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  1. There's really only one thing that really struck me as a bit of a mistake. Everything else comes down to differences in playstyle. I already mentioned it in the dead-doc, but if you're in the end-game and going through everyone, anyone that looks Neutral-ish to you (like you mentioned about mist) should immediately be put in the 'potential elim' stack and never in the 'village' stack, irrespective of how much analysis they do. Basically, the best elims can look very village, right up until you're near the end of the game, look at what they've done and realize that they haven't really done all that much (maybe even nothing) to actually catch an elim.
  2. Also, I just discovered something great! Apparently it was HH that had bugsy attack himself, rather than the elim extortionist, which is actually pretty hilarious, because it means that the elims only got bleeder confirmed the same cycle bleeder claimed publicly, rather than three cycles earlier XD
  3. Alright, let's do some thoughts. First of all, I'd like to thank @A Joe in the Bush for running this great game. I'd also like to give shoutouts to @TJ Shade and @The Young Pyromancer for playing a great game. TJ got thrown into this game halfway through as a new player, and made some really great contributions. Pyro, meanwhile, got underestimated by a couple of people including myself, but he did a really good job at getting the village distracted and off track. Likewise, @Mist did a pretty solid job at flying under the radar while not being so quiet that it raised suspicion. @Experience also came out of left field for me as I already had discounted him as an elim based on his voting, so that was some solid distancing right there. On the village side, @Orlok Tsubodai of course did an absolutely great job, but I think @Matrim's_Dice also deserves a shout-out. Being one of the few actively analyzing villagers at Lylo is a tough position to be in, especially if you're fairly new, and so i think you did really well, all things considered. Lastly, a quick thought balance-wise. I think the way the game played out, it ended up being really close, which indicates a good balance. That having been said, I don't see how the village could have won in any less than about 10 cycles, so I do wonder if things would have gone more the elims way if everyone had been as bloodthirsty as joe expected them to be (I can't see how this game could have ended in a village win before C8, for example). edit: also, @Furamirionind, I don't think I tend to die early a lot? The village tends to avoid lynching me early because I'm a good asset to have around if I'm not evil, and the elims tend to not night-kill me early because of...reasons (being a likely protection target is one of them, I suppose)?
  4. sneaky edits are sneaky
  5. Nope, it's Bugsy (2): Sart, Matrim Megasif (3): Bugsy, DeTess, Experience matrim(1): emi
  6. Right, sorry, my bad. To get the same effect, you need to move it to anyone but megasif or bugsy
  7. You could move your vote elsewhere for the same effect, if you were so inclined. Though I'm not certain @Matrim's_Dice has actually decided to use vote manip yet.
  8. I mean, we could lynch you instead, if you prefer I'm not entirely unserious here, btw. I don't think we've got any reason to assume you're village here, and you've been active enough that we can't dismiss you as an active threat as we can with some of the inactives. If you could do some analysis, or otherwise get your voice in the game, that would be very much appreciated. Suspicion of Megasif mostly comes from their pushback against the Silber lynch (or any double-lynch involving bugsy) last cycle.
  9. Any particular arguments you want to make beyond that? Last cycle made me pretty suspicious of you, but in all honesty, I'm having trouble fitting you into a standard-size elim team. An 8 person elim team would have zillah, the extortionist and one more member, and you're not the extortionist. And that one more could be a lot of people, including BR (who has been a major inactive suspect).
  10. Yes, but long story. I can get into details in a PM if you want, as its really not game related.
  11. It differs per gm, but most don't handpick elims, instead using rng to create 2-5 divisions and pick the one that looks best. And 'best' is often a mix of veterans and newbies. Starting out as an elim is often great because it really puts you in contact with the community. Also @Megasif, 'she' for me, tyvm
  12. Oops, I missed that in my tally -_-. Here's the updated one: Vote tally Megasif (3):experience, bugsy, DeTess Bugsy(3): emi, Sart, Matrim
  13. If you have to break the tie in a direction you prefer I'd prefer that because you showing off this role would go a decent distance to alleviating my concerns about your alignment, even if it proves to have saved an elim this cycle by guaranteeing a bugsy lynch. Regarding Coda, I don't think we have any real clue as to their alignment yet, or did I miss something? So I don't think me voting on them at any point is particularly alignment indicative.
  14. Shard of reading. You did state suspicion of them earlier and yet when their lynch came up, you voted in Xino, who is almost certainly village at this point. I've voted on every elim killed so far, so I'm really uncertain where this is coming from. Can you explain? edit: and that's even ignoring the fact that I've been the first one to push for the lynch of silberfarben ( a key part to the elim's bleeder strategy). However, I had missed your claim. I do hope to see you actually put it in action sometime soon though (so to the person keeping them roleblocked, please stop for a cyle). For now, I'm dropping my vote off of Matrim, and moving it to megasif. That means the vote tally is, if I'm not mistaken: Vote tally Megasif (3):experience, bugsy, DeTess Bugsy(2): emi, Sart Which means that once again the best manipulation the elims can hope for (barring zillah coming back) is a tie.
  15. I still do think we should take you out asap though. Nothing personally, but the more successfully we hunt the elims, the more dangerous you become . I also think we should grab the elim extortionist asap though, to stop them from pulling off the same trick with Winsting. I agree with Sart that it's likely to be one of Matrim or Mist, because any other potential elim could/should have also put their vote down for bugsy to save Silber. Of these, I'm ever so slightly more suspicious of Matrim, mostly because Mist had some decent suspicion of Shard relatively early on. Basically, I was trying to confirm that an impersonation into nothingness would cause the vote to also disappear from the vote tally.