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  1. Can confirm, there are, in fact, 8 kinds of blood. A, AB, B, O, and positive and minus versions of each.
  2. 1: This thread is 3 1/2 years old. 2: To answer your last paragraph, forging is not permanent. It requires energy from the dor to keep the object from "snapping" back to the way it truly is (the same way, as you mentioned, the lord ruler needed constant atium burning), and depends heavily on plausibility. It is far easier to say I learned a second language a few years ago than to say I was raised bilingual when your goal is a second language. Likewise, it is easier to alter your recent past than to forge yourself a different birth environment (that you were actually born several decades later).
  3. Great roast @Sorana! I didn't look at your's until mine was ready to submit, and you called me out pretty hard, I actually wondered if I should tone down the agressiveness because I liked your friendship roast so much.
  4. *Spensa whistles a sick beat that Doomslug starts whistling back* Spensa wonders aloud how long it will take for fungus to grow on the corpse of her rival. M-Bot: "Mushrooms?"
  5. If no one has taken Spensa (Skyward), count me in. (Second choice is Quentin Smedry (the gibberish one)).
  6. How about a soonie pup signed by Brandon himself?
  7. Comprehensive answers to two of them, sure. But three is right out. I mean five.
  8. Maybe not.
  9. The Spiritual realm is an actual thing, the beyond is a view of the afterlife that may or may not be more than a belief--as an in-world theory, the existence of the beyond will never be confirmed or denied.
  10. Iyatil is not from SoScad like that.
  11. And there are better candidates for Kandra worldhopper. Mrall, Taravangian's assisstant is completely hairless and can turn off his emotions if his master commands (in dialogue eerily similar to TenSoon in WoA)
  12. So what prevents NB from being unsheathed and burrowing his way to the center of the planet?
  13. Apocalypse is a greek word we translate as "revelation" or "unveiling", so it could be a cool variant name for wisdom.
  14. Honor also said in one of Dalinar's visions that Cultivation was better at seeing the future than he was.
  15. Ambition. She sounds [email protected]$$.