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  1. @ShardShaper, @AonEne, @not an Evil Librarian Here is a conversation where brandon goes into detail on race on scadrial. Relevant portion here.
  2. Yeah. There is a world of difference between spiking someone and screwing them.
  3. Did you forget to attatch?
  4. @retrorocket1,
  5. Yep. It also makes it so the 10 flashback characters are from different orders.
  6. You mean WoR?
  7. Just searched Arcanum for you, and such a WoB does not exist.
  8. This is the closest we have gotten to confirmation.
  9. Our winner is @Herowannabe! See you in the semi-finals!
  10. Oh, totally. 1: Adolf Hitler 2: The Freys 3: Straff Venture 4: Lord Voldemort 5: Dilaf 6: Morgoth 7: Moash 8: Librarians in general
  11. Alright, thank you to everyone who participated in our first battle! Voting will be live for 48 hours!
  12. What if ingenuity is presiding over silverlight, a cognitive realm city, with no real physical realm correlate?
  13. SE also stands for Sanderson Elimination, a game here on the shard.