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  1. Put me up as hating the new version. The old one was easier. Is there any way to see progress bars in the new one?
  2. YKYASFW you drive 15 hours 1 way to the starsight release party.
  3. I asked him in the q and a if there were crem/hordelings that could "see" investiture, he said yes. In the line, I asked specifically about the unusual cremling Kal sees in the slave wagon at the beginning of WOK, and Brandon laughed and told me it was more than it appeared, and gave me a RAFO card.
  4. The wobs that say the parshendi were not originally of cultivation or odium, and never of honor make me think cultivation altered them to act as an investiture sink for Odium; he shows up and parshendi "soak" up his investiture, trapping him so that he can't run away without leaving part of himself behind.
  5. Have I got news for you...
  6. After 2 weeks, am I allowed to double post?
  7. Me and my sister.
  8. The theory goes: 1. Autonomy helped splinter D&D on Sel, 2. Svrakiss are autonomy's servants in a manner similar to faceless immortals, 3. The legends were passed down, 4. Trell is Autonomy, 5. Svrakiss are cognitive shadows capable of possessing humans, which makes them I. Faceless, and II. Immortal.
  9. It's upside down. Thankfully, I am on mobile. Are we supposed to be looking at the term "identity matrix"?
  10. My sister is in the middle of Words of Radiance
  11. Mini roast. Scadrians--filthy to everyone--bring worldhoppers bad names. Bad worldhopping brings everyone to filthy Scadrial.
  12. Yeah, I can take one other person with me and the deal is, they pay for gas on the way out. My only expenses are gas on the way back (~$160) and the meals we don't eat with the old folks (~$5×6).
  13. I am planning to go, and it is a 35 hour round trip. I, however, do not have midterms, and since I work at a nationwide company of retirement homes, I can stay as a guest at one of our properties in Utah.
  14. Where does this come from? Thunderclasts animate stone; they have bodies of stone. Where or How would human bodies be formed for the souls of humans to inhabit?
  15. Or so the post before me says, They came from Ashyn instead; It messes with my head, The Rosharan historical maze.