can be evidenced by that wonderful opening of "I am, unfortunately, the Hero of Ages".
  2. I've read the series a few times and am now going through listening to it on audio. I realize my idea doesn't have a lot of support, but it just grabbed me this time around and so I'm throwing it out there to see if it's stronger than I thought or if it falls down with a few taps...
  3. I am just finishing listening to The Hero of Ages and a particular line hit me - "If (Preservation) has not returned, then has, perhaps, someone else taken up his power to use in (this fight)? Is that not what your teachings say will happen? That which has been sundered must again begin to find its whole." Sazed is talking to the First Generation as they try to decide if it is time for the Resolution. But his words seem to encompass more than just the battle for the survival of the kandra, or even Scadrial, itself. It sounds like a clue as to a role Sazed may very well play in the larger scheme of the Cosmere. I know Hoid has often been referenced as having a much larger role in the greater events of the Cosmere, but we still do not know what his specific plans are. We do not know of a certainty tha Hoid will be "the hero" and fix everything, himself He has plans, but those plans remain in shadow for the most part. Then there is the fact that, next to the Stormlight Archive, the Mistborn series is the largest we know of in the works of the Cosmere. Brandon has shown how he likes to present his endgame in plain sight, even while it remains hidden without a bit of effort on the part of the reader to truly understand it. It is rather easy to see the foreshadowing that has since come to pass when we reread his books, and this has the same sort of feel to me as those other clues. So, in a nutshell, my theory is this - Sazed stands as a foil to Odium and will be the one to take up the power of Adonalsium, restoring all the Shards to One Purpose, become the new god of the Cosmere, beneath the One Beyond. Okay - let's rip this apart now! EDIT: I so forgot to mention the fact Sazed and the prophecies are both of the Worldbringers, and it has been made clear there is something very significant about that.
  4. I agree the basic foundation of the evolution of the local ecology is a natural one, so maybe calling this a side effect isn't the right term. What I am trying to show is that I believe that the magic of the Cosmere actually hastens that evolution and creates evolutionary paths that are beyond what would occur naturally. I could see grass evolving naturally to possess the same qualities as the flora in the eastern region of Roshar's supercontinent if given enough time. From what I understand of the nature of the Highstorms, however, that couldn't occur without outside interference. The Highstorms occur at least once a week from what I gather, making normal evolution unlikely. Unlike Scadrial, where we have in-story evidence of a different ecology once existing, I don't remember there being any such clues in the Stormlight Archives. That would infer the ecology has been like that through the Desolations, just as the Highstorms have continued to occur over that same timeframe. Shards have the ability to choose the manner in which magic is manifested (Alomancy, Aon Dor, and Awakening to name three). I believe they can choose more than just that, determining exactly how magic will effect the world they have chosen to inhabit. When a Shard is not present, or when only fragments remain, I believe the magic of the cosmere still works as an add-on to nature instead of simply being a part of it. It has the feel of being more like a macro or script that alters/shapes how nature plays out. Brandon has said he likes to create magic that follows observable, scientific rules, which is why the magic of the Cosmere meshes so well with the ecology of its worlds. But the things that happen feel more like it works in conjunction with nature instead of merely being a part of it. So, yeah, calling this a side affect was a poor choice of words on my part. Perhaps I should have said something like 'effects of magic on the natural laws of Cosmere worlds.'
  5. Alright, I just had a crazy thought about another purpose of magic (or at least a side effect) in the Cosmere. I was just reading a transcript by Blightsong while at OdysseyCon earlier this year. At one point, Blightsong asks Brandon if magic occurs on Sel because there was a stronger cognative presence in certain areas than others. Between that and Brandon's answer, that threw me off into a tangent about the nature of the storms that renews Stormlight across Roshar. On Roshar, flora especially has evolved to survive the hurricane force power of the storms; the farther away from the initial landfall, the less mutated the flora has become. In Shen, the grass is just grass like we know it instead of the flora capable of hiding whenever anything brushes against it. I believe that magic in the Cosmere acts as a catalyst for life and diversity. It is a method through which evolution perpetuates survival on not only Roshar, but on every planet in the Cosmere. On First of the Sun, an invested parasite exists that we know promotes survival traits in various species of birds. It is also likely there is another parasite (if not the same one) that allows other creatures to hunt by sensing thought patterns. Nalthis exhibits (to our knowledge) a single jungle environment which has culminated in the Tears of Edgli, a plant capable of producing superior dyes in a world where magic uses the pigmentation of color as part of what powers it. This effect of magic seems to be further exemplified in worlds where there are either no Shards or worlds where shards have been shattered. In such places, the Shardpools that exist seem to act as points where life and change are kicked into overdrive. Again, on First of the Sun, it is only at Patji's Eye that the magical parasite exists. On Elantris, Devotion's Shardpool acts as a focal point around which the Shaod effects those tied into the region (those with Arelon blood). On Roshar, the Shardpool in the Horneater Peaks allows only those with Horneater blood to enter and live. It seems likely that Rock's ability to see spren and whatever else he can do is associated with that Shardpool. As spren play a strong role in the magic of Roshar, it is probable that the abilities Rock possesses will aid in the survival of the Horneater people and all of Roshar because of an evolution of Rock's people we haven't seen yet. So there it is - my crazy, wild idea about a side effect of magic in the Cosmere. Feel free to rip it apart now!
  6. If it isn't, you could make it one
  7. Don't you fret; we won't offer you any cookies if that's not your like. I'm sure we can find something you'll enjoy... In all seriousness, welcome and I hope you enjoy this sight and Brandon's works as much as we all do!
  8. Welcome back MrMistborn! Glad to see the hemalurgic cookies have influenced you to return. Sucks to hear you are still waiting to get your hands on White Sand. While it's only the first third of the book, it opens up a lot more of the Cosmere, both answering questions and asking many more (One of my favourite types of storytelling)!
  9. My own understanding is that many of the qualities of spren are a reflection of human perception. Another example is their similarity to the quantum uncertainty principle in which they are in constant flux until measured, at which point they fix to that size until the measurement is removed (and I'm willing to bet it's alot more like the uncertainty principle than we have seen thus far). Spren are described by Syl as parts of the very forces of creation/nature. They gain sentience in the physical realm through a nahel bond. It seems logical that the bond grants more than sentience to the spren; one of those other things is gender based on what the human wishes to perceive. That perception seems to favor the opposite gender. This ties in to the culture of the Alethi and most everyone else that strives to hold to Alethi ideals. Women and men have been given certain traits that are deemed appropriate, and those traits seem to focus on requiring the man and woman to be equal partners. A great example of this is that a man may tun the household or lead others to battle, but the woman handles keeping track of the finances to ensure they stay in the black or to act as scribe for any correspondence that the soldier may need to send or when he receives a communique. I could be wrong, but it does seem that Brandon set this particular culture up that way.
  10. Not sure if this is the correct place, but just an observation about spren. I have been rereading the Stormlight Archive and it just clicked that every spren seems to be for purpose of human perception the opposite sex of the human they bond with. Shallan has Pattern, Kaladin has Syl, Lift has Wyndle, Jasnah has a male (can't remember the name at the moment). Knowing Brandon, there is a reason for that. Now I'll be obsessing over what the reason might be.
  11. For those here who write, I am curious - what is your favorite genre to write? If it's not listed speciffically in the choices, feel free to comment on it. And no, I'm not making a difference between Adult and Young Adult. I personally like writing sci-fi the most, although I dabble in pretty much any genre that has magic/technology.
  12. Yes, pure...
  13. Welcome, EmeraldSash. It's super cool you're such a devoted reader! For your fantastic reading skills, have some cookies!
  14. I would say the description of the flying craft seemed odd but the demonstration of how much more the magics of Scadrial can do and how much we still don't know. It makes me wonder about how the magics of the other worlds of the Cosmere could be used in an advanced technological setting. As far as you finding the craft lacking, that's just your preference (like Daniyah said). That's the really cool thing about reading. There so much out there that everyone can find something he or she likes and no one needs to bash someone else for liking something different, or for not liking a thing.