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  1. Oof, this one ran down to the wire indeed, based on that last batch of votes. I'm afraid I haven't followed along much after I died as I've been rather busy with my study. The only evil person I picked up on while I was still alive was Mailliw, and that might have been more a case of begin right for the wrong reasons. Anyway, I'd say this one was well-played by everyone.
  2. @Furamirionind, have you also considered that Fifth answered that question the way he did because Joe isn't actually a player? In other news, the people that joined the Araris wagon late are just a bit more likely to be village unless bard is evil, as there would be little reason for the elims to commit to a mislynch in the closing stages of the cycle otherwise. Its hardly a guarantee of their alignment, but its something to start with.
  3. I've done a quick review of the day so far. First of all, Mailliw. I'd actually missed a post by them, which added a bit of context tot heir vote on me. I still don't like that vote as I don't see how they went from 'disagreeing with Rand's suggestion' to 'therefore rand is an elim', but there are others I'm a bit more suspicious off right now, which are Araris and Rae. Furami has already made a fairly decent case against Araris, but he missed one thing that really stood out to me: I might be reading too much into this, but it seems to me that Araris seems to be trying to push a 'village and mistborn aren't that different' idea here, which combined with his reaction on someone suggesting a focus on the mistborn makes me suspect he might actually be one of the two mistborn. I'm somewhat suspicious of Rae for much the same reason, as she too suggested that the elims where a bigger threat than the mistborn, which is untrue(the mistborn have a kill, just like the elims, and have no reason not to use it each cycle in the pursuit of their wincon. Their goal might be to kill the elims, but the village will likely loose about as many members to them as to the elims, and if they succeed, the vilalge will loose just as much as when the elims win). For this reason, I'm going to vote on Rae fro now, but I might add my vote onto Araris if that vote gains more traction. Regarding the Joe vote, I see no reason why someone would vote on Joe purely because they have some sort of secret role.
  4. Note exactly. PM's are basically the same as always, with risks for easier manipulation bye elims and the like, but in this particular game they've got the benefit of making things more difficult for the unstable mistborn. @Arraenae, I very much disagree that the unstable mistborn can be ignored until we've caught a couple of elims. In my experience, elim teams are often like a couple of dominos. Unless the elim team is really good with their distancing and bussing, once one falls, several others will follow. So by the time we've lynched a couple of the elim team chances are that getting the rest of them is pretty easy. edit: it seems a lot of people disagree with my suggestion earlier. I can understand that, of course, as I wasn't completely sold on it either, but believed it needed to be discussed. If we're doing discussion in the thread as usual, I do need to stress that we need to hunt for the unstable mistborn from the very beginning.
  5. That actually makes them more difficult to pin down though, because as has been said before, in thread they'd appear to be pure village because they have the same objective. This actually came up during QF37 as well: that by sharing information with a limited amount of people (as opposed to for example, everyone), you can gain information by seeing what happens. If you make a good case against someone that has been flying under the radar in PM's, and that person subsequently dies to a night-kill, it suggests that someone in your PM-circle might be Zane. If everyone has the info about that suspicion, no new information is gained.
  6. Okay, people seem to be misunderstanding the idea I presented, or at least seem to think I meant something more extreme than I did. I never said that we should not share anything in the thread, but there's definitely a middle ground between 'sharing top ten lists of people you think most suspicious' and 'just voting without saying anything'. I also never said I believed that idea was something that everyone needed to put into practice. I do admit I'd missed how restricted PM's would be this game, but the overall point stands. Its quite possible to have a meaningful lynch discussion without giving the mistborn all the tools they need to track down the remainder of the elims, but I don't know whether its worth the additional loss of information whenever someone dies, which is why I brought it forward as a point of discussion. The fact that a bunch of people instead seem to be using it as a D1 lynch excuse without commenting on why it might be a good or bad idea is interesting, to put it mildly. In particular, I expected a lot better from Mailliw. Accusing people off 'treason' because they're trying to figure out how best to approach a non-standard game setup is very unproductive. Is definitely not going to help people speak their mind.
  7. @Araris Valerian, if you vote on ark wasn't a poke vote, what was it motivated by? Just the fact that you wanted to lynch somebody and didn't particularly care who? I mostly agree with Fura's role analysis (and I'm thankful for that, as it saves me from having to do something similar while I don't really have the time for it). However, I would like to point out that certain roles, such as smoker 2, rioter 1 and soother 1 might decide to abstain from using their roles in the opening stages of the game to avoid fouling up investigative roles and keep the elims guessing at the amount of vote manip available respectively. Now, I've got a bit of a point of discussion that I'd like to hear people's stances on. Normally I'm all for always being open with your analysis and sharing all your suspicions with the thread. However, because the village loses if all the elims get caught before the unstable mistborn are brought down, a case could be made for keeping suspicions outside of your voting decisions more under wraps, and playing the elim-hunting game more in PM's. I'm not sure which way I lean here, and I'm curious what the opinions of other people are.
  8. I was going to sit a couple of games out to focus on my master's Thesis. However, I just realized that this is the post-championship game, and those are generally intersting as people are fired up from spectating the championship, so I'll be Joining up as De'Tess, a kandra that unfortunately got stuck in a city under siege after her last contract ended early with he death of her client. I probably won't have time for much RP, but I'll do my best to keep up with reads and everything else related to solving the game.
  9. You know what the worst thing was? I'd woken up just a bit before the end of that cycle, and after seeing Maill's post I was seriously considering asking Kidpen to submit the kill instead. So not only did you have a hunch, I had a counter-hunch. It's just a shame I didn't act on it.
  10. You know, I wonder if this was actually an anti-rope gambit. Don't submit a kill, and let the village mislynch on a rope if one was used. Ah well, I'll learn what actually went down in a couple of days at most. Ugh, I'm sorry I'm so late in responding. I was pretty dead so I couldn't get my customary evening post up. Anyway, I'm going to put my vote on cadcom. He was the most ready to jump on this admission, rather than waiting to see if anyone else had been blocked, and given the mislynches we had the last two cycles that bothers me.
  11. So I should have kept information behind and waited fro someone to claim to have used a rope on me? Safer for me to own up and not paint a potential target on someone's back by forcing them to claim the act.
  12. Wait, what? That doesn't check out at all. This means that either both mailliw and cadcom are elims, or one of kidpen or Joe is evil. Apart from my attempt to get cadvom's breath total, who else got roleblocked? Everyone except xinoehp was active so I doubt the elims forgot to submit a kill. edit: okay, I've read through what happened in the cycle yesterday. @Mailliw73, can you explain your suspicion of me? You said you had a case but never actually presented it. I'm assuming you were also the one to roleblock me then?
  13. That might have been what you intended to say, but not what I understood from it. I read it to mean that you just considered yourself responsible because you'd been championing the 'lynch cadcom' side of things, rather than you'd been actively recruiting people to vote that way in PM's, and that seems like something that you'd state explicitly if you wanted to share it (Aluminium hat-theory: Sart got killed by the elims to hide that this recruitment was going on by elim!Maill, which made the lynch of Alvron go smoother). Anyway, based on their positions on the steel wagon, I'm leaning fairly village on Joe and Kidpen. That leaves me a suspect-pool of just 3 players, being cadcom, mailliw and Xinoehp. If we assume 3 elims, then 2 of these 3 need to be evil. I don't think Mailliw and cadcom are both evil (and if they are, then i congratulate them on their acting-skills), so the elim team would either be cadcom and Xinoehp or Mailliw and Xinoehp. I feel like the pairing of Xinoehp-cadcom fits slightly better due to the way Xinoehp seemed somewhat protective of cadcom during C1. So, the safest option would seem to be lynching Xinoehp, as by my estimate he's guaranteed to be evil. Of course, that leaves resolving mailliw/cadcom to the next cycle, but something might help make it clearer which of them would be evil. However, I don't feel 100% certain excluding @A Joe in the Bush and @Kidpen from the list of suspects, because both of them have been pretty quiet, so I'd love to hear some thoughts from them. For now I'll lodge a vote against Xinoehp.
  14. So, if not Alv, then who? I mentioned last cycle that I can see a cadcom-Xinoehp team-up, but Alvron's reveal that apparently Mailliw had asked him to vote for cadcom is intersting. In and of itself its understandable as mailliw seems rather suspicious of cadcom. However, Mailliw didn't bring this forward in defence of Alvron when the votes starts piling up on him, and that is suspicious imo. I'll take a look around to see if I can figure out who a potential team-mate for elim!mailliw could be.
  15. That's interesting, but the more damning vote was your vote in C2 that directly rescued steel from the lynch. Was there outside influence on that one as well? @Mailliw73, do you have anytging to add to this?