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  1. Sorry, i havent seen the movie/listened to any songs.
  2. Proof: Shallan and Pattern are already merging into one spiritweb, so when Adolin impregnates her, the child will have pieces of all three spiritwebs. Theory: Hrathen is not dead because he is the protagonist of the Elantris sequel.
  3. You mean Autonomy?...
  4. The first is from 4 years ago, and the second is less than 2 months.
  5. He also has plans for Brian McClellan to finish the cosmere if Sanderson pulls a Jordan.
  6. @SwordNimiForPresident, that WoB is from 2014. In Shadows of self, wax fires a hemalurgic bullet. We know it's possible with kandra, but they have fluid bind points, so you have to be much more precise with humans.
  7. Aluminum spikes steal all powers, and the heart should be a universal bindpoint.
  8. Good job Xavier!
  9. All you would need to do is threaten him with an aluminum spike.
  10. We got in a grain cart, away we started rollin' I said how much you pay for this, Said "nothin' man, it's stolen".
  11. Let's travel round Roshar, just you and me, pancake girllllllll. That would be great!
  12. Or Arsteel
  13. Until wayne tries to swap out anything of Mat's, then we get ashanderi v dueling canes. Come to think of it, I would pay money to see that fight.
  14. Thank goodness!
  15. Just like when Brandon has said Odium will survive SA5, but rayse might not.