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  1. Yeah, I'm reasonably sure that she's at level 4 by the end of WOK, but I wasn't completely certain since I don't know if the blade is a third ideal/truth ability for every order or if it'd just be that way for certain orders. I do think that all of the evidence that we currently have seems to point that way, though.
  2. Well, I don't think there's any proof that she's gone past the first truth about herself at the end of WOK since lightweavers advance in a different way to the other orders. I suppose it's also possible that each order, or even each individual gets to use their spren as a shardblade at a different time, or even just when they can't survive a situation without it. I'm guessing that usually, the shardblade manifests at level 3 based only on Kaladin's progression, but it's possible that only windrunners or certain orders get the blade at the third ideal. My best guess is that she had to have spoken at least one, and possibly as many as two truths in addition to the first ideal to get pattern to turn into a shardblade, but we don't have enough information on lightweavers to be completely sure.
  3. Hey, I'm sorry to disagree with you here, but I was under the impression that we haven't seen a single chapter with Shallan where she wasn't already bonded to pattern, and a level 3 radiant, including her earliest flashback chapter. The only shardblade she's ever been bonded to is her living spren, pattern. It's the reason her mother tried to kill her, the reason Hoid noticed her in the flashback chapter, and the reason she can take memories even at the start of WOK. Now, I may be wrong about this, but that is my understanding of the situation. I think that after killing her mother, she did try to deny that pattern even existed, which kind of caused her to regress in her abilities for a long time, but she's had the bond since we'll before the start of the series.