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  1. I know Steelrunner called it a hiatus when he was on his Mormon mission (which lasts for 2 years), so if I had to jump to conclusions, that would be it.
  2. Finish RoW first, Thanatos. The epigraphs specifically answer your question.
  3. Yes, the corpse stays in the physical, the cognitive aspect hangs around for a while. Everyone has a cognitive aspect because people exist in all three realms simultaneously. Not everyone is a cognitive shadow. Here is Brandon: The soul (if such a thing exists) goes to the beyond (if such a place exists.) Identity with a capitol I is your spiritual fingerprint that identifies magic as you. Not so much a thing that can "travel" somewhere, as a property like mass or elecron spin. This might also help with understanding:
  4. 1. A cognitive Shadow does not go to the beyond. 2. The cognitive self is not separate from the spiritual self. Returned are CSs that are nailed onto their own corpses, Kelsier's was eaten by a Kandra. 3. There is no way of determining that at this time.
  5. I always thought the Iriali were decendants of human/dragon hybrids, since we know dragons can take human form. That would handily explain the metallic gold hair about as well as human/listener hybrids producing weird fingernails.
  6. Brandon will expand on it for you!
  7. Absolutely. The constitution recognises the rights to life, liberty, and to pursue happiness. You can't pursue happiness at the expense of anyone else's life, or liberty.
  8. Adonalsium is, in part, based on the Hebrew name for god, Adonai, which is ah-, I think. @Kingsdaughter613 would know better than me.
  9. Emphasis on the long "A" camp over here.
  10. A pair of hairpins in a jar of blood, right? What else could they be?
  11. Mraize has hemalurgic spikes in his trophy room.
  12. The first one says that the Ruin/Pres imbalance is still a thing and will be a plot point in era 3, and the second says Harmony can pull off pieces of his own power and could theoretically make spren, or something similar.
  13. @Quantus, these two WoBs, I think the second is what deets was referring to. Also, #1 (All Dawnshards give the same heighteningish effects) #2 (dawnshards make you very invested, whereas allomancy/surgebinding don't) Also Quantus, when you said Were you referring to this? Because I read that as Elend peeked into the spiritual realm via duralumin/atium, and other people have seen the SR via ascending.
  14. That's what I assumed. You have to be Nalthian in order to be born with a breath the way you have to be scadrian to have a shot at allomancy (and terris for feruchemy).