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  1. This was a good game to come back to, as I got to play with some really good friends and got to be at least kind of useful in the game Unfortunately, it also caused me stress and reminded me again that I was never a good SE player even when I was a regular. I spent the early game winging it, spent midgame getting tunneled on in despair and apathy and the last half of it trying to make up for early mistakes and still getting suspected a lot I was lucky that even though I was the most incompetent player ever, I was at least of some use and didn't make too big of mistakes. So thank you Straw and thank you to all for playing with me, but I will be taking the lesson to heart and never coming back. The most I'll do is participate in spec docs and stuff. So... it was really great being back for a while until it wasn't, and thank you all so much
  2. I should be the one feeling betrayed I will only be sufficiently placated if you offer me some spike-free cookies. You slipped under the radar quite a lot, especially as I (and Burnt on one occasion) left out your name on our suspicion lists because we saw BR's name crossed out and forgot about you I suppose what made me vote on you in the end was that feeling that even though you've been there and defended me (which was nice, I won't lie), you've said very little despite posting quite a lot. Vindication!
  3. Man, that extension really stagnated the game, eh? You and me both I'm not sure I like the idea of you holding off voting on me because of my emotional statements though. I'd prefer that you not vote on me because I've convinced you we're on the same side. I don't know. That reasoning depended on there being an Inquisitor who wanted to convert - and maybe they still do - but I agree that people who know Misting claims shouldn't be exempt from suspicion. I thought the same for a while. I haven't heard anything from the Seeker either, but as others have repeatedly told me, the Seeker isn't obliged to share their results publicly. I would also like some confirmation that at least something is happening. i guess we're now just shooting in the dark, no use finding justifications, really. I'm pretty sure Fifth, Bard and possibly Rath can be trusted. I want to say Hael too, but can't go that far yet. Sart and Snipexe seem genuine at the moment, especially with Sart calling out people and asking specific questions when no one would have thought twice if he remained silent... The ones I'm really unsure about remain Elandera, Stink and Shane. I suppose I'll vote on Elandera as well...
  4. This confuses me. If you are a Smoker and know what a Smoker does, why did you confuse it for vote manipulation? Also, for the moment, I believe it's possible that there might be two Smokers in the game. Your point that giving the Inquisitor a Smoker wouldn't do much is fair, and something that we might do in later cycles if we still haven't caught the Inquisitor, but for now, I'm perfectly happy in denying the Inquisitor the chance to convert and mess up my reads If they wish to claim, though, I won't stop them, and I'm leaving it up to them on whether they wish to claim to the thread. I guess I'll also be posting my own reads list, and I like Burnt's style of doing it, so here we go. 1. Haelbarde (Spar) - Honestly I'd go 50%. I don't have enough to go on him and our PMs are rather erratic His activity fluctuates, between having enough time to build a case on me last cycle to making quick one sentence posts. 2. Burnt Spaghetti (Opal Ghetti) - 15% Pretty much trust. We've talked a lot in PMs and she's the one who encouraged me to be a more active player even if I'm roleless. 3. Snipexe (Cutting Bored) - 45% Claimed misting in thread. 6. Lumgol (Teraval) - 30% slight village, because of the whole mistake with not understanding how Tineyes work. Not sure that they might be Tineye based on that, but the inactivity does coincide with the missing Tineye message. 8. shanerockes (Bill) - 40% When asked how he would play as an inquisitor, says he'd be PMing lots of people to find out roles if he was inquisitor, but only has about 4 PMs. Then again, could be Inquizy as he doesn't seem to have connected to any mistings, which could explain the Inquisitor's bad luck. 12. Elandera - 50% - There was the whole switch from Brightness to Elandera, which makes her difficult to read. I'm reserving judgement for now, though. 13. Fifth Scholar (Lerdar) - 10%. Knows a misting and said misting ain't dead yet. And there's the whole, got attacked thing. It's mainly the first point. 14. Devotary of Spontaneity (Nevene) - 65% I didn't think she was really that suspicious when Fifth made that post. But after that, in PMs she said she had a role and that she had told others about said role, but I haven't been able to track down who she PM'd about her role, which makes her a bit more suspicious to me. Also said that she would claim to FIfth which would make him take back his vote, but he hasn't so... I guess it bumps Devotary up past Hael. Ironically enough, if you'd actually claim to me, it could have made me consider your claim myself which might have stopped me from voting on you 15. Rathmaskal (Rebelmaskal) - 30% Slight village because last vote on Rand on day 2 plus completely misunderstanding how conversion works (could be a feint possibly?) I don't know if Rand would have claimed publicly if not for Rath's vote, even though he did claim to m before 16. Young Bard (Beattie Buvidas) - 10% Pretty much cleared in my eyes, same rationale as Fifth. Has been very open in PMs. 17. Sart (TBA) - 45%I did like him defending me in Day 4, even though it's true that the fact that I revealed Rand doesn't clear me. Has claimed smoker. Was a bit strange when they misunderstood how the smoker works at first. Also there's the nonchalance about giving the Inquisitor a conversion if his theory was wrong. Overall village though, but too little to go on. 18. STINK (Fonar Redacted) - 50% STINK does what a STINK does, which is pop up randomly and disappear just as quickly. So in order of suspicions - Devotary , Hael + Stink + Elandera, though honestly I don't actually suspect Elandera that much, just that I can't read her, with Sart and Snipexe coming in third. Besides Devotary, Hael and Elandera, they're mostly inactive peeps, so I hope you guys post more. @LumgolYou really should post today or tonight if you don't want to get killed by the inactivity filter, I'd just like to say here that only a Sith deals in absolutes
  5. I don't get it. Snipexe announced to the thread last night that he was a misting, why target Araris instead? Maybe the Inquisitor believed that Snipexe would be protected but still. I don't know what the Inquisitor's doing. If the Inquisitor *is* still trying to convert instead of randomly hitting people, it clears people I know such as Burnt, Fifth and Bard, who know at least one Misting. I'm just very confused. Someone claimed Smoker, which means that the Inquiisitor probably has Seeking powers. Why are they hitting unsnapped? Not that I'm refuting your post, but both Lumgol and Shane have been on pretty recently. Shane was on 20 minutes ago and Lum is active in the other game. That said, I still don't think Lum or Shane are too suspicious now based on my analysis from day 3. They really need to participate more though. While it'll help narrow down the suspect pool, they could be mistings, which could mean free conversions for the Inquisitor. Some questions - if you have answers, PM me? Did anyone seek Snipexe last night? Is there a way the Seeker could let us know? What has Araris said that might have gotten him killed? I didn't have a PM with him, did anyone? Seriously, what happened to the second Tineye? I'll be back on tonight to do another read through and suspicion post. .
  6. not dead. I'm honestly surprised not to be. Also annoyed that I was wrong about Ray (Sorry Ray) A lot happened while I was asleep! I wonder if the reason the vote changed was because of my vanilla claim not being useful to the Inquisitor. I would suspect Araris for changing his vote from me to a claimed misting, but then he changed his vote to Ray. I don't know what to think about Devotary, the vote which broke the tie. I don't know what to think because Devotary apparently thought Ray was another vanilla as well? Suspicion shortlist Hael - Since Ray is gone, Hael moves up to the top of the list. He was pretty active yesterday, he's been quiet and mainly talking about mechanics engaged enough to be comparing timestamps and making cases against innocent people Fifth, why is Hael so low on your suspicion list? Devotary - sorry, I know you technically saved me and voted for the person I wanted, but I didn't *want* to be saved . Snipexe - I want to trust him because of his misting claim, but I want him Seeked first to ensure he's not the Inquisitor I think that Snipexe would be a better Seeker target, considering his misting claim yesterday. Apologies for not dying, everyone. ya'll can lynch me tomorrow it if it will satisfy Fifth
  7. Sure. I PM'd Rand after I voted on him on day 2, giving him a general greeting and informing him I suspected him. He replied that he had a way to prove he wasn't the Inquisitor by doing a role-swap. I agreed to it, and he claimed Mistborn and said the third Tineye message was his. Right off the bat. When I asked who else he'd told, he said he would tell Stink he said something to me as insurance. I believe that at that time he claimed, the vote on Rand was still Fifth and me. When I got back to the game, Rath had made the vote on Rand 3. I noted that fact to him, and he said that he was going to publicly claim. I retracted my vote on him after that. As to why he would PM me with that? I have no idea. When he suggested the role-swap, I told him that I had nothing to lose with that, sort of saying that I was roleless, but he apparently just claimed to me. Perhaps it's because we've been in games together like LG40 where he knew that I would be more willing to trust him than other players? In any case, it's not like my suspicions on him were fully allayed. I did still expect him to prove it somehow, I just didn't want to risk losing a village mistborn. Anyways, I did a long, long readthrough of past cycles trying to find subtle slip-ups and thingsand here's what I have. Hope it helps! Good reads: Fifth. While he's currently trying to lynch me, I don't fault him for it. As with Burnt, the attack on him would have been very counter-intuitive, and maybe it's simply because I haven't played enough games with you, but I don't think you'd pull that kind of gambit. Burnt. I believe Burnt to be capable of pulling that gambit, but I pray it's not the case here. In her PM with me, she accused me of being inquisitor based on a conversation we had, and I guess she just seemed genuine. I think I would read her as village for now. Lumgol. on Night 2, after Rand claimed mistborn and the one behind tineye message 3, Lumgol expressed disbelief because she misread the message as the tineye claiming to have messaged everyone and thus disbelieved Rand's claim. This is an odd mistake to make if they were the Inquisitor. Sure, it could be distancing, but it seemed to me like a genuine misunderstanding. Rath. Rath was the third vote on Randuir and the one which made him claim in thread. Also, he made a rule mistake this cycle where he wondered why the inquisitor wasn't converting. Again, could be a trick, but a really odd misunderstanding to do so on, considering how all of day 1 was based on the argument on whether we should lynch a misting to let the inquisitors convert. Slightly village Bard Bard hasn't done anything here to make me trust or distrust him. He was voted on a lot in day 2 for largely arbitrary reasons and was tied with Rand before Rath voted on Rand and the mistborn claim happened. One comment that struck me was him advising against publishing the PM chain on Day 3 because "the entire point of the chain was to prevent PM spying from occurring and identifying the Seeker." But to those who were paying attention, the Inquisitor gave up UberTin on N1 to convert Randuir (If that was what revealing the Spike meant) Possibly not the Inquisitor, based on that. Araris Araris has been pretty engaged with the game, voting a lot. This cycle, he's been voting based on his reads of Randuir's posts. I'd point that Rand is very good at distancing, so his posts may not really mean anything after all. That said. Araris stating he doesn't want to lynch a misting and give the Inquisitor a helping hand echoes my own sentiments and makes me slightly trust him. Elandera It's heartwarming that at least one of you doesn't suspect me I like Elandera for that, they're reasonable. As she's a player that came in halfway, i have the natural inclination to not suspect her, compounded with her forgetting that the Tineyes were needed for PMs to function. I may be putting too much stock into people misunderstanding the rules, but this doesn't feel like a slip up an eliminator would make. I honestly don't know, in order of least suspicious to most Shanerockes Claims to be busy, alright. I'm inclined to believe he's a true inactive atm, though he did PM me just moments ago fishing for information before I died. I'm inclined to clear him on account of that, because an Inquisitor wouldn't care what I knew before I died, would they? STINK Threw a vote at Bard day 2, then voted on Rand after I denounced him... said no to soft clearing the PM chain. Overall seems to be encouraging discussion, but too little to go on for sure. Devotary focused on Bard day 2... feels confident that Rand is not the eliminator, was my contact in the PM chain. I don't know, I can't read devotary at all. Separate people I've PM'd have said she sounds villager, but I don't know. Sart Really hasn't done much. Shown up a couple of times to throw a vote around and disappeared. Snipexe. On day 2, voted on Fifth while the Rand bandwagon was underway. Possibly suspicious because of that. Not sure what to think of his offer to be lynched today. I agree with Fifth that he should be scanned, but if someone has to die it probably should be me. Hael Been quiet and conservative - did make a post calling out some people and asking questions. Accused me today which was mean, but did show that he's paying attention to timestamps which suggests he's been engaged. EDIT: Reading through Rath's post does make Hael slightly more suspicious to me. Perhaps take a closer look at him next cycle too? RayofSunshine At this point, I remain suspicious of Ray, who has been shown to be following along with the game (Finding Rand's hidden message, showing up in night turns, showing up when summoned) but hasn't contributed much. He asked a question when Striker died on whether unsnapped count as mistings, which would be an important question for an Inquisitor. Well, that's all I have for now. Hope you guys make good use of it and appreciate the amount of time I put in on this, my last day alive P.S. I expect an apology the following night
  8. If it satisfies you guys, Doc I'm only putting up a token effort at defending myself because life before death and all I want to die so I don't have to put in so much work on this game, but at the same time felt that I as a villager should remain here participating as long as I can. Oh well. I recognize that I have made mistakes, and those mistakes can look fishy to suspicious eyes. frankly, I'm a little annoyed at Hael questioning why I was up so late. Yes, I had a date in the morning, yes, I should have been asleep. I was up til two not being on the shard, and I checked the thread before I was going to sleep to see if there were any updates. Rand claimed mistborn to me around 1 am, but I didn't see it til I checked the shard, which was why I said i only learned about this half an hour ago. I threw up a retraction post, voting Bard out of necessity, which I didn't want to do because I knew Bard was asleep, saw that Fifth posted in the time I was making that post, and changed my vote after that. I'm tired of playing badly and just being seen as suspicious because of that. Maybe before the cycle ends I'll still be able to do a readthrough the backlog and actually say who I think is suspicious before I die, but it'll honestly be a relief not to have to do that anymore. So lynch me, and be satisfied. At least there won't be a misting lynch for the Inquisitor to use. I'm not a good player, guys. I kind of regret coming back.
  9. Looking back, Rand claimed Mistborn to me about a couple of hours before he actually revealed it in thread, and before the Rath vote, why? Also, that was me making a blunder. The PM I got revealing Rand said "spiked vanilla convert", and I 1) thought that the scan revealed Rand's alignment and 2) forgot that the inquisitor might appear to be vanilla, making a Seek on me useless. I have already been informed of how dumb I was
  10. Question, do we even have a Coinshot? There has been a distinct lack of dying past few nights besides the attack on fifth. Eh, well. honestly, I've sort of resigned myself to being suspected I've tried to be useful and have tried to think about how I voted, but in the end, if only my death will satisfy you, I'm gonna give the coinshot a tired look and say "Yeah, well, make it quick." I'm only putting up an argument because while me dying isn't the worst, I feel that I have a responsibility to at least try to be a useful and active player, so I won't actively argue for my own death. I don't really understand Fifth saying that I have ties to Rand, when I 1) voted on him day 2 because I felt he was playing strangely, 2) was the second vote before it became a bandwagon, and 3) only retracted my vote because Rand claimed mistborn, which Fifth did as well. I suppose another reason Fifth suspects me is because I've defended Bard, who he also suspects. I don't know what to say to that if it's true, I have defended Bard a couple of times - once in day 2 when he accumulated about two or three votes rapidly and seemingly arbitrarily and when I really didn't want to shift the vote to him to save Rand. I believe I've explained my reasons for that adequately. Possibly a last reason that I might be suspected is me believing that the PM chain could be soft-cleared, to which I acknowledge that is a rookie mistake, and I am an idiot (Seriously, I'm not half as good as this game as some of you think I am) I'm working on reading backlog and trying to compile a list of trusts and distrusts, but I probably won't get it done today so I'll try to post that on the next day. At the moment, I'm fine with Doc being scanned, and if we do have a coinshot, I'm going to vote that Ray be shot for reasons expressed in previous posts.
  11. I'd like to point out that I was the second vote on Rand on day 2, backing off only when he claimed mistborn to me If Rand is indeed evil, I would also soft-clear the person who PM'd me the scan results, the second-to-last link in the PM chain who can reveal themselves if they so choose. To use an argument you did, Rand was suspected but people were willing to keep him around. would I or this person, being the Inquisitor, décide to pass along/reveal the only convert we had so far and focus the entire thread on him when we could just as easily have sat on it? Sounds like a horrible gambit Of course, the Inquisitor could've been forced into it. The person told me that they were the second to last in the chain and the person they selected to be the last in chain (me) would reveal this in thread. I suppose that someone in this chain could be the Inquisitor unhappily passing along this information, but it would have been easy to stall or pretend to have passed the information on to incriminate another player. To that end, perhaps in the next day cycle we can reveal some links of the chain to soft-clear players. In any case, I support ending the cycle early, but if not, I agree that we can name potential lynch/coinshot candidates in purple. @RayOfSunshine, how much attention have you been giving to this game? Numerous people have said you're active around the Shard but quiet here. Ray
  12. Gather 'round, gather 'round, my fellows! I have just received grave news of great import! I have received word from a PM chain that our good friend Eliza (Randuir) is not all that she (he) has claimed to be! A Seeker has examined our good friend and found him a vanilla spiked convert. The Seeker started a chain of messages, and I, the last in that chain, have been selected to declare it in public. Of course, you might ask how I trust the word of a PM chain, but this method can guarantee us catching a spiked - if Randuir is evil, we get rid of an eliminator today, If he is not, iI will reveal who has sent this message, and they will reveal who informed them of this. T'would be a simple matter of tracing the PM chain upwards to find out where this message originated or where it was changed. I trust that you will act on this information well, fellow friends. Yours in good faith, Galen Aurette
  13. I am annoyed. It be 3:30 a.m. and I can't sleep because Rand decided to claim to me in a PM half an hour ago Storm SE These abbrievations are getting out of hand There is a very big difference between the First Doctor and the Twelfth, and I will not have you confusing which one I am Doc or Doc12 to you, please! in any case, In light of his recent claim, Randuir. I expect you to have some way to prove it this night cycle, to all of us - in light of that, perhaps a misting could protect Rand tonight? As to who I'd move the vote to, the easiest would be Araris or Bard. I would feel pretty rotten for voting on Bard while he was asleep though, and Araris seems earnest to me. @Devotary of Spontaneity the votes have been slipping off Bard because Stink and Rath didn't really have much of a reason on Bard at all. I think, so that's not really a reason to suspect Bard. I really, really hate having to do this. Bard, if you're village, and no one shows up to save you, I'm so, so sorry. edit: All of that was typed up before Fifth posted and changed his vote. In the light of that, I don't have to condemn Bard to save Rand from the lynch! At this point, I'm willing to sit this out and let the three way tie play out and see what results we get. But as I said above, I'm inclined to keep Bard and Araris alive for the moment, and so I'll throw a vote at Striker. Bard (2) - STINK, Araris, Rath, Araris, Devotary, Araris (2) - Sart, StrikerHael (1) - BardRand (1) - Fifth, Doc, Rath Fifth (1) - Snipexe Striker (3) - Rand, Fifth, Doc Shane (0) - RandDevotary (0) - Araris Storm you all, now it's 4 a.m. and I have a date in 6 hours I need to be rested for XD Goodnight!
  14. The voting is confusing this cycle. I get it - with only two eliminators at the moment and only the first day to go on, people are trying to pick up on the smallest things. Still, the vote on Bard came and went pretty quickly. Stink voted just because, and removed his vote a bit after, Araris jumped on Bard at a misreading, and just as quickly jumped on Devotary after Bard responded. Rath admitted a placeholder vote and tried to justify it with some criteria that could just as easily apply to any other person in the game, including me. I don't think there's any coordination to this, just a bunch of trigger-happy villagers that are still unwilling to actually commit to anything. I don't find anyone particularly suspicious at the moment, nor have I been able to perceive any evidence of cooperation, but I'm going to put down a vote on an existing lynch so this cycle isn't wasted. General rambling here, Looking at the activity for the cycle so far, I'm wondering how active the Inquisitor would have to be - obviously they had to be active enough to choose a convert last night.. Looking back at the night cycle, I'm looking at RayofSunshine for showing up only in the night, but that's only circumstantial evidence. @Young Bard, you said last night that your list of likely inquisitors that you wanted to analyze had Lum at the front, but your suspicion today falls on Hael - was your suspicion of Lum totally based on the misreading of spikes for lives? Also, you are very gracious to not consider me suspicious (Might be a bit too early for ruling people out, ain't it?) @Randuir, you were a good ally and a terrifying enemy in previous games, and I'm used to having to squint to slowly process your posts. Perhaps it's just me, but I'm with Fifth in that you're playing very conservatively, making safe votes on inactives and giving statements that are generally with the village sentiment. You've posted a set of reads after that vote, but haven't changed your vote from the inactive vote on Shane. I get that you're busy on your master's thesis - mad respect to you for that and if that's the real cause for your distracted attitude, I apologize, but I firmly believe you can afford to actually vote on people you find suspicious. Right now, I'm putting a vote on Randuir. (Hey, if you're village, I'm sorry, but you get more time to work on your thesis? ) Araris posted while I was still writing this up, and as of now Bard is in the lead with two votes. @Araris Valerian- your last statement was about a fear of elim!Rath voting with you - why didn't you vote on him then? Vote Count: Rand (2) - Fifth, Doc Hael (1) - Bard Bard (2) - Stink, Rath, Araris Araris (1) - Sart Devotary (1) - Arar Shane (1) - Rand Someone better vote to untie the lynch~ Goodnight!