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  1. So, all that's left is the bit with the cannons, right? XD Anyway, I didn't really try to guess anyone's identity (though after trying to lynch albatross D1, I should have known they where striker ), so this is a whole bunch of interesting surprises.
  2. As Kynedath said, that's the best way to run. It becomes even better if you can make the lies things village!you would actually believe. Thanks! I was going to say that I didn't really do much of note this game, but I had apparently been pushing for the lynch of 2/3 of the elims while I was alive, so that wasn't all that bad XD Anyway, I'd also like to thank BR for running the game, and apologize for my own role in making this game more complicated than initially envisioned. edit: oh, and if an elim could link the doc, I'd love to have a look at it!
  3. I mean, I wish you'd committed to an actual vote without all the prodding, but its an improvement over not committing at all. Generally speaking, there's a decent chance I won't be on after this point, but here's the things I'd check if I had the time, and would push for in future cycles if I where to survive: 1. look into those likely to not have been a round during turnover. At this point enough has been said about it one way or another that its worth checking with 1 lynch. 2. check Stick's posts this cycle. Their accusation of me focusing on one thing to the extend of other things feels odd, given that I haven't seen much of a global overview by them, but I can just be misremembering. Oh, and I am moving my vote over to Kynedath ( Elkanah ) Just based on my interactions with them right now, I find myself really getting a bad feeling on them (they seem way to invested in avoiding suspicion, rather than solving the game), and I suggest that if I get lynched people make certain to keep some pressure on them so they actually keep providing actual isnight, rather than trying to dodge all involvement in the lynch.
  4. I'd find neither joining a current vote or creating a new one suspicious if you provide reasoning. Abstaining from the most important aspect of discussion because you want to avoid looking suspicious I do very much consider a red flag.
  5. I didn't have any items to protect, and had no suspicions strong enough to want to start sabotaging other players.
  6. I could agree to that, but if kidpen comes by at the last minute this line if thought will remain unresolved (this is not meant to discourage @Kidpen from checking in btw). I haven't had the time to look in-depth into anyone else though (and I won't habe before turnover), but if I were to move my vote outside of those 3, it'd be to one of sart, kynedath, or twibanu. Sart for the same reason as I initially voted on him this cycle, Twibanu because of gut, and kynedath because I'm having serious trouble finding a village argument for why they don't get stuck into the voting game now.
  7. I had noticed that the thread had moved on, but its something I don't understand. Can you explain to me why it is not worthwhile to look into these three for at least a single cycle to confirm or deny the inactivity theory around the way the lynch worked out?
  8. Regarding my own action, I didn't submit any, which I know isn't very helpful Anyway I think it might be a good idea to lynch someone in the three identified by Twibanu. Yes, it could be that the elims just forgot, but based on my own experiences as an elim, I don't think that's very likely. Lynching just one person in that 3-man group can also either confirm that theory, or put it to rest, as if the elims where all inactive in the final hours, that group of three is entirely guilty. So, let's take a look at the three of them* Kidpen: Kidpen stated disagreement that knives where particularly dangerous in the hands of the elims, and then posted some RP, nothing more. This is quite completely NAI. Elkanah: Elkanah's posts bug me. His first post kinda feels like a 'greatest hits of things to say as a villager', including some analysis and exhortations to being active. However, something about it feels off. he seems to eb cautioning against using kill roles because they would make the game even shorter (but 5 cycles minimum is pretty average), but in reality the best way to use kill roles is to use them smartly, which the one-shot nature already enforces. The suggestion that the elims have few items and that there's likely 4 also feel off to me. I disagree, as I stated before, but it almost feels like its an intentional portrayal of the opposite situation to what's likely. Their second post seems designed to show confusion and uncertainty about the coda kill, with Elkanah stating uncertainty about what exactly happened, surprise at the fact coda was killed at all, and stating that for that to make sense, someone needed to have more info through a PM, which he didn't have. Cadcom: I'm not getting much of a read on cadcom one way or another. They're active, and take some part in discussion. However, most of D2 they've only been posting defensively, pointing out that they're not the only one to not have been one, and claiming an alibi by taking another action. However, their alibi does not guarantee them being village at all, as 'not being on to change the kill' is the basis for people being in this group. I also agree with Kynedath's observation that they seem to be analyzing information, but not really taking it anywhere. So, based on this I'm fine with lynching either Elkanah (Sart) or Cadcom. *yeah, I'm running analysis despite just stating that based on one theory they're all elims, but that's no reason not to try and get the mos guilty-looking anyway, especially if I'm wrong.
  9. This changes things. I'm too tired to figure it out right now, but I think this should allow for a serious reduction of the suspect pool.
  10. ...Yes, I did. Let me fix that. There could be a couple of reasons why they would assign it to someone not around near rollover. The most obvious is if someone in their team appeared to be more trusted than the rest, to reduce the risk of the killer getting knifed. However, they could also have settled on Coda a couple of hours before rollover, not expecting the big lynch swing, and then getting caught out by them not being able to overrule the earlier kill as they hadn't bothered asking.
  11. okay, I've taken another look over the end of D1. If Sart is village, Devotary and Striker are probably village. If Sart is not, then the jury is still very much out on these two, as losing a kill is better than losing an elim. I also don't think that Twibanu is cleared by their vote, as at that point it would have looked more suspicious if he hadn't switched his vote, as that would have suggested a knowledge about how things would turn out anyway. The kill on coda is also interesting for other reasons. Coda wasn't too involved in the discussion C1, and there wasn't too much of an indication that they'd get significantly more involved later, so killing them was definitely a low-information kill. There are generally two philosophies among elim teams with regards to kills. One is about killing low activity players to deny the village information, and the other is about killing threats, which in C1 are generally the high activity players with scary reputations. The first philosophy is more often followed by reasonably experienced elim teams*, while the second is often followed by less experienced teams. Because of this, I am fairly certain the elim team consists of Cadcom, Twibanu and Elandera. Okay, yeah, I pretty much just made that up (cadcom), but I don't think that team is impossible, so i had to include it on the off chance it was right or mostly right, just to give the elims a bit of a surprise and shock. Anyway, on a more serious note, I'm going to put in a vote against Sart again. I learned last game that its very dangerous to base analysis on someone's presumed alignment, so I'd prefer to get Sart's slot resolved as soon as possible so I know how to regard Devotary and Striker. *This is a bit of a simplification, as some experienced teams would actually avoid killing newer players that are still somewhat active to give them a chance to play more, but I think this generally holds.
  12. Interesting. Probably the best ruling, as quite a few of the other possibilities could have sunk the elim team on the results of C1 alone XD Anyway, I'm going to get some sleep now, hopefully someone else will have figured out who submitted the kill by the time I'm awake again so I won't have to
  13. So, just to confirm, Coda got both lynched and attacked by the elims, correct @BrightnessRadiant? If that's the case I would like to know what you'd do if two elims where to send in different kills.
  14. The C1 lynch only matters about half the time for the elims, and with 15 people it doesn't matter at all for the elims whether here's a C1 lynch*. However, in cases like this, the loss of the C1 lynch does mean that there's 1 less lynch before parity, so its like handing the elims a free night-kill, or intentionally mislynching on purpose. Now, I get why you don't like C1 lynches, but C1 lynches are a reality of the game, and something that games are generally balanced around (You can definitely balance agame around not having a D1 lynch, but it changes some of the numbers and will affect the proper amount of elims in a number of cases). The loss of a C1 lynch is a real loss for the village and refusal to participate if one is happening anyway isn't helpful, and can appear like someone is trying to wash their hands of something they know is going to be a mislynch. *mathy explanation that might not hold because I'm tired: