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  1. One thing I really liked about Linhardt is that, when he isn't napping, he seems to have a knack for figuring out people's secrets. Through his support conversations I figured out what was going on with Flayn and he had Lysithea figured out pretty quickly as well. I'm seriously considering recruiting him for my current golden deer run so he can tell me about what's going on with Marianne's crest.
  2. I've once had something close to the opposite in a recent AG, with a character arc that I realized would work best if I ended up getting killed around C4 or so-ish, and then the game went long and the elims only killed me in the second-to-last cycle or so . By that time I'd also gotten busy enough that I didn't have time to ready my own death write-up, but the Gm ( I think it was Elbereth?), had picked up on where I'd intended to go and finished it beautifully anyway.
  3. Tssk, no real Scots... I mean, spy has their ID say so. It should look more like this:
  4. Now, listen here you two! I've spent a lot of time and effort on sharpening the sword I,as failed spy, am preparing to fall on here, so why are you trying to ruin the moment ?
  5. I mean, it's a fairly good effort Striker, but I think the game is already up. It should be clear to the elims that the spy was someone that died C1, given the lack of spy-like activity in the rest of the game, so that means it's either you or me. Given the kill targeting me, I reckon the elims already know that it was indeed I that was the spy, and not Striker. I am wondering what gave me away though. I thought I was being really sneaky by ignoring the Alv lynch and going for supporting a mislynch first (again, sorry about that Striker). Either way, well played to the elims!
  6. @StrikerEZ, is there anyone you're particularly suspicious of right now?
  7. (I know you didn't ask me, but I might as well use it as a guide-post to start my post off ) Hmmm, okay. I can kinda see what Bard picked up about STINK, but I don't think it's in any way alignment indicative, so I won't vote that way. Alvron doesn't really act any different from last cycle, and I guess his vote on me is understandable as I don't think I'm really acting different either. Regarding Striker, his comments about the odds of me being an elim and stuff kinda felt like a pocketing attempt to me, and I'm tempted to try to lynch him for that. As for other people... I think I see where ITIAH's suspicion is coming from, but I'd actually prefer to lynch Striker and see where that goes before wondering whether Elbereth is an elim that simply jumped on the earliest available nice-looking lynch. Regarding butt add venture, I think his psot is marginally more helpful than Rath's becuase it actually contained avote, but that's about it. I'd like to see some more comments on the game from both him ( @Butt Ad Venture) and @Rathmaskal (and anyone else that hasn't talked much yet). Anyway, for now I'm going to vote on striker(again).
  8. Ehm... Yeah, what Elbereth said, pretty much I doubt that my past role has any bearing on my current role. If anything, historical information suggests that I'm more likely to be an elim if my last game was an elim, as I tend to be on long village or elim streaks, rather than having it mixed up.
  9. Yeah, this is an important one. If you as a spy manage to stay under the radar the entire game, but then on further analysis appear to have a perfect voting record, you're going to be in a bit of trouble Anyway, I'm a bit at a loss of what to say now. Everything I wanted to say I already said last cycle, and everything there was to say about what I had said has also already been said, I think.
  10. Regarding the new rules, the only thing I'm wondering about is whether having the handler no longer reveal as such swings the 'difficulty of finding the spy' too far the other way. Apart from that it all looks fine.
  11. Mostly the way you seemed to tunnel on me. Also, with the way the lynch went we where also suspicious of Alvron and Elbereth because of the way they participated or circled around that lynch, either as handler for you, or you as handler for them
  12. If it makes you feel any better about it, we kinda had some suspicions about you already
  13. So instead you changed in the last 2 minutes?
  14. Okay, so by my count, the votes are: Detess(2): Striker, Alvron Striker(2): Elbereth, Elandera Rathmaskal(2): Detess, ITIAH Venture(1): Young bard For a total of 7 votes, which isn't all that bad a turnout for C1. Anyway, I'm going to switch my vote from Rathmaskal to Striker, as I'm suspicious of both, and would prefer not to get lynched myself New tally: Detess(2): Striker, Alvron Striker(3): Elbereth, Elandera, Detess Rathmaskal(1): ITIAH Venture(1): Young bard
  15. I've gone through the thread again and there's a couple of things that stand out to me. First of these is venture's post, for pretty much the same reasons highlighted by Bard above. In addition to what bard mentioned, suggesting that the elims use their assassination ability feels just a bit over-acted to me. I'ts obviously meant as a joke, but as a joke with the secondary message of 'I'm totally not an elim, everyone!' That having been said, I'm somewhat hesitant to lynch venture this cycle, as it feels a bit too much like the traditional C1 lynch pattern of 'newish player says something not entirely thought out, experienced player (over)analyses and new player gets lynched as they seem like a fairly easy lynch'. That's maybe a bit of an odd reason to abstain from that lynch, and I definitely hope to see more from venture int he future, but I don't feel like lynching them will be very productive for D1. This post from Rathmaskal has already been highlighted a couple of times, but it did stand out to me as well. I checked with Kas about whether the spy would be told about the roles of the elims, but he said that they would not, so this couldn't have been a spy slip-up. what really struck me was how striker would then defend Rathmaskal several times for this comment, despite using the importance of focusing on slip-ups like this as part of his reasoning against me: As young bard mentioned, the remainder of that post by Rathmaskal does paint them in a bit more of a positive light,but I don't think it's a guaranteed village tell. I remember Rathmaskal being a fairly perceptive and skilled player, so i could see him trying to fake something like this. I know I would if i'd thought of the possibility he seemed to be pondering. Anyway, I'm going to vote on rathmaskal for now. My suspicion of Striker is mostly because of association with Rathmaskal so I'd prefer to lynch Rathmaskal first, but I mgiht change my vote to Striker closer to the end of the cycle to avoid getting lynched myself.