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  1. I think I'm putting a vote on Lemonelon for now. Striker started the vote on them C1 for simple activity reasons, so it could have been a bit of distancing as well, and I don't really like a lot of the activity I've seen from them since (committing to wagons for odd reasons C2, and C1 they where only really creating ties). If nothing else, it'll be good to confirm one way or another whether the votes C1 where on a village and wolf wagon, or on a wolf/wolf wagon.
  2. @Coda, in addition to what you said at the end of last cycle, is there anything else you'd like to say to convince us you're not evil? 'I'm village and voting on me will only make you look suspicious' isn't much of a defense, if I'm being honest. If anything, it makes me more suspicious, because I don't really see an appeal to self-preservation as a village tactic for dodging the lynch. After all, self-preservation is only really a concern for the elims. I'm leaning a bit more village on abstrusity. That kind of last-minute vote juggling isn't really an elim move if there isn't an elim on the chopping block. I'm a bit more suspicious of lemonelon as well because of the way they framed their vote. I have nothing against joining an exisiting wagon if you agree with the suspicions, but they only really seemed to be voting on that wagon because it was there. If lemonelon is evil though, that changes how we should look at D1 a lot, as it means that lynch was wolf/wolf. In other news, I suspect my role is something along the lines of 'paranoid tineye' as I've yet to scan someone as village.
  3. That's not quite true though. I'd also scanned them as evil, which I mentioned in the post before that (so in addition to suspicion, that lynch would also help me figure out how accurate mys cans where), and apart from that there wasn't really much more to say. Also, I think it's a bit disingenuous to pin a lynch with a full majority vote on a single person. I do not have mind control powers, nor did I go out of my way to make an air-tight case to try and drag everyone else with me. I'd agree that i warranted some suspicion if I'd swung a close vote against Devotary, but that wasn't the case here. I placed a second vote on a the train that ended up being the only one that really got going, and that's not the same as starting one in my opinion.
  4. yeah, it looks really odd to me. Because striker was evil and got lynched after a tight race, and lemonelon was the alternative he pushed C2 wasn't the same as C1, because some people where doing more than posting memes. The purpose I can see to not really participating is that a simple show of activity is generally enough to not get lynched for inactivity, while on C1 people generally get lynched for something they said (see, for example, striker in every game he played in the last couple of months), so if you clearly said nothing while being active, it could just be a ploy to survive.
  5. Yeah, the existence of types where there are some odds involved on whether you get the right answer or not doesn't really come as a surprise, so back to good old detective work we go. And by good old detective-work, I mean we start lynching semi-randomly untill we manage to gather some more info In all seriousness though, if I exclude the people that voted on Striker and Lemonelon (and myself), I'm left with the following five: Snipexe, Coda, Darkness Ascendant, Abstrusity, and Elandera. So, let's see if anything stands out about them. Snipexe Snipexe speculated a bit about possible Roles C1, which is NAI. He also seemed to be somewhat slow in joining the generally accepted theory that everyone is a tineye, which is...interesting. He also tried to throw some shade on Lumgol with little success, which is odd given Lumgol's vote on Striekr the previous cycle. Verdict: slightly suspicious. Coda @Coda has exactly one post to their name, in which they stated a lack of time and voted on Lemonelon. it should be ntoed that the activty filter will take them down if they don't post this cycle, so lynching them this cycle is probably not really a good idea. Verdict: should talk more Darkness ascendant DA purposefully didn't say anything meaningful during C1. I can see where that attitude comes from, as its hard to come up with something to contribute C1, but if no one even tries, C2 will just be C1 all over again, so I don't really like that. I'ts not particularly alignment indicative though. Anyway, there where some contributions and reads during C2, which is nice. I don't really like their push on Lumgol, but for the rest it seems reasonable, including their decision to abstain on the Devotary wagon (it'd have been more of an elim play to join the wagon than to stand out, I think). I don't really have a solid read on them yet, but I'm not too suspicious. verdict: slight village. Abstrusity They where tone of the first to break open the whole 'everyone is (probably) a tineye' thing, but apart from that they don't really stand out much in their posts. There's some reasonable votes, but not much else. @Abstrusity, right now, who do you consider to be the most and least suspicious? verdict: *shrug* Elandera She's active and seems to be working to solve the game, or at least the mystery of this game (which is NAI). She hasn't shared too many reads so far though (I think the only one was a good gut read on me). @Elandera, who do you consider to be the most and least suspicious right now? verdict: *shrug* I'm going to start things off with a vote on Snipexe.
  6. You could have voted that way either in the hope that someone else would join you in saving striker, and/or while planning to use this argument if the gambit failed and the vote's suspicion was brought up. I'm not 100% convinced you're evil, but between your vote and the fact that I scanned you last cycle I feel like you're the best bet for the lynch for this cycle.
  7. Though I think it's unlikely that there's 4 this game (4 gives us Lylo on cycle 3, as there's 14 players). Anyway, something I've been thinking about with regards to the roles. I don't think most of us will get consistent results (whether consistently the right answer, or consistently the wrong one), as everyone being able to scan, and scans happening before the lynch, means that we'd all know whether we got the right or the wrong info by C2 at the latest. I suspect some odds of getting it right are involved instead. To test this, I'd like to ask those that haven't thought of another target to scan yet to rescan the one they scanned last cycle, to see if the answer you get remains the same.
  8. Seperate post, because I'm voting. Devotary. After looking back over yesterday I agree that their vote on lemonelon looks off based on the way that worked out, and I might as well figure out whether I got a correct scan or not.
  9. The rules say this: Given that the roles are most likely allomantic powers, and since people do get told their power, the logical conclusions seems to be that 'type' refers to different variants of that power. For example: Steel type 1 is a redirect power, while steel type 2 is a night kill. Anyway, one other thing I'm curious about, and that is the information disadvantage several players have mentioned. There might be such a disadvantage, but it there is, it won't be with the roles everyone has, and it will have to do with factions beyond what has been revealed so far. I don't see how the village is disadvanatged by not really knowing its own roles. Without PM's coordination will be impossible anyway, so the only ones really disadvantaged by being unaware of the villages abilities are the elims, as they won't be able to plan around that. The village, on the other hand, will do what the village always does. People will discuss in the thread, and individual owners of power roles will use them as they think is best. This is no different from a non-blackout game where the exact role-distribution is unknown.
  10. Ah, fair enough, I can agree with that. Also, straw, Wonko the sane @Wonko the Sane, is there anything you would like to add to the thread on this first cycle?
  11. Just out of curiosity, what is the advantage to this? Knowing exactly what a role did is useful, but I'm not certain if its useful enough to push for a hard wagon every time, as that would make it easier for elims to hide a vote.
  12. Don't worry, I'll do my very best to resist the urge to vote on you C1 once again Speaking of votes, @Straw straw, hey how are you, and is there anything you feel like sharing with the thread
  13. Striker, you're doing the thing that makes me want to vote on you Anyway, I don't think roleclaims are a particularly useful right now, as the rules suggest that each role has multiple variants, but you won't get told which variant you have. So if, for example, I where to claim Tineye, stating that my role allows me to get any lines in the elim doc and any PM's containing my name that sent to me at the end of each cycle (I can overhear gossip about me), then unless another tineye has the same variant, it'd be hard to verify. Regarding the elim team, the fluff suggests that they're not supposed to be here, which might say something about the roles they might have, but I don't think speculation here will do us much good until one or two elims have been lynched. edit: oh, and a question for @Young Bard, If this game where to, for example, not have any determined thugs at all, would we automatically win, or would we be expected to figure that out for ourselves?