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    Reading. I've finished all of Brandon's stories, so I have to find something else. Unfortunately.

    Writing. I like it, but I don't think I'm good at it. Always room for improvement, eh?
    I like listening to Writing Excuses, so...

    Sketching. It's mostly a hobby.

    Piano. I tried playing the violin once... I failed horribly. Piano it is, then!

    Ballroom. I'm still at level one/two-ish, but I'm getting there.


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  1. You know, soap carving has got to be the dirtiest but cleanest thing I've ever done; my desk is covered with soap shavings but my hands smell like lemons.

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    2. KnightRadiant


      The cosmere symbol, but can I just say, that little sun the middle is dang difficult to get right!

    3. soyperson
    4. KnightRadiant


      Oh well. I'll probably post a picture in General Art tomorrow sometime, depending on when I finish it.