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  1. UPDATE: *ahem* "When your boyfriend is also a Sanderfan."
  2. I mean... sure XD He was one of my, I dunno, classmates? Friends-but-not-super-close? Let's just say I've known him for the past four years, but over the past couple months we became really close. We realized we both like writing and admire Brandon Sanderson a lot. We even went on a canyoneering trip together and talked about the cosmere the whole time, haha! Long story short, I fell for him hard. Then, one evening, we were hanging out, kinda cuddling, and he kissed me. Best day of my life
  3. When your first kiss is someone who's also a Sanderfan.
  4. When you start freaking out cuz someone in a magazine article said they like Brandon Sanderson books and you immediately check to see where they live and if there's any way you could get in contact with them. I am not ashamed.
  5. When your brother gives you a spear with the 'shash' and Bridge Four glyphs etched into it as a perfectly logical present.
  6. When one of your friends has black hair and glasses, but he gets blond highlights and you start freaking out because now he totally looks like Renarin.
  7. I know it's not even close to Valentine's Day, but I don't want to wait until February to post this. Please forgive me? Happy early/late Mistborn Valentine's!!
  8. When you're at a wedding reception and they ask for possible baby names, so you obviously give them names like Kaladin, Shallan, Vin, Kelsier, etc.
  9. When you use a sparkler to draw aons in the air...
  10. Ah man... Sorry guys, I'm gonna have to sit this one out. I literally just set something up.
  11. *Peeks head out a shady corner* Hellooo. Dang... sure been a *coughs on a cobweb* a while.
    Maybe I'll be active again now... maybe. But hello again!

    *retreats back to corner*

    1. Sunbird


      Welcome back!

  12. I always have to do a double take when I see your sig, like "oh crap, that's me". Your sig's awesome.
  13. I actually met the author of the book and he basically said that's who it's meant for. Granted, he also said that he wrote the book for people who wouldn't normally read that kind of stuff, including himself. There are some things to take away from reading/watching it, but I think there are better ways to learn that lesson. After reading it, sure I learned things, but now I'm just hyperaware of my own depressing feelings and emotions. I started doubting my relationships even while reading it and had to force myself back into the right mindset. I liked the idea of the story, which is why I even read it in the first place, but personally, idk if it's really worth it. That's just my opinion though. You can have your own