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  1. My friend and I had this convo about Willshaper's spren. TRG: creationspren? TRG: like you create something and soon it becomes like the spren of .....creating making stuff up, eutrprenureing, being absent minded procrasinating, ect Me: So Willshapers are all about.... like, willpower in the moment. Inspiration and drive. Not necessarily permanent, just enough to do one big push and get it over with. Almost like a panic, or a rush of anger. Creationspren almost works, but Cohesion is more destructive. It's molding and willing things into position. It's like... the the surge of power after you've procrastinated too long and you shift into maximum overdrive. It's like Flaring in Allomancy. Me: ^^^Good analyzation? TRG: Pretty much. and not just flaring +that ferechemical ability to speed up the brain Me: Maybe... like, storagespren of some sort? Putting off, saving up, then BOOM. SUCK IT.. TRG: imaginationspren? Me: That could work. Not reliable, but it comes in spikes. But she likes the idea of a Freespren of some sort too.
  2. This is freaking gorgeous.
  3. The other day, I was thinking about how cool it would be if Coinshots and Lurchers were Feruchemists. Then I started thinking about the final details... Rough draft done by my sister via pencil, final draft done by me with MediBang and a Wacom Intuous Tablet.
  4. That's really reassuring! Thank you.
  5. I'll definitely be hanging around there! I doubt I'll have too much to add, but I'm not averse to some serious thread stalking.
  6. I'm completely a newbie to Cosmere theories, even though I've read most of Brandon's books multiple times. So I'm sure that this theory has been covered, but I want to know what other people have thought/argued/dreamed up in addition. What does the fandom think about Aldonasium being created again? We've seen that Shards can be united, like with Ruin and Preservation becoming Harmony. Do we think it's likely that all the shards will combine to create Aldonasium again? Thanks for tolerating the rookie!
  7. My mom and I just figured this out last night. We'll probably stick to waiting for another few years until the others come out. Do you know if the ones with the pretty blue, geometric covers come in a hardback set, or all they all paperback?
  8. Aaaaah! I was just about to make a thread asking if there was a really nice Mistborn set being sold somewhere. Thanks!
  9. Sounds good to me! Psychology is closer to my area of expertise. The Cosmere is fascinating, but I really prefer studying the characters. Whoops... you may have to catalog me too...
  10. I'm pretty behind in Cosmere theory, but I know just about all there is to know from the books I've read. So I'm armed with all the basic information, but nothing that the fans have dreamed up while I was off re-re-reading.
  11. My friend Braden had been bugging me for forever to read Mistborn. We'd always shared books and swapped author names, but for some reason it took me far too long to pick up Mistborn. I blew through the first book and demanded I get the next. Then he informed me of a "wild west steampunk sequel" and I devoured that too. In the meantime, I was forcing all of my friends to read it as well. (Thanks to Saige and TRG for putting up with my constant fangirling and probably spoiling a thing or two.) I was hesitant to start Stormlight Archives because I had mistakingly assumed that Sanderson had written the entire series. I didn't want to start something so long in the middle of a tough high school term. When I found out that there was only one book (at the time) I pounced on it, and the sequel came out about three days later. At that point I decided that Sanderson was nothing less than the Best Author Ever, so I read Warbreaker via Wattpad, bought Elantris, and absolutely had to get Mistborn: Secret History. I also read Steelheart, Mitosis and Calamity somewhere in there, but I'm not sure how it fits into the timeline. I'm still waiting to read a few novellas and short stories, but hopefully Christmas clears that up.
  12. Hello, bleeder! Thanks for the warm welcome! I'll check out General Discussion right away. Also, thanks for the tip and the pun. Both are always appreciated.
  13. 1. Steelheart-6 2. Calmity-5 3. Firefight-6 4. Murkwood-4 5. Limelight-5 6. Conflux-4 7. Nightweilder-4 8. Fortuity-5 9. Obliteration-5 10. Regalia-6 This is such a cool idea.
  14. Hey, Orderbound! I'll definitely check out your thread. Thanks for the welcome!
  15. But then I want Lopen to try and ship Jasnah with his cousins. As put by my friend: And she'll be like... "No." Lopen: So you dont walk that pond? *proceeds to sets her up with some chick* Jasnah: *facepalm* Lopen: NO? Okay... *proceeds to set her up with a chicken from the family farm* Jasnah: *proceeds to get set up by everything and everyone till she finally agrees to do a second date with the family second foal's cousin twice removed because enough is enough.....and the foal apparently was one of Hoid's disguises and the ride happily off into the sunset* I just liked the idea of Jasnah getting set up with the family chicken because Lopen figured if she didn't swing woman or man, she might as well swing bird.