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  1. Dalinar did see parshendi in the visions, in oathbringer. He mentions that he thought they were just parshmen back in the day and nothing to worry about.
  2. So I was rereading the Wax and Wayne books and was trying to figure out where kelsier got a new body. My best theory is that he switched bodies with spook when spook decided to die. Sorry about the format I'm doing this from my phone.
  3. I like your name, 

    Based off of Nightblood as well correct?

  4. you know who clod is right?
  5. Haha didn't think of it that way but it makes sense.
  6. Didn't Hoid beat the crap out of kelsier??? Seems to me he can hurt people.
  7. I would like this for a chance to win.
  8. This would make my year.
  9. compiling list

    Question wouldn't a Returned who had feruchemical gold be able to store unlimited health? Because Returned have perfect health and they can't cant get sick right?
  10. Have you read the Lift short story? if or when you do tell me what you think about Nins reasons for killing the radiants. It might add on the voidbringers ties to perpendicularities.
  11. At the end of the WoR they mention a plague in purelake, and it just so happens the the 17th shard was at purelake trying to find Hoid, coincidence?
  12. This is kinda random but because were talking about perpendicularities i'll post it here. So the Radiants could draw upon magnitudes of investiture through surgebinding, if you had enough Radiants surgebinding would they create a perpendicularity? and is the voidbringers were cast into damnation which I think is braize or ashyn, the Radiants would make a massive perpendicularity making it so the voidbringers could jump worlds and cause a desolation, and that is why the radiants broke their oaths. -sorry if this is not organized i am really tired.
  13. Thank you for this I was just discussing this with my brother and I'm so happy someone else brought this up!
  14. Wouldn't it be better if she was a nicrosil compounder? Be cause it stores investiture.
  15. theory

    For the surge of adhesion and atmospheric pressure, my thoughts on the power would be control of the winds the weather and maybe the ability to create things like a tornado.