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  1. He says you will find out in a year and a half, so approx. stormlight 5's release. Could he be writing some interludes? In his most recent update, Brandon mentioned he would be writing the interludes after everything else if they hadn't been written when he gets to that point.
  2. I know it's not realistic, but I love the mental image of a mistborn trying to coinshot a dustbringer, and the coin strait up disintigrates into ash on contact.
  3. The full quote is that the dawnshard(s) are known to bind any creature, voidish or mortal. It makes more sense that honor was referencing the dawnshards' ability to be controlled by anyone--human or singer. I. E. Rysn is bound to "Change".
  4. Continuation of previous post- spoilers OB
  5. Soulstamps work on anything (we see them used on people, non-sentient objects, and the skeletons), so yes?
  6. @Frustration, spoilers for OB
  7. Yeah, and Jasnah is the daughter of (Deceased) King Gavilar, which odiumium was correct about, and Adolin is the son of the new king, Highking Dalinar of Urithiru, which odiumium was also correct about. They described Shallan terribly, but technically correctly, which is the whole point of the thread.
  8. I am not saying the dawnshard didn't effect him--it definitely did, I'm just saying our sample size is three: Hoid who has other magic that predates the shards (yolish variant of lightweaving), Rysn who has not displayed the healing factor Hoid has, and SP 4. It's been a while, so I could be wrong about that one.
  9. Do we have proof Hoid's healing comes from the dawnshard? @Frustration I looked, but couldn't find a definite link, only that his healing predates the shards.
  10. Is? Or was? (I'm in the camp of not anymore.)
  11. Happy birthday!

  12. Yeah, but @cometaryorbit, maybe it is weird/difficult to figure out, but once Chana figured out how to do it, she could have kids consistently.
  13. I think we have to agree to disagree again, because that seems like he hasn't worked out how the god kings can have kids, rather than the heralds. He knows how the heralds can have kids (as of 2020): We have seen all ten heralds onscreen in the first two books, and Shallan's mother counts as being onscreen for the last WoB texas posted:
  14. Why do you assume the theory is shot down? As I was watching the stream, it looked like Brandon was trolling. He very specifically did not answer. His two responses were another question, and an in-world (and therefore fallible) character's opinion. Back in the day, Brandon referred to the man from the epilogue to WoK as "the man who calls himself taln" because he didn't want to confirm or deny whether the person was an actual herald or just crazy. Until Brandon specifically says "as the author, I'm telling you that's not Chana" it's still valid, imho.