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  1. Yes. It is posted at the top of this forum. Every book is valid. Once a new book comes out, there is a period of several months where all spoilers from that book have to be put in spoiler tags, but no books are still in that period.
  2. Welcome to round 2 of the Tournament of Champions! We will have 4 competitions of 3 persons each. The best will be voted on, and progess to semi-finals. For this round, the twist is: swapping characters. The mega twist this round will be applied the same way every battle; the three participants will have their characters rotated among those three participants. Without further ado: @hoiditthroughthegrapevinenow with Sixth of the Dusk! @Herowannabenow battling as Taravangian! And last but not least, my sule @Felt as Galladon, kolo? You have 96 hours!
  3. So, Allomancers will become Slytherin?
  4. Man, I just wish we had seen Kelsier, in SH, holding a silver knife given to him by Nazh...
  5. *He* did not. He whispered something to her, and told her to repeat it back, and *mean it*. He got her to use awakening on herself. Which, in my opinion, is way more impressive.
  7. I didn't think it was too snarky. Are we talking the purelake one?
  8. Is this autocorrect, or did I miss someone important?
  9. Um... Kelsier?
  10. That is an excellent idea, ultron.
  11. Your format seems fine to me. As to your question, we don't know. He has his scars from hathsin, but that could be from healing, a la kaladin's scars.
  12. You aren't alone.
  13. Here it is. (Bands, by the way.)
  14. @Ashspren, I didn't realize it until now, but Ark edited his rap into his post, so we are ready for a survey.