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  1. Yeah, I'm wholeheartedly supporting what Alvron and Elandera said. I really don't think you're a bad player at all. You participate in the discussion, you're quite observation and a boon to whatever team you're on. Sure, you don't figure out the identities of all the elims within the first 4 cycles, but no one does that.
  2. Can I just say that I whole-heartedly agree. The nature of the chain means that if it ended before Reaching the thread would have been suspicious, so it's quite possible the inquisitor was in the chain, and maybe warned me it would happen before passing it on, leading to me being in a position to seed misinformation ahead of the reveal. I mean, that might also not be the case, but I'd say it's a possibility you probably shouldn't ignore. Or maybe you should, as I was the one to bring it up in the first place. But then again... edit: also, it's a shame BR had to sub out. She's one of the few people here that would remember MR25, not that the elim's play for victory has any sort of relevance in this game.
  3. To maybe keep a bit of momentum in the game, @Straw, would you consider ending the cycle early if I get over 50% of the available votes before the first 24 hours of the cycle are over?
  4. Aw come on! Couldn't they have done that before I spend all that time pretending to do analysis
  5. In part, but I was also referring to a specific incident from LG32. At least one of the two tin-eyes seems to have claimed to someone. As long as their tin-eye messages keep coming, that person will know they're still good. The moment they stop, that person will know that they've gone evil, and the lynch will follow shortly. The other tin-eye could very well have set up a similar situation, which means that the tin-eyes are essentially 'mines' in the field of conversion that the elims will want to avoid hitting at all cost, because they're duds as far as conversions go. This happened in LG32 where Rae got converted and promptly lynched because she had been a tin-eye. Keeping these 'mines' in means that the elims will ahve to be a lot more careful about who they convert. Anyway, if the lurcher that protected Fifth was in fact asked by someone else to protect him, I'd prefer it if that information made its way to the thread in some way. Fifth is a pretty decent, though maybe slightly too obvious, candidate for conversion, and if at all possible I'd like to rule out the possibility that it was a wgg. Anyway, I do have time for some analysis today, so working down from the top of the player list: Haelbarde Hael feels like he's been playing things relatively safe so far. That's not to say that their contributions haven't been useful, it's just that it's been mostly informative stuff regarding previous games, and exhortations towards activity, with the occasional comment on reads made by other people. I don't find this incredibly suspicious, but I do hope to see more original content from Hael. The one thing that does strike me as somewhat suspicious is their apology for their vote on Lumgol. Pre-emptive apologies for votes always feel wrong to me. As a villager, you should be voting on a suspicion, and therefore there is no reason to apologize, while an elim would know that they where voting on someone innocent, which might prompt the urge to apologize. Overall conclusion: very slight inquisitor lean Burnt Spaghetti Burnt has posted very little so far, though if the PM I got from her is anything to go by, she's probably rather active in PM's. I haven't seen nearly enough from her to form any sort of read, however. Snipexe I've seen very little from Snip-exe so far. he engaged somewhat in the lynch discussion of D1, but only popped up for a quick drive-by vote D2. That vote and its reasons itself are rather interesting though. If snipexe is an elim, then even with little time I'd have expected him to have been informed about the current state of the vote, and because of that he could have sued a somewhat similar argument to end up voting on me for a potentially far easier lynch. Overall a Neutral read. Araris Valerian Araris posts are interesting and sensible for the most parts, but there are two posts that stood out to me: Araris mentions how he'd expect himself to act if he wast the inquisitor a number of times. The first time it is to highlight that inquisitor!araris and village!Araris would do the same thing in that particular situation, and the second time is as part of an accusation of bard, while also neatly showing a contrast between what inquisitor!araris would do and what this-game!araris was doing (namely going after a hard target over a soft target). Maybe I'm reading a bit too much into it, but to me the second mention in particular feels like Araris is trying to highlight how he's currently playing like villager!araris and not like inquisitor!araris. slight inquisitor lean overall Lumgol I mentioned before that Lumgol's vote on Aman stood out to me in a bad way, because she basically stated 'the village probably has more vote manip, so losing Aman wouldn't hurt too much'. The rest of her posts are rather NAI sounding, though her defense of bard for voting on her probably means that they are not both elims. rayofsunshine(formerly known as Ax's Boyfriend) He has posted very little, but based on him catching my cunningly laid trap and the question regarding whether an unsnapped counted as a misting suggest that he's following along with the game. There's nowhere near enough content for me to form a sold opinion, and more importantly, it doesn't look like that's going to change anytime soon, which is worrisome. @RayOfSunshine, who do you think is the most suspicious player right now? And who would be the least? shanerockes Shanerockes is in pretty much the same boat as rayofsunshine read-wise, though their posts suggest a bit more of a defensive attitude. @shanerockes, could you answer the question I asked of ray too? Who do you think is the most and the least suspicious right now? Doc12 Doc12 hasn't posted too much yet either, but there's some votes and the like to look at at least. As I highlighted with hael, the apologies accompanying Doc's votes look odd to me. I'd have to check back whether that's a normal pattern for doc or not. Overall I'm not leaning particularly hard one way or another on Doc right now, but I have little doubt that as the game continues Doc will post more and their alignment will eventually become clear. Devotary of Spontaneity I'm still getting the same vibe of Devotary being somewhat distant to the game that I got before, with her more commenting on things that are going on, than proving her own analysis. Therefore, I'm about as suspicious of her as I am of Hael right now. @Devotary of Spontaneity, who would you say you think is the most likely to be an elim, and who do you reckon is the most likely to be village right now? *more coming in a bit* Rathmaskal Rathmaksal was complaining about my lack of long content. i reckon this should appease them somewhat Anyway, Rath has been quite active, but I haven't seen much that makes me lean one way or another right now. This post: contains pretty much the same behavior as I highlighted as potentially suspicious with Araris, with the added bonus of rathmaskal calling it out themselves. I'm not sure what to think of that. On the one hand, if elim!rath recognized the way that post could be interpreted, they might have decided not to word it that way at all. On the other hand, it seems Rath is somewhat self-conscious about how their posts are viewed, which i'd see as more of an elim-trait. Overall, I'm fairly Neutral on Rath as things stand right now. Young Bard I mentioned before that the speed with which they where ruling people out from being the inquisitor seemed to be a bit recklessly quick for village!bard, while it could be a pocketing attempt by elim!bard. On the whole though, Bard doesn't seem afraid to put his cards on the table and share his reads, rather than keeping things close to his chest. I'm leaning very slightly vilalge on him for that. Sart Sart has been fairly inactive too, and there isn't anything I'd consider strongly alignment indicative in his posts. @Sart, why did you vote on Araris? STINK STINK is acting like STINK. last edit, I promise: I skipped over fifth because I didn't want to read all his posts again I firmly believe he isn't the inquisitor, and will re-evaluate his posts for signs of being converted in a cycle or two if I'ms till alive. I also skipped over BR/Elandera. I'll get to them as soon as Elandera has posted a bit more.
  6. I can see why you'd want that claim, but for various reasons I'm mostly going to delay claiming until the cycle after if at all possible. There's a couple of powers I could draw (such as thug last cycle) that lose most of their usability if I claim it immediately. If I'd drawn something like copper that would allow for a quick and easy check if someone manipulated my vote, I'd say so though.
  7. Heh, fifth scholar *being targeted by*surviving that attack is at the same time a good and a bad thing. The good thing is that it means we didn't lose anyone this night. The bad thing is that I'd hoped to be able to absorb the attack myself, as I had pulled pewter last cycle. Regarding tin-eye 1's message, I'd say I'm very much against it. Unless either the inquisitor or the henchman is currently under threat, the inquisitor has no great need to continue converting right now, and tin-eyes actually represent something of a problem for the elims. Yhey are generally a pretty bad option to hit with a convert, as they could have set up things in such a way that they get lynched as soon as they stop checking in with their tin-eye messages.
  8. Or alternatively, they could use a PM chain to pass that info along without revealing themselves, or if the third message wasn't from a mistborn at all, but form a regular tin-eye, they could just use their tin-eye message. Either way, if ti had been a false gambit on my part, there would be a bunch of ways to call me out without revealing unnecessary information to the thread. So, in case future role-claims are made that are actually false, remember that there are generally safe ways to spread the info as long as PM's are open. As for rick-rolling, it might only very rarely come forward, but I can be a bit of a troll at times
  9. Warning: I'm currently quite tired, so this is going to be rambly and/or sounding a bit annoyed when i don't mean to. My apologies in advance. I'm sorry but this is something that is just not true AFAIK. When have I been known to coast for alignment indicative reasons? Irrespective of my alignment, I try to do the best analysis I can, because irrespective of my alignment, that is the best way to win. If I'm not doing as much analysis as I normally do, then that's because I just don't have the time to do so, and there's nothing alignment indicative about it. Actually, screw it. I might as well bite the elim night attack for this. I'm Mistborn. That third tin-eye message was mine. That should lay tor est any of the fears that I am the inquisitor. Anyway, I'm going to move my vote to StrikerEZ. I didn't particularly like his vote on Aman, and his vote on Araris 'for the chaos' doesn't make much sense to me right now either. Given that the elim team is only 2 people right now, 'controlling the lynch' is hardly alignment indicative. If anything, ti indicates that other people aren't as involved as they could be.
  10. That's the thing though. I don't really have any solid suspicions, at least not ones that are more solid than why i initially voted for Shanerockes. I'm considering moving to either Lumgol or Striker, but I'd like to see if they have any responses.
  11. Actually, I wasn't really around at the end of that day, at least not in the sense that I could have kept up with that crazy set of votes near the end. I was DM-ing a game of dungeons and dragon at the time, and while I was able to check the thread during short breaks, that's not teh same as being actively engaged with everything that was happenign aroudn turnover. Regarding the whole Aman/Fifth/Lumgol mess, I think I made my position clear on that, namely that I didn't think a double-lynch was a good idea, and that given the situation at that time I'd far prefer the lynch of an inactive over that of an active player, especially one like Aman that promotes activity in others as well. I saw no reason at the time to be suspicious of Lumgol, and I don't trust my gut enough to follow it into a vote on a very active and productive villager D1, and I was fairly certain that Aman was a villager, so the stance I took, namely 'none of the above' sounds quite reasonable to me. more to come in a bit, I've finished my studying for today and should be able to invest some time in analysis now. edit: Okay, starting with some general reads. Fifth is probably village. Him moving things closer to a tie during the end of D1 is not really elim-like behaviour at all. That's also just about the only person I've got anywhere near a solid read on. There where a couple of other things that stood out to me. One was Bard's reads list on N1. Dismissing a bunch of people as not suspicious due to gut reads feels... reckless? I've stated some suspicion of Devotary before, and I'm not really leaning one way or another on BR and Araris. @Young Bard, do you still stand by that set of reads? Another things was striker's 'calling' of Aman's bluff. I'm kinda having trouble seeing the village logic behind that, but I could see an elim going 'sure, I'll take it' on Aman's offered sacrifice. For the same reason, I'm somewhat suspicious of Lumgol now. The post in which they voted on Aman had some other interesting bits in it as well, including a rather casual assumption that the village would have more vote manipulation than Aman, so the loss/transfer of his wouldn't matter as much. Lumgol's comment on tin-eyes making good converts is also somewhat interesting, as it was my experience in LG32 that the opposite is the case, with tin-eyes being able to arrange things in such a way that converting them will result in them getting lynched without ever having to publicly claim.
  12. I've looked back over The previous cycle, specifically checking for people that overall seemed mostly disengaged from the discussion, or at least seemed to be fairly low-profile. In addition to shanerockes, @Snipexe also seemed to mostly stay away from the discussion. Devotary was involved somewhat in the discussion, but on closer inspection they seemed to be hesitant to commit. Her posts mostly feel like she's providing commentary on what was happening, rather than being actively engaged and trying to steer things in one direction or another. The impression I got was that she was actually fine with Aman's sacrifice, but didn't want to outright state that. Maybe that's my tired head just over-analyzing stuff though. @Devotary of Spontaneity, you mentioned before that after a smiting died the inquisitor would be fair game. well, a misting has died, and the inquisitor got a conversion, so maybe join the hunt?
  13. I can see, somewhat, why people are voting bard currently, but I can't find the motive here. Bard wasn't at risk from the lynch at the time, and since there was just the inquisitor in C1 he'd have had no reason to take a risks like that to save anyone else. Unless someone has reason to believe that bard knew something about Lumgol's role, I don't really see Bard's vote on Lumgol as being alignment indicative. If anything, its a bit too risky for the elim, though that way lies the IKYK rabbit-hole. Regarding Fifth underselling the potential elim's power, it could be a tell, but the way he seemed to be gearing up for a sacrificial play at the end of C1 just doesn't make sense if he was the inquisitor. I think I'm going to put a vote on Shanerockes for now. @shanerockes, Shanerockes, your only real activity so far has been to fend off a vote on you by Aman, after which you quietly faded into the background again. Since voting apparently works to get you to say something, is there anything you want to add to the game so far. Anyone stand out to you in a good or bad way? If you were the inqusitor, what kind of recruitment strategy would you use?
  14. Hmm, you're right. I think I had some rules from a different game in my head where there was both a day and a night action, but I assume that's not the case in this game. It wasn't in LG32, at any rate.
  15. It's one of the two space-focused tracks that's offered by the aerospace engineering faculty (the other is focused on the technical details of making spacecraft works, such as power generation and heat management and the like). I should probably attempt to say something useful in addition to talking about my studies Anyway, I've quickly skimmed over those last-minute voting shenanigans again, and I've got to say that fifth's vote is quite interesting. Every other post or so off his has been giving me elim vibes, especially that first post of his this night cycle. However, moving his vote like that really isn't an elim thing to do unless the inquisitor has some sort of vote manip power that made him feel safe, so this makes me lean more village towards him, unless some evidence of inquisitor uber-rioting or whatever surfaces.