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  1. Thanks, though there was quite a bit of luck involved in that. I had some minor suspicions of them, but it was only when they made that claim to me that I became really suspicious, and then only because I knew I was already a priest. Speaking of luck, I had the most dreadful luck in my scans. First I scanned Devotary, who got promptly killed, and then Sart, who also got killed the cycle after, stopping me from establishing any form of trust network. @Kynedath, you did a pretty good job of remaining below suspicion for me, btw. I don't think you ever really stood out to me in a bad way while I was still alive. Also, @EXPERIENCE, it was pretty nice playing with you. You pretty active and not really afraid to get stuck in, which is allways a good trait to have in this game.
  2. And I think you'll fully understand if I won't specify more unless I absolutely have to. You've already taken one shot at taking out the priest, and I'd much prefer it if you were to take the next shot at me to be certain to hit a confirmed good, rather than continuing walking your fire to get the priest.
  3. It's partly that, but also the fact that you lost quite a bit over this cycle, @The_God_King. I told you that Sart was the other person to be scanned by the seer, and they where killed last cycle. Your claim that you had also scanned Sart this last cycle also doesn't really work out if you were village, but makes perfect sense if you were an elim knowing that trouble was brewing and unwilling to give anything away.
  4. Anyway, I went over about half the players last cycle, so lets do the other half this cycle. Experience I'm leaning village on, but that's mostly just a gut-read based on our PM (if that was staged, btw, well done!). In thread there isn't really much of a way to tell their alignment, but they're involved and rather talkative too, so they aren't really a priority to lynch as far as I'm concerned. Straw has been really light on info so far This was the reason for my vote on Straw D2, the fact that he gas been posting, but most posts have been completely NAI with little real content. I wouldn't mind lynching them properly over this, btw. Elandera has been more involved, and though we haven't exactly agreed on a lot of stuff, she has been putting reads out there, which should mean her alignment will resolve itself once we start finding some elims. The_god_king is an elim and should be lynched this cycle. ... ... ... Oh, that last statement actually needs some explanation, does it? I was approached in a PM by The_god_king last cycle, with him claiming to be a priest and having scanned me. So far so good. Unfortunately, he was the second person in as many cycles to make that claim to me, so it made me rather suspicious. I asked the other person who had claimed priest to scan The_god_king, and that person has just PM'd me to tell me that the_god_king flipped evil. I'm inclined to trust this person over TGK because I don't think this cycle is LYLO yet, so falsely clamming an elim scan result seems unwise. Even so, I will make sure to pass the identity of the priest on to someone I trust in case I am getting played and they're planning on killing me this cycle. But yeah, tl;dr, TGK has been scanned as an elim and needs to be lynched. It should also be noted that TGK claimed that Elandera was the other person they had scanned before me.
  5. @Zillah, if you had to pick between Elandera and the_god_king right now, which would you pick? Just out of curiosity? I've got a bigger post coming up in a bit, btw.
  6. Ugh, I dislike playing PM games, as I'm way too easily swayed, but I'm now leaning a lot more village on Experience based on our PM conversation. TGK has also slightly alleviated my suspicions based on the shift in their play-style in a PM, so I don't quite want to lynch them this cycle yet. I'm also leaning a bit village on Sart right now, mostly because they seem to be talking sense, rather than going for low-hanging fruit. Zillah, I'm leaning pretty elimy on right now. It might be a bit arrogant on my part, but in a game as quiet as this, voting to lynch one of the few vocal players based on an unexplained gut-feeling feels pretty wrong (especially because Zillah has yet to play against me while I was an elim if I'm not mistaken). The likely outcome of that is an even quieter thread, which can only aid the elims. If the Elims do know who they all are, I think the low voter turn-out suggests no elims have been threatened yet, but unfortunately that's speculation and nothing more at this point. Ugh, you know what, for my own peace of mind I'll just make the assumption they do know right now, just to make the pool of possible lynch candidates more manageable. That means dropping Elandera and Straw from the list of suspects right now. If I also drop TGK, Experience and sart that leaves me with Ironfire, Zillah, Kynedath, Shanerockes, Rathmaskal and STINK. Ironfire seems like a pretty new player. Normally that would make me lean more village on them, as an elim would have the backing of a doc to take the edge of their new-player questions, but as communication between elims isn'ta given this game, this doesn't really do anything to sway my opinion on them one way or another. Zillah's posts where fairly NAI untill (potentially) their post with their vote on me this cycle. This isn't doing anything to sway my suspicion, as I'd have expected to see a bit more in the way of content form the by now. Kynedath I'm also unsure on. They've been a bit more active, but I think elim!kynedath would have gotten a bit more backing for his vote on me if he could communicate with his team-mates. If he couldn't, then that was NAI. Otherwise there's some activity and participation in voting there there, which means that I don't really want to lynch them without a better argument. Shanerockes has one post to apologize for not posting more, and that's it. @shanerockes, where's that fire and enthusiasm from LG63? Rathmaskal is similar to shanerockes in that they've only posted once, but at least there where a couple of minor reads there, which is a good start. That doesn't clear them, and I hope to see more later. Stink is also talking a lot of sense. They're also a bit of a veteran at this game, but I don't dislike what I'm seeing right now. The only point that stood out in a negative light was them dismissing the possibility of learnign stuff from the Xino attack, but they later followed up on that as well as the DoS attack, so that's all good. Sof, out of these, I'd vote on Shanerockes ebcause of activity, or on Zillah because of suspicion. I'm not 100% on how rational my vote on Zillah is versus me just feeling a bit cranky over getting voted on without a solid reason given, so... Actually, I will state I'm voting on one of Shanerockes or Zillah, but I won't reveal which. That way, it functions as a poke for Shanerockes irrespective of if my vote is for him or not, and if either is an elim and the elims do know each other, the uncertainty should force them to speak up more.
  7. That's what happens when you go a-lynching. Sometimes you hit a villager with a role. What really bothers me though is the low voting turn-out so far. The only difference between the voters today and yesterday are that kynedath voted, and Devotary didn't. So if everyone that has been keeping their peace so far could get into the voting game, I'd appreciate it! Regarding votes right now, I'm becoming a bit bothered by Experience's habit of seemingly just following along with someone else's vote, though this is alleviated somewhat at least by the fact that D1 they where the first to vote Joe. For now, I'll be voting them though, at least until they bring out a vote of their own with a bit of reasoning to back it up. Otherwise, I'd be interested in voting on any of the people that haven't voted at all yet this game, but in particular on the god king, who has been a lot more reticent to get stuck in than I'm used to from the previous two games I've seen him play.
  8. @Kynedath (and everyone else that brought this up) what makes you so certain that the elims know who their team-mates are? I've seen several variations on the suspicion 'Tess is trying to get us to disregard information' and everytime I wonder why those that bring it up believe so strongly that that information actually exist. I'm hardly all knowing, so if I missed something, please explain it to me ( @Devotary of Spontaneity, I remember your argument on this in our PM, but I don't think everyone that brought it up has access to that particular bit of insight).
  9. Non-Alignment Indicative. It means something does not provide any clues to someone's alignment. But if all someone posts is NAI, that is in and of itself noteworthy.
  10. Yeah, despite my repeated questioning of them, I'm not particularly suspicious of Experience right now, I'm just trying to get a good enough view on their thoughts and motivations that I can get a better read on them. And asking questions is one way to try to do that. Anyway, I realize there's a bit of an info-drought still, but remaining quiet won't solve it. @Ironfire, @Devotary of Spontaneity, @Zillah, @Kynedath, @The_God_King, @shanerockes, @Rathmaskal, @Sart, @Straw, @StrikerEZ, is there anything you wish to share? And if there isn't, who would you say you trust most and least right now? To answer my own question, I've got a general lack of trusts, but I'm still not particularly wary of Shanerockes. Regarding supicions I'm still a bit wary of Elandera, as well as Straw. Straw mostly just because their only contribution so far was so monumentally NAI.
  11. I can see where you're coming from, but I think that, in particular, declaring people cleared based on votes would be very dangerous because we can't be sure that's an actual way to filter villagers from elims.
  12. @Sart, I might have failed at explaining properly why i think we shouldn't trust wagon analysis as much as usual, so let me give that another go. If we assume that the elims don't know who the other elims are: If the elims actually don't know, then we'll only be using the right information to try and find them If they do know who the others are, we'll not be using all the information we could be using, making things harder for us. If we assume that the elims do know who the other elims are If the elims do know, then we'll be using all the possible information to try and find them. If the elims don't know, then they could get falsely cleared for leading a lynch, and people could get wrongly accused for protecting an elim. I find this last scenario the more problematic one, so I'd prefer to assume they don't know and limit myself than to risk coming to the entirely wrong conclusions based on a wrong assumption. So unless you've got proof that the elims do know the identities of the others, I think its very dangerous to assume they do. @EXPERIENCE, could you explain that hunch you had on joe a bit more? Also, I really recommend against following anyone's vote just because they seem good or knowledgeable. I'm good at seeming both while being neither, so its better if you make your own decisions than try to follow my own votes.
  13. Someone who is good at doing all the things expected of a villager (such as in-depth analysis and the like), while being a wolf. edit: Also, @EXPERIENCE, could you explain a bit more why you decide to go fro Elandera? And is there anyone else you do or don't trust?
  14. Alright, last post in the cycle for me. A couple of thoughts: First, Xinoehp's opening post feels very village to me. There's a bunch of stuff in there that the elim team might prefer we not consider too much (if they don't know eachother), or that'd be harder to spot in the rules if you already know that the elims do know each other. Shanerockes post also feels different than they did in the last game, so I'm very, very tentatively inclined to trust him. Also, to answer the questions from @Ironfire: The elims might not know who eachother are, but we're not sure. Best to assume they don't though, because that way we are unlikely to use faulty information to accuse or clear someone. Regarding a game with more elims than villagers: It's not impossible. I've seen an 'inverse' game being played before, where the apparent roles of village and elims had been reversed. In that game all villagers where in direct contact with each other from the beginning though, and I don't think this game has a role that allows that. Which brings me to my own vote. Everyone has checked in, so there's no point in going for an activity poke. I'm tempted to vote on Devotary because I know they're a pretty good deepwolf, which could be very dangerous if the elims indeed don't know each other, but by that logic I should consider voting for myself as well,a dn I'd prefer not to lynch soeone just because they might be very dangerous. I don't really like Elandera's comment that we should assume business as usual for this game, because that could be very dangerous if the elims don't know eachother, as business as usual could lead to people being cleared that really shouldn't be. That's the only thing that really stood out in a bad way, but I suppose that's where my vote will go.
  15. In that case, we'll have to work under the assumption that they don't know who their other team-mates are, which means we can't trust things like people leading the lynch on an elim or defending one to actually be alignment indicative.