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  1. 'can predict the future?' is a fairly decent prediction (technically they'd also do for the past and present). The trick is to combine them with tapping Chromium and a load of BS, and maybe something sensible will come from it
  2. If you've got a plan, go for it. I didn't have anything specific in mind, but it is the kind of essence that more obviously combines with a lot of stuff. Anyway, as long as snipexe keeps day-PM's open, I'll keep that item in reserve. If someone expects to really need Pm's during a night cycle, either PM me during the day, or say so in the thread.
  3. Can you refer me to the exact post in which Sart outed cadcom? as far as I could tell he never named the Highspren he was talking about, but I could easily have missed that.
  4. If anyone wants to keep PM's open, combing crystal and smoke gives you an item that opens PM's for a turn. Secondly, Cadcom, I expect that essence to be returned to me ASAP Lastly, I'm pretty suspicious of Sart now. He went after Fifth pretty hard, and given that one of his arguments was about the lack of info-security, him readily outing Fith's claimed role and putting a high-spren in the spotlight reads as odd, to put it mildly. Start then backed off slightly from his suspicions after the lynch had been locked in and shifted blame to the bandwagon for the lynch, which seems typical for an elim knowing he's about to lynch a villager. In the same vein though: @Lumgol, why did you out cadcom as the highspren? as far as I can tell there was little indication that they where the highspren mentioned by Sart.
  5. It looks like this is going to be one of those cycles where all the interesting stuff happens after I've gone to bed. I don't think a lynch on Dapper is warranted at this point given his apparent new-ness. I'm having trouble finding insights to share, so it doesn't surprise me much that a newer player would find little to share as well. @Ark1002, what changed your opinion about Dapper exactly? Lumgol himself stated that his opinions were not exactly rock solid. I really don't have any good reasons to vote on anyone right now, nor do I have the time or energy to go hunting before this cycle is over. Right now I'm leaning slightly village on Snip and Devotary regarding their sharing of their crafting work, but that's hardly a firm read, while I've got a minor suspicion of Levitaph for reasons shared earlier, and I don't think Lumgol's vote on Dapper is warranted this cycle given Dapper being a rather new player. I'm going to refrain from voting this cycle, as I really can't justify any vote right now.
  6. Has Dapper played before? That influences how I'm reading his actions so far.
  7. This game feels pretty slow for some reason. Slow enough that I'm having trouble forming suspicions, at any rate. I wouldn't mind resolving Lumgol's slot at some point, but I see little reason to do that right now, given that she is one of the more active players. If they're evil, giving her more time will give us more to look at. If she's good, giving her more time increases the chances of her contributing something that proves her alignment. @Rathmaskal, you haven't posted yet this cycle. I'm currently harboring some mild suspicion of Levitaph, though that's fueled in large part by a lack of familiarity with their playstyle. The thing that bothers me a bit was them repeatedly bringing up people using one playstyle or another as a smoke screen for being an elim while tunneling pretty hard on Lumgol. Tunneling would actually make for a pretty decent smokescreen in and of itself, as it creates the illusion of activity and involvement with finding elims while reducing the amount of info you give away about yourself.
  8. Interesting that they decided to kill Elandera. From what I've heard about the last game, recruiting her would have made more sense. Maybe that move was just a bit too obvious though. Anyway, let's start with a couple of pokes on people. @Dr. Dapper, I do hope to hear a bit more of your thoughts this cycle, as you're clearly following along, but haven't really contributed anything yet. @Ark1002, @xinoehp512, the game has begun, it's time to join in . Anyway, there isn't much I can say right now that hasn't already been said, so let's see if I can tease out some information instead. @Levitaph, is there anyone else you've got a village or elim lean on? @Lumgol, would you consider yourself a better or worse candidate for conversion after the way the votes developed yesterday? (mentions break here, unfortunately) Cadcom, you mentioned that you believe Sart being innocent for now, despite pointing out that the vote manipulation could have occured for evil!sart as well if sja'anat had the right kind of spren already as enlightened buddy. Can you elaborate on that a bit more? Fifth, you remarked on the speed with which the lumgol bandwagon dissolved. Now that you know coops alignment, does the vote-swing have any effect on your read on Lumgol?
  9. Fura, I give you a full Chromium-mind and a deck of Tarot cards. May they help you make the right leaps of logic and faith.
  10. Just saying, Sart removing the vote only proves they are not sja'anat, but there's no guarantee sja'anat started alone. Anyway, the way the votes moved last cycle was really quite interesting, but unfortunately it'll take at least a couple of other people dying for information to be gotten out of it.
  11. I do basically agree with most of what you've said, but I'm kinda missing the link to this making Sart suspicious. Could you explain that a bit more?
  12. Huh, it's odd seeing a bandwagon start up so early in D1. I can see the argument against Lumgol, with the post asking about whether to focus on Sja'anat in particular feeling off (seems like they where trying to somehow cover for sja'anat?). However, at that time no one else had really done enough to warrant player analysis. Her vote on Fifth also feels wrong, as it's a self-preservation vote in the first half of the cycle. I'd expect a villager to try and find an actual target, rather than throwing a vote on a random wagon. Fifth's response feels a bit over the top, though I know I would feel a bit frustrated about the voting happening if I was in his shoes, irrespective of my alignment. His reasoning is definitely solid, but Lumgol was by far the easiest target (as in most suspicious, by D1 standards at least) to push a lynch through, so I'd say it is pretty NAI. I agree that Rathmaskal often comes across as hedging, and I'm fairly certain I've tried to lynch him for that more than once while he was village. Coop's vote feels very off to me. First of all, his vote comes late enough in the lumgol wagon that by D1 standards it could very easily lock the wagon in. Then, there's this lasts sentence: This seems just way too much on the nose in regards to trying to affirm village-ness. The apologetic tone also makes it seem to me like they don't really believe in that lynch, which is odd if they where a villager thinking they where voting on an elim. Right now, Coop and Lum are my main suspicions, but I'll be going with Coop for now. Levitaph, this might be a meta-difference between this forum and the forum you're used to, but most of the active players tend to be pretty open with their suspicions and suggestions, under the reasoning that it's better to die early having contributed, than survive to the end while not really adding anything to finding the elims (or worse, dying early while not having shared any of our suspicions). If I hadn't been very busy yesterday, I'd probably also have made a post that'd be in the same "super helpful" category (I usually start off with some analysis on the available roles).
  13. Sja'anat, could I be put in a doc with Furami so I can ask him all about this in a slightly less formal setting? Thanks! Anyway, given that it's just become a point of discussion, I don't think activity, or a lack of it, will be particularly alignment indicative in this game. Generally active people will be active, generally not-so-active people might not be, just like always. If it was a pure conversion game sja'anat would probably not convert any complete inactive, but since there might already be a couple of people in the elim team, that's no guarantee either. *** Alabaster was hurrying through one of Celebrant's side alleys. He hadn't joined the spren waiting fro the next shipment, as he wasn't exactly welcome among much of his kin these days. He didn't understand that. Causation had been obvious, and he'd acted to protect everyone. A serious blow to one of the unmade had even been struck with his aid. But still he was shunned, his deeds considered the start of redemption at best. Well, that suits me fine. We all fight in our own way, after all, and I've never been one to lead the charge. Sudden screaming interrupted his train of thoughts. It started at the docks, but quickly spread through the city. Alabaster made his way to wards the noise, adn ebfore longs he heard shouts of panic. One word stood out. Unmade.