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  1. I'm not talking about the part in the end with Denth, I'm talking about a part earlier in the book when he store some Breath so the extra Breath wont show, and there I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that in some version there is a special command he used, are you sure there isn't also aspecial command one can use to split of only some of his breath?
  2. I remember there being a special command for how vasher gives all his Breath without giving his divine Breath, but now I dont find it anywhere. I think it was some unoficial thing in the annotions or in the audio book. does someone know anything about it or where I my find it?
  3. Stormlight, in the books, is the power that make the Plate give you super strength, and when the Plate breaks it becomes super heavy because you're not super powerful, but the plate is always really heavy and durable
  4. I think it's because nightblood also kill in the spiritual realm, and a curropted/dead soul is black (like we can see dripping from nightblood).
  5. In the end of WoR Sadis is literlly trying to provoke Adolin, while defentlly knowing him to be hotheaded, and was trying to use it against him, also it's such a simple and sudden death, can it be that Sadis is still alive? Is it a known theory? Are there any more solid hints? A WoB?
  6. Also they are probbly way too invested
  7. I just read from the wiki the section in which shallam walks, as Veil, into the ghostblood hideout and I noticed that all the stuff there can be easly related to other Cosmere worlds, a bottle of pale sand sound like it came from Taldin, silver knife make me think of Therondy, an odd flower there can be a Tear of Adgly, I dont want to jump to much to conclusions put there is olso a piece of wood with writings which make me think of Sel, a pair of thick hair pins can easly be Hemolurgic spike if it's a chinies hair pin (wich make sence since althkar is generly eastern in look). There are a few more thing there but this were my mane one. So, did we already discused this? Is there a WoB that confrime or reject this? If there is one of the aboves I'd be happy kf you can point me to were to find it.
  8. So, there is harmonium in the coin hoid gave wax? And what will be the problem with having 16 diffrent nedalions? The harmoniun distrubs itself? And if so the a soulbearer will be able to use 16 different medalions without harmonium? And for last, if harmoniun genarate an area of effect then how can you turn it off and on?
  9. In FE they say that TLR survived losing his head and being burn to a skeleton in past rebellions. Also in yoi finished AoL then you basicly know every magor healing scene in Mistborn
  10. No one used Sand Mastery. And almost none of the Dahkor and Aon magic.. Also Parshendi forms, Therondy shadows and First of Sun birds. There are more options then just the obiouves one!!!!!! Dont forget them too!!
  11. There are theoreticlly 2 types of Aons: those you can draw as part of a map and those you cant (at least so I think, after all how do you crate love with a map? Fire? Light? Truth? Beauty? I dont remember every Aon but some of them are ideals and not physical things) so I guess that if you cut every tree in all of Sel wood will become one of the ideals Aon instead of one of the physical ones. (Sorry on the double posting)
  12. I think that the area of thr Sheod is just because the Aon has a limited range. So, theoreticlly if you go and build another Elantris somewhere then the Shaod will strike there too (as long as it also meet all the other conditions)
  13. Since the chasm casued all the aons to stop working I think that you can probbly destroy other aons too by destroing their landmarks. After all aon are keys to the Aon Dor so if you break the key you cant open the lock.
  14. Originally Brandon wrote the books in an order and form that let them stand alone, so the best idea is to make movies in more or less the order they were written, and the worst choice to start from is SA because that the first series that is not a stand alone book but a one that is long and meant for people that knows the other books, also it's really long and I have to agree that it will be much better as a TV show then a movie if you don't wont it to be a 3-4 hours movie. Basically they should start from any other book that is not SA. Everything else aside, There is (another....) chance of a Cosmere movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that's so awesome!!!!!
  15. Im not sure if you really want an answer for that but, yes, it will be a bad idea just much as storing so much breath that you choke to death or storing so mich heat that you die from hypothermia is a bad idea. There are a lot of bad ideas if you store metalminds without thinking first.