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  1. I absolutely love the 'lynch ends X minutes earlier than announced' mechanic. It's a pretty elegant way to add some risk to attempting a hammer. Unfortunately, I don't know if I'll have time to play this one yet.
  2. And how he knew Devotion hadn't moved. I'd wondered about the specifics of the ability that allowed him to know that.
  3. I don't think your chosen wincon was impossible, but you'd have needed to either become Hoid's faction, or do some hardcore diplomacy. If you could have formed a win-together coalition early with two other factions you could have been a very useful partner early on, while only needing minimal aid from them on the final cycle to win.
  4. I thought it was rather funny to see @Fifth Scholar speculating about Ruin blowing up Scadrial at the end, as 1) that was where our entire faction was and 2) Scadrial has been invaluable to achieving our win-con.
  5. This was a pretty awesome game. I still think it's a shame the coalition victory didn't happen. For those wondering, we where serious about that. If the Stewards had spoken up and pledged to delay, we'd have done the same. It seems that it'd have also been possible for all surviving factions but the Joe cloud to win on the next cycle. Anyway, I did learn something interesting this game: Apparently it's really easy to weave a coherent story out of a spread of Tarot cards. Well, either that or this stuff actually works, but I doubt it . Anyway, I'd really like to thank everyone, including of course Seonid and Joe, for a great and memorable game that had me on the edge of my seat at the end.
  6. Nah, you should trust your own analysis, even if you get it wrong a lot, because without it you've got almost nothing to hold on to in this game. Never trust the analysis of anyone else though, especially those that are very analytical like Aman or me, as we can easily be evil or completely wrong. I'd also like to apologize for you for the extreme amounts of suspicion and paranoia I had for you. Especially in the late game I'd narrowed the false fielder down to you or CadCom, and my gut was certain it was you. On the other hand, going after BR was also partly based on recommendations from my gut, so I guess it wasn't completely wrong. From the spec doc: So yeah, now you know all those warning signs are completely useless and shouldn't be heeded Anyway, Good game everyone, and thanks to Fith and Elandera for running it!
  7. But yeah, apart from some frustration aimed at myself for clearing some people too quickly and not taking my list for possible false-fielders to it's conclusion, I'd like to say that both sides played pretty well this game
  8. Okay, so which elim was the other one in the fielders doc? I think it'd have to have been cadcom, as it wasn't Sart and it didn't really seem like Aman. And I'm pretty sure I called Aman being Padan Fain. Or at least I almost asked the GM's how much Irony had played a role in determining who was who. And you'd think I'd have learned by now that being 2nd or so on an elim lynch doesn't mean someone was confirmed good, and from the initial list of suspects for the false fielder only Furami and cadcom where left... Edit: oops, hadn't read correctly, apparently Aman wasn't Padan Fain after all. That'd have been so beautifully ironic given his RP though...
  9. Alright, I don't have time to do an in-depth review, but I can do a quick review of who I'd prefer role!Rand to hit. As I've said before, I consider Steeldancer, cadcom and Furami pretty much cleared (in that order from most to least cleared). IIRC we also know, or at least heavily suspect, that Aginor has been somewhat active (I remember someone claiming to have lost their vote while they forgot to defend, but I can't find it now), so Aginor is probably not among the low activity/pinch-hit players, leaving Amanuensis, Mark IV and Karnatrheon. Of these 3 I'd be most suspicious of Mark IV and least of Karnatheon, so I'd like to see Rand hit Mark IV if at all possible.
  10. You actually had me doubt myself for a second, but I looked it up:
  11. @Amanuensis, Anyone can have multiple roles. Aginor could, for example, also be a Fal Dara warrior, an Emond's Fielder and be in Moiraine's circle. For example, Both Devotary and Ark had multiple roles. Edit: also, completely forgot to mention this; Happy Koloss head-munching day everyone! What do you all think is the best sauce to serve Koloss head's with?
  12. Okay, I'm really lost now. Either the elim team is only 3 people, or it's something ridiculous like Cadcom, Furami, Karnatheon and Steeldancer. I might have time for some more analysis later this cycle, but I can't promise anything.
  13. Unfortunately, that is all I've got time for right now. I'm going to vote mr doctor as he fits in most teams, and because a number of his interactions (as outlined in my post above) look pretty fishy in hindsight.
  14. I'm going to do my best to go through all players on my suspicions list and compare their interactions. However, I can't guarantee I'll complete it today. Joe I'm starting off easy. Joe only has a single post (and STINK before that only had one as well). He voted on Mark following Aman's lead (and brought some reasons why he thought Aman was village), and expressed hesitance at voting for Drought because he hadn't been able to read through all his posts yet. This post is NAI, and more importantly, doesn't exclude him from being on the elim team with either Aman or Mark. The lynch had by then been solidified, so elim!joe could have voted to distance himself from elim!mark. His soft defense of Aman could have been an attempt from elim!joe to get into village!Aman's good books or help elim!Aman. karn karn Has made a lot of posts. It's less than 600 though, so I guess I've got that going for me. There is surprisingly enough not much in the way of links to other people. He read Doctor as village pretty early on in the game, but that's about it. Now for a quick intermezzo: @A Joe in the Bush, there could be 3 elims, but I'll assume 4 until proven otherwise. mr Doctor In this post he talks about being wary of Karantheon in response to a post by Mark. More interesting is his stated suspicion of Young Bard over his vote against BR, which he said was poorly justified, but at the same time he also said that the vote against him was a test of BR and steeldancer. This feels off to me, as if you believe someone has poorly justified their vote, then them flipping village wouldn't tell you much about the persons they where voting on because the vote was poorly justified. It seems like he's trying to bet on multiple horses at once, which makes me suspicious of him given young bard's and BR's alignments. D3 he listed Karnatheon as village, but being watched, and Mark IV as Neutral. nothing particularly interesting here apart from that and doesn't preclude him from being team-mates with either of these two. last day-cycle he shared some more player analysis. I think his read of Furami is of particular note,as he keeps open all possibilities, and then hinges it on the Droughtbrigner vote, which he later reiterates by stating that given how Drought flipped, Furami is more suspicious than himself. I don't see much in that would prevent him from being team-mates with anyone in my group of interest, but I can see the case against him a lot better now. Mark IV Interestingly enough, he'd thrown early shade at BR, which I'd forgotten about. He did that in a way that was supposed to make other people take a deeper look at BR, which generally would be a poor distancing tactic. There's also some early shade-throwing at Karnatheon. In both these cases he keeps all his options open, but his interaction with Karnatheon seems more specific and pointed than with BR. Apart from this, there's the whole discussion between him and Aman, which I've talked about a bit before. His post about BR has got me thinking again. it didn't really have a bite to it and it only came after someoen esle took a look at BR. However, because of the relative lack of bite it'd have been a poor distancing post, as it'd have been difficult to point back to and say 'hey look, I was definitely very suspicious of BR!'. On the other hand, he's asking people to take a closer look at BR, which is once again dangerous, because it increases the risk of someone finding something that could get her lynched without ti benefiting elim!mark much.