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  1. To be perfectly honest, being lynched would be something of a relief. I tripped over my feet in this game and have been struggling to catch up since, and I know I've really not done much and I know my votes have not done anything. If you guys decided to lynch me today, I'm sorry to say that I would be fine with that. It's not a good game ethic, I acknowledge that, and I guess this is why this is me vaguely protesting. I'd say that lynching me would be of no use, a mislynch, but my own evidence is obviously not going to do anything. With three eliminators down anyway, there's a good chance of the village winning. In any case, if I'm going to go out, I should at least leave behind my thoughts on each player, as insufficient as my reads might be, in the hopes that I'd have contributed something. Most village: Sart - Was the deciding vote that managed to lynch two elims. Once might be coincidence, twice would be really weird. Fifth Scholar - Was very focused on the Randuir lynch. Dalinar Kholin - Was the first to suggest the Bort lynch when Bort was pretty safely flying under the radar Probably village: Straw - I agree that Rand's strategy seemed to be beginning to lead the village on a mislynch streak on inactives. Straw seems cleared in the light of this. Mr. Doctor - Has been a very vocal and discussion-heavy player, which makes me like him a lot. He's been flip-floppy and uncertain in some of his posts, but that could be just down to inexperience or my own reading of them. I'd be hesitant to promote him to mostly cleared, but he's doing good work right now. I'd need to go look over his posts to be sure. Elandera - I admit I'm liking your posts, you're reasonable and focus on promoting discussion. Coop didn't give us much to go on, so I have nothing on you atm, but I'm hoping you're village.Your mistake about not knowing about the roles of the Elims seems rather genuine, which helps a little in that. Neutral and really ambivalent Walin - He may be neutral, but I agree that at this point we need people to put down votes and take stances. His current stance might be nonalignment indicative but it's going to hurt the village if he's a villager. Val - Man in Black? Maybe? El - On one hand, I'm glad that Rand and Bort didn't get revived and their alignments revealed so quickly, as people really didn't know how to feel on them. On the other, this means that the last two or three elims might be harder to find if she becomes active and starts actively reviving people who are killed. Snipexe - I agree with others that his tunneling seems genuine, I'd like to see how he votes this cycle, with Sart no longer his target. (Ha, it's me too) Unknown Hemalurgic - Hasn't posted enough for a good read. Voted on Rand fairly early though Rath - My impressions seem to be....bandwagony. I may be wrong here, and this is no grounds for suspicion yet, but I'd just be wary. I would note that he did have a chance to switch from Rand but chose not to. Jondesu - pops up every so often with random posts and theories. I'm not sure what to think of him, though I do relate to his posts about being unable to pay enough attention and being willing to get lynched Burnt - Nothing much yet Manukos - Neither As I said, I personally will not put up much defense against being lynched besides the fact that it would be a waste of this cycle, besides the fact that a lynch with only one target doesn't really give much analysis potential. Though...I admit at this point I don't really have much confidence in my reads to be truly suspicious of anyone. I'm sorry. I hope my reads might have been of help to you, and on the event of my death, I propose Jondesu and perhaps Burnt and Manukos for the next target of discussion. Perhaps Snipexe or Mr. Doctor too. Max either needs to become active now or risk forfeiting her win condition by default. The Village still has the giant, which should be helpful. In any case, if this is goodbye, forever, and forever, farewell, my friends. If we do meet again, why, we shall smile. If not, why then, this parting...was well made.
  2. ...That's a pretty fast bandwagon. So far, the only real accusation against me is for trying to make the vote closer between Straw and Randuir - here was my reasoning. At that point, I was nursing some healthy suspicion on Randuir, as from my past games with him I knew that my read on him was never accurate. At that point where I voted, the vote was pretty close between Straw and Randuir, and as I stated, between a vocal player who was offering lots of thoughts on people and a lurker, I'd much rather lynch the lurker first. Not only does it keep an active player who encourages discussion in the game, I felt it would shed even more light on Rand's alignment, if Straw had flipped village, I would have been much more confident in lynching Rand. If Straw had flipped elim, it would have helped clear Rand more, as Straw had been largely forgotten at that point. Consider these scenarios. Elim!Straw lynched - Rand becomes more cleared (More information) Village!Straw lynched - Rand looks a lot more guilty (More information) Elim!Rand lynched - We get to check his posts for defenses, distancing and more (More information) Village!Rand lynched - Lost a voice of discussion and have no real target for this cycle - he tried to lynch a lurker, so? (Less information) Drake asked me why I thought lynching Straw was the lesser of two evils, and here is my argument. While I didn't really have much reads on Straw or Rand, and when they seemed equally likely to flip elim for me, I decided that lynching Straw would not only either help to clear or damnation Rand, it would keep an active player in the game. Could he have tried to mislead us? Sure! But I choose to believe that his continuing trail of hedging and misinformation would have eventually tipped us off - it did certainly ring a lot of alarm bells already so far. I just wanted to be sure. As it is, Rand is dead, and people are already able to comb through a wealth of information from his previous posts. That is an excellent thing, and something I have been trying to do myself. I suggest the rest of you who are hopping on the bandwagon do the same.
  3. From what reading I've been trying to do, it seems to me that Eternum/Drake and Dalinar are quite cleared - if it hadn't been for them bringing up Bort as an alternative lynch last day, Bort would have been perfectly safe while Sart or Fifth got lynched. Eternum/Drake was also the first vote on Len, and while voting on one elim could have been coincidence or planned, beingaa decisive factor in two elim deaths pretty much clears him in my opinion. Sart, too, even though his reasons were clearly self preservation, makes it really unlikely for him to be an elim too. I find Walin's stance on not voting really troubling as well, and right now while we have better suspects up for the lynch, I'd be inclined to put him up on lynch. In any case, on the Straw and Rand lynch. I'd be comfortable with lynching Rand, he has done enough analysis on other players that upon his alignment reveal there's a wealth of information to go through. I do dislike the choice being between an active, contributing player and a lurker, though. There's not much against Straw - plenty of people have been popping up and not really saying much. His voting patterns are erratic, and in this cycle is purely a self-preservation vote. There's really not much reason to vote on him other than that. Between a lurking elim and an actively talking elim, I think lynching Straw would be the lesser of two evils, and reveal a bit more about Rand at this point. So, Straw The current vote count goes Rand (5) Fifth, Headshot, Mr. Doc, Rath, Straw Straw (3): Sart, Rand, Jon Walin (1): Drake There's about five hours left in the cycle, and a lot always happens then, so I doubt this is what the final vote count would look like. I'll be honest here, I'm inclined to try and create a tie between Straw and Rand, and letting chance decide. (I'm sure Alv would be properly enthralled by these proceedings) @Drake Marshall, Seeing as Walin is very unlikely to be lynched this cycle, why don't you throw your vote onto one of the leading suspects? I'm interested in making it a close vote. With that. I bid you goodnight, and hope for a favorable result in the morning.
  4. Whee another bandwagon. I apologize for being again unable to come up with the huge analysis posts that I promised myself I'd try to do. Problem with these big LGs is that once you lose your footing, it's really hard to recover and regain momentum. I have been scanning the thread, but haven't been doing much analyzing and honestly don't have many strong reads right now. It's 2AM, and really not a good time to try posting, but if I don't post now, I won't post at all today. Bort, if you want your answer to why I didn't retract my vote, here it is: I was fast asleep, as I always am the last five or six hours before turnover. It feels wrong not to put a vote, but I am dead tired, and any vote now will be without analysis, which would not provide any information for you guys the next night. I'd rather try hard to catch up on the night cycle to have an argument ready for the next day. So....goodnight!
  5. Right, so this post won't be very long, but in *preparation* for this post, I did like two hours of reading... Currently, votes are tied between Randuir and Devotary, this might change in the next five or so hours while I sleep, but this thread has been so quiet... I'm throwing a vote on Devotary, mainly for her action in breaking the tie between Elenion and Sart. I agree that Straw also warrants a closer look, but I'm not going to add yet another person to the tie I would agree that Eternum and Cadcom are soft cleared for now, for voting on Len and sticking to it. The Sart lynch came up rather quickly after those two votes on Len had been established (Snipexe voted on Sart too, but before the first vote on Len, which makes it seem less of a calculated swing than Straw's and Devotary's votes) On Randuir, I honestly can't trust him, not because I have any real elim read on him yet, but because I keep *wanting* to trust him for all his analysis heavy posts and that's dangerous . There is also the fact that in the two games I have been in with Rand, he was evil in both of them, so a lot of the aformentioned two hour reading was going through games where he had been good. I was a little leery of all the analysis he did yet really not much willingness to commit to it, such as his hovering on the fringes on the Bugsy/Elenion discussion, and then his exhaustive thoughts on all the players last round, but after looking around, I'm a little more reassured that's his normal playstyle. I'm not clearing him by any means, but I'm more willing to lynch Devotary than Randuir at this point, especially as Randuir isn't around to defend himself. Hope discussion picks up in the next few hours. There really have been too few people voting.
  6. I'm posting to apologize for my lack of activity last cycle and this one - I have only proceeded to get sicker, and while I have tried my best to keep up to date by reading, I haven't really been feeling up to the two hours or so of work to do analysis and make those big posts I do. I'm still here, and will try to be on tomorrow to vote and analyze and try do be active and engaged, but yeah, apologies for being sick and inactive. Maybe El as Max can give me something for the illness?
  7. Firstly, I'm surprised so much happened while I was asleep (I feel that I should clarify that I'm GMT+8, so the last seven or so hours of the cycle happen while I'm asleep) So Araris got three more votes piled up on him, Bugs and Len continued an argument, and the general consensus (Mr Doctor, Fifth, Rand) concluding that Bugs' first post was NAI. Another significant thing would be Sart coming on and jumped on Roadwalker for his Miracle Max claim, in turn being jumped by Kidpen and Snipexe for that vote. Some analysis on some posts last night - What? Why...? Besides the stated reason - which in itself doesn't make much sense, I notice that this ties the vote between Devotary, Araris and Bugsy, turning it into a four-way tie. I again, don't see much advantage for this except for the fact that it gives Walin an advantage in the tie that would occur - Does this make the chances that the other lynchees would die higher, while still guaranteeing Walin's survival? Just to note - I don't think Len was following Araris specifically, more that he jumped on Randuir's questioning, which brings us to this - Well, no, you didn't do the set up for the vote, but you did vote on Bugs based on what could be perceived as a setup by Randuir, who first mused on Bugsy's post as being oportunistic. So... sure, your vote differed from Bugs in that you didn't do the set-up. It could be argued that a setup by one elim followed by a vote by another elim would be even better of a strategy than the same one posting, and then voting in a later post. Not that this means I think you're an elim just yet, it does seem a little too careless, but... Well, you've never been shy about drawing attention to yourself, have you? In any case, hope you understand where I'm coming from. ^Basically, what Bugs said. And I highlighted the part about Araris just because it was something worth keeping in mind. Awww thanks But why wasn't it alignment indicative? What's alignment indicative for me? Also - note to self to not let Cadmium off the hook completely, they still have not answered to this. I'm waiting for Steel to clarify on this, but Roadwalker and Walin were absolutely in no danger of being lynched, not with that huge vote margin on Araris - why would anyone feel the need to use their items on them? An attempt to get them noticed? Lingering thoughts - While I think the lynch on Araris was the best choice personally, some of the reasons for the other voters are less clear - that of Eternum and Fifth, particularly. Headshot and Mr Doctor's votes were of the "this is the more suspicious of the choices" variety, while my reasons I believe I have given. I think Eternum and Fifth's votes might have just been attempts to prove they were active by skimming the thread and plopping down a vote on an acceptable target, something shared by Kidpen and Snipexe when Sart became an acceptable target, but still... hopefully we'll see more reasoning for your votes next time. I'll end on the note that I am very much open to PMs, and anyone who has not created their PMs yet should consider PMing me - I'm a decent fellow, I promise! Restful night, my friends.
  8. I apologize for being absent for so much of the cycle - I have come down hard with sickness, a cocktail of fever, flu, a bad cough and headaches (The irony of the Doc coming down with sickness is not one that has escaped, me, I assure you) (Maybe Mr Doctor could help me out here?) , which had me either in bed rest or in no mood to analyze when I was on. I hope this large post with all my thoughts on the cycle so far will be helpful to the rest of you and sufficient contribution. The general etiquette, as you've deduced, is not to take over another player's character. Most of the time, this happens in the form of ending your RP on a question or an action, waiting for the other player to respond. Of course, if you have a PM with the player and have preplanned the RP, feel free to use the other character. Of course, this also depends on the player you're interacting with. I, for example, am fine with you what you're doing, as long as I don't perceive it being massively out of character, but others may dislike it. Hope this helps! "I don't see what wuv would have to do wif this annoying wisp", Senfalo muttered. "Wuv...Wuv is a fiction, a lie - pewhaps a twuth long dead. speaking of which, why awen't you?" Without waiting for a reply, he continued assembling the human puzzle as best as he could, trying his best to ignore what he was actually doing. Maybe the lisp was a curse? But why would they be cursed? It was at that moment which Eelz chose to run past, screaming something about wives. Senfalo blinked. Ookay. Maybe love did have something to do with it. "Wats. I told the Dwead Piwate that i'd really hate to cwash a mawwiage." On to my actual thoughts! I actually really like Bugsy's idea of balance, keeping up a truce seems to be the best way towards fulfilling his win condition while not explicitly taking a side until its necessary. However, I admit I have a distaste towards dictating the actions of another player - as Mark said, being Miracle Max allows one the unique potential to troll both sides and have fun, and while it would be pragmatic to have him declare himself and follow this plan, it might not be in that player's sense of fun. In any case, I leave it up to Max's sensibilities. I actually think this is a pretty good idea, Rand, especially in the first or final few cycles where we need information really quickly. As long as it doesn't become something predictable, Wesley's kill could significantly increase the rate in which the village gets information. If Wesley is going to do this, its better not to announce it or really, tell anyone that you're doing it. Walin, I'd be careful about assuming which side neutrals would choose It depends heavily on the player, and claiming leaves one very susceptible to manipulation. I'd go as far as to advise any person who gets into contact with the real miracle Max not to trust him entirely - that's why neutrals are so interesting, aren't they? I really hope this is isn't true, just because a big part of the intrigue would have been taken way Still, I suppose this is something worth drawing attention to and remembering. On other matters, the vote count goes thus Araris (1): Eternum (Self-stated random vote) Walin (1): Mark (Another random vote) Devotary (2): Val, Fifth (Nothing against them personally except a grudge from a past game and having a weird name) Bugsy (2): Araris, Elenion (Bugsy's seeming opportunisticness in voting on Araris, and for lack of a better target) There's just been a lot of random voting this cycle, with only the lynch on Bugsy having any semblance of a reason, speaking of which, Uhm, Len, aren't you being just a little opportunistic as well? Bugs explicitly said that he felt Araris' post was NAI (which you agreed with), and he would only vote on Araris if there's nothing better to vote on (Of which you are guilty of saying exactly the same) Right now, I have my eye on Walin, Roadwalker, Araris and Len - Mind, I'm not saying I have an elim read on any of them - there has been little opportunity for that, but just players who I am going to keep an eye on. My reasons are thus, Walin for trying to get Max to claim right now, which while not too alignment indicative, still seems like an attempt to get to Max as quickly as possible. Roadwalker for claiming Max , which is enough to make him the center of attention, and if it is false, is an attempt to create fun at best, an opportunity to sow chaos at worst. Araris for his willingness to vote on Bugsy for no reason other than Bugsy expressing suspicion on him (To be fair, far less reason has been given for most of the votes today, but I'm cautious of how willing he is to lynch Bugs, while the others seemed votes just for fun) And lastly, Len, for being opportunistic I would much rather vote later this cycle, but I doubt I'll be able to be up to posting later this evening. As it is, I'm not willing to lynch Len just yet, as he has brought up some genuinely good points for dicussion. Devotary's accusers have nothing against Devotary, Bugsy is being voted on for extremely slim reasons, and the others are more or less votes for fun. Right now, the only thing I have decided to hang on to is Araris' willingness to lynch Bugs just because, which certainly might just be his playstyle, but an unsustainable way to play as a villager. Voting on Araris would also create a tie between him, Devotary and Bugs, which should at the very least provide an interesting situation and allow potential for analysis. Therefore, Araris. Nothing personal..
  9. Starkindler! It is a most pleasant surprise to share a game with you once more! It would be a great pleasure to once more weave some stories! I've had my eye on you for quiiite a while, Mr Doctor Before you came, I was the Doctor around here, but as I was absent for a good while, I can hardly blame you for rising up to take the position of practitioner - I dare say it will be a pleasure to work with you this game, no matter how...strange your character! A. D. Senfalo watched in bemusement as the Dead Private Hobbert began to fall apart. Catching up to him, he started fishing in his pockets for some duct tape - for as is common knowledge, beyond all binding enchantments or magical ropes is duct tape. In his own decent opinion, duct tape was magical and should be worshiped. Anyways, he supposed that even though he was a pirate, with all the connotations that came with that term, he was at heart a decent fellow, and should do some decent things. Biting off a length of tape, he started on his task. "Puw yourself together man! This is no time to have a bweakdown! S'long as you dont mind being only swightly mummified, evewything should be alwight!" He blinked. "Saaay, Wobert, why are we all talking stwange?"
  10. Signing up as D. Senfalo, a very nice man who hates to kill (or die, for that matter) (Rejoice, for I have returned! It seems that I have been only mostly on hiatus for the past few months, and have been revived by miracle steel's miracle game, and the fact that I am free of the pits of college!) Since the invention of the Long Game, there have been many games that have been rated the most bloody, the most exhilarating, and of course, the most hilarious. Here's to one that could conceivably leave them all behind!
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    Death comes, darkness blanketing, the embrace. Rest. Embrace the blanketing darkness. Come, Death!
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    Inspired by a breakup. Stealing time, our lives entwining, our shattered souls telling lies, hoping... until hopeful, lie telling souls shattered our entwined lives, our time stealing. I'm sorry.